Predator Story. Chapter 50. Adam’s Birthday

Scott hardly slept that night, he had other things on his mind. As he lay in bed he constantly thought about the news he had heard. He tried to think back to the actions and location surrounding the 5 victims he had killed and left for Adam. He replayed each death back in his head. And there was no way that somebody had caught him in the act, so who could the copycat be. The police had released little to no news on the previous victims, he had only read routine reports, none went into detail about each scene. Unlike the one he had heard tonight. He had to probe Adam for information but he had to wait for the right time, he didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere for his birthday. Scott had set the alarm clock for 7am, he needed to find another willing lad to be a gift to Adam. He regretted the act of rage he let loose that night Sam wasn’t suppose to die just yet. But it had been done and he had to move on quick. He finally managed to drop off, but his chances for slumber quickly evaporated as the alarm clock went. It was already 7am, he had spent the whole night worrying.

Scott jumped out of bed and his first port of call was his computer, he browsed escort sites looking for the green light for lads who were online. He didn’t have to look for long as he soon find one that looked perfect Charlie was 18 years old, his profile picture showed a handsome young lad with short brown hair, in it his shirt was lifted to show off his tanned lower body, his abs looked tight but solid and he had a small line of hair running from his belly button.

Scott immediately pinged Charlie a message and to Scott’s surprise the young stud replied straight away. They exchanged messages and Scott found out that Charlie was available today. Scott sent a message saying he would like to acquire Charlie’s services for today, he put a mobile number in the message and said he would pay well for what was required. He told Charlie if he was interested to call the number. He waited a few minutes and as he had hoped his mobile began to rang. He answered it, it was Charlie he told Scott he was interested depending on what was needed and if the price was right. Scott went on to tell him that he would be booking Charlie as a sexual gift for his partner, it would obviously involve sex and the worse thing would be being tied to a bed. Scott sweetened the deal by saying he would pay £800 for Charlie to do the whole thing. The was silence on the phone. Scott knew Charlie was thinking about it. He then got the answer he wanted as Charlie accepted. It made sense for him he was a student and that sort of money would come in handy. Scott gave him his address and told him to come over ASAP, as he wanted to go through the routine with Charlie. Charlie told him he would be there just after 10am.

Scott got dressed for the day, he wanted to look smart for Adam who would be coming just after midday. Before Charlie arrived Scott headed downstairs to where Adam’s special gift was waiting. He put a mask on and grabbed a paper bag. He entered the room and the subject who was still tied down squirmed in the chair. He tried to speak but the tape over his mouth restricted him and he could only make muffled sounds. Scott ran his hands over his muscular torso, his pecs were hard and firm and Scott placed the paper bag over his head. The subject was still able to breath but could no longer see. He struggled in the chair and tried to free himself but it was useless. Scott calmly left the room and headed upstairs. He went outside and checked the brand new Range Rover that was parked on the drive. This was to be another gift for Adam he then headed inside and made sure the other things were ready for the day.

Charlie arrived on schedule he knocked on the front door. Scott opened it. Charlie looked much better in the flesh then he did in his profile picture, he was a handsome young lad, and wore a white t-shirt, with a black zipped sweater, along with a pair of cream shorts with white socks. He had a rucksack with him and explained it was just a change of clothes.

He invited the young lad and the two headed to the living room and Scott explained what he wanted, he showed Charlie a large box that was in the shape of a present. He told Charlie that he was to hide in the box in his underwear and when Scott gave a codeword of ‘new car’ he was to jump out and surprise Adam. Scott told him he would have the keys to a new car with him in the box and was to hand them to Adam and let Adam do what he wished with him. Charlie liked the sound of it was something he hadn’t been asked to do before and before Scott could forget he threw Charlie an envelope full of cash. Charlie picked it up and smelt the crisp fresh notes. He counted the eight bunches and placed it in his bag. Scott laughed to himself as Charlie had no idea of the fate that awaited him. He told Charlie he had an hour to kill and to make himself at home. But before he did he asked Charlie to show him his body and Charlie happily obliged as he lifted his shirt up to reveal a lean defined body, with a nice set of pecs and a set of solid 6 pack abs. Scott rubbed his hand over the smooth bronzed body.

