Lust Killer. Chapter 1. The Beginning

Dom scrolled through Instagram on his phone, his mind racing with the fantasies he would do to all the shirtless young men that he scrolled past on his screen.

To the outside world he appeared a normal young man, well-liked by his peers, and a six year veteran of the police force.

But for years he’d dreamt and fantasized about killing hot young white men between 18-30 with attractive athletic or muscular bodies and having his way with their corpses. He’d planned everything in his head and recently these urges had grown even stronger and we’re harder to fight and ignore.

That was until one day he found he couldn’t control the impulses any more and decided to turn them into a reality.

It didn’t take Dom long to get everything he needed, an untraceable pay as you go phone and a private VPN set up that would mean all his internet work would be untraceable. Finding a victim was one of the easier parts.

DJ was a nineteen-year-old hunk who that loved to show off his attractive athletic body in a majority of his posts.

The young man’s life had changed over the past year, he’d used to be nothing more than a skater boy who’d hang around on street corners. That was until he meant a photographer that introduced him to a whole new world just from one shoot. This world was one that DJ now loved. The photographer had introduced him to Only Fans and the young model was now raking the money in by teasing his gay audience.

It was on Only Fans that Dom spotted a post where DJ was offering to pimp himself out for money to a follower. Dom knew that this was a great opportunity to try and snag the young man and after a few messages back and forth they agreed to jump on a zoom call. DJ wanted to scope out the person he was going to meet as he knew more than most from a number of messages, he had received that the internet was full of weirdos.

Dom sat in front of his computer screen as he eagerly awaited the zoom link to connect. DJ breathed a huge sigh of relief when the computer connected and saw that his perspective hook up was a young man similar in age to him, he’d been dreading that it was an older Internet slob and the two soon got to know each other in a bit more detail.

As the zoom drew to a close the duo agreed on a time and date and both now eagerly awaited its arrival.

The day of DJ’s visit soon came, and Dom was awake to make sure that he had played through everything in his head. The realization that he was about to turn his fantasy into a reality excited him immensely.

Whilst pouring a drink he received a text message on his phone. Opening up he saw that DJ had sent him a message that read “Looking forward to seeing you.” Which was accompanied by a picture of a mirror selfie of the young man dressed in a pair of light pink briefs that showed off his hot body.”

Dom replied with a drooling emoji smiley face which In turn saw DJ send another picture. This time the young hunk was sat on the end of the bed with a hand on his head as he showed off his fine body and attractive legs in an attempt to tease Dom.

“Love it.” Dom replied, “You best be ready, I’ll be outside your hotel at 2pm.”

This time DJ sent a winking emoji back unaware of the fate that awaited him at Dom’s.

Two o’clock soon arrived and Dom sat in his car outside DJ’s hotel. His heart started to beat faster as his intended victim approached the car, opened the back door slung his bag in and jumped in the front passenger seat.

Putting his hand out he shook hands with Dom as the two introduced themselves before driving back to Dom’s house.

No sooner had the two entered the house had Dom thrown the young man the remainder of the cash they had agreed and then began to strip the attractive young model down.

“Wow, you waste no time.” DJ joked as Dom removed his clothes until he was stood in nothing more than a pair of pink briefs.

He began to passionately kiss DJ’S face first on the lips then cheeks as he gradually moved down the body, he massaged DJ’s athletic torso and played with his solid pecs he rubbed and licked them. DJ was loving it, he moved down and licked around his abs and belly button, he could see that DJ was in ecstasy. He gently rubbed and admired the young mans hot arm muscles and playfully squeezed his biceps. Moving down he admired DJ’s legs, his thighs were like his arms well defined and his lower legs had fine leg hair on them. Dom pulled his boxers down and began to play with DJ’s uncut cock, he stroked it and was going to give his prey a moment he’d remember for the rest of his short live, he placed the cock inside his mouth and gave DJ a breathtaking blowjob, DJ moaned and groaned with pleasure with each suck until he finally fired his load that saw Dom swallow his tangy cum.

Dom was on cloud nine with the first part of his plan out of the way and saw that DJ had enjoyed it. He now headed to the kitchen to grab the pair a drink, but now before slipping some drugs into DJ’s.

