Vore Stories. Chapter 1. Connor vs The Great Ape

Connor had been for a night swim with a couple of friends at a nearby lake. The group played around as the sexy Connor dressed in nothing more than a white pair of underwear and with a fantastic lean toned body appeared to be the life and soul of the fun.

A few hours later the fun was over and the group split up all heading home via various routes. Connor looked at his watch, it was getting late so he made the decision to go home via the short cut through the forest.

The sexy young guy wandered through the trees unaware his every move was being stalked from up above.
Hearing the rustling in the trees Connor didn’t put Connor on edge as he assumed it was wild animals moving about or making their bed for the night.

As the shirtless hunk went a little further into the forest his unknown stalker quickly made itself known as a Great Ape darted down from the trees to gets its next fill of human flesh.

Standing at around 10ft tall and with the same resemblance as a Gorilla the Ape gazed down at Connor and beat its chest with its fists.

Connor froze he didn’t know whether to fight or run, by the time he’d made his mind up it was too late as the Great Apr swung its huge fist into Connor chest which sent the young hunk flying into a tree.

Dazed, confused and with broken ribs the beast approached Connor flung the hunk over its shoulder and leaped back up into the trees, back to its tree based lair.

A barely alive Connor was thrown onto the floor as the Ape looked down at its meal before ripping off one of the hapless guys arms as it tore into Connor’s succulent flesh. Once finished it tossed the arm now mostly stripped to the bone into the corner of its lair and with blood dripping from its mouth bent down to tear more and more flesh from its latest conquest.

An hour later the magnificent beast had settled down for a sleep after consuming its heavy meal. Parts of Connor’s flesh and bones littered the floor of the lair as his orange shorts and underwear lay in tatters. Flies buzzed around what remained of the fresh corpse mainly landing on the skeletal remains that still had meat clinging to them, as the only things that still looked remotely human was Connor’s head and one of his legs the Ape had put to one side to eat when it awoke.

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