Predator Story. Chapter 115. Welsh Beef

Scott had added some meat to the menu but he needed more. The restaurant had really taken off and the customers liked to taste the meat of the exotic animals on the menu. This meant that more hot young men would have to die to keep up the demand.
Scott sat and pondered how he would get his next victim. He turned on his laptop and decided to check the website he had set up where young men who wished to be a model could submit their pictures.*
As he searched through the guys he was glad to find a number of fit guys had decided to take part and over time he would work his way through these, but for know Scott had found his latest victim and looked at the two pictures that the young guy had submitted.*
The first showed a hot young guy in a shirt. His good looks caught Scott’s eyes, he had short brown hair on the top of his head, and had shaved the sides and back of his head. He also had deep blue eyes and pierced ears.*

In the second picture the young guy was posing in front of a mirror, he wore a black shirt and grey track bottoms. His arm muscles were visible and Scott wanted to see more.*

To his delight the guy had submitted a link to one of his social networking sights. Scott clicked on this and looked through the pages. He flicked through his pictures and they helped him make the final decision he needed.*
Scott returned to his page and took down the guys details. His name was Chris and he was a fine 18 year old muscle stud from Wales.
He picked up one of his disposable cells and called the number Chris had supplied. After a brief conversation Chris had agreed to come to do a shoot today and was to get the next train to Scott. Scott arranged for his mini cab friend to be at the station to pick Chris up.*
Chris would be a great addition to the menu, in fact he would be the first Welsh beef Scott had added.

Chris boarded the train and was excited to be given this opportunity. He had packed a few things in a bag to bring with him and had told his girlfriend he was off on a trip with some guys from the gym. His girlfriend had seemed to buy the idea, she wouldn’t have been pleased if she knew he was off to do some modelling.
Chris had aspirations to be a fitness model and he knew this was his big chance as he was told on the phone that this was what the shoot was to be.*
He worked out at the gym in his spare time and knew his body was attractive, he kept his body hair free and always found some time to keep his body nicely tanned on the sun beds.
As he travelled on the train he dreamt about the fame and fortune that awaited him if everything went well, it would beat his live at the moment as a student waiting to start university.*
The train finally arrived at its destination and Chris headed outside, he saw the taxi driver holding a placard with his name and jumped inside.

As the taxi drove up the drive to the big house Chris looked out of the window in awe at the size of it. He wandered what the person he was meeting would be like as he knocked on the door.
He took a step back in surprise at the sight of the young man who introduced himself to him.*
Chris followed Scott into the front room and put his bag down. Scott offered him a drink and Chris accepted. Scott handed the drink to Chris and began to explain the procedure for the photo shoot. The more Scott talked the more Chris got excited, If this went well it could change his life.

Scott knew that Chris wouldn’t be leaving his house that day, but he still wanted to know more about him and asked Chris to give a little background about himself.*
Chris told him he was 18 years old and from Wales, he’d just finished college and was waiting to start university. In his spare time he liked to take care of himself and had aspirations of becoming a fitness model. He thought he had the perfect physique for it.
The two guys spoke a bit more and Scott was impressed with Chris’s good looks, his striking blue eyes and the way he had styled his hair, shaven around the sides and styled on top. He couldn’t wait to get a first hand look at the body underneath.
He told Chris the shoot would begin in a few hours and in the mean time he was free to tone himself up in the gym. Scott showed him where it was and left him to it.

About an hour later Scott paid a visit to the gym. He saw Chris doing his workout, he was impressed with what Chris was pushing and liked the look o his muscles as they tensed and worked on each set.*
Scott approached Chris as he was sat on some apparatus his arms were above his head and pulling down showing off his biceps and shaved armpits. He wore a black vest and black shorts and Scott told him he was ready to do the shoot. Chris told him he was going to finish his set and be right along.

Scott was waiting in the studio when Chris walked in. He pointed over to the pile of clothes and told Chris to change into the white Calvin Klein underwear and jeans and to be shirtless. Chris was shy to get changed in front of Scott and returned from the dressing room quite quickly.*
Scott had to control himself when he saw Chris’s great torso, it was amazing for an 18 year old, and Scott’s eyes were fully focused on it as Chris walked in shirtless wearing only a pair of jeans. As Chris walked over to his position for the shoot Scott was still unable to take his eyes off him. He knew he had made the right choice as he looked the tanned body up and down. Chris’s body was pure muscle, his arms bulged with their muscles and the rest of the body was pure perfection. He had a slogan tattooed across the top of his chest along with a tribal tattoo at the top of his right arm.
Scott snapped out of it and started the shoot. Chris stood side on and looked at Scott as he snapped away. Within moments Chris was well into the swing of things.

