Predator Story. Chapter 58. The Calendar Shoot. Part 1

Scott waited patiently at the airport. Jeff’s plane had safely landed and he stood in the arrival hall waiting for the young model to emerge. He wore a black baseball cap, smart shirt and dark jeans. He held a printed board with Jeff’s name written across the front.
He didn’t have to wait long as he caught sight of the sexy lad as he walked through from customs, Jeff was even sexier in person then Scott had seen in his photo. He was exceptionally handsome, with a chiselled jaw line he also looked well groomed. His light brown hair was styled up like a spike at the front, he wore a grey hooded jumper. Scott’s eyes fixed on Jeff’s powerful legs that bulged out from the tight dark jeans he wore.

Jeff stopped and placed his bag on the ground, he searched the crowd of greeters looking for his name on the various boards on show. Jeff picked his bag up and headed towards Scott. “Hi I take it your David?” he said as he extended his hand to Scott for a handshake. Scott nearly dropped himself in it straight away and managed to stop himself from telling Jeff he wasn’t David, as he remembered the models were expecting to meet David. “Yeah I’m David” he said as he shook Jeff’s hand. Jeff had a powerful handshake and Scott looked him up and down. He thought the was no way this guy was only 18 years old, he looked to sexy and hot. Scott told Jeff to follow him as they made their way outside to the minibus. As he walked Scott quickly sent Adam a text message reminding him to only call him David and not Scott for the period the models were there. As they walked Scott asked Jeff if he had a good flight and started a conversation with the American model.
Once the bags were loaded up the two got onto the minibus. Scott gave Adam a wink and introduced him to Jeff. He told Jeff that Adam was the runner for the shoot and would help to make his stay pleasant. As Jeff settled on the bus Adam mouthed “Fuck me, he’s hot” Scott grinned and sent him a text saying ‘Remember his mine.’

Adam drove off to the train station where the British models were told to meet. During the journey Scott asked Jeff for his passport. He told him he needed it to finalise the paperwork and Jeff happily handed it over. Scott admired the passport photo, most people looked unappealing in theirs but Jeff looked as handsome as ever. Scott checked his date of birth and found out that Jeff was indeed 18 years old.
As the minibus pulled into the station Scott could see the models congregated outside, he gave them a quick count and counted ten young lads, he thought he had made a mistake as there were only supposed to be nine, as Jeff was the tenth. Once the bus had parked up Scott jumped off and introduced himself as David, he gave a quick roll call and all the models were there. One model Dean approached Scott and told him he had brought his cousin along, and introduced Sam. Sam was a young lad with short brownish blonde hair, he had an athletic body and Scott doubted if he was actually Dean’s cousin due to the reaction on Sam’s face when Dean had said it. Scott was pissed off, he hadn’t counted on another lad to turn up, it would mean another one to kill. He would have to change his plans when it came to killing Dean. But he would think about that later. The models placed their bags on the bus, and once they were all seated Adam drove them to the hotel. Once they pulled up outside Scott informed the models that the would be no staff at the hotel. This would cost to much money. The models all looked at each other and were puzzled. However that was short lived and they soon forget about it when Scott told them it meant that they would get paid more then the agreed price they were told. They let a out cheer and Scott could see the look of happiness on their faces. They had already been paid half and none would be alive to find out Scot was lying. They got off the bus and headed inside.

Scott had all the models gather in the hotel lobby, whilst he went behind the desk to sort the room keys out. Adam was to lead the models upstairs to their rooms. Jeff and Leigh were to have the best rooms as Scott and Adam had rigged a couple of surprises up in their rooms. Each room secretly had CCTV cameras inside so Scott and Adam could monitor the models every move. They thought it would be fun to see what the hot studs would doing in the hours and moments leading up to their deaths. Scott had also rigged gas canisters up to Jeff’s and Leigh’s room, so they could play with the two lads as their slept. The gas keeping them out cold whilst the two had their ways. One by one Adam led the models to their rooms. Scott gave Dean and Sam a room with two single beds. A little test to see if they were cousins or if Scott’s predications were correct. He watched on one of the screens in the office as Sam and Dean pushed the two beds together to form a double one. “Cousins my arse” Scott said to himself. Sam was actually Deans lover.

