Predator Story. Chapter 148. Fun with Someone’s One Night Stand

Timy was 22 years old and currently lived at home with his family. He was currently single and apart from enjoying himself with his mates, he also liked to spend time at the gym and working out, it was one of these mid afternoon workouts he had just returned from. He looked at himself in the mirror and although he felt tired he knew he had a long night ahead.*

But for now Timy decided to check on the progress he was making. He pulled the vest he was wearing up over his head and began the process of admiring his buff body which he knew the ladies couldn’t resist.* He said to himself “Timy your one sexy mother fucker. Lets record this.”

Timy’s phone rang as he picked it up. It was one of his mates who was calling to confirm the arrangements for the evening. Timy joked that they better find some bitches that night. He then put the phone down and focused his attention on his body again. He posed in various positions in front of the mirror and worked all his prominent muscles. The young stud inspected each one meticulously and photographed himself, he could see from his sexy pecs to his v-shaped hips all the way down to his well built legs that he was perfect. He placed his hand on the crotch area of his shorts and grasped his manhood as he joked “Hopefully you’ll be busy tonight.”

The stud began to prepare for the evening and as he got dressed his older brother popped his head round the door. The two brothers joked for a moment before Timy playfully told his brother to fuck off.*
Once he was ready he grabbed his stuff and headed out of his room. As he walked down the corridor he checked his wallet and saw that something was missing. He popped into his brothers room and took a condom from his draw. Timy had a feeling he’d be needing it that night.

He arrived at the club with his mates and was impressed with the amount of good looking girls outside. The lads took a moment to eye up the spoils before beginning their cheesy chat up lines, which the girls found hilarious and couldn’t help but laugh at the guys.*
Something in Timy’s head told him that if he was to be successful that night then he needed to ditch his wingmen.**

He grabbed a drink and began the process of enjoying himself. At first the guys stayed together and the usual macho attitudes bounced around the club but the moment soon came when the girls were there to be caught. And Timy already had his eyes on a few. The first was a young brunette who Timy had caught looking at him, their eyes met and The young stud decided that he would make a move when he could. He put on a macho attitude as he strolled over to the young lady. “Hello pretty lady” he said confidently “can I buy you a drink” the Young lady looked at him up and down and agreed to his offer. The two began small talk, and as this went on Timy knew he had struck gold. However what he didn’t know what he was in potential danger, as this young lady was not to be taken lightly.*
“Man you’re sexy, show me what you’ve got under that shirt” she said provocatively, and Timy not needed to be told twice complied to her request. He lifted his shirt over his body and allowed her to take in the sight of his firm pecs and solid abs.**

She squeezed his pecs and slapped his abs and was immediately impressed. She whispered “I’m fed up already. Shall we go back to mine.”
Timy thought kerching, and quickly drank his drink and followed her outside. They jumped in a taxi and headed to her house.*

Once their the two headed inside, and the girl knew her older brother Scott wasn’t home yet she quickly took Timy upstairs and the young lad quickly began to undress, his shirt was off within minutes and the young ladies hands were all her his hot body. The touch of his smooth skin excited her and she slowly undid his trousers and pulled down his underwear, her mouth quickly engulfed his firm tool and the room filled with Timy’s pleasurable groans as he enjoyed her blowjob.*

Timy’s hands gripped her shoulders as she was busy at work and he finally let out a long groan as his sex tool couldn’t hold out much longer and dumped its load. The young lady withdrew wiped her lips and swallowed Timy’s present. She continued to undress her plaything, until he was standing in only his underwear. She looked him up and down “Wow your really sexy from head to toe.” She pushed him back onto the bed, and the foreplay began. The two were so busy they failed to hear that Scott had come home, he knew his sister was staying and disappeared upstairs with Adam and Danny very quickly. The three commented on the noises of enjoyment coming from her room and retreated to bed.*
As the night went on Timy and the girl had sex a number of times. At one point Timy got up to go to the toilet, and as he was leaving bumped into Scott.*
Scott looked the hot young lad up and down and said “Don’t worry, you must be with my sister. Don’t hurt her or your have me to deal with.” Timy gave a nervous laugh and the two looked at each other briefly. His sister had done well tonight and he was impressed with how hot her choice was, from his sexy body to his v-shaped hips and his well-defined legs this guy was perfect, and Scott knew that his sister would soon be asking him to dispose of her plaything. What he didn’t know however was that she liked Timy and was going to let him go. As Timy walked away Scott grew hard at the thought of Timy’s death.