DJ was just relaxing on the sofa when Dom returned to the room.

“Thanks buddy.” DJ replied as he was handed the drink by Dom who watched as the unsuspecting model drank it as Dom now started casual conversation with his intended prey.

DJ explained how he had gotten into modelling and what life was like for him. He joked that he initially regretted putting the hook up message up as he realized he could attract some freaks but told Dom he was glad that someone like himself had replied to the message. Midway through the conversation DJ paused as he rubbed the top of his head.

“Everything ok?” Dom asked, despite knowing full well that the drugs he had spiked DJ’s drink with we’re taking effect.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” DJ replied, “I just came over a little dizzy there.” He added before continuing his conversation. Dom now waited until the right moment to pounce and soon enough he knew it was the time as DJ stopped mid conversation and now stared blankly at the wall.

Dom made his move and began to rub his hand slowly up DJ’s thigh, feeling the sensation of the young man’s slight leg hairs on his palms. DJ let out a slight groan as Dom now moved up as he groped and played with the young man’s manhood covered by his pink underwear. He slowly moved his hands up as he caressed DJ’s athletic body before massaging around the young man’s neck as he now pushed DJ so he lay on his back on the couch. DJ moaned pleasurably as Dom continued to massage his neck as he straddled on top of his intended prey. As DJ closed his eyes Dom made his move and clasped his bare hands around the young man’s neck. DJ’s eyes opened up wide in shock as the realization of what was happening hit him. Any enjoyment he had quickly turned to fear and panic as Dom tightened his grip around DJ’s neck, DJ found breathing more difficult as he opened his eyes and looked up at Dom, who in turn was looking down at him. DJ tried to shout for help but he was restricted from doing so, He stared up at his attacker as Dom strangled the life out of him, he frantically tried to push DJ off but he was too powerful. DJ tried to beg for his life and looked up he tried to catch Dom’s attention. Dom could see the fear in DJ’s eyes, his face was going red but he just tightened his grip even more and continued to kill the young lad. Dom had complete control over DJ and felt the young mans legs struggling beneath him. DJ thrashed about for a final few moments, as he began to loose consciousness, his face shot back at the exact same time that death overcame him. DJ’s hot body convulsed in death, before finally staying still.

An out of breath Dom looked down at his latest victim, his face no longer looked in fear, his vacant green eyes were open, and stared back up at Dom, his mouth open as it formed a slight smile. DJ played with the hot torso again and couldn’t resist fondling with the dead young man.

Dom loved the whole experience, the power of taking someone’s life and feeling their desperate struggles to survive underneath him really turned him on, so much so that Dom had cummed in his own underwear.

DJ looked a hot victim and Dom was now ready to have some fun with his body.

Dom grabbed DJ’s lifeless body and slung it over his shoulder as he conveyed him up to his bedroom to have some fun with.

DJ was thrown onto the bed as Dom stripped down and prepared to fuck the dead young hunk.

DJ’s underwear was removed as Dom bent his legs back and began to fuck the dead young model. DJ’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust as Dom screwed his prey long into the night.

Dom awoke the next morning his arm slung over DJ’s stone cold chest. Rigor mortis had began to set into the young man’s body but Dom still had time to have his way with him one last time before turning his thoughts to disposing of the young man.

The Killer had already planned that DJ was to be buried in his back yard and headed outside to dig the young man’s grave.

Once dug DJ’s corpse was carried outside and lain face up in the grave.

Dom felt himself getting hard as looked down and stared at DJ’s lifeless corpse before beginning to cover up his crime up with dirt. DJ’s vacant eyes stared up at him before eventually being covered up for eternity.

Once finished Dom flattened the grave and placed some garden furniture on top of it, knowing that when he sat on them in future he’d be sitting on a previous conquest.

DJ’s body would now slowly decompose in its final resting place, never to be found. Whilst Dom played the death over and over in his head as he soon turned his attention to looking for a new victim.

Through his work as a police officer Dom kept his ear to the ground over DJ’s disappearance. But an over worked police department soon allowed the investigation to go cold when they discovered the lifestyle DJ led and lack of leads to trace.

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