Predator Story. Chapter 30. Seb

Scott awoke from his deep sleep, today was the day he and Adam were gong to try and make amends after their incident the day before when Adam had a jealous rant at Zac and in doing so giving away the fact that Scott was gay. Scott had taken care of Zac and couldn’t help himself as he felt compelled to watch Zac’s death DVD. He placed it on sat on his bed, he watched as Zac went through his photo shoot, the more Scott watched he saw just how photogenic Zac was in the shoot he looked so natural in his first ever one. He closed his eyes and just listened to Zac’s voice on the recording placing himself back in the scenario and imagining things were different. He felt sorry for Zac as he had really taken a shine towards the 18 year old stud, but Zac’s fate was sealed the moment he had met Scott, it was cruel but that was how Scott worked. He watched Zac’s death scene, he saw the enjoyment on his own face as Zac struggled violently as he was killed and watched played the excite moment Zac died in slow motion, capturing the look on Zac’s face as he fired his load into Scott. This made Scott hornier again. Scott’s pleasure was rudely interrupted as his gate buzzer suddenly went, he dashed across to his bedroom window and saw that Adam had arrived a bit earlier then expected, he quickly took the DVD out and placed it in a secure place. He quickly dressed himself and ran downstairs eagerly awaiting Adam’s knock on the door.

Like a school child Scott opened the door before Adam even had a chance to take his hand away from the bell. He invited him in and the kissed each other. Adam had an expensive bottle of wine in his hands and lifted it up in an apologetic manner, he put puppy dog eyes on and stare at Scott. Scott playfully slapped him around the head and told him to stop it, his apology was accepted. The two lads entered the living room and Scott Adam put the wine on the table. “Where is your hot cousin?” he asked Scott. Scott quickly replied “oh, I had to kill him after you told him my secret, I couldn’t let him tell the family could I.” Adam burst out laughing “Good one, you looked so serious saying that” he knew Scott was joking around. He was completely unaware that Scott was telling the truth, and Zac was going to be the main course for dinner. Scott then laughed “Only joking, he has a meeting tomorrow in town so I suggested he saw some sights and gave him money to stay in a hotel tonight. He’ll be back tomorrow though. We’ve got the place to ourselves.” “Lovely” replied Adam as the boys sat down on the couch, and talked. Adam told Scott he was extremely sorry about his behaviour yesterday, he went on to tell him that he had only acted that way as he felt something different towards Scott, something he had never felt before. He hadn’t meant to cause Scott any problems. Scott could see that he was extremely sorry and told him not to worry. The situation had been avoided as his cousin wasn’t paying to much attention and he had told him that Adam was an angry business partner. Adam looked relieved and informed Scott that he was surprised at to how sexy his cousin was but it was no surprise as Scott was as good himself. Scott laughed nervously and the boys began to passionately grope each other. “How has your work been?” asked Scott. “we’ll talk about that later” uttered Adam as he kissed Scott on the neck. Scott suggested that if he put the roast on low, the two could go and spend some time in the sunshine and maybe visit a local park. Adam liked the idea. Scott said I’ll go and get the joint ready and left Adam watching the TV. Scott made his way downstairs and before he did anything he walked into the large freezer room and went to Zac’s head on the shelf, he picked his decapitated head up and whispered in his ear “I hope you taste as nice as you looked” Zac’s glazed eyes stared back at him. He carefully placed his head back on the shelf and left the room, looking it as he left. He went to the freezer box and opened it up. He was amazed at how fresh Drew (his second kill) looked considering he had been dead for a number of months. He rifled through the meat packets in the freezer until he came across what he was looking for. The first few he picked up was meat from the Johnson Twins he quickly put that in until he found a roast joint that had come from Zac’s powerful thighs. He unwrapped it and put it on a plate, he carried it upstairs. Adam was in the kitchen getting a drink. “wow, that’s a large piece of beef, where’s it from?” Scott looked puzzled “from, what do you mean” “ I mean country of origin numnuts, is it British, American etc.” replied Adam. “oh it’s 100% British beef” Scott quickly said. Adam went on to say that must have cost a fortune and asked where Scott had got it. Scott quickly told him only the best would do, and in his work he has a couple of butchers as contacts and called in a favour. What Adam was unaware of was that this had come from the chap he saw yesterday and Scott had an ample supply of meat and a great herd to choose from.
Scott put the thigh joint in the oven and placed it on a low gas mark. The two left the house and prepared to have a decent day out. As they were leaving Adam asked Scott what the small building in the corner was. He offered to show him and the two walked towards it. As they approached Scott told Adam that it was a pig pen and he kept pigs. Adam was surprised and inquisitive as to why he kept them. Scott told him that they were for environmental reasons and they came with the land, and were part of the previous owners conditions when he had sold the land and house to Scott. Besides they were great for recycling. The two lads stood up on the gantry looking down into the pen, the was nothing to suggest that the pigs had devoured Zac the night before as they went about their business full from their previous meal. As they walked down the other end of the gantry Scott noticed something on the ground outside the pen, as he got closer he saw it was a finger. It looked fresh and must have come from Zac’s body as the pigs had eaten it, how it ended out of the pen he didn’t know and before Adam could see it Scott pretended to slip on some mud. “Oh shit” he cried as he controlled his fall, scooping up the lone digit as he hit the ground. He picked himself up. Adam asked him if he was ok. Scott laughed as he brushed himself down. Adam hadn’t seen the finger and carried on walking. Scott threw the finger into the den and caught up with Adam. They got in the car and drove to a park about an hours drive away. Way outside of Adam’s jurisdiction and where no one knew them.

