The Camp Williams Massacre

“Are you sure this is good idea?” Gunner asked as one of the cars in the three cars convoy sped along the dark country road.

“Look I told you I have the keys to the place. My dad has bought the place. So we’re good.” Hunter replied as he took his eyes away from the road for a few seconds only to find the other guys in his car shout “Look out.” Hunter turned back towards the road to catch sight of a figure as he swerved the wheel.

“Shit what was that did I hit it.” A panicked Hunter said as he stopped by the side of the road.

“I think it was a deer.” Matt replied, “Their some pesky motherfuckers on roads like these.”

Hunter stepped out of the car and was too busy checking to see if he had damaged his sports car whilst Matt used the torch on his cell phone to check by the side of the road.

His face went white when he caught sight of the old man laying In the undergrowth.

“Hey, Matt did you find it? What is it?” Kyler asked as he made his way over to his friend.

“Oh shit.” Kyler muttered, “This isn’t good.”

“I know.” Matt replied, “With the pot in the car and alcohol we’d be fucked if the police came.”

“Help me please.” The old man uttered from down in the ditch.

“Dude if this gets out our sports careers are screwed.” Kyler replied, “We’d be fucked what are we gonna do?”

Hunter had finished inspecting the damage to the car. “Doesn’t look like I did any damage. What did I hit?” The young man asked as he headed over to where his friends were stood.

Matt made a decision there and then on the spot “It was a deer.” He said as he turned towards Hunter.

His statement was quickly backed up by Kyler “Yeah it just ran through the trees.”

“Awesome.” Hunter exclaimed as he put his hands around his two f’’’’’’’ shoulders “Let’s catch up with the others.”

The three friends jumped in the car and sped off to leave the old man to his fate.

The pickup truck pulled over to the side of the road as the two brothers jumped out “Dad. Dad where are you?” Jonah shouted.

“I’ll look over here,” Abraham added as he looked through the thick undergrowth with torches.

“Sshhhh. Do you hear that?” Jonah stated as he instructed his brother to be quiet. “It’s coming from over there.”

The two brothers dashed over to the spot and saw their dad lying badly hurt in the ditch.

“Fuck Dad. What happened?” Jonah asked as he told Abraham to go get the truck.

His dad struggled to talk but managed to tell him he was hit by a car.

Jonah reassured his dad whilst the brothers put him in the back of the truck. Abraham jumped in the driver’s seat and sped back to their house. As the drive went on their dad took a turn for the worse.

“Son listen to me.” Their dad said as he grabbed Jonah by the hand. “Teens in a sports car did this to me. They left me lying in the ditch. They refused to help.”

“What. What seriously. They didn’t help.” Jonah replied as he held back the tears.

“I don’t have long left son. But I heard them say they were heading to Camp Williams. Please promise me you will make them pay.” The brother’s dad added before finally succumbing to his injuries.

“I’ll make them pay pops. Don’t you worry about that?” Jonah added as he cradled his dad’s head and now wept uncontrollably.

“What the fuck took you?” Troy said as Hunter pulled up to the gates.

“We had a little issue and hit a deer but we’re here now. Let’s unpack and have a great weekend.” Hunter replied.

The group of ten close school friends had decided to have one last event together before each went away on their new chapters of college.

The group consisted of

Hunter had been the one that had planned everything, this young jock was an up-and-coming baseball star who had just received a scholarship to a prestigious college. However, Hunter liked to party and this had got him in trouble a number of times and would have to be something that he

From a well off family, it was the good-looking young man’s dad that had just purchased the summer camp. He’d managed to snare the keys whilst his parents were away and let the group have a good time.

Gunner was a slim and attractive young man was a rising basketball star. Well-liked by his friends Gunner was seen as the voice of reason. Sensible and also caring not many people had a bad thing to say about the young athlete.

Korbin was a typical all-rounder. This young man was your stereotypical All American Jock, from wrestling to football there wasn’t a sport this young man excelled at. Football was however to be the sport he had chosen to pursue and one that offered him the best prospects. The eighteen-year-old football star and his girlfriend were very popular amongst their peers and had recently been voted prom king and queen.