He couldn’t wait for Charlie to die. Scott told Charlie that he had a gym in the house and he was happy to use it. Charlie asked where it was and Scott led him to it. As soon as Charlie entered he began to get changed and told Scott a good little work out should make him look better for the surprise. Scott left him to it and told him he would come to get him when it was time to get ready. He got the final plans ready and headed back to Charlie who was happily working out. He now wore a light blue jumper and black shorts and squatted down as he worked out. His legs looked nice and smooth.

Scott told him it was time to get ready and Charlie grabbed his bag and headed back to the front room. He got undressed in front of Scott and stripped down to his purple Hugo Boss boxers. Scott stared at Charlie’s sexy lean body. He then helped him into the box and felt himself getting aroused as he handled the young lads body. Once Charlie was inside Scott handed him the keys to the new Range Rover and reminded him off the key word. He then slid the lid over the top. Charlie sat in the box and waited for his big moment. Scott seemed a nice guy and this was going to be easy money.

Scott looked at the security monitors and watched as Adam drove up the drive. “He’s here” he said to Charlie and tapped the box. He waited at the door and opened it to the birthday boy. Scott gave him a kiss and wished Adam a happy birthday. Adam thanked him and asked Scott who the car belonged to. Scott told him he felt like buying a new one to match his black one and the two laughed. Scott led Adam into the living room and Adam saw a bottle of champagne on the table. He then saw the box and Scott asked him how work had been. Adam told him he had been busy and Scott began to unbutton his shirt. “I’ve got you three great presents” he told Adam. “Well I lied to you, you know that white Range Rover, well its yours, its your NEW CAR” Adam’s face lit up and a huge smile appeared on his face. “Thank you” he said as he kissed Scott. He was taken back however when Charlie burst out of the box and shouted “happy birthday” “This is your second present” explained Scott as he helped the hot lad out of the box. Adam stared at the hot lean body as Charlie approached. Charlie held his hand out and gave Adam the keys to his new car. “He’s yours for the night to do anything you want to” said Scott. Adam pressed his hands up against Charlie tanned torso, he began to gently massage his pecs. Charlie was being turned on and repeated Scott’s words “Do what you want with me!” he said. Adam and Charlie fell onto the sofa whilst Scott poured the champagne out. Both lads were passionately playing with each others bodies and Charlie took Adam shirt off and then removed his trousers. Scott was getting turned on watching this was going to be Adam’s day. The two finally stopped and Scott toasted Adam’s birthday. The three downed the champagne and Adam led Charlie up to Scott’s bedroom. Scott followed with the video recorder as the two lads began foreplay on the bed. It turned Scott on and Adam finally decided it was time to fuck Charlie, he removed his boxers with his teeth and then grabbed Charlie’s legs and forced them up so his ankles rested on his shoulders. He then rubbed his hands over Charlie’s tight torso as Charlie gently rubbed Adam’s penis until it was thick enough to enter his hole. Adam then thrust his cock into Charlie’s arse. Charlie shot back on entry but his face soon turned to pleasure as