Predator Story. Chapter 76.  Bye Bye Geordie Guys. Part 1

Today was the day, Scott had just received a message from Henry telling him that the Geordie Shore guys were on their way to the hotel. Scott and Adam had prepared the hotel and the camera crew had already arrived. Scott had shown them to their rooms and gave them access to all parts of the hotel apart from the staff quarters.
Scott eagerly awaited the arrival of the TV stars, he had planned their deaths to the final detail and if everything went to plan he would get away with killing the four studs.
Scott had researched the lads that were coming and was amazed to find the amount of hostility towards them on the internet forums he had checked. He knew that the guys were self obsessed idiots and their main goal was to fuck as many birds as possible. Well he knew that they had or were going to fuck their last ever birds.

A blacked out people carrier pulled into the hotel car park and stopped by the doors. Scott knew who it contained and went out to greet the visitors. First out of the car was Scott’s old school mate Henry and the two shook hands, he was followed by the four Geordie lads and Scott led them into the reception area of the hotel. One of them asked Scott if he could use the toilet and after being pointed in the right direction disappeared, the others sat down whilst Scott and Henry went to work out who would get which room.

Whilst Henry and Scott sorted the rooms the lads laughed and joked amongst themselves. Scott was amazed at how good looking they looked in person and grew hard as he thought about what he would be doing in the coming days. Henry handed him a dossier that contained information about each lad and told Scott to read it when he had a moment. They went through the details and Henry asked Scott if it was still ok for him to drop the lads off to the airport on Sunday. Scott told him it would be no problem and Henry went on to tell him that the camera crews would leave about 5pm on Saturday and the lads could then do what they wished on Saturday night. Scott agreed with what Henry said and wasn’t really paying any attention to his old school friend. For Scott Thursday, and Friday were just formalities and the real fun would start late on Saturday night. As he looked at Henry, Scott felt a guilty as Henry had to die as it was one of the most important parts of Scott’s plan.
Scott introduced Henry to Adam and as the two spoke he disappeared to get the room keys. Once he returned they made their way over to the lads and Scott introduced himself, he told the lads to feel as if they were at home, girls could be brought back to the hotel but Henry piped up and reminded the lads not bring anyone back on Saturday night as they were leaving the next day. Scott handed each lad their keys and the was something about their Geordie accents that turned Scott on. The lads grabbed their cases and disappeared to their rooms to settle down. Henry thanked Scott, he reminded him that some of the lads were high maintenance and told Scott the dossier would explain . He reminded Scott that Saturday was Gaz’s birthday so the lads were likely to get drunk and headed off as he needed to prepare for the lads trip.

Whilst everyone was busy Scott settled down and looked over the dossier, it contained bits about each lad along with a picture and he settled down to read it.
The first guy he read about was Dan Thomas.

Dan was 19 years old and one of the newest cast members. Scott laughed as he read the young lads quote “If you look up pullin’ in the dictionary my name would be next to it.” Scott continued to read the bio, it said Dan was not as outgoing as some of the other lads and struggled to fit in with the others macho images. But was gradually accepted. He was described as being a likeable lad.
Scott looked at the picture of Dan, he looked young and innocent, his short brown hair was gelled up at the front. His athletic body looked smooth and tanned with a good set of pecs and abs.

He then began to read the bio of the second lad Gary (Gaz) Beadle.

Gaz was 25 years old, and was one of the longest serving cast members. His quote typified his vainness and arrogance it read “I should have a degree in pulling women.” The rest of the bio explained that Gaz loved to be young, free and single so he could play the field. It also explained how he boasted that his manhood was the size of a TV remote control. It also said how image was everything to Gaz. And he worked hard on perfecting his appearance – hitting the gym up to five times a week to work on sculpting his muscles. He was apparently close to Scott and they were pulling partners nicknamed ‘The Dream Team’. It also said that Gaz saw himself as the alpha male of the group.
From watching the programme, he was Scott’s favourite and Scott looked forward to doing what he did best to Gary. He couldn’t wait to find out if Gary’s boast about his tool was true and if it was he looked forward to playing with it. Gary looked much better in real life then he did in his picture, but even Scott thought it was one to be proud of as he stood before a mirror and took a picture of himself wearing a pink vest and grey shorts. His arm muscles looking fantastic, he was a good looking lad with short brown hair that was shaved at the sides but gelled up at the front.

Scott grew hard as he read the profiles of the guys and moved on to Scott Timlin’s.

Scott was 24 years old and along with Dan was new to the cast, he described himself as the life and soul of the party and spent most of his time in the clubs and working on his muscular body. He explained how he’d shag any girl and loved to look good. He lived for sex and partying. And promised to bring more sex to the show now that he was there.
He was the other part of ‘The Dream Team” with Gaz.
Scott liked the look of him, he was 6’03’’ and had light brown hair styled up at the front and was rather handsome, Scott found his piercing blue eyes rather sexy, in his picture he wore a tight fitting shirt that showed off his arm muscles well and Scott knew his body would be hot underneath.

