Predator Story, Chapter 77. Jordan

Two days had passed since Scott had disposed of the Geordie Shore guys, and the papers were full of stories about the plane crash that Scott had led people to believe had claimed their lives. The internet forums had mixed views about the guys demises and varied from sadness to happiness that they had died. So far only one body had been found and the papers reported that most of the bodies would probably never be found. Scott felt satisfied in the knowledge that he had got away with the murders of the four lads. Ands what better way for Scott to celebrate his success then to take another young guys life.

Scott searched the internet and shifted through pages off escorts looking for any guy that took his fancy and were online at that moment. He finally found a profile that had the little green light that meant a person was online next to it. The poor guys Scott had chosen was named Jordan and he was 18 years old. Scott clicked on Jordan’s profile picture, which showed Jordan wearing a white vest and taking a picture of himself with his phone. He was a good looking lad with brown hair.

Scott read the biography and interests that Jordan had written about himself.
Jordan described himself as an outgoing cheeky chap that was up for a good time with either guys or girls. He liked to work out and drink. Scott looked further down at the services Jordan offered all the usuals and in a other comments section he had written a comment. Other services including role play, naked, and overnight work available on request.
Scott picked up the phone and spoke to Jordan, he explained to Jordan he was interested in acquiring his services for that night and discussed what he wanted. He told Jordan he wanted to do a bit of role play sex. Before Jordan could give Scott an answer Scott told the young escort that he would pay him really well for his services. Jordan paused on the line and asked what it would entail. Scott explained he would tie him to the bed and recreate a scene from a movie he had seen, where the helpless guy on the bed is fucked. He asked Jordan if he had seen the movie and was surprised when Jordan told him he had, he added he had always wanted to do some role play like that and was eager to come over. The money Scott had offered had sweetened the deal but Jordan was really eager to give Scott’s suggestion a try.
Scott told him to meet him at the hotel and the young escort took down the address and told Scott he would be there within the hour. As Scott put the phone down he checked Jordan’s second picture and it showed Jordan standing next to one of his friends he had a lean smooth torso with a slight tuft of hair running down his navel. Scott noticed a tattoo of a cross on a chain on his right arm. He looked young and innocent, but the work he did told Scott he probably wasn’t.

Jordan made his way to the location his client had given him. He had been an escort for over six months, the reality was Jordan was bi-sexual and while most of his mates worked in their local supermarkets. Jordan wanted something different and found a job where he could have fun and in one day he could earn what his friends earnt in a week. As he sat on the bus he wandered what Scott would be like, he sounded young like Jordan himself and Jordan hoped this was the case. But in the back of his mind he remembered Vince another guy who had booked his services. Jordan though he was going to be young and was surprised when he turned out to be a fat balding 40 year man. He went through with the date as although the job was dangerous it paid well. Jordan was never comfortable when he was around the older guys, he never knew what some of them had in store for him. This was one of the main reasons he hoped Scott was young.
As the bus drove along he went over the film scene Scott had told him they were going to recreate. He remembered a poor guy tied to a bed and raped, but after the sex he manages to free himself and turn the tables on his attacker and then rape him. Jordan looked forward to this as both guys were going to get fucked.
Jordan stepped off the bus at the bus stop that was nearest to were he was going and before he began the ten minute walk he made sure he looked smart. He had worn a dark grey hooded shirt for his date, the drawstrings from the hood dangled down his front. His well defined arm muscles stuck out from the sleeves of his shirt and his tattoo was clearly visible. He wore a pair of dark track bottoms and felt he looked rather appealing.

After a short walk he approached the strip and pulled the paper from his pocket to double check he had the right location. Once he knew he was there he grabbed his phone and called his potential client. Scott told him he would be out in a minute and Jordan stood outside and patiently waited.
He saw a young man who looked a little older then him leave the hotel, he looked to be in his mid twenties and looked very sexy with a fine muscular body. He hoped that this was Scott and his hope turned to ecstasy as the young guy walked up to him.
“Hi you must be Jordan” said Scott as he eyed the fit young stud in front of him.
Jordan felt himself going hard as he nervously answered “Yeah I am.”
Scott laughed “Hey don’t be nervous you’re here for a good time. We wouldn’t want to spoil it would we.” he said “I’ve picked us the best room for our little acting” added Scott as he winked at Jordan.
Jordan didn’t know why he said it but he did “Wow, you’ve paid for the best room, red carpet treatment for me then” he laughed.
“Pay, why would I need to pay for the room. I own the dam place” boasted Scott “In fact I own all four of these buildings on this strip” he added.
Jordan felt relieved he had said his comment. Scott it appeared was loaded and Jordan thought if he performed well for this young lad he might want to acquire his services again for some more role-play sex.
He followed Scott into the hotel and up to the room Scott had selected for them.

Scott had prepared drinks in the room for them and began to strip. Jordan grabbed a bottle of beer and began to strip as well.
Scott looked the young lad in front of him, his fit young body looked good it wasn’t muscular but was more of a swimmers athletic body shape with well defined muscles on a lean frame.