Adam began to fuck him hard. Charlie enjoyed each thrust and passionately rubbed his hands over Adam’s body as he fucked him. Both lads groaned excitedly and Charlie managed to sit himself up and began to lick Adam’s abs as he continued to fuck him. All the time Scott recorded the action he knew that Charlie would soon be dead and couldn’t wait. Both lads shouted in ecstasy as they reached their orgasmic moments. Adam fired his load into Charlie and collapsed onto the bed next to him. “that was fucking great” an ecstatic Charlie said. “I know you’re a good shag” replied Adam. He then picked up the rope from the dresser and tied Charlie’s wrists to the frame of the bed. Charlie happily let him do it as he knew the plan was another fuck. He erotically rubbed the rope through his fingers as Adam began to massage his torso, he started at his waist and slowly moved up over his firm abs and over the hard pecs, he tweaked Charlie’s nipples and saw that the bound lad enjoyed it, he massaged his shoulders and placed his hands loosely around Charlie’s neck and slowly raised his head and kissed Charlie on the lips. He then dropped the head back on the bed. Charlie had no idea what was going to come next as Adam tightened his grip firmly around Charlie’s neck. Charlie jolted on the bed as he struggled to breath. Adam squeezed his hands tighter around Charlie’s neck. Scott could see the look of fear on Charlie’s face and zoomed into this. Charlie tried to beg for Adam to stop but he could only make gasping sounds as Adam pressed hard on his windpipe. Charlie was petrified as Adam strangled him. He didn’t want to die. He tried to throw Adam off and thrashed about on the bed, his legs kicked the air and he tried to buck his body to throw Adam off but Adam was to heavy. He found it harder and harder to breath as Adam had a firm grip around his neck. His arms struggled to free themselves but he was tied to tight. The bed frame shock as Charlie struggled violently on the bed. Adam could feel him struggling beneath him but was unperturbed. He saw the look of fear in Charlie’s face. He saw that his eyes were beginning to water and his face was going red. He struggled in vain to somehow throw his attacker off. He tried to gasp for air as Adam looked him directly into the eyes. The last thing Charlie saw was the whites of Adam’s eyes as darkness took over, his legs fell to the bed and his body stopped thrashing and slumped back on to the bed. Adam held his grip tight as he looked down at Charlie’s death stare. His eyes were fixed firmly on Adam and some dribble dripped from his mouth onto the pillow. Scott recorded the final moments as Charlie’s body convulsed and jolted on the bed.
Scott set the camera down so it recorded the bed and approached the bed. He placed his hands onto Adam’s shoulders and said that’s enough he’s gone. Adam looked a the hot corpse and looked at Scott. His reaction confused Scott as he ripped off Scott’s clothes and the two passionately fucked on the bed next to Charlie’s fresh body. Scott felt himself rub against Charlie’s smooth body during the process and when the two finally finishing they lay on the bed. Charlie lay there still tied down as Adam had his head on Scott’s chest. “Thanks for the presents. I didn’t mean that to happen to Charlie. Shit what have I down” he said trying to divert any thoughts Scott had that he had done it on purpose. Besides Charlie told him he could do what he wanted. “Don’t worry. Follow me” replied Scott.

