Predator Story. Chapter 142. Joel

Danny was home alone today and found himself easily bored. Scott had to attend to business matters and Adam was working on a new case.
As he sat and pondered what to do Danny had a brainwave, His group of friends were always out and whilst they eyed up the local girls Danny was busy eyeing them up waiting for the moment he could catch a glimpse of their bodies or legs. Many times he had fantasized about them and now thanks to Scott his fantasizes were being realised.
He turned on his laptop and checked which of his friends were online. His initial disappointment soon evaporated when a green light appeared next to Joel’s name.

Joel was a friend that Danny had been introduced to through other friends. The 18 year old had a hot athletic body and dark blonde hair, and Danny had always admired him from a distance since catching sight of his slightly tanned torso in the gym and the moment he saw Joel’s status update say he was bored, he knew he had to put his plan into action.

He grabbed one of Scott’s disposable phones and dialled Joel’s number. The young guys engaged in conversation and Danny invited his friend over to Scott’s.*

Joel made the short journey to meet Danny. He liked the young guy and enjoyed the previous times they hooked up. The boredom had got to him that day and the offer to play video games with a friend was to good to turn down.

Later that day Danny and Joel sat in the living room enjoying themselves on the latest video games. The scores were level and they struggled with the heat as they carried on playing.*
Joel didn’t know about Danny’s secret and felt comfortable around his friend. He paused the game and pulled his shirt off immediately feeling the cool breeze from the open door on his bare chest. He excused himself for a moment and headed to the toilet.

Danny’s eyes followed the fit stud as he walked out of the room. Joel was inadvertently teasing him by showing off his buff body and Danny struggled to keep his growing trouser snake down.

On returning to the room Joel suggested they take a break from playing and chill in the sun. Danny happily agreed and the two grabbed some cold drinks and headed off to sit in the sun.
The two lads laughed and joked and Danny struggled to contain the thoughts that ran through his head. He dreamt about doing things to Joel and drifted off into a trance only coming around again after Joel had called his name a few times.
Unable to control himself anymore Danny excused himself and walked to the garden shed.*

Joel had no idea as to the fate that awaited him and sat back in the chair and continued to soak up the sun.*

Danny snuck up on his friend and rammed a pitchfork through the chair and deep into Joel’s back. Joel had no idea what had hit him as he let out a moan and arched his body in the chair. He stayed in that position for seconds before sitting limply back in the chair and dropping his drink onto the grass. Danny loved the power he had and let go of the long garden tool and walked around to check on the damage he had done to his friend.

He felt himself going hard as he caught sight of Joel’s death stare. Blood dripped from his mouth and the four prongs on the pitchfork had come right through Joel’s body and stuck out of the front of his torso making easy work of the teenagers firm abs.
Lines of blood dripped from the four wounds as Danny knelt in front of his dead friend and exposed his manhood which was still full of movement. In a final act he gave Joel a blowjob and happily swallowed the last drops of cum* Joel produced.

The time had come for Joel to be disposed off and Danny had to place his foot on the back of the chair and pull with all his strength to remove the pitchfork. Danny’s hair stood on end at the slurping sound the pitchfork made as it was pulled from Joel’s dead body and carefully carried it to a tap so he could wash the blood off it.
He finally grabbed Joel under the arms and dragged him to the body preparation room where he was going to dismember his first body.

Danny eyed Joel’s naked body up as it lay in front of him. His penis now erect for eternity. Danny flicked and hit the rigid tool and found himself laughing as it shot back to its rigid position. He fondled the hot stud before plucking up the courage to finally cut his friend up. Danny initially struggled with the process and wasn’t as natural at it like Scott. But once he had removed one of Joel’s arms he grew in confidence and within the hour Joel was now unrecognisable and lay in many pieces.* He took the chopped up body parts and couldn’t bring himself to place them in the grinder. Instead he through them into the pig pen and watched as his friend was devoured by the hungry hogs.

He placed Joel’s head under in the toilet positioning it so was the first thing you saw when opening the lid.

Scott came home later that night and had no knowledge of Danny’s crime. Danny laughed to himself as Scott headed to the toilet and waited for his friends reaction.
Scott lifted the lid and nearly had a heart attack when he saw the head of a blonde stud staring back at him. Danny came in laughing his head off and Scott knew he was the victim of a practical joke.*
He asked Danny who it was and enjoyed the sight of Joel when he saw a picture of the hot stud when he was alive. Scott was impressed that Danny had dismembered his first body without any help and let him know this.

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