Predator Story. Chapter 105. James

Scott made his way to the complex he owned business was good, the animal centre was doing well, his hotel was now getting regular customers and the restaurant was heaving each night. He was working hard on boosting the gym numbers and so far this was working.
His only major problem was with the restaurant as busy as it was it meant he had to supply enough fresh meat for the customers which meant more young men had to die.

He stood at the desk in the hotel and went about his work. One of the guests in the hotel had taken his fancy and he had been having fantasies about him since.
At that moment James walked down the stairs and came to Scott.
“Hey mate, do you mind if I use the gym again” he asked
Scott looked at him, he had let James have free reign in his new gym, it made it look busy and also it gave Scott free range to ogle at James’s sexy athletic body. “sure that’s fine. Take this.” and Scott gave him a key card that would give him access.
James took it and headed off to the gym.

James was 23 years old, he owned his own gym back where he was from and was currently staying at the hotel as he was visiting a gym expo in the city. The expo was over and James was due to check out of the hotel the next day.
He had made his gym successful and ran a number of busy classes from it. He was also impressed with Scott’s gym although it could be busier for a good gym. He was prepared to give Scott some good advice as to how he could build his gym up.

James was 23 years old with short brown hair, he was a rather good looking young man with a handsome face and owning his own gym meant he could work on his body as and when he wanted to. He had a very sexy body which was well developed and well toned it wasn’t massively muscular but more of an athletic build.
His hot muscular arms looked great and led down to a drop dead gorgeous torso. James’s pectoral muscles stood out from his chest and led down to a rock solid set of 6 pack abs, his v-shaped waist line finished the line up for his sexy upper body.

Scott finished up what he was doing and decided to make his way over to the gym, he wanted to check out the potential merchandise.
The gym wasn’t that busy and apart from James it only contained a few other members. As he entered the changing room he saw James standing in front of him. James was taking a picture of himself in the mirror, he was shirtless and showed off his hot sexy body, he wore a pair of grey track bottoms and held his protein shake in his other hand.

James saw Scott and spoke to his new friend. He asked Scott to join him for a workout and Scott agreed, before he left he asked Scott to watch his protein shake whilst he ran to the toilet. James headed off and Scott now alone with the protein shake could make his move.* He knew James had paid cash for his stay and the was no link back to Scott or any of his places. Whilst James was gone, Scott opened the protein shake and dropped some drugs inside. He shook the drink up so it speed up the drugs absorption. Placed the lid on and left it as of nothing had happened.

James came back and Scott grabbed a picture of James when he wasn’t looking, his hot body looked immaculate and turned Scott on.

The two headed off to start their workout. James was a beast on the machines and worked out hard, where as Scott took his time. James took the piss out of Scott and they moved on to the next machine.*
Before they started the reps James put a vest on and removed his track bottoms and now wore a pair of black shorts, his lower legs looked good and Scott could guess what his upper legs would look like.*
James began arm curls and Scott observed hid bulging arm muscles as he lifted each weight up. He could see James was enjoying himself by the smile on his face and Scott still couldn’t take his eyes off of James arms, he noticed the hot veins now bulging through muscles and James then took a final swig of his drink and Scott watched as it was all gulped down.

The two continued the massive workout and as James tired because of the drugs Scott noticed the last gym member had left. With only he and James left he excused himself and said he had to go to the toilet, as James carried on Scott disappeared, he didn’t however go to the toilet. Instead he locked the front door of the gym so no one could get in.*
He headed back to James and immediately noticed that James had slowed his work out down. Scott asked him if he was ok and James told him was but he did feel a bit tired. He knew James would soon be unconscious and continued the workout as he waited.

Not long later James got up a he finished his workout, he wiped his head with his towel and told Scott he felt a bit giddy. Then without warning he collapsed to the floor.