The two climbed off the bed and Adam followed Scott down the stairs he had always wandered what was down there and as he walked past room after room he wandered. They stopped outside the door where the surprise was sat. “Close your eyes” demanded Scott and Adam did as he was told. Scott entered the room and stood behind the suspect as he was tied to the chair. “Come in and open your eyes” shouted Scott. The victim shuffled in the chair as he heard the noise. Adam entered the room and saw a hot muscular stud tied to a chair. His torso stood out with thick pecs and solid abs.

A paper bag was over his head. Scott then pulled the paper bag off and Adam stared in disbelief he didn’t know what to do as he saw the bound guy was none other then his partner Daniel. Daniel looked back at Adam. He muffled and moved about on the chair. “what the fuck do you think you are doing?” Adam shouted to Scott. “This is wrong, I can’t do this. No I cant, I won’t” said Adam.
“What do you mean you won’t, you’ve always told me how much you hated this cunt. It took a lot of hard work to get him here. You’ve killed one lad what’s the difference with killing this homophobic pig. Charlie was innocent compared to this one” argued Scott. “you can’t say I’ve killed one already” said Adam. Daniel will arrest us when we release him. “Oh did I say you’ve killed already. Looks like you have no choice now. Freedom and kill Daniel or jail and release him.” laughed Scott. Adam pondered his actions and as he did Scott carried on talking. Adam liked this side of Scott. He never knew he had it in him. If only he knew that he’d killed before tonight. Scott went on to say “Did you enjoy killing Charlie. The power, the thrill. Kill Daniel and I’ll tell you a secret. Besides with him out of the way the promotion is all yours.”
Scott talked sense, in reality he couldn’t let Daniel go now. And he approached the helpless detective as he tensed and shuffled in the chair. Scott handed Adam a tie and ripped the tape off of Daniel’s mouth. Daniel pleaded for his life “Please no, no I don’t want to die, oh god please no. please have mercy on me.” Adam wrapped the tie around his neck. “oh shit please no, plea ergh” Adam wrapped the tie tightly around Daniel’s thick neck. His hot body struggled violently in the chair as Adam strangled him. Scott came around to the front and rubbed his hands over Daniel’s struggling body. He touched the smooth muscular body as it tensed in its fight for its life. Daniel thought desperately but he was unable to move. Scott saw his face going red and his eyes began to bulge. Then suddenly Daniel stopped struggling and his body fell limp. Adam let go. “No, no hold tighter for longer, trust me” said Scott and Adam picked the tie up and continued to hold tight. Daniel convulsed in the chair and Scott gave Adam the thumbs up. Adam let go and moved to the front of the body. Daniel stare towards the floor. His tongue protruded from his mouth. “Looks hot doesn’t he” said Scott. Adam agreed. And the two passionately kissed. “follow me” said Scott and he led Adam to the walk in freezer.

The two stood outside. “I need to tell you this secret. The reason I’m telling you is your just like me.” said Scott. Adam looked at him puzzled as to what he was saying. Scott went on. “ I have also killed no one or two people but about 55.” Adam “what the …” Adam stood there in shock. What did he do he loved Scott but he was a police officer and had a duty to the public. He also loved the act of strangling someone and what made him different to Scott, they had both killed. He wrestled with his conscience. He grabbed hold of Scott he had no choice “your under arrest for the” Scott jumped back to defend himself but Adam pushed him up against the wall. Scott couldn’t move. He thought his time was up. Adam was going to arrest him. Who would the police believe him or an experienced detective. But Adam’s next move surprised him. “I have a secret to” whispered Adam “I’ve killed before as well.” Scott laughed nervously “How many have you killed?” he asked “after tonight 3” replied Adam. And he kissed Scott on the chest. Adam was exactly like him and Scott offered to show him his prized possessions. Adam was eager to see them. Scott opened the freezer door and the two stepped in. Adam stood and stare at the three bodies that hung before him, he recognised one as he had carried out the missing person’s investigation. He approached Chet’s body “wow, he’s even hotter in the flesh then the pictures his family showed” said Adam. He looked at Sam and Will. “turn around” said Scott. Adam did and saw 10 heads on the shelf he laughed as he saw the Johnson Twins heads. “holy shit, you killed your cousin.” he said when he saw Zac’s head. “I lied he weren’t my cousin” replied Scott. Scott led him to the box freezer and opened it. Adam saw Drew’s frozen naked body stare back at him. “what are the packages?” he asked “I’ll explain in a minute” was Scott’s reply.
Scott showed him the various rooms he had and the two headed back upstairs. He could see that Adam was impressed. Scott explained that he had various ways to dispose of bodies. He fed some to the pigs and others to the animals at the reptile centre. He showed Adam pictures and asked Adam who his first kill was. Adam asked if he had watched the news. Scott told him he had and told him did you see victim 4 from that killer. I finished him off. Scott began to laugh “you bastard I left the others for you. And that wasn’t the fourth victim I left you.” “you, you’re the numbers killer. Those victims were hot” was Adam’s reply.
“Hey I just thought of a coincidence both our first victims were called Ashley. Spooky hey.” said Scott. He told Adam he could watch the recordings of the deaths at a later time. He told him he had an idea. “Do you want to solve the number killings?” asked Scott. “yeah of course but how.” replied Adam. Scott explained his plan. It was simple to frame Daniel. This would stand Adam in good steed with his boss and nail the promotion for him. Scott had the evidence there and could transfer the details of most of the killings onto Daniel’s computer and plant trace evidence at his house. Including Charlie’s body. Scott went on to say that this would free him of the other deaths and they could be blamed on Daniel. Adam loved the idea. And told Scott it was perfect. Daniel couldn’t hold down relationships with women, he always made comments about homosexuals and could have been in the closet who killed his sexual partners so they would not out him. Perfect thought Adam.

