Zoo Killer. Chapter 1. The Start of it All

Twenty-three-year-old Powerlifter Ryan was one of the happiest people around. He was in a committed relationship with the girl of his dreams and life was good for the well-known social media influencer. He’d just recently graduated from Ohio State and just returned from competing in the IPF University worlds where he took third place and got a bronze medal.

Many of Ryan’s friends were proposing and getting hitched to their girlfriends and the young man was planning a surprise for the love of his life.

His girlfriend loved animals and Ryan had the best idea to hire out part of a zoo and propose to her there.

Times were tough at the Maddox County Zoo and wildlife park. Zoo visitors were not in decline but overheads for the Zoo were increasing. The two biggest expenditures were staff wages and food for the animals. The monthly cost of meat alone was over twenty thousand dollars and . Both of these couldn’t be cut as the zoo needed its staff and animals.

That’s why when Barclay received the call from Ryan asking if he could hire part of the zoo for an hour to propose to his girlfriend he listened, and when Ryan said he was willing to pay up to a thousand bucks Barclay jumped and made the suggestion. Ryan told him he’d drop by later that day to sign the paperwork and pay the deposit of half the fee up front.

Later that day Ryan now stood in front of Barclay who in turn was struck by the muscular physical athlete that stood before him. Ryan wore a white wife beater that showed off his strong powerful arms whilst the outline of his pecs cradled the white fabric as a pair of grey trackbottoms covered what Barclay guessed was a pair of powerful legs.

Ryan did a brief tour, happy with what he saw the young man prepared to pay. He put his phone down and grabbed the cash from his wallet. Barclay and Ryan shook hands as Barclay promised to have everything prepared at the weekend.

Arriving home Ryan walked through the door of his apartment, tired after a long day at the gym and running errands. He saw his girlfriend sitting on the couch, engrossed in a book. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then collapsed onto the couch beside her. “Hey babe,” he said with a sigh. “How was your day?” she asked, looking up from her book. “It was okay, just really busy,” he replied, running a hand through his hair. They chatted for a few minutes about their days, and then Ryan got up to jump in the shower. He pulled off his top and took off his track bottoms, as he did, he fell for his phone and couldn’t find it. He put on a pair of shorts and went to check his truck. With the phone not being there he tried to remember where he left it. He played the day through in his mind and remembered putting it down on the side at the zoo. Opening the door to his apartment he told his girlfriend that he’d be back shortly and jumped in his truck to drive over to the zoo.

On pulling up at the zoo Ryan noticed the place was closing and they weren’t letting anyone else in. He then saw the all access pass he’d been given earlier, grabbing it he jumped out of his truck and walked up to the window.

“Sorry we’re closing for the day.” The attendant behind the glass said barely looking up from their phone.

Ryan showed her the pass and told her he was here to see Barclay. She gave it a glance and shrugged her shoulders as the shirtless hunk entered the zoo.

He made his way to the back offices and opened the door unaware he had just tripped a silent alarm that sent an alert to Barclay’s phone.

The zoo had been suffering from some thefts from the admin offices, so the silent alarms had been installed and protocol was to set it when the last person was leaving an office. Barclay grabbed a hammer from the side and crept back into his office, he saw a shirtless figure bending over his desk and crept up behind them. Seconds later he brought the hammer crashing down on the unsuspecting thief’s head. A sickening crack echoed around the room as the unknown figure let out a groan and slumped over Barclays desk.

Barclay stood there, panting heavily, his fists still clenching the hammer, he could feel his heart racing in his chest. The adrenaline coursing through his veins, leaving him feeling both exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

As he looked down at the thief who was still clenching the mobile phone he had grabbed, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in himself.

A pool of blood was forming on the desk around the thief’s head and Barclay decided he wanted to see who had the nerve to try and rob him again.

He grabbed the shirtless thief’s shoulder and turned him over before taking a step back in shock when he saw that the person, he had attacked was Ryan and the phone he was holding was his own that he had come back to get.

“Oh shit. Fuck fuck fuck.” Barclay announced as he dropped the hammer and immediately checked for a pulse. Ryan’s vacant eyes looked up at him as he checked for a pulse and then put his head in his hands when he couldn’t find one. Barclay looked at the door and sat down at his desk as the realization finally hit, his heart began to race, and his palms grew sweaty. He could feel the weight of his mistake pressing down on him, suffocating him with guilt and panic. His mind raced, replaying the attack over and over again, as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. The sheer magnitude of the error was overwhelming, and Barclay couldn’t help but feel like he had made a terrible mistake that would have irreversible consequences. Would he be sent to jail? Would people believe him? What would happen to the zoo? With each passing moment, his panic grew, and he began to feel like the walls were closing in on him. His breathing became shallow, and he struggled to keep his emotions in check, knowing that he had to face the consequences of his actions. Or did he?

A thought had just occurred to him, and he stood up and looked down at Ryan’s muscular body. No one had to know what happened. What if he just made Ryan’s body disappear?

The zoo was full of animals that ate meat and Ryan’s meat was no different to the dead horses and cows that the zoo spent a fortune on.

At that moment there was a knock at the office door.

“What’s up?” Barclay snapped from behind it.

“We’re just finishing up are you ok for the staff to go.” The voice from the other side asked.

“Yeah sure. I’ll lock up.” Barclay replied, knowing he wouldn’t be going home for a while yet.

He waited and checked the computers to ensure all the staff had signed out and then dragged Ryan to the room where they prepared the meat for the animals. Littered with many carving and butchering knives it was the perfect place to harvest the meat from this unfortunate young man’s body.

Ryan was laid out on a large metal table and a photograph taken of the dead young man as Barclay wasted little time in dismembering the fine muscular that lay before him.

He removed Ryan’s head and then cut both arms off followed by both legs. The sexy powerlifters body now lay in six parts.

With so many animals to feed Barclay put all the big meat eaters into a random picker and made the decision that it would be the best way to see which animal would eat what part.

Ryan’s head was first up, and it was thrown to the Hyena’s, these scavenging creatures ate both bone and flesh alike and Barclay watched as a couple of them fought each other only to see other members of the pack swoop in and devour it. He watched as the creatures’ powerful jaws bit into the head sending skull fragments everywhere. Within a couple of minutes, the head was reduced to sprinters of skull, blood and some hair.

All the flesh was cut from Ryan’s thick right arm and the meat fed to various carnivores at the zoo. His left arm was thrown to the Piranha’s who removed the flesh within seconds as the stripped bone sunk to the bottom of their tank.

His athletic torso was fed to the pack of lions who with their Strick hierarchy allowed the pack leader to feed on the fine meat before the rest of the pride consumed what remained including the bones.

Barclay now prepared to feed the meaty powerlifters legs to some animals. He cut both meaty thighs away just above the knee. His right thigh was fed to the vultures whose sharp beaks made light work of the tender meat whilst the Komodo Dragons fought each other to devour the thick left thigh. The remaining part of his right leg was thrown to the wolves who demolished and left very little whilst the Hyena’s consumed the left leg. Whatever bones remained and Ryan’s right hand were left for some of nature’s cleaners the bearded vultures who feast predominantly on bone.

The fine 6’2” frame and 235ilbs of pure muscle and bone now rested in the various bellies of the zoo animals as no trace existed of Ryan apart from some bone shreds, blood stains and the odd scrap of hair.

Barclay drove Ryan’s truck and dumped it in a car park a little away from the zoo and went home doing he had got away with murder and disposing the body. He felt some remorse but also satisfaction that he could feed the animals he loved so much at the zoo.

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