Kyler was known as the tough guy of the group. This young man loved nothing more than working out and improving his body every day. Unlike some of his friends, Kyler didn’t come from money, he’d made sure all he had earned was from his hard work and by god and the sport he excelled at was football and the scholarship to the prestigious college was a reward for his hard work. Kyler did however have a weakness which was his short temper.

Garren was the outsider within the group. The male cheerleader was still a close friend to a number of them and enjoyed their company. In fact Garren harbored secret that would turn the group against him if it was discovered. That secret was that Garren was secretly gay and had crushes on several of the group.

Parker was a hot baseball prospect, one of the more popular members of the group he was well liked by everyone that met him and was a caring and generous young man. He epitomized your typical athletic jock although his attitudes and behaviors were unlike many of his fellow friends.

Football star Troy was a likeable personality with a cheeky side. Seen as the practical joker of the group the keen sportsman was devoted to his girlfriend who he ensured he spent as much time with as he could. She was angry he was going away with friends but Troy out his foot down and ensured she knew that his friends still played a part in his life.

Football protege Jerry was the quietest in the group but still well liked by his peers. He’d always been a shy young man but found that his group of friends were brothers for life and would run through Brock walls for any of them. Jerry was also the most polite kid many people had met, he had been brought up well and always excused himself if needed. His handsome looks had girls constantly turning their heads but the young man was already taken.

Frankie was one of those guys that you just couldn’t hate. Academically he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box but when physically not many could match him. The tall young man was one of the top basketball prospects in the country and had numerous colleges clamoring to get his signature. Frankie had made a decision and planned to announce it when he got home on Monday. The only people that knew his decision were his parents and girlfriend.

Matt was young man who trusted and walked with god. Faith played a strong part in this young man’s life and he ensured that he always found time for god around his sports. Football was his sport and he had always battled his brother on and off the field for the top spot. His brother was due to come on the trip but had become unwell just before he left, Matt didn’t care and rubbed his brother nose in it but away from the sports field Matt did love his family and brother very much.

Everyone had settled in for the first night and the group now sat around the camp fire. The group joked and talked about the last few years of school as they spoke about college life and what was to come.

Matt remained silent as the group spoke, his conscience was weighing on him and leaving the old man in the ditch. Faith was a huge part of Matt’s life and leaving the old man to his fate was very unchristian and that was something Matt was now regretting.

The group opened up the alcohol and passed around some weed as they began to roast some smores on the fire.

Talk turned to scary camp stories and the urban legends that followed them around.

Hunter told the group about the urban legend that belonged to Camp Williams. Apparently, one of the councilors had drowned whilst trying to save a camper in what turned out to be a practical joke. Her boyfriend now apparently stalked the woods taking revenge against any lone campers. The group laughed at the story, the machoness and their cockiness now coming to the fore. “I’d like to see them trying to take this group on. We’d make him regret it.” Frankie proudly boasted.

Midway through Troy got up to go to the toilet. The practical joker of the group used this as an opportunity to play a trick on the group. He snuck to where the cars were parked and grabbed a bottle of fake blood and a prop knife and covered himself in the blood and connected the knife to make it look like he had been stabbed in the back. Troy then lay on the ground and waited for one of his friends to come to the toilet.

Matt was still struggling with himself and got up to go to the toilet, he was talking to himself when he caught sight of Troy lying on the floor with what appeared to be a knife sticking out of his back. Matt immediately called for help as he rushed to see if he could help his friend. Looking down he saw Troy’s blood soaked body and immediately began to pray. Having heard his cries for help other members of the group rushed to the location.

“Oh shit,” Parker exclaimed

“Fuck he’s dead,” Korbin uttered

“Call the police.” A panicked Hunter shouted, worrying that a real killer could be stalking them.

Suddenly Troy began to laugh hysterically “Got you mother fuckers!” He added as he jumped up.

“You arsehole dude.” Frankie said, “we were all worried.”

“Shit dude. You actually did it!” Jerry laughed

“You knew about this.” Gunner asked Jerry who now stood silently “Well errr. Yeah. Troy said he had something planned but I never thought he would do it.” Jerry added realizing the joke hadn’t gone down as well with some of the group.