Scott went back to Daniel’s body and pulled his pants down and began to give his body a hand job. They need some of Daniel’s cum. Adam was amazed at how quick it took for Daniel to shoot his load. The two collected it up and Adam “how do we explain Daniel’s death?” Scott’s answer was simple “we don’t, you go round there and interrupt him as he’s killed Charlie. He punches you and drives off. His car is found at a cliff edge. His thought to have committed suicide.” Adam nodded and asked what they were going to do with his body. Scott told him he would deal with it. Adam was to deal with the police work and leave the rest to him.
Scott gathered up some trophies he had, he Shaun’s underwear and other bits and printed off a number of photos. He didn’t touch them with his fingers and wore gloves. These were to be planted in Daniel’s house. Scott told Adam if anyone asked Daniel’s other victims were buried in secret graves or dismembered and left out for the garbage men. Other unsolved cases were to be solved simple. He would amend the computer file to put the locations of bodies he had dumped places so they could be found.
First they had to deal with Charlie. They went up to the bedroom and stared at the hot lad. They untied him and carried him into the bathroom. They filled the bath up and placed Charlie’s naked body in the tub. They thoroughly cleaned all evidence that Adam or Scott had left on the body and Scott grabbed a new sheet, he placed it on the floor and they removed Charlie from the bath. Scott told Adam to go and get Daniel’s body. Whilst he did Scott placed Daniel’s cum on Charlie and when Adam retuned with Daniel they rubbed Daniel’s dead body up against Charlie leaving trace evidence. Adam held Daniel’s body as Scott grabbed Charlie’s hand and scratched Daniel once on the side of the chest leaving more trace evidence. He then used Daniel’s hand to scratch Charlie on the neck. It was time for part two and Scott placed all the evidence in the back of Adam’s new Range Rover. Adam grabbed Charlie’s ankles and Scott picked him up under the arms they carried the hot body to the car and lay it on the sheet in the boot. They then headed to Daniel’s.

Once there Adam used Daniel’s keys to enter the house, they planted the evidence and Scott uploaded the files onto Daniel’s computer. They carried Charlie’s body into the house and placed it on Daniel’s bed. They tied his wrists up again and scattered Charlie’s clothing on the floor around the room. Scott grabbed Daniel’s car keys. Scott kissed Adam and told him when this was over. They could work together on kills. Adam in his new role could easily cover things up. Adam told Scott he couldn’t wait for it. The time came Scott needed to punch Adam to make it look like Daniel did. Scoot gave him a black eye and sped off in Daniel’s car, making sure neighbours heard him speeding off. It was down to Adam now hopefully he wouldn’t let Scott down.

Scott drove Daniel’s car to the cliff edge and left it running. He threw one of Daniel’s shoes over the edge and it landed on the beach. Perfect thought Scott it made it look like a suicide. He made his way home and transported Daniel to the reptile centre. He dropped Daniel’s body into the Piranha tank and watched as the fish devoured the muscular body in a frenzied attack. Daniel’s bones sank to the bottom of the tank and Scott had to make sure all the fish were in the next tank before he began the dirty work of cleaning the tank out. He emptied the eater and removed Daniel’s bones. He filled the tank again and hid took the skeleton home. He placed it in a box and would throw it in the water in a few months so the police could confirm Daniel’s death.
He couldn’t wait to work with Adam. The night went better then he ever planned. He would tell Adam another day what were in the packages he asked about.

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