Within moments both guys had stripped naked and Scott ushered Jordan over to the bed. Both boys were eager to start the action and Scott lay Jordan down face up on the bed and tied his wrists to the strong metal headboard. He went through the plan of action again, Scott was to fuck Jordan who would then break free from his restraints and then fuck Scott.
Before he started Scott bent over and grabbed his trousers he removed a condom from his pocket and put it on. Jordan’s eyes followed a large wad of notes that Scott removed from his pocket and put on the side, payment for his services obviously.
“What do you prefer Komodo Dragons or Piranhas?” asked Scott
Jordan looked at Scott and thought why was he asking such a random question, but replied “Has to be Komodo Dragons, there just like lizards. Piranha freak me out. Why do you ask?”
“No reason” laughed Scott “Just trying to make small talk” he added as he lifted Jordan’s legs and rested them on his shoulders and placed his cock into the escorts arsehole. Jordan squirmed on entry but as Scott got into the rhythm and thrust harder and deeper Jordan followed Scott’s lead and let out moans and groans of enjoyment. The two continued to fuck and both seemed to be enjoying the action. Scott’s hands clasped Jordan’s shoulders and fucked him real hard. Scott let out a loud groan as he fired his load and reached his orgasmic climax. Both boys remained silent on the bed and caught their breath.
Scott finally got up and Jordan thought he was going to be untied. He had no idea of the danger he was in and the fate that Scott had in store for him. Scott had Jordan in the position he had wanted him, helpless and naked on the bed.
“Come on untie me.” Jordan happily said. “Just do it a little bit so we can make it realistic” he pleaded.
Scott stood and looked down on Jordan, Jordan noticed a change in his behaviour and was terrified as Scott spoke “Oh I’ll make it realistic.” he said “You aren’t going to fuck me, in fact your not going to leave here today. I’m going to fuck you again and strangle you. Play with your hot corpse and then your going to be nothing but dead meat for my Komodo Dragons. Oh yeah that’s why I asked I was giving you the chance to choose what I’d feed you to. The Komodo’s are a good choice. I’ll take great pleasure as I watch them tear your hot body to pieces.” laughed Scott. And he made his way onto the bed.
Jordan was now scared and pleaded for his life as he struggled to free himself on the bed. As Scott climbed on top of him again he thought where it had all gone wrong for him. Scott seemed a nice guy, Jordan had no indication he was a killer. As Scott pressed down on his torso and bent his knees up to his chest Jordan wished he’d got a proper job like his other friends had, it was safer and he knew he would at least have lived. He looked up and saw that Scott’s body rested against his legs and let out a cry as Scott penetrated his hole again.
“P..P..Please don’t Scott. I’m begging you. I don’t want to die” begged Jordan.
Scott’s hands were free as he began to rape Jordan. He could feel Jordan trying to kick his legs out but Scott had read that bending them up gives the giver total control and boy was it true. He rubbed Jordan’s chest as he continued to fuck him. Jordan continued to plea for his life but Scott had blanked them out and placed his hands around Jordan’s neck.
“No, no, don’t. please don’t” cried Jordan as Scott began to strangle him, he could see tears forming in Jordan’s eyes and Jordan’s pleas became muffled grunts and gasps as Scott tightened his grip around the young lads neck. Jordan struggled violently on the bed and tried to free himself. But it was useless as Scott was to powerful, with his wrists tied to the bed, and his legs incapacitated he was helpless and felt himself getting light headed.
Scott could see the look of pain and fear on Jordan’s face and continued to fuck the young escort. He saw Jordan’s face going red and before Scott had finished fucking Jordan his body slowed its struggle down and death took the young lad. Scott continued to thrust harder and deeper as Jordan let out a final groan and his body fell limp. Scott picked up Jordan’s head and looked into his vacant eyes. He could feel his balls tightening and screamed “Make me cum you little bastard. Come on. Oh yes, yes” as his cock fired its load into Jordan’s fresh corpse, Scott kissed him on the lips and dropped his head back onto the bed. He felt a sticky patch on his upper chest and looked down and saw that Jordan’s thick tool had let out its last load as he died. It had squirted up his bent legs and onto Scott. He then collapsed next to Jordan’s naked body and fell asleep.

Scott awoke a few hours later, his arm rested across Jordan’s chest. He got up and looked at the dead body on the bed. Jordan’s eyes were wide open and looked up at the ceiling. His thick tool still erect in death as it had been in life. Scott admired the natural beauty of Jordan as he lay there naked and undid his restraints and rolled the body over onto its front and mounted Jordan one last time. He thrust his cock into his cold arse and fucked him one last time. Jordan’s body jerked on the bed with the force of Scott’s thrusts and he finally finished his last fuck.
Scott got up and got dressed he rolled Jordan over again and dragged the young stud to the Komodo Dragon enclosure in the animal centre. The Komodo’s watched as Scott dragged Jordan’s naked dead body into their pen and left him face up. He rubbed his hands over the smooth cold torso and retreated behind the metal fence and into the safety of the observation gallery.
The largest Komodo made its way over to Jordan and stuck its tongue out sensing and tasting the naked flesh of Scott’s latest victim. The largest Komodo began to devour Jordan, he ate first, while the smaller ones followed a hierarchy. The largest male asserted his dominance and the smaller males showed their submission by use of body language and rumbling hisses. They by tearing large chunks of flesh from Jordan’s body and swallowing them whole while holding the corpse down with their forelegs. Once the largest had had it’s fill of Jordan the others had their turns. And slowly more and more flesh was ripped from Jordan’s hot body until it was unrecognisable as once being a hot young guy.
Scott headed back to the hotel and threw Jordan’s personal belongings into the furnace and locked up. He stayed the night at the hotel as he would need to tidy up the Komodo Dragon pen in the morning.

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