James was now unconscious and Scott was free to have his way with him. He quickly dragged James to the changing room and sat him in a chair he had prepared.*
James sat is head slumped forward. Scott removed his vest to reveal the hot athletic torso he had seen before and his initial reactions were to grope James’s sexy pec. The touch of these thick muscles under his hands turned Scott on and he continued to grope and massage James hot body, he squeezed his powerful arms and knew he had made the right choice for the menu.*
He then removed James’s black shorts to reveal a pair of light blue briefs that covered his well endowed manhood. His initial thoughts of how hot James’s upper legs were had been right. His thighs were well developed and meaty and Scott gave them a long massage, as he rubbed his hands over the smooth warm legs.**

James came round and found he had been tied to a chair. He saw Scott and called out to him, he asked him what was going on and what was the meaning of this. Scott was in one of his moods and knelt by James’s hot body. He placed his hand on James’s shoulder and gently massaged his smooth sexy chest.
“James we’re going to play a game. Your going to throw two dice, one is your normal six dot dice and the other has five D’s on it and one L. The D’s mean death and the L means you’ll get to live. You’ll throw the dot dice first and the number of dots shown will indicate the way you will die. You’ll then roll the second dice to determine if you live or die, simple. Do you understand?”*explained Scott.
James looked at him he was puzzled “Death, what do you mean death. Why do you want to kill me?” he asked
“Sorry, let me explain” said Scott. “I want you for your succulent flesh, I own a restaurant and I want to add you to the menu.”
James panicked and struggled to get his words outs. Before he could speak Scott cut him down and explained what each dot meant.
1 dot would mean death by suffocation, 2 dots would mean death by drowning, 3 dots meant death by hanging, 4 dots meant he would be strangled, 5 dots meant he would have his neck broken and 6 dots meant his throat would be cut.*

Again before James could speak Scott threw the first dice, James couldn’t watch as it rolled, in the back of his mind he thought this was a joke. His eyes were still closed when Scott shouted out “3 dots, that means hanging” the second dice was thrown and after what seemed an eternity a ‘D’ looked up.
For the first time James panicked in the chair. “Please don’t kill me, please” he begged but Scott had thrown a noose over his head and quickly cut the ropes binding James’s ankles. Before James had a chance to run Scott hoisted him up and James found himself dangling millimetres from the floor. James’s body flung backwards and forwards. His weight was being carried by his neck and he felt the excruciating pain emanating from it. He tried to speak but could only make loud grunts and with his hands tied behind his back he was unable to help himself as his body thrashed about violently on the end of the rope. James’s grunting and swaying calmed down and a wet stain formed at the front of his light blue briefs and urine splashed down his legs. James’s body jerked in different direction before his body snapped backwards and he hung in an unnatural posture for moments, his muscles seemed to seize. Before finally relaxing, James was now dead his toes extended to the ground.

With James now dead and Scott had to harvest his hot body. His eyes were wide open and Scott knew he would have to do something* bit different to James as the drugs he used were still in his bloodstream. Not wanting to poison any diners he grabbed a large oil drum from out back and tied a rope around James’s bare ankles he then hoisted his victim up so he dangled over the barrel.*
James was now dangling over the barrel his arms lay above his head. Scott grabbed a knife and slit James’s throat. Blood gushed out and Scott had to hold James body still as it dangled and so the blood would congregate in the barrel. It dropped and fell and James’s face was now covered in blood. After an initial gush the blood flow relaxed but Scott massaged James’s hot torso which forced any blood that remained out into the barrel. With all James’s blood now drained he was free to remove the poor guys meat and he lowered the body to the ground. He placed James’s head under a shower and turned it on, this washed away all the excess blood.*He also removed James’s briefs and washed his lower body, keen to make sure the urine was washed away.

Once this was done James was then laid out and Scott began the process of harvesting James’s meat. His arms were removed and his bulging biceps placed on the side, the remaining parts of his meat were put in a box for meat that was to be turned into sausage meat and mince. He them removed James’s legs and cut away his thick thighs which were turned into various roasts and steaks of different sizes. His calf’s were placed on the side and Scott then brutally removed James’s head. With his head now removed Scott could begin the process of removing James’s chunky pecs and abs and then finally his rump was removed.
With all the best cuts to one side the remaining meat was churned into sausage meat and mince. Scott wrapped the good meat up and labelled it accordingly. James’s skeleton was ground up into bone meal whilst his organs and head were thrown to the Crocodiles. With the meat now boxed up Scott was free to delivery it to the restaurant.
James’s belongings were removed from the hotel and thrown into the furnace.

Nothing existed to show James had been anyone near Scott.

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