Predator Story. Chapter 7. The Male Escort

A few days had passed and Scott was enjoying life, he went about his daily business doing as you would do, whilst out he would see many potential pray but the window of opportunity had never shown its head. The time had come for another victim but on the day of the operation Scott was unwell, one thing Scott hated was being unwell, this meant that Scott was not able to go and find that target, the days before he felt drained and had hardly done any preparation. It was at that moment that Scott decided that if he couldn’t find prey his prey would come to him.

Scott went online and decided to acquire the services of a male escort and trawled through the pages of young men searching for his next victim. After looking through he finally came across the profile of a young guy who took his fancy, Scott was drawn to this guys handsome face, he had short brown hair that was gelled at the front and wore a gray jumper and black low neck shirt.

His profile said his name was Richard and he was 24 years old, the profile had him down as being bi, and said he had a defined athletic body, the profile described other details and in the private part was a mobile phone number. The normal procedure was to book through the escort company but Scott decided to try the number on the profile to book direct with the escort. He picked up the disposable cell phone he had purchased so he could not be traced and dialled the number, the phone rang and a few seconds later it was picked up, the voice at the end of the phone said “hello” Scott asked, “Hi, is that Richard from UK Escorts,” Richard replied “aye, yeah it is” Scott nodded to himself and thought, this guy should do, he had a Geordie accent and sounded hot, The two continued to speak and agreed upon a deal, Richard explained that he was up for most things, and said they could agree upon more when he arrived, Richard agreed to not go through the agency so he could get 100% of the fee. Details were exchanged and Scott awaited his arrival.

Scott looked forward to the imminent arrival of Richard, he was not going to make the same mistake as he did with Drew and get attached, the main purpose of Richard’s visit was that he was to be number seven, he would not be leaving the place alive, and the visit would not actually be costing Scott any money. Scott was going to have as much fun as he could before Richard would become expendable. He got some bits prepared for the evening to see how it would pan out, he crushed up some tablets in the event that it would come down to that. A short while later Scott noticed a car pull up at his gate, his mobile rang and it was Richard telling him he was outside, Scott opened the gate and Richard drove up to the house. Scott moved towards the front door anticipating the knock, meanwhile outside Richard got his things together, he had an overnight bag with him, he grabbed an umbrella from the floor as it was raining outside, he began to make his way towards the house. He was prepared to do many things with Scott tonight, and had done this many times before, and besides Scott sounded a decent guy on the phone and he was picky with who he went with, he also needed the money, as apart from this he liked to party. Richard knocked on the door.
Scott answered it and was surprised with what he saw standing before him Richard’s profile picture didn’t do him any justice, he looked fresh and sexier in real life, he still had the short brown hair that was gelled at the front and stubble around hid face, he wore a white t-shirt that had a low neck and showed off the top of his athletic body, the shirt had vest like sleeves that showed off Richard’s nice muscular arms, they appeared smooth with only a little hair on the forearms. He had a large faced white watch on his left wrist and bracelets and band son his right wrist. He was also wearing a pair of denim jeans and held a white umbrella in his hand.

The two spoke and introduced each other, Scott was getting turned on by Richard’s Geordie accent, the more he talked the more Scott got aroused, and Richard could notice the bulge growing in Scott’s pants, they continued to talk, and Scott could see that Richard was growing attached to him, as they spoke Richard rubbed his hands along the outside of Scott’s shirt, grabbing and massaging the chest beneath, Scott loved it, he offered the payment to Richard now, knowing he would get it back at some point, but to his surprise Richard turned it down and said he would collect at the end of the booking, Scott agreed and to continue the sexual experience he wrapped his legs around Richard as he sat on the couch, Richard then pulled his legs closer to his body and Scott could feel the warmth between them, he lifted his shirt and placed his hand on his chest he began to rub and massage Richard’s smooth defined abs, Richard enjoyed it and began to kiss Scott, he began on the neck by slowing kissing finally engaging into a passionate full kiss, Scott then pulled Richard’s shirt up over his head and straight away when he saw the abs with his own eyes he knew he had made the right choice, the abs were grouped tightly together and were lick able, as he completely removed the shirt, Scott’s eyes stared at the tight hot chest, his pecs were nicely formed and his nipples were small and erect, Scott grabbed the pecs and squeezed Richard enjoyed it, Scott then began to tweak Richard’s pecs, he groaned and moaned pleasurably and while Scott continued to massage his chest, Richard undid Scott’s jeans, and grabbed hold of his cock, he began to give Scott a hand job, Scott couldn’t control himself, he moaned and groaned pleasurably, he reached a state of climax when Richard began to run his fingers around where the head of the penis meets, but before Scott could cum, Richard pushed himself forward and placed his mouth over Scott’s penis, He then made sucked hard and Scott’s cum shot into his mouth, Richard rose his head and swallowed the cum in front of Scott. Scott laughed and Richard removed Scott’s top and massaged and caressed his chest, his removed his trousers and rubbed Scott’s legs. Scott did the same to him and loved the hot legs. Then like two school children they both went upstairs to the bedroom, Scott threw Richard onto the bed, they removed each others underwear and began to rub their naked bodies against each other, both smooth bodies looked hot, and both penis grew erect after each rub. Richard shouted “Come on, give it to me, come on” at that point Richard wrapped his legs around Scott’s neck, he loved the smooth touch as his legs touched him, he then shoved his cock in Richard’s arse, and placed his hands either side of the body, he thrust in and fucked Richard hard, as he fucked he rubbed Ricahrd’s smooth chest, at first it hurt, but the pain relieved and it became pleasurable, Richard loved it, he moaned and groaned and shouted, “Yes, yes, yes” at the exact moment Scott reached his orgasmic moment. Both lads collapsed on a heap on the bed, when they regained composure, Richard climbed on top of Scott and massaged his thick warm chest, he rubbed his body up the chest and as he reached Scott’s head, Scott grabbed Richard’s cock in his mouth and gave him a great blowjob, from the noises Richard was making he could tell he was loving it, Richard shot his load into Scott’s mouth, Scott then spat it on to Richard’s hot chest. Both guys laughed and Richard the put his hands around Scott’s neck, and squeezed Scott loved it, Richard then shoved his penis into Scott’s arse, Scott almost reached a climatic point immediately. Richard fucked hard, Scott loved it, and enjoyed it, it felt good, Richard pulled out and shot his load on Scott’s chest, both lads then cuddled up for the night and went to bed, Scott thought it’s a shame he was about to die.