Once they had deposited their bags the models reconvened downstairs. Scott sat down and went through the schedule of events with them. He told them the original zoo they had planned to use had to shut down for an outbreak so they were going to use the animal centre next door. It had all the creatures they planned to use at the zoo and being next to the hotel was even better for the models in the sense that it gave them more free time. Scott told the models they were free to use either of the hotels pools and the gymnasium. He showed them the games room that had a pool table and TV’s linked up to Xbox’s and Playstation. He then threw in that the bar was free and the models could drink as much as they liked. One of the models Jay put his hand up “Err, Dave, Is there any way we can go into town at some point this week?” he asked. Scott politely told the models that once all the shoots were done Adam would happily drive the minibus into the city so they could shop or explore.
Scott explained how the shoots would work, he explained that some areas of the hotel would be off limits during the shoots. As the they were tasked for a few days Scott asked for a volunteer to get their one done tonight. A couple of the models put their hands up including Dean. “Ok Dean, your up first.” said Scott. But before the models dispersed Scott told them all to get changed into the hottest pair of Speedo’s they had for quick group shot out by the pool. The models went off to their rooms whilst Adam set the camera up by the pool. Scott ran next door to the animal centre. He went and grabbed a yellow Python, that when stretched out would be long enough for the models to hold. By the time he got back the models were gathered by the pool. Scott organised them in a slight semi circle with their hands outstretched. Scott lay the Python out across the models arms. He then went behind the lens. As he looked through he observed all the hot guys that were stood there in their Speedo’s. Their sexy muscular torso’s on show. Scott could feel himself getting aroused as he took the picture. He felt a bit of regret in knowing that these unsuspecting guys would soon be dead. Once the photo was done, Scott quickly asked the models if any were vegetarian, no one responded. “Good” though Scott, in the mean time all the models scattered to do their own thing for the rest of the day. Dean remained and Scott old him to go and get ready for the shoot, he would see him in the studio. Dean went off and Scott took the Yellow Python and waited for him in the studio.

Dean entered wearing only a silver pair of tight leggings that showed off his leg definition underneath, he was topless on top and his tanned body looked smooth and tight. He had short brown hair and had a hot face.

Scott told him that his shoot was to be with the Yellow Python, and that he was to be Mr October, but before they started Dean had to give a little biography to a video camera that had been set up to record every shoot. Dean told Scott his name and that he was 23 years old and came from Birmingham. He went on to say he had got into fashion modelling as a teenager and it had grown into some fitness work. Dean explained how he worked out and the shoot quickly began. Scott photographed Dean in various poses with the snake and halfway through the shoot he told Dean to take his leggings off as they needed some shots in his underwear. Dean happily did as he was told and removed his bottoms to reveal a pair of excellently tanned legs. He wore a black pair of Emporio Armani Y-fronts, the light bounced off of his smooth thighs and Scott noticed that Dean had a tattoo on the right hand side of his body, it led from his waist and ran down the front of his right thigh. Scott quickly zoomed in and took a photo of it. Scott explained the rest of the shoot and Dean turned to make the poses that were required. Scott noticed that Dean had another tattoo this one was on his back and was a good one, it was of a winged angel. The angel’s body was tattooed along his spine and its wings spread across his shoulder blades. Dean then walked slowly towards Scott wearing only his black briefs, the next time round he walked along with the snake wrapped around his shoulders. Scott loved the sight of Dean’s hot muscles as they worked during the shoot.

The shoot was soon over and Dean looked over the pictures happy with the outcome.

Dean headed inside whilst Scott put the Yellow Python back. Sam was playing pool with Igor and Dean came over and waited for the game to finish. Once it was over the two headed upstairs. Scott watched on the monitors as they entered their bedroom. He watched the monitors with glee when he saw Dean lie back on the bed and Sam produce to rope from a bag they had. Sam restrained Dean by tying his wrists to the headboard of the bed and then stripped naked. Scott knew he could make his move in a minute but continued to watch as Sam began to play with Dean’s helpless body. Dean appeared to be loving it. Scott called Adam over and told him to keep the models busy if they tried to head upstairs. “It’s time” he said. All the other models were working out in the gym, swimming in the pool or playing games in the entertainment room.
Scott crept upstairs and headed towards Dean’s room. He quietly opened the door and saw Sam sitting on top of a helpless Dean. Sam had a tight athletic body with well developed pecs and abs.

Scott quietly entered the room and walked towards the bed. Sam was busy running his hands over Dean’s hot torso and Dean’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed the fondle. Scott stood behind Sam and felt his cock growing as he watched the two young lads on the bed. Dean then opened his eyes and saw Scott, he looked shocked. Sam was about to ask him what was wrong but Dean said “David” before he could finish what he was going to say. Scott placed his hands around an unsuspecting Sam’s neck. Before Sam could utter a word or respond Scott gave his neck a quick twist. A sickening crack echoed around the room as Scott broke Sam’s neck. Sam looked down at Dean his eyes appeared empty and Scott let go of his kill. Sam’s naked body fell sideways onto the bed. Dean’s face was frozen in fear and he was in shock at what he just saw. He knew he was in trouble, but his arms were tied to the bed. He looked at his young lover lying dead next to him on the bed. Sam’s eyes stared coldly at Dean. Dean let out a scream hoping to get somebody’s attention.
But no one was to hear as Adam turned music up loud, and it drowned out Dean’s cries.

Back in the room, Dean squirmed on the bed, desperate to free himself. He continued to cry out for help, as Scott lifted a pillow off the bed and brought it down over Dean’s face. He pressed it firmly down against Dean’s head. Dean’s cries became no more then muffled sounds as Scott began to smother him. Scott felt Dean’s body violently struggle on the bed, desperate to live. But Scott held firm. Dean’s arms wrestled with the headboard trying in vain to free themselves but Sam had tied them to hard and each time he struggled with the ropes the tighter they got. Scott held tightly as Dean’s body thrashed about on the bed. Scott could just about make out what Dean was saying “Please don’t do this, no, help me please” is what he thought he could hear.
Dean struggled to breath the pillow was pressed firmly against his face. He tried to breath in but could only make gasping sounds.
The other models were enjoying themselves downstairs completely unaware that one of their number was about to die. Dean gave one last gasp trying desperately to breath in, but nothing entered. Suddenly it went all dark as death took over him.
His body shot up on the bed and went rigid, he let out a loud groan and his body slumped limply down onto the bed. Scott removed the pillow from Dean’s face his eyes stared up at Scott he looked at peace. Scott climbed off the bed and looked down at the two bodies. Both looked exceptionally sexy and he grabbed Sam’s bent body and lay it next to Dean on the bed. Scott climbed back on the bed and began to play with the two corpses. He massaged Sam’s athletic body and groped his hard pecs and solid abs. He then ran his hands over Dean’s smooth body from his legs up. He laughed as he felt no hair, he could tell that Dean shaved his body hair off.
Scott had always planned that the first to die was going to feed the other models. He looked down and said “Buy one get one free, a very good deal” as he now had two bodies to feed the others. He undid the ropes that tied Dean to the bed and headed out of the room shutting the door behind him. He went to a cupboard and grabbed a large laundry basket and headed back into the room. He dragged Dean’s tanned body off the bed and placed him in the basket, he then did the same with Sam and curled his body up over Dean’s. He wheeled the basket to a service elevator. He saw Adam downstairs and pointed down into the basket and showed him two fingers. Adam knew this meant he had two in the basket. Scott pushed the basket and passed another model Dan, who walked calmly past the basket and its grisly contents.

Once Scott got to the kitchen he locked the door and removed Sam’s young body from the basket. He lay the naked body out on the table and grabbed his tools. He began to remove Sam’s arms and saved the biceps for the meal. He then moved down and carefully cut Sam’s legs off at the top of the thigh. He then chopped just above both knees and placed the thigh joints on the side. He removed his calves and threw the remaining parts of Sam’s arms and legs into a black wheelie bin. He filleted both Sam’s pectoral muscles and removed his head with one clean swipe. He dumped the torso in the bin and placed Sam’s head in the freezer.
It was now Dean’s turn to be prepared, he lay his sexy body out on the table and fondled with his smooth torso one last time. He licked his hairless torso and tasted Dean’s flesh, the models should enjoy the meal he thought. He chopped his arms off and carefully removed his biceps. Once all the edible parts were removed he threw what was left into the bin and placed Dean’s head next to Sam’s in the freezer.
Scott prepared the meat and made steak fillets and roasts from both lads thighs. He threw the bones in the bin and put the meat in the oven.

Later that evening he gathered the models for their dinner and they sat along a long table. He placed the vegetables and potatoes on the table and a couple of cups of gravy. He then removed the covers to reveal Dean & Sam’s succulent flesh. He told the models it was beef and they could help themselves to as much as possible. “You need all the protein” he joked. The models filled their plates and Scott asked where Dean was. No one knew. Leigh jokingly said “He’s probably busy with his young toy.” Scott left the table and pretended to head to the pairs room. He returned to the table and said “Leigh, your right. The noises from that room. I think they said they’d eat later.” The table erupted in laughter and Scott said “Tuck in guys” and the models began to eat. Not knowing they were munching away on their colleagues. Scott watched as their tucked into the meat. He had his fill, the meat was tender and succulent. By the end of the meal the eleven people sat there had left no scrapes of Dean or Sam. They had consumed the lot. As they left the table to continue their evening they commented on the great tasting meat.

The models headed to bed and Adam and Scott turned the gas on, and it began to feed into Jeff and Leigh’s room. Scott looked at the screen, both guys were lying on their beds in their underwear. Adam and Scott eagerly waited for their toys to pass out. The other models were in their rooms, but both lads eyes were firmly fixed on Jeff and Leigh. They waited and waited finally the moment came. They turned to each other and smiled. “Let’s play” said Scott. “Play now, kill tomorrow” replied Adam.

Scott stood outside Jeff’s room, he felt like a child on Christmas morning. He couldn’t wait to play with that hot muscular body. He knew he would have to fight the temptation to finish Jeff off, but was confident he could control himself. The gas had been turned off, and both lads should remain out cold until the morning.

Scott entered the room, Jeff looked peaceful as he lay on the bed. His sexy body wearing only a light blue pair of briefs.

Jeff looked peaceful as he lay on the bed. Scott opened the window to air the room, he didn’t want to end up following unconscious, he hoped Adam had done the same.

Meanwhile Adam had dived straight into Leigh’s room. Leigh was on his back on the bed, his sexy toned body wore only a red pair of boxers. His left arm was bent behind his hand and showed off his bicep and armpit, his right arm lay out at his side. His left leg was bent up, whilst his right one lay straight. He was out cold.

Adam undressed to his boxers and jumped on the bed, he immediately began to run his hands over Leigh’s tanned body. His toned torso was smooth and warm. Adam groped his hard pecs and began to lick them all around, he tweaked his nipples and moved down towards Leigh’s tight abs. He gave them a playful slap and enjoyed the echo the sound of his hand against Leigh’s naked flesh made. He squeezed Leigh’s hairless legs and passionately ran his hands over his hard thighs. The smooth flesh turned him on. He sniffed Leigh’s armpit and enjoyed the sweet smell that arose from it.
Adam pulled Leigh’s underwear down to reveal his smooth uncut cock, his pubes were well shaven and Adam began to play around with it. He felt light headed and when the cock was hard enough he placed it in his mouth and began to suck Leigh off.
Adam was mid flow when his body fell to the bed, as the gas knocked him out cold.

Back in Jeff’s room Scott had undressed himself down to his underwear he climbed on the bed next to Jeff. He could see Jeff’s chest rise and fall with each breath and he tested to see if he could feel anyone touching his body. Scott gave his right nipple a tweak. Jeff lay still, he was dead to the world. Jeff’s muscular body lay on the bed. Scott positioned himself at the end of the bed. He was going to play with every inch of this jocks body. He grabbed Jeff’s feet and began to massage his soles. They were smooth to touch and Scott rubbed them up and down. Jeff’s body didn’t have an inch of hair on his legs and Scott ran his hands up each one. They were silky smooth and the higher he went the more he got turned on. As he reached Jeff’s powerful thighs he cuddled his head up against them as he ran his hands all over them. He squeezed and fondled with them. He licked every inch Jeff’s powerful quads and moved onto Jeff’s arms, he squeezed his strong biceps, Jeff’s skin appeared to be as smooth as a babies bottom. He inspected his strong hands, they to were smooth and well manicured. He ran his hand through Jeff’s light brown hair and pissed him on the cheeks, he moved down sucked Jeff’s neck he placed his hands around his solid neck. He gave them a light squeeze and a thrill ran through his body, he looked down at the sleeping stud and thought “no not yet, I need to be patient” he placed his hands at the top of Jeff’s hunky chest. He rubbed his hands over his hard well built pectoral muscles. Jeff had great nipples and the tips appeared to stand out erect. Scott ran his fingers over them. He was loving every minute of this, he moved down and cuddled Jeff’s solid abs, he ran his fingers through the ridges and then In one last act, he licked Jeff’s torso all over, Jeff had a sweet taste and Scott ran his tongue over Jeff’s pecs. He lightly bit Jeff’s nipples, he got the thick tips between his teeth but didn’t want to cause damage to the beautiful torso.
Scott finally pulled Jeff’s light blue briefs back and exposed his strong uncut cock, Jeff was well groomed below and Scott grabbed hold of this thick muscle and began to play around with it. It grew hard quickly and Scott slapped it about in his hands, he rubbed it like he was starting a fire and it quickly shot its load into the air. Scott performed a circus act and caught it mid air and swallowed Jeff’s cum, he liked its sweet taste. He placed Jeff’s briefs back over his erect cock and it looked like a tent as it stood to attention. He kissed Jeff’s cheek and said “Until tomorrow, thanks for the fun.” he put his clothes on and shut the window. He left the room and went to see how Adam was getting on.

Scott opened the door to Leigh’s room and poked his head round the door, he saw Adam slumped over Leigh’s body and looked around the window was still shut, the gas had knocked Adam out. He opened the window and as he moved towards the bed he saw that Adam had blacked out whilst he was giving Leigh a blowjob. Leigh’s cock was still safely secured in Adam’s mouth. Scott laughed and lifted Adam off of his prey, he dragged him back to his bedroom and put him in bed. He went back to Leigh’s bedroom and collected Adam’s clothes and shut the window.
He closed Leigh’s door, both lads had no idea of the satisfaction they had given their hosts.

Before he went to bed Scott went back to Dean’s room, he collected Dean and Sam’s belongings and hid them in the animal centre office. He then left a note downstairs pretending it came from Dean it read ‘Thanks for the cash, and the shoot. We didn’t want to stay. Catch you later Deano’
With Dean’s disappearance now sorted out. Scott finally retreated to bed. He had a busy day tomorrow and it started early.

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