Seymour. Chapter 2. A Tasty Meal

“Bobbbbyyyy.” Seymour bellowed from his room “Come here.”

Bobby heard the call and reluctantly picked himself off the sofa and headed to see what Seymour wanted. He kind of guessed what it would be, but Seymour had a way of surprising him at times and he’s learnt not to take anything for granted.

“Ah Bobby good to see you.” Seymour said as his keeper walked into the room. “It’s that time again.”

“I sensed that was the case.” Bobby replied “But I’ve been thinking. If I’m going to be doing this for you, I want something in return.”

“Ok. I’m listening. What are you proposing?” Seymour replied

“Well once I’ve killed your meal. I want to spend the evening with the body. Sleep with it, play with it. And more importantly fuck it.” Bobby replied bravely “Then the next morning I feed him to you.”

Seymour’s eyes looked up at the ceiling “Hmm, I can agree to that. IF it brings me an endless supply of meat.”

“I’m glad we have a deal.” Bobby said, “This will make it more rewarding for me.”

“Now go and get me food please.” Seymour responded making sure that Bobby could hear his stomach rumbling.

Bobby left the house and headed for a quick gym workout, he’d already drawn up a list of people that he knew that would make a suitable meal for Seymour and now had to make a decision on who to acquire next for his man eating plant.

On entering the gym Bobby did a little look around but couldn’t find anybody that he deemed suitable.
That was until he was about twenty minutes into his workout and he spotted a young man who was on his hit list.

Standing just over six foot tall, nineteen year old Hugh was a stunning specimen of a young man. And today he looked no different as he walked into the gym wearing a light blue t-shirt that clung to his muscular torso and thick upper arms and a pair of grey shorts that showed off a set of well developed legs and meaty thighs.

Bobby smiled to himself, Hugh was perfect and above all he was also a young man that he’d had a couple of dreams about.
Although he had been a couple of years younger than Bobby, Hugh had always been popular and seen as your typical jock when at school.

The two had worked out together on a couple of occasions and Hugh threw Bobby a wave as he walked into the gym and noticed his friend was sat there.

For the rest of his workout Bobby struggled to take his eyes off a hunky Hugh who oblivious to what was playing out in Bobby’s mind went about his routine.
Bobby’s eyes lit up when midway through his workout Hugh took off his t-shirt and now continued to workout shirtless, pausing for a brief moment to take a quick snap of himself.

It was as the two were leaving the gym that they managed to talk to each other for the first time that day. Bobby tried to limit to where his eyes looked as they stood outside the gym and made small talk. Hugh had replaced his shirt with a cut off that was quickly drenched in sweat from his intense workout.

As luck would have it Hugh had parked his car next to Bobby and the two young men continued to talk as they walked towards their cars.
Bobby thought quickly on his feet, as he stood by his car.
“Fuck. My car key?” He shouted loud enough so Hugh could hear.

“Everything ok?” Hugh replied as he poked his head up.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Bobby repeated as Hugh moved around to his side eager to find out what had happened.

“What happened brother?” Hugh asked, “Anything I can do to help.”

“I just dropped my key down this fucking drain” Bobby said as he looked up at Hugh “You couldn’t do me a massive favor could you?” .

“Depends what it is.” Hugh replied, “But it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Just run me back to mine to grab my spare key and then back here.” Bobby asked “I’ll throw you some cash for petrol.”

“Sure man.” Hugh replied “I’m not going to leave a friend Stranded. Jump in.”

With that said both were now sat in Hugh’s car as the young man began the drive back to Bobby’s.
The duo made more small talk throughout the drive as Bobby threw as many glances as he could over at the muscular young hunk.

Throughout the drive Bobby had been thinking of ways that he could get Hugh into his house but as soon as they arrived Hugh turned and asked if he could come in quickly to use the toilet.
Bobby smiled to himself as he looked to the heavens as the two now entered the house.

Once inside Bobby showed Hugh where the toilet was and quickly dashed to grab the hammer he planned to use to incapacitate. He knew that with Hugh being taller, muscular and stronger than him that he would not stand a chance one on one.

“Thanks for that.” Hugh shouted as he made his way down the stairs. However, the moment he stepped off the last step Bobby sprang into action as he brought the hammer crashing down on the back of Hugh’s head.
The well-built stud let out an “Oomph” as he fell to the floor as Bobby rained a further four blows down on his head. Bobby paused as he was about to bring the hammer down one last time and saw that Hugh wasn’t moving, the young hunk lay still his eyes closed as a small pool of blood formed at his head.

“Bobby is that you.” Seymour shouted, “Have you got my dinner.”

Bobby put the hammer down and made his way down to Seymour. “Yes. I’ve just done the deed. But remember our deal.” He shouted as he opened the door to the room and saw one of Seymour’s tendrils shoot past him eager to see the tasty morsel He had been brought.

Seconds later Seymour shouted “Err Bobby. You might want to stop my dinner from escaping.”