“Don’t be doing that shit.” Matt urged “I thought it was that per.”

“That person that Hunter mentioned in his story.” Kyler butted in as he gave Matt a stern look. “Isn’t that right Matt?”

“Yeah.” Matt replied, “Fuck this shit I’m going to bed.” He added as he turned and walked away.

“I think that’s a good shout.” Hunter added, “Let’s all call it a night.”

“I thought that was funny as fuck.” Troy exclaimed to Jerry as the group walked away.

“Hundred percent brother,” Jerry added as the two laughed and giggled amongst themselves before both heading their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Jonah had arrived at the camp and saw the three cars parked nearby. The teens were going to pay he was going to make sure of that he said to himself as he snuck into the camp to set up some traps and get to work.

Back at the toilets, Troy told Jerry he was heading back to their tent and he’d see him soon.

Jerry told him he’d be back shortly but just wanted to call his girlfriend and wish her goodnight.

The young football hunk now strolled around the camp as he caught up with the love of his life and made sure she felt important.

Jerry now sat on the phone by the maintenance shed overlooking the huge lake. Having finished his conversation with his girlfriend he now looked out across the lake oblivious to the fact that Jonah had seen him and grabbed an item from the maintenance shed.

The attractive football skimmed some stones across the lake as he hummed to himself and took in the crisp night air. Jonah had crept quietly up behind the young man and lifted the hammer high above his head.

This group of teens were going to pay for his father’s death and Jonah would have no mercy for any of them as he brought the hammer crashing down on Jerry’s head. Jerry let out a cry and fell to the floor as Jonah rained blow upon blow down on his head. Blood splattered everywhere with each hard blow until Jonah finally stopped after fifteen blows. Jerry’s lifeless body lay on the ground his handsome face unrecognizable as a pool of blood formed mingling with pieces of skull and brain matter. Jonah spat at the body grabbed Jerry’s ankles and dragged the dead jock into the maintenance shed.

Jonah wasn’t going to go for a kill all at once he had already decided in his head to let the group suffer and he would begin with letting them worry what happened to Jerry.

Some of the group were up early the next morning and Gunner prepared some breakfast for them.

With all nine of the group now preparing for breakfast Matt said “Has anyone seen Jerry?”

The group looked at each other puzzled before looking over at Troy who was sharing a tent with the missing man.

“What.” Troy said with a smile on his face “Why are you looking at me?”

“Is this another of your games?” Parker asked “If so it isn’t funny.”

“Why are you having a go at me?” Troy asked, “Jerry is grown up he’s responsible for himself.”

“Look before we panic and go look for him you better come clean Tro,.” Kyler demanded forcefully.

“Ok, ok he told me last night He wanted to go one better than me.” Troy finally said, “But I don’t recall him coming back to the tent last night so it could be real.”

“Guys I think we should just have a look. Just to be safe.” Matt said, “I mean what if he got lost or fell somewhere.”

Some of the group agreed but Kyler soon spoke up “Fuck him.” The young man announced “If he’s not back later we’ll have a look. If he’s playing a game he’ll soon grow tired and come back. What do the rest of you say?”

The rest of the group agreed with Kyler and carried on with breakfast whilst Matt stood up and said he couldn’t just sit still, especially if Jerry was hurt. He told the group he was going to look for their friend. As he turned around Frankie stood up and told Matt he would come and help and the two went to check the surrounding area.

The two had been searching for around half an hour when they came to the spot where Jerry had been killed.

“Maybe he’s in there.” Frankie declared as he rattled the door to the maintenance shed but found it locked. Before trying to look in the window.

“Doubt it if it’s locked.” Matt replied, “Let’s split up for a second you go down that way and ill go this way.”

Frankie agreed and the two began to quickly search their respective areas. However, on trying to get into the maintenance shed Frankie had just woken Jonah up and the crazed killer stopped cuddling Jerry’s body and watched the two jocks doing their thing.

He was about to leave the shed to attack when he saw another of the group approach.

“Hey, Matt.” Kyler shouted as he made his way over to his friend “What the fucks going on?”

“What do you mean?” Matt replied, “I’m looking for Jerry.”

Kyler grabbