Predator Story. Chapter 39. One Night Stand

Four days had passed since Scott’s wild night of passion with Adam. That night however had given Scott some questions, he had spent a lot of time pondering the outcome it. He understood Adam wanting to know what the victims in his cases had gone through as they were killed, but Scott was not prepared for Adams actions when he took over the role of strangler. He knew Adam had no intention to hurt him, but he was amazed at the ease it took for Adam to enter the zone. Would Adam have been able to stop so easily if he didn’t know the guy underneath, or would he have gone so deep into the zone that he would pass the point of no return. Scott had a plan to put into action but it would be one that had to be taken gradually. Since that evening Adam had treated Scott like royalty, obviously he still felt guilty for nearly taking it to far. Scott had to wear a scarf around his neck for a few days after until the marks Adam had left finally faded away.
Scott was going to put his plan into action. The good thing was he was going to do things he enjoyed, the bad news was some unsuspecting hot young guys were going to die. Well that wasn’t bad news for Scott, but it was for them.

That evening Scott decided to hit the town he was going to target straight or gay lads and leave some little presents for Adam. Words Adam had said echoed in his mind. Adam had commentated when he saw photos of Josh alive about how hot this stud looked. And pictured how hot he would have looked dead. He was going to leave Adam a few presents in the lead up to Adams birthday next month.

Scott entered the gay bar and made his way to the bar, he scanned the vicinity for potential targets, and a number of guys made his hit list. He ordered a drink from the bar and eyed up his potential prey. All had no indication that for one of them this was going to be the last night of their young lives. Scott watched and waited for the one that was going to make the fatal mistake that would propel himself to the top of Scott’s list. He didn’t have to wait long for it to happen.
One of the young lads who had made Scott’s shortlist was a lad named Shaun. Shaun was a handsome young lad with short brown hair, he wore that was pure white on one half and had red and white strips on the other. He also wore a pair of black trousers. Shaun was good looking and had a number of lads chasing coming up to him hoping to get lucky. Two lads in particular approached him and when the club photographer came up to them, they did what all young lads seemed to like to do and showed off their torso’s. Shaun lifted his vest up to reveal his lean torso below, it was tightly packed and had good definition. Scott admired the slightly tanned body, his pecs looked solid and he had hard six pack abs, his v shaped hips looked hot and he had fine tuft of hair running down his navel.

Before the two lads departed one of them wrote ‘smile’ on Shaun’s upper body. Once the two lads had finally gone and Shaun was on his own Scott began to make his way over to him. He approached the young lad and two began to talk. Scott used his charm on Shaun, the charm that had worked many times before and Scott could see that Shaun was lapping it up. Scott made him feel important the centre of attention and paid complementary comments to him about how hot he looked. Shaun asked Scott if he was up for a little one to one action later. But Scott was not going to make it that easy for Shaun and told him that he only went with the hottest sexiest guys. And Shaun hit him with a very confident statement. “Look around you, you ain’t gonna find anyone hotter then me in here. I’ve got it all” Scott was about to say that’s easy talk when Shaun’s next move surprised him., and erased any lingering doubt that Scott had. He pulled off his vest to reveal his sexy bare torso, and pulled down his trousers to reveal his hot legs.

Scott felt himself going hard as he observed the hot lad in front of him. Shaun wore a pair of light blue Diesel boxers and grabbed a Leopard skin wrap and wrapped it round his underwear. Scott couldn’t take his eyes of Shaun’s legs they were the best legs he had seen in ages. His calves were tight and he had fantastic smooth thighs. The fact he only wore a pair of white pop socks as well added to the view. Cries of sexy rang out from the other clubbers and Shaun asked “Is this sexy enough for you.” Scott’s reply was the answer Shaun needed as he said “Let’s go play”. An excited Shaun put his trousers back on and as the two lads headed for the door Scott turned around to look at his catch and laughed to himself as he saw Shaun had the biggest grin on his face, his white teeth gleamed and Scott looked at his bare torso and couldn’t help himself and said “god your fucking hot, you haven‘t got a clue about what‘s gonna happen to you”

Scott was going to enjoy this kill, but before they left Shaun headed to the cloakroom and grabbed his bag. He put his vest on and the two left the club.

Scott knew of a motel just down the road, it was the sort of no questions asked place and somewhere where no one did any sleeping. Each room was always taken and used by one night stands or sex workers. As Scott spoke to the old man on the desk he was immediately struck by the strong smell of alcohol that emanated from him. The old guy handed Scott his room key and slurred his words as he told the lads to enjoy their shagging. Excellent Scott thought this guy would have real problems remembering Scott when questioned on the discovery of Shaun’s body.
They made their way upstairs to the room and once inside the two lads eyed each other up. Scott undressed Shaun with his eyes and asked “out of all the guys in that club, why did you come with me?” Shaun pushed Scott onto the bed as he answered and began to slowly undress him “A lot of those guys were no good, not my type. I saw you and was hoping you’d come over. You fit what I want so bad” By this time Shaun had undone Scott’s shirt and was slowly playing with Scott’s torso, he finally worked harder as he rubbed his hands over his hard pecs and began to tweak his nipples. Scott loved every minute and in turn pulled Shaun’s vest up over his head. The two passionately played with each others bodies. Scott grabbed a wet towel and wiped the word ‘smile’ of Shaun’s chest. Scott loved the smooth touch to Shaun’s torso, his pecs were tight to touch he massaged Shaun’s abdominal area as Shaun was running his fingers through Scott’s scalp, whilst all the time he covered Scott’s neck with tender kisses which started out soft and gentle but he quickly turned into a ravenous beast as he grabbed Scott’s trousers and ripped them down Shaun immediately grabbed Scott’s penis and began to play with it, Scott sat back it would be Shaun’s turn soon and he enjoyed it as Shaun grabbed his cock in both hands and rubbed together as if he was trying to start a fire with two sticks. Scott loved every second and he groaned pleasurably as his cock grew thick and erect. He felt himself about to cum and as he did Shaun let go as the cum shot onto Scott’s bare chest. He grabbed a tissue and wiped it off. It was now Shaun’s turn and Scott gently undid his trousers to reveal his light blue boxers. He couldn’t wait to pull them off and see Shaun’s hot legs again. Once they were off. Scott’s penis was only just returning to normal size when the site of Shaun in his underwear was enough to bring it to life again. He moved down to Shaun’s shins and placed his hands around one, and gently rubbed up his left leg, he felt Shaun’s fine leg hairs as he moved up and the hot lads legs were warm to touch, he finally reached his smooth thick thighs. Scott massaged and caressed these beauties and gently rubbed the inside of them, Shaun enjoyed this as Scott continued to play. He finally pulled down Shaun’s boxers and gently squeezed his cock, Shaun was loving it as Scott began to play harder and faster. Shaun’s head lay back and he made pleasurable noises until Scott saw his balls tighten and he finally shot his load. Scott tried a circus act and tried to catch it, he was successful in catching most of it but the rest landed on the bed.

The time came for sex and Scott grabbed a condom from his pocket and put it on. He was going to fuck Shaun and then after a little rest Shaun was going to fuck him. He removed Shaun’s boxers completely and threw them onto the floor, he grabbed hold of Shaun’s thighs and lifted his legs so they were vertical alongside his body, his lower legs just rested on Scott’s shoulders. Scott shoved his cock into Shaun’s hole. Shaun’s face winched at first but he soon relaxed into the swing as Scott began to fuck him hard. With each thrust Shaun let out bursts of enjoyment, his face was pure ecstasy. Shaun fondled his own torso as Scott fucked harder and deeper. Shaun shouted “come on, give it to me, give it to me” Scott rode him even harder and Shaun cried “Yes, yes”. Scott continued to work hard until both boys almost simultaneously shouted “Yyyeeesss” as they reached they orgasmic climax’s. Scott’s load filled the condom, and he collapsed on the bed next to Shaun. Shaun said “That was fucking good, lets rest then my turn” he also suggested they started with foreplay again. Scott agreed and put his underwear back on so Shaun would be able to remove them. Scott received a text on his phone and went to read it as Shaun pulled a pair of pink underwear from his bag and put them on. As Scott turned back to the bed as he replied to his message he saw that Shaun was lying on the bed his arms bent behind his head exposing his armpits that both had slight clumps of hair underneath them. His sexy torso rose and fell with each breath exposing his ribcage. He now wore a pink pair of Diesel boxer and his legs still looked amazingly hot. He provocatively blew kisses at Scott.

Scott placed his phone on the side and went to the toilet before the two lads restarted all over again. Shaun was curios and sensed a money making opportunity, he picked Scott’s phone up from the side and began to look through it. Scott had made the cardinal sin of not putting his phone on lock and Scott seemed wealthy and Shaun smelt blackmail. If he could find that Scott had a partner he could make some money out of this. He searched the contacts and texts and saw a familiar name cropped up. He then checked the photos on the phone and was taken back by what he saw. The were photos of various guys lying unconscious on beds and sitting in chairs. Shaun initially thought they must have come from the internet until he saw a picture of Scott sitting up next to a young lad, Scott was holding him up by the shoulders and the young guys eyes were open as he stared forwards, he had a red mark around his neck and he didn’t look alive. As he looked through the pictures he saw more and more like that some even more disturbing.
Fuck thought Shaun what had he got himself into, he heard the bathroom door opening and panicked he threw the phone and it landed in the middle of the room. Shaun tried to act normal as Scott entered the room again, when he had a moment he would run for help.
Scott entered and saw his phone on the floor in the middle of the room, he pretended not to see it and saw that Shaun looked nervous on the bed. He had obviously found something. Scott smiled at Shaun who in turn gave a nervous smile back. Scott turned and took a pair of gloves from his pocket and put them on.
Shaun sensed his opportunity and made a run for the door wearing only his pink underwear and white socks. He had managed to open the door and was about to enter the potential safety of the hallway when Scott grabbed him from behind and violently threw him back into the room and onto the bed. Shaun tried to regain his composure as Scott headed towards him. He could see the gloves on Scott’s hands and as Scott climbed onto the bed, Shaun tried to run again but Scott pushed him back. Shaun began to beg “please god, please no shit don’t fucking do this to me, please don’t kill me. I’m to young to die. I wont tell anyone just let me go, oh please, please let me go” He looked petrified as Scott told him that he had planned on killing him from the very first moment he picked him up. Shaun begged Scott to let him go as Scott threw himself at Shaun, who continued to beg for his life. Scott loved the look of fear in Shaun’s eyes as he grabbed his neck Shaun screamed “fuck, please no don’t, please, hhheeelllppp” but the sound soon stopped as Scott climbed on top of him and tightened his grip around Shaun’s neck. Shaun’s body violently struggled under Scott’s weight as the young stud fought for his life. His arms thrashed about and he tried in vain to push Scott off, his legs kicked the air and collapsed onto the bed with each twist of his body. Shaun’s cries for help were no only muffled sounds and as he tried to shout for help no sound came out. He looked up at his attacker and saw the look of enjoyment in Scott’s eyes as he strangled the life out of him. Shaun tried to loosen the grip and grabbed at Scott’s hands but the grip was far to tight and Scott could see Shaun’s face going red, his eyes stared up at him. The violent struggling finally eased up as the life drained out of Shaun’s body, his movements became weaker and weaker, his hands desperately clawed up at Scott in one final struggle. Scott looked down into Shaun’s eyes and watched as the light seemed to go out inside, the final thing Shaun saw was the face of his killer. Shaun uttered a final noise and his body went limp, his legs lay still and his arms dropped to the bed. He kept his hands firmly gripped around Shaun’s neck and stare at his face. His death stare was hot, his eyes were wide open and looked up, his tongue slightly protruded from his mouth and the final drops of dribble dripped onto the bed. Scott lifted Shaun’s head with his hands still firmly wrapped around the young lads neck and kissed him on the cheek. Shaun’s body convulsed on the bed a few times and forever remained still.
Scott looked down at the hot corpse and suddenly got a wet sensation in his groin area. He looked down and saw that Shaun’s cock had grown erect in the struggle and as he died Shaun had wet himself. The wet stain had seeped through his pink boxers and now wet Scott himself. Scott jumped off the body and shouted “you can’t even die properly, fucking hell.” and slapped Shaun’s solid abs. To be fair to Shaun although he had wet himself he looked sexy as he lay dead on the bed.

Scott played with his hot body one last time, and gently massaged his torso and rubbed his thighs. He took a picture on his phone and made his way over to his jacket. He took out a Stanley knife and turned Shaun over onto his side. He then began to carve the figure 1 into his back. Blood run from the cuts as he ran the blade along Shaun’s skin. He then slashed underneath the 1 so it looked like a line underneath 1. He then rolled Shaun back onto his back and said “Thanks for the fun tonight” Scott got dressed and grabbed his jacket. As he was leaving the room he picked up Shaun’s blue Diesel boxers and put them in his pocket, keeping them as a memento of this kill. He gave Shaun one final look and stare at the sexy body as it lay face up. He put the do not disturb sign on the door and left the room. Once outside the motel he took his gloves off and headed home, waiting for Adam to investigate Shaun’s death.

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