They arrived at the park and the weather was nice and hot, the two began to enjoy their stroll and that was one both lads spotted Seb. Seb was at the park with his girlfriend and stood before them he had short dark hair and a thick tanned torso, he had a Chinese symbol tattooed above his solid left pec, his torso was fit and athletic and he wore a pair grey shorts which sagged below his black boxers.

Adam stood and stared at Seb. Scott coughed “Stop catching flies” Adam regained composure and apologised as they watched as Seb removed his shorts and lay down next to his girlfriend. His legs were hot and Scott could see the thick black hairs from where he stood. Adam continued to gaze and Scott had noticed his window shopping. Unfortunately for Seb he was unaware that he had also caught the attention of Scott, and well that was the last person he wanted to meet. Scott was also staring at Seb but was not making it so obvious, Scott liked the tanned torso and the thoughts of being able to kill him ran threw his mind. He prayed an opportunity would come up it did he would take it. Seb was to sexy to grow old and fat, best to saviour the body as it was hot. Seb didn’t know it but death was stalking him as he put his hands above his head and closed his eyes as he sunbathe.

Scott and Adam continued their stroll around the park, they walked around the boating lake and noticed children playing by the water’s edge. They soaked up the sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed the day. As they were about to leave. They noticed Seb had changed his position he now lay face down and they laughed when they saw that he had pulled his boxers down to expose his backside and was trying to get a tan there. They walked past Seb as he lay there. When suddenly they heard a commotion behind them one of the children had fallen in the lake and her mother was screaming for help. Without a moments notice Adam dashed over there, he then saw Seb’s girlfriend go running past, Scott looked around the was no one else around they had all gone to check the commotion and offer any help they could. This was his chance, he thanked god and quickly walked over to Seb. He knew that this was going to be an optimistic kill and would have to be quick. He stood over Seb as he lay on blue towel and rested his head face down on a striped pillow he admired this young guy as he lay there in only his boxers, his shirtless back looked excellent and the sun shone off his oiled body, he lay spread eagle on his front. Scott focused on his arse as it lay there bare, it definitely needed sun as his tan line was ridiculous. He had a tattoo on his right arse cheek and his legs looked nice, his boxers rested just below both cheeks. Scott stood over him and checked that the coast was clear. He gently began to massage Seb’s oiled back. Seb’s in a scouse groaned “I told you it would be nothing, come on lay down again” He was completely unaware to the fate that was about to behold him. Scott placed his knee in Seb’s shoulder blades and then suddenly forced his head deep down into the pillow it rested on, he held it firmly in place as Seb took deep breaths trying to breath. But was unable to fill his lungs as he was being smothered he tried to scream but no one could hear his muffled sounds as the pillow stopped them from escaping. He struggled violently but was unable to move as Scott put more pressure on his back. He kicked his legs back trying to hit his unknown attacker. He tried to grab at his attacker but couldn’t reach. He tried to scream louder as he struggled more and more to breath but no one was paying any attention to him, their main concern was the safety of the small girl. A life was going to be lost at the park today, but it was not going to be the girl, it was going to be Seb, his body slowed in its struggles and he let out a “humph” as his body fell limp. His legs dropped and Scott quickly held his head in place and then got up, he fondled Seb’s thighs and slapped his arse, the cheeks wobbled in their final movements. Scott lay Seb as he was before he came over spread eagled face down, with his hands above his head. He picked up Seb’s head and turned it slightly as it rested on the pillow “enjoy death” he whispered as he rubbed his hand through Seb’s hair.

Seb’s eyes were open and closed them slightly. He got up and walked towards the commotion, he turned and saw Seb’s body convulse for the last time, he loved it when the body spasms.
As he approached the group he noticed a man had pulled the girl out of the water and people were heading back to doing their own things. He found Adam and they walked back to the car. As they passed Seb’s body Adam said “That guys bloody sexy” Scott looked at Adam but agreed with him and they looked over at Seb one last time. Adam was unaware Seb was dead and resting in peace ready to be found by his girlfriend any moment soon. Scott had left it looking like a sudden death.

They arrived back at Scott’s house. Adam was unaware that a murder had just taken place and the perpetrator was sitting next to him. As they entered the house the smell of the roast filled the room, it smelt lovely. Scott finished the potatoes and veg and brought the meal out. He didn’t slice the joint and left so either could slice as much as they wanted away from the thigh. They settled and began to eat. Adam commented on the succulent taste of the beef and before long it was all gone. Scott loved the taste of Zac as well and couldn’t wait to eat more of the stud. Once full talk turned to Adam’s work and he spoke about two cases, the first was about the death of a young rent boy who had, had his neck broken and his naked body had been dumped on wasteland. Scott knew Adam was on about Harry. Adam went on to say it was a weird one, as Harry came from a well off family and were shocked at his lifestyle, also with no solid leads or evidence, it looked unlikely that it would be solved. Adam was shocked at the waste of the young lads live. Scott asked it that was the only case that had kept Adam from him. Adam explained dot wasn’t and that the next one was weird as he had no body to deal with, a young mans body had been found at a rubbish dump. As the rubbish was being sorted the decomposing body was found by shocked workers, but identification and a cause of death were difficult as it had been churned up as it had passed through the various machines from the compactor in the rubbish truck to the various machines at the depot. They were searching missing persons for a match but that would take time. But in the mean time police were asked to check all the areas the dump trucks picked up the rubbish from in case evidence was there. But it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack as the trucks collected from a large area and rubbish from all over the country was brought here. Scott knew exactly who it was that had been found it was Nathan the poor lad he killed before he met Adam for that first date weeks ago. Scott felt proud as he was becoming good at not being detected. Talk soon bored both guys and they retreated upstairs to bed for passionate sex.

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