Scott then asked Chris to slowly remove the jeans he was wearing. Chris was a natural and as the jeans were slowly removed Scott got as many pictures of he could of Chris.*
He couldn’t wait to have his way with the sexy muscular stud before him. Chris looked hot, Scott couldn’t wait to squeeze and grope his biceps. His pecs were firm and meaty and his solid abs just added to the sexiness. There wasn’t an inch of hair on his sexy torso, he wore a pair of tight white Calvin Klein underwear that could barely hold his package in. Scott could now get a look at his legs. Again these were perfectly crafted with meaty thighs and excellent calf muscles, again these were smooth and hairless.

Chris went to get changed into the last pair of underwear for the shoot. Whilst he was gone Scott knew he would soon have to make his move on Chris. He was a fine young specimen and his meat would be perfect for the menu.
Chris returned a few minutes later, he wore nothing apart from a white pair of Emporio Armani briefs. Chris was now showing off so much flesh that Scott couldn’t help but not take it in.*
Chris’s veins bulged down his arms as Scott photographed the perfectly sculptured body.*

As Scott clicked away Chris said “You know I could really get use to this. I’ve got the perfect body for it and hope this could be the first of many.”*
Scott’s reply massaged Chris’s ego and* agreed with his comment. He did a few more shots and before he finished he asked Chris to face him. Scott focused the camera on Chris’s handsome face and powerful upper body and got some excellent close ups.

The shoot finished and Scott let Chris look through the photos as he went to get them a drink.*
Whilst in the kitchen he spiked Chris’s drink and carried them back. He offered it to Chris and he politely refused and told Scott he didn’t want one. Scott paused for a moment, he didn’t know what to do Chris was obviously a strong guy and he thought about other ways he could incapacitate him.
Chris finished looking at the photos and was genuinely impressed. He thanked Scott, who by now was flicking through his phone. This seemed to remind Chris who said “Shit, I left my phone in the gym. Back in a moment.” He was still dressed in nothing but the white briefs as he headed off.*
Scott had an idea and followed Chris to the gym. He saw him slowly walk over to the area his phone was in. Scott grabbed a heavy weight and quietly snuck up behind him. As Chris bent over to pick the phone up Scott smashed him hard on the back of the head with the weight. Chris let out an “Oomph” as he fell forward and lay motionless on the floor. Scott approached Chris’s lifeless body. He knelt by him and saw that his eyes were open, he immediately worried he may have killed him outright. He grabbed Chris’s shoulder and tried to wake him up. But Chris failed to respond. He then checked for a pulse and was unable to find one.*
Scott stood up and looked down at the fresh meat before him, he was disappointed that Chris had expired to soon.*

Scott knew he didn’t have a lot of time left and he turned Chris over and grabbed him under his arms. He had a lot of Welsh beef to prepare and dragged Chris down to the body preparation room. He managed to hoist Chris onto the table.*
For the first time Scott was able to savour Chris, he began by rubbing his sexy torso, he groped and squeezed his pecs and then moved down to Chris still warm abs. He caressed his hands up and down Chris’s smooth body and then moved on to his arms he squeezed and played with Chris’s biceps before focusing his attention on his legs. He rubbed and played with Chris’s legs and couldn’t wait to cut into him. Before he started the process of harvesting the body he photographed it as it lay on the table.
Scott prepared his tools and began to remove Chris’s arms. He stripped the biceps from them and threw the inedible parts in a black bin. Scott was just about to remove one of Chris’s legs, when the young stud sat up shaking he screamed “I can’t feel my arms, where are my arms.” blood poured from the stumps of his arms. As Chris’s body shook Scott hit him on the side of the head with the handle of his knife. Chris fell back on the table his body still shaking and shock setting in due to the loss of blood. Scott picked up the chopper and placed it above Chris’s neck. As Chris jolted on the table Scott slammed the chopper down through Chris’s neck and decapitated him. Chris died instantly.
He finished harvesting the flesh from Chris and took the bin with Chris’s remains out to the pigs. They devoured what was left of the Welsh stud as Scott headed back to room. He placed Chris’s head in the room with the others and the meat in its relevant boxes and carried it out to the car.

Chris had only been dead for a matter of hours before his meat was put on the menu and the restaurants customers were tucking into his succulent meat.

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