Back in the room the two continued their night of passion, and had a good time. Eventually they fell asleep. A few hours later Timy woke up and felt thirsty. He decided to head down to the kitchen to get a drink.*

As he opened the fridge he heard a noise behind him and saw a young man coming up some stairs and closing a door, inquisitive to what was down there he quickly made his way over to the door and slip inside before it closed. He slowly made his way down the stairs.

Scott lay in bed and his phone let off an alarm, someone was trespassing in his private rooms and he quickly got up to check who it was. Maybe it was Danny or Adam coming up after playing with one of his corpses or it could be a burglar.*

Timy slowly crept along the corridor, he saw a number of rooms in front of him and decided to check on the one furthest away. As he near to the door and failed to hear Scott behind him. Scott saw it was Timy and quickly flung a ligature around the studs neck. Timy was surprised when he felt the ligature tighten around his neck, Scott pulled back tightly and rocked the young stud onto the back of his heels. Timy tried to scream but was restricted from doing so by the ligature that was ever tightening around his throat. He lifted his arms up and tried to loosen the cord that restricting his breathing, but was unable to do so. His desperate grasps filled the corridor and he tried to push is back up against the wall to dry and throw his assailant off. But Scott was too strong and held firmly, he tightened his grip even harder and this made Timy let out a desperate gasp, He tried to kick back and grabbed at his attacker but was prevented from doing so. The young stud desperately fought for his life but was fighting a losing battle. He grabbed Scots arms and tried to loosen them but again he was unable to do, he scratched at Scott’s arms and this angered Scott who again tightened his grip and broke Timy’s hyoid bone. The young stud felt light-headed and his desperate attempts to stay alive slowed down. Moments later he let out a final long gasp and his arms dropped limply by his side. His body was now kept upright because it was held up by Scott.*
Scott continued to hold the ligature tightly and eventually after a few minutes released his grip. He grabbed Timy under the arms before he could fall to the floor and quickly dragged the young guy into the body preparation room.

Once inside he hoisted Timy onto the table and lay him on his back. He then began to massage and caress his sexy body. Timy’s flesh was smooth and hairless he fondled and played with is pecs before running his hand along the entire length of his solid abs he even rubbed his hands along the side of the dead studs torso and followed the groove of his hips. Timy’s legs were just as good and he rubbed his gorgeous thighs down to the soles of his feet and back up again. He did this a few times and felt himself going hard as he did so. He photographed his latest victim and With his thick manhood now fully erect he decides to fuck the dead stud as it would be a shame to let it go to waste. He removed Timy’s underwear and lifted his legs. As he shoved his cock into the stud he could tell he was tight but was eventually successful and fucked Timy roughly. Timy’s body jolted on the table with each thrust Scott made. Timy stared up blankly at Scott who finally shot his load deep into the dead stud.*

Scott grabbed the knives* as he recovered and began to slowly dismember Timy’s body. His prime cuts of meat from the usual places were placed on the side and boxed up for the restaurant. Timy’s remains were fed to the pigs and his head joined the others in the head room.

Scott snuck into his sisters room and collected all Timy’s belongings. He threw these into the incinerator and headed to bed. Happy with a nights work.*
The next morning his sister got up and was angry and annoyed. Scott asked her what was wrong and she told him that her one night stand had snuck out during the night. Scott consoled her but didn’t inform her of the grisly end that Timy met.*
He also asked Danny and Adam who had left the door unlocked and told them what he had done and how close their secret had came to being exposed.

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