In the morning, Scott awoke to find Richard sitting up over his body, his hand had hold of his penis and Richard played away, Scott loved it. They then relaxed and spoke. Richard had grown feelings for Scott, he asked Scott if he had a boyfriend, Scott told him hadn’t and Richard asked if he would want to see him again, Scott agreed, He had no intention and knew that within a matter of hours the stud next to him would be dead, Richard however was excited about the possibility of starting a relationship together, they were about the same age and rubbed off against each other. They decided to have breakfast as the sun was out, Scott went to prepare and Richard joined him outside, he was shirtless and his tight body was amazing, he had gelled his hair so he had a quiff at the front,

Scott cuddled Richard and licked and bite his nipples. Talk changed to role play sex, and Richard asked if Scott would be interested, Scott agreed and Richard said he wanted to strangle a guy while fucking him, he had read about it and it was apparently orgasmic, Scott agreed to go first and they agreed that at the point they felt uncomfortable they would tap they hand three times. They retreated back upstairs and Scott stripped naked and lay on the bed, he spread his legs and Richard began to fuck the life out of him, he squeezed his hands around Scott’s neck and drained the life out of him, Scott kind of loved it, he felt his pulse grow weaker and moved onto the bed, Richard fucked harder and squeezed harder, as he felt himself drifting away Scott tapped out three times, Richard relaxed his hold and Scott began to breath, he gasped for air, he continued to ride Scott and went all the way, he pulled his large erect cock out that was still dripping cum. It was now Scott’s turn and he sat Richard on a chair and placed a rope around Richard’s neck, the rope was attached to a cog that would tightened it around the neck, he explained that he was going to try a new routine, and when he wanted out to tap his hand three times on Scott’s chest. Richard trusted Scott and agreed, this was what he wanted. Richard sat there naked, and Scott began to give Richard a hand job, he pulled a string behind the chair that began to tightened the rope, it tightened around Richard’s neck and Scott, pulled hard, Richard began to moan pleasurably, but as the rope tightened he found himself becoming faint, his eyes became bloodshot and he tried to pull the rope away but it was to tight, the rope continued to tighten, and Richard tapped three times, Scott did nothing, he continued the hand job, Richard again tried to tap and then he tried to pull the rope away. Scott began to laugh, as Richard shot his load across the room, his body twitched and moved erotically his legs were kicking, Richard wandered where he went wrong, he trusted Scott, he loved Scott, he tried to talk but could only gurgle, he felt his life ebbing away, the last thing he felt was a massage of his chest, his arms fell limp, he groaned, he stared at Scott and mouthed “why?” and blacked out, his face was red, and his eyes wide open transfixed on Scott, his tongue protruded from his mouth. Scott rubbed his torso and played with the tight nipples the body was warm, the rope was tight, Richard’s body twitched all of a sudden and convulsed. Scott jumped back. Richard’s cock remained erect. Scott rubbed his hands through his hair and undid the rope and dragged the fresh body outside he dug a deep grave in one of his fields, he placed Richard in it face up, he stared down at the tight chest and hot legs, he left the bracelets on the sexy arms and covered him with soil. Richard lay undiscovered in that cold grave. The only thought he gave Richard was when he relived the kill, he had learnt once not to get to close.

He placed Richard’s Vauxhall Astra in his garage and had a new car to get victims with, and prepared for victim number eight.

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