Ibiza Cleansing

Carlos fed the giant Python a live sheep. He’d taken care of the reptile since his uncle had a scientist had passed away and it was always a good talking point on a night out.

He’d lived on the island all his life but times had been changing and he’d became frustrated with life. The Balearic island of Ibiza had been transformed from the once tranquil island into one of the party capitals of Europe. Every year from May until Early October thousands of young Brits flocked to the island to enjoy the party atmosphere. Obviously Carlos cashed in the craze where he could and plenty of drunken holiday makers paid for the opportunity to feed Isabella, his prized snake.

It was during one of these party seasons that Carlos was attacked and robbed during the feeding of Isabella. The drunken Brits has made off with a few thousand pounds after giving Carlos a good beating.

Carlos’s blood boiled as he walked along the seafront, everywhere he looked he saw drunken Brits enjoying themselves without a care in the world. One of Ibiza’s top clubs Ocean Beach was packed solid and as Carlos sat on the bench he witnessed groups of guys and solo guys all making their way home in various drunken states. As he watched his phone began vibrate and sound.
Carlos knew that it meant someone or something had triggered one of his alarm sensors at home. Rushing home he was startled to discover his prized Giant Python swallowing a human as a pair of what appeared to be male legs protruded from the reptiles mouth.
It seemed that a drunken holiday maker had stumbled onto Carlos’s property and made his way into the reptiles enclosure. As the snakes owner watched the spectacle unfold he had a great idea.

With Isabella having devoured her first human it meant that Carlos could save both money and get revenge on the drunken young holiday makers who had made his life a misery.
Once Isabella had finished devouring her meal Carlos headed back out, it would take a few weeks for the snake to digest the large bulge in her belly. and whilst he waited Carlos laughed to himself as he thought of the drunken young Brits going about without a care in the world and thinking they were indestructible.

Three weeks had passed and Isabella was now in need for another feed. Carlos knew it was the time to ascertain his first victim for her.
As he wandered down the sea front Carlos grew a little nervous, he hadn’t killed anyone before. Feeling his mouth go dry and feeling his heart beat faster he had second thoughts on what he was about to do. However seeing a number of young Brits acting like they owned the island quickly saw those same thoughts disappear.

Carlos had spent a little bit of time trying to find a suitable victim for Isabella. When he thought he had found one and tried to move in for the final part he quickly got cold feet and turned and walked away. Despite it being day time at least twelve potential victims had been lost and Carlos was getting annoyed with himself.
He must have walked up and down the strip on at least ten occasions and remembered seeing two young Brits sitting on a sofa at the famous Ocean Beach club. Both young men were shirtless one with shades was slightly stocky with a well built body and the other was a drop dead gorgeous young man with a fine slim toned body. From looking at him Carlos deduced that he must have been some sort of model and that he looked an ideal victim for Isabella.

Jamie had in fact done some modelling, not famous stuff but just some bits for small clothing brands and few other bits. Carlos didn’t know why Jamie seemed to cry out “take me now.” But he was determined to make it happen and had to think of a way to get hi away from his friend. Both friends had spent the time eyeing up picking that walked past and Carlos paused as his eyes seemed to make contact with Jamie. His first thought was to quickly turn away but he didn’t want to make it look to obvious that he had been looking at the attractive young man. Instead he tried to pretend that he was trying to say hello to someone behind the guys and at this point Jamie beckoned for Carlos to come over to them.

A hesitant Carlos stepped forward and within seconds he found himself standing before the two friends.
“Hey mate, do you have any gear?” The guy with the shades asked. Jamie smiled as he hoped this unknown stranger said yes and would be able to help them out.

Carlos knew that most of the holiday makers liked to take some sort of drugs when they were over and immediately thought this was a way he could get Jamie back to his place.

“Err. Yeah I do.” A nervous Carlos whispered. “Not here with me but back at my place. If you want you can come back quickly and grab it. I only live about ten minutes away.”