The final bio Scott read belonged to James Tindale.

James was 22 years old, and like Gaz he was one of the longest serving cast members. The bio explained how he was famed for signature comb-over. It described James as a good time guy who was funny, cheeky, vain and handsome. It explained how he took ages to get ready for a night out and is so obsessed with his looks that he can’t walk past a reflective surface without checking himself out. If he’s not partying, you’ll probably find him in the gym working on his six-pack – he aims to spend at least fourteen hours a week working out .
James was a handsome guy with short brown hair that was combed over at the front, he wore a white t-shirt and denim jeans in his picture and his muscular upper arms bulged out from underneath the t-shirt.
Scott put the dossier down and passed it to Adam, who in turn read it.
“Well what do you think?” asked Scott
“What a bunch of self obsessed wankers.” replied Adam. “definitely no great lose to the word.”
Scott looked at Adam “So you agree then, they have to die.” Adam looked at Scott and smiled, that was the answer Scott was expecting. The next three days were going to be fun.

Scott went on a walk through to see if his guests were ok, he could see the camera crew were running from room to room to get shots of the guys and he visited Scott’s room. Scott stood by the wardrobe and was shirtless, he had changed into a pair of blue track bottoms and wore a blue cap on his head. His hot muscular body looked amazing. It was smooth with a great pair of pecs and solid abs. His neck muscles looked hot and stood out from his amazing body. Scott asked him if he was ok and needed anything and Geordie Scott said he was fine and gave Scott two thumbs up.

Scott moved on and entered James’s room. Scott saw James standing in the middle of the room looking into a mirror. Scott immediately began to grow hard as James was wearing nothing apart from a pair of black boxer shorts. Scott was unable to take his eyes off the young stud as his body was near perfection with a great set of meaty pecs and rock solid abs, he had a small scar on the right side of his abs, his legs had a great set of thighs along with a defined pair of calf’s his legs were dotted with fine dark hairs and Scott could tell that James used a sunbed.
Scott asked if he was fine and James told him he was.

Scott was about to run downstairs when he bumped in Gaz. Gaz was looking for Scott as he had a small problem in his room as the window was stuck. Scott was unable to take his eyes off Gaz as he had an excellently toned body, with great pectoral muscles that were thick and solid with a nice pair of nipples. His abdominal muscles were smooth and solid and led down to a sexy v-shaped waist line.

Scott followed Gaz back to his room and played around with the window, finally getting it to open. Gaz thanked him and Scott made his way to Dan’s room. He found entry to the room was blocked as the camera crew had posed Dan & Scott for a few shots. Both looked incredibly hot as they stood in their casual clothes. Dan wearing a grey jumper and denim jeans whilst Scott wore a white t-shirt and cream trousers.

He then watched as the two guys changed and stood shirtless for another part of the shot.

Scott knew he was going to find the coming days a bit tough as the sexy guys walked around, but he knew the rewards of fun and Geordie beef on the menu lay at the end.

The rest of the night passed without incident and the guys didn’t go out, instead they retreated to the hot tub by the outside pool and relaxed in their. The camera crew filmed them for a while and Scott was not allowed near them while they filmed, but as soon as they departed Scott joined the four lads whilst Adam took care of the crew inside.
Gaz, James & Scott were in the hot tub and Dan sat on the edge, Scott talked to the four lads and got to know a bit about them. The more he talked to them the more he got to know them. He found out that they didn’t care about being hated by people. Gaz told him it was only because they were jealous. He asked them what life on the show was like and all four said the same. It was constant sex, drinking and partying and they loved it. Questions got personal and Scott asked them that although they fucked girls, what did they think about gay guys looking at their pictures and ogling over them. Geordie Scott was quick to respond “It goes to prove how fucking sexy and fit we are that both sexes want us.” they all laughed and Gaz told him some of the weird requests he had had from stalkers.

The more he spoke to them Scott found the lads were actually normal guys, ok they were vain and obsessed with themselves but they had been made that way by the programme they starred in. They still had to die though and as the night went on one by one the lads retreated to bed.

It was Friday morning and after breakfast the lads disappeared to do their own thing. The camera crew followed each lad about and Scott did odd jobs around the hotel as the Geordie Shore lads made themselves at home.
As he walked past one of the hotel bathrooms. He saw that Gaz and Scott were talking about each others bodies. Gaz stood with one hand on his head, whilst Scott puffed his chest out.

“Yo guys, are you ok?” he asked. The two stopped what they were doing and turned to him.
“We’re just arguing over who’s got the best body” laughed Gaz.
“Hey could you do us a favour” said Scott “You can quickly judge.”
Scott gave a nervous laugh at the request and before he could answer Geordie Scott flexed his pecs and said “Come on anyone can see. I’ve got the best pecs.”
Gaz piped up “No way man, I’m much sexier then you. All the girls flock to me. Come on man give us your answer.”
Scott laughed and told the guys they weren’t his type, he didn’t want to give an answer and said a bird was probably best to judge something like this.
All three laughed and Gaz slapped him on the back “Whey-aye man, true, true” he said and walked off.
Scott bumped into James in the bar. James asked him if he could use the gym today and Scott reminded him that they were free to use anything. They shared a joke and James asked fro a coke. Scott handed him one and he gulped it down. He wore a white vest and his erect nipples could be seen underneath.