Bobby turned and rushed into the hallway to see a groggy Hugh slowly crawling towards the door. “What the fuck. No you don’t!” Bobby uttered as he grabbed one of his ties from the side and flung it around Hugh’s neck. Hugh gasped for air as he made vain attempts to pull away the cord that was digging further and further into his neck. Though in his weak state he didn’t last out long as he eventually let out a long groan before going limp. Bobby held the ligature tightly around Hugh’s neck for a few more moments, wanting to ensure that this time his victim was dead. After a few minutes Bobby removed the ligature and rolled Hugh over so his vacant eyes stared up at his killer. Bobby looked forward to having his way with the handsome nineteen year old but first he had a few things to do. He grabbed Hugh’s ankles as he dragged the body in so Seymour could get a go good look at his impending meal.

“Hmmm he looks hunky.” Seymour bellowed as he caught full sight of Hugh’s body that had just been laid out in front of him, seconds later the plants tongue shot out and licked one of Hugh’s thick meaty thighs. “Oh my god. He tastes wonderful.” Seymour added with a hint of excitement “Feed me quick.”

“Relax Seymour, remember he’s mine tonight. We had a deal.” Bobby reminded the hungry plant. “He’s yours tomorrow.”

Seymour was disappointed, but a deal was a deal and he was relying on Bobby to bring him a regular supply of meat.
Bobby now turned his attention to Hugh’s body as he began to strip the hunky teenager of his cloths. The young man’s cut off was removed to reveal his amazing athletic torso which Bobby wasted little time in exploring. Moments later Hugh’s shorts were ripped off as Bobby now caressed and rubbed the dead young man’s thighs.

“I’m off to have some fun.” Bobby said as he grabbed Hugh under his arms and began fo drag the dead hunk to his room.

“Be up early.” Seymour shouted “I can’t wait to tuck into him.”

Bobby didn’t reply to that instead he shouted “You mind your own business tonight, I don’t want one of your tendrils spying on me tonight.”

Once in his room Hugh’s body was laid out on the bed as Bobby took a few pictures of the hunk and then fondled and played with the body before fucking Hugh long into the night.

Bobby walked into Seymour’s room early the next morning.
“Well did you have fun?” Seymour asked already knowing from the look on Bobby’s face that he had.

“It was amazing. I’ve had a crush on him for ages and last night was one that will stay with me for ages.” Bobby replied “I’ll get him cut up for you and will feed you shortly.”

“Hmm, I’m looking forward to it” Seymour replied “But I want to make the meals last in future. Eating all at once gives me indigestion so I think two pieces a day will draw it out long enough in future. That way a meal lasts around two weeks.”

Bobby took note and headed off to dismember Hugh’s body. Once in the room he grabbed his knifes and prepared for the job at hand. He placed the blade over the top of one of Hugh’s thick arms and paused before beginning to cut the knife sliced through Hugh’s flesh and muscle like butter until he heard the sound of the blade now sawing through bone, after some tough cutting he suddenly felt the arm loosen as it detached from the body. Bobby lifted the severed arm up and then using a combination of a meat chopper and axe chopped it into four pieces, the meaty upper arm, elbow, lower arm and hand. All four pieces were put to one side as Bobby now turned his attention to Hugh’s other arm. The teenagers vacant eyes continued to stare into oblivion, but Bobby thought his mind was playing tricks on him as he could have sworn Hugh’s eyes were following his every move. With that arm now gone Bobby moved onto Hugh’s developed muscular legs. He enjoyed cutting these as they were further cut into six parts, the meaty thigh was cut into two pieces as was the long shin bone, leaving just the knee and foot.

With the body now limbless Bobby turned his attention to removing his Hugh’s head. He picked up the knife placed it over Hugh’s throat and began to cut. It took about 5 minutes to remove the hunks head as Bobby now looked down at what was once a sexy young man.

The perfect physique Hugh had flaunted still looked good on his limbless torso but the reality was the hunk now looked like a human jigsaw puzzle with parts of his body scattered about the place.

Remembering what Seymour had said he placed Hugh’s dismembered body parts into a wheelie bin and dragged it in front of the man-eating plant.

“Feed me, feed me, feed me.” Seymour chanted as he saw Bobby appear with the bin. “How many pieces did you cut him into?” The young man paused for a few moments “Twenty six, he’s in twenty six pieces.” Bobby replied before pulling the first piece of Hugh out of the bin. Bobby tossed it into Seymour’s mouth and watched as the plant devoured it before he began to shout, “Next bit, please.”

This time Bobby pulled one of Hugh’s feet out which was quickly swallowed as Seymour said “Hugh is tasty. I look forward to the next pieces of him tomorrow.”

Over the next 13 days Bobby fed more and more of Hugh to Seymour until he was left with the just the muscular hunks limbless torso and head. Bobby had ensured he’d been having some fun with Hugh’s severed head over the last few weeks and had skull fucked it on multiple occasions. But it was time for the last bits of the young man to be devoured.

Bobby struggled to lift Hugh’s limbless torso off of the gurney but eventually got a good grip and carefully placed it into the plants mouth.

He shuddered as a loud ‘Crunch’ followed as Seymour’s mouth closed on the fine physique. This was followed by more crunching and munching as Hugh’s torso was chewed up before being swallowed.

Bobby lifted Hugh’s head off the side, the young mans vacant eyes still stared into the abyss as Bobby relived the fun he had been having with it before throwing the severed head into Seymour’s open mouth. Hugh’s head was quickly gulped down

With the young man finished off Seymour told Bobby that Hugh was a great specimen, tasty with juicy meat. He thanked him for killing him and told Bobby it was now time for another victim.

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