Both friends looked at each other as a large smile formed on Jamie’s face as he turned and gave his friend a high five. “Awesome.” Jamie replied “we’ll come back and grab it.”

Shit that wasn’t what Carlos wanted he only wanted Jamie to come back. Thinking on his feet he quickly replied “Awesome. But you guys have paid for this prime spot at the club. If you both leave, you’ll lose it. It only takes one of you to grab it. I live a short distance away and you’ll be back in no time. Jamie’s friend looked at him, took his wallet from his pocket and handed Jamie his share of the cash for the drugs. “Good idea.” He slurred “Jamie, take this and go get the gear. You’ve had less to drink than me.”

Jamie jokingly shook his head as he took the money and put it into the pockets of his shorts. “It looks like its me and you pal. Lead the way.” Jamie said as he stood up and began to follow Carlos who now had a large smile etched firmly on his face.

“Ok. I’ll go get the gear.” Carlos said as the duo arrived back at his villa.

“Excellent.” Jamie replied “Whilst your doing that can I use your toilet?”

“Sure no probs!” Carlos answered “Follow me.”

Jamie followed Carlos and entered the room that the drug dealer had beckoned him into. Carlos struggled to contain his delight as the shirtless young hunk dressed in nothing more than a black pair of shorts casually wandered into Isabella’s lair.

It took Jamie a few moments to realise that there was no toilet in the room and paused for a few moments. As Jamie turned towards the door he had no idea that a beedy pair of eyes were already transfixed on him.

Seconds later Jamie was startled by the sound of loud hissing. Turning in the direction of the noise he uttered “Oh shit.” And froze in fear at the sight of the snake.
Without warning the snakes head darted forward its jaws open wide, it moved with incredible velocity as it clasped onto Jamie’s left shoulder pulling him back as it quickly coiled itself around him.

Now on the floor Jamie called for help as he tried to get up to run, but the snake had wrapped its large body around him twice. Jamie screamed and begged for help as the snake tightened its grip and squeezed its body tighter around him.

The snake had wrapped itself around the middle of his torso just below Jamie’s firm abs and the second coil began just below his waist.
The handsome hunks legs thrashed about as he tried desperately to get loose, his face going bright red, as he was unable to breathe as the snake was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked helplessly out in the hope someone would save him. Jamie gasped his last breaths as his legs fell limply to the floor as the snake squeezed the last drops of life from its meal.
Jamie’s right arm was out straight as his left arm had fallen onto the snake’s scaly body.

The large reptile loosened its grip and slithered away releasing Jamie’s hot corpse before opening its mouth wide and disconnecting its jaw as it moved towards Jamie’s head.

Jamie’s eyes stared into the abyss as the snake began to slowly swallow his body. It was amazing to watch as the snake swallowed him head first, after swallowing the hunks head, its jaws opened wider as it began to swallow his broad shoulders.
The snake’s fangs help it to ease the young man’s corpse into its mouth, as it moved its head forwards its fangs would drag the dead stud further into the wide mouth. Jamie’s solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, in no time every inch of Jamie’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which now lay halfway between his thighs.

After just half an hour of swallowing Jamie the snake had just devoured his upper legs and all that remained where his shins and feet.

But these too slowly disappeared into the snake’s mouth. Finally Jamie’s ankles vanished down the snake’s throat as the large bulge slowly moved down its body. Jamie’s corpse was slowly pushed along the snake’s body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it Jamie had finally reached its stomach

Carlos rubbed his hands with glee. Isabella had devoured Jamie without any problem and the young hunk had finally arrived at the reptiles stomach as the large bulge had stopped moving. As the giant Python began to digest its large meal Carlos knew that he would have to deal with the things that Isabella couldn’t digest like hair and any personal belongings.

With the whole ordeal on video Carlos could watch it again and again and with Jamie’s friend being so drunk and unable to remember things the young man’s disappearance soon went cold

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