Later that day Scott went for a little work out in the gym and as he entered he saw that the lads were all having a work out. The camera crew had taken a lunch break and the Geordie’s were using the downtime to work on their muscles. He laughed and joked with the lads and was amazed at how sexy all their bodies were. James had a white face pack on and Scott couldn’t help himself.
“What the fuck is that on your face?” he said.
Before James could say anything Gaz shouted “The poof, loves to doll himself up.” Laughter filled the gym and James replied “Fuck off Gaz, that’s rich coming from Mr sunbed. It helps keep my face moist and handsome.”
Geordie Scott and James gave each other a high five and the lads took the mick out of each other. Scott noticed Dan had his earphones in and was doing a work out by himself. He grabbed his phone and asked the three lads if he could get a picture of them. They happily agreed as Scott had been a good host so far. James stood on the end, his muscular body looking amazing with his well defined arms showing their great muscles. His face covered in the white face pack. Scott stood in the middle and pulled a funny face, his body was also sexy and Gaz stood at the other end, he to pulled a face, but his well toned body made Scott hard and he quickly took the picture.

James then left the gym to remove the face pack and Geordie Scott followed him to have a shower. Gaz asked Scott to join his work out and Scott jumped at the chance. Gaz was more then happy to show Scott he was the alpha male and had seemingly forgotten that Scott wasn’t one of his Geordie mates. He was more then happy for Scott to take more pictures and encouraged him to do so as he worked out. He loved to show off his body and picked a weight up. Scott grew erect as he took the picture. Gaz pulled a face, and stuck his tongue out. His sexy body looked fantastic, his hard pecs stood out with their thick erect nipples, his v-shaped hips were exposed as his blue track bottoms hung low, his arm muscles bulged as he lifted the weight.

Scott got the lads ready as Henry had wanted them to do a bit of filming over at the animal centre. Each guy had a chance to hold various sized snakes, and other creatures. It was only going to be a brief bit of filming and Scott showed them what animals were at the centre. The lads were impressed with the Piranha enclosure and commented that the Amazon scene looked realistic. They had no idea the skeleton at the bottom was a real one or that most of the creatures they had seen actually feasted on human flesh. Before they finished off Scott gave the guys a chance to hold a baby Crocodile and each one did so. Scott and the group burst out laughing when it came to Gaz’s turn he looked terrified as he held the baby and couldn’t wait to give it back to Scott.

That night the lads went out and as Scott had expected each one came back with a girl, and retreated back to their rooms. The camera crew followed for bit and filmed the lads as they prepared to get down to business. Once the camera crew left the guys started to have sex with the girls thinking no one was watching. They were completely unaware Scott was watching their every move and was impressed with their stamina as they fucked long into the night.
The next morning the guys looked like zombies when they came down for breakfast. The girls they had been with left one by one and once breakfast was over. They headed off to get ready for the day. Scott saw Gaz and Geordie Scott about to shower together and laughed to himself. If that were two gay guys people would be repulsed but it was ok for two straight lads to do it.

The guys reconvened about an hour later and they were all in a good mood for Gaz’s birthday. That was everyone apart from Gaz who was tired from his efforts the previous night and fell asleep at the table.

Scott reminded them not to get to drunk as he had organised a party for when the camera crew had left, and although Henry had told them no girls. Scott had promised them some would be there. The lads looked forward to it and disappeared into town to celebrate Gaz’s birthday.
They returned at 4pm and got ready to go clubbing. Before they left James told Scott they would be back at around 11pm as they would prefer a private party and looked forward to the surprise. The camera crew packed up and followed the guys to the club. After a bit of filming there they would be leaving. This gave Scott the opportunity to carry out his plan.
He went through the final preparations with Adam. Although he had promised the world to the guys, none of it would be happening. But they just didn’t know it yet. They definitely be getting a surprise though.
Adam asked Scott what costume he had for the lads to get changed into and Scott showed him a picture of it.

The guys were going to only wear a red thong. Adam told Scott it looked sexy but he would have no chance in getting the guys to agree to it and Scott reminded him that these guys were self obsessed and vain. If they knew that girls wanted them in that, they would do it. Adam bet him £50 they wouldn’t agree. Scott accepted the bet. He guaranteed Adam that the Geordie Shore guys would die in their red thongs.

The guys returned just after 11pm, and were drunk. They were loud and boisterous and begged Scott to take a picture.

“Right lads” said Scott. “I’ve put something on your beds you all need to get changed into for the party. The girls are expecting to see you in them and they will be judging the best looking guy.”
“The birthday boy has to win” shouted a drunk Gaz as they short off to their rooms to change into whatever had been left for them.
Scott and Adam grabbed the bottle of wine they had drugged and prepared to put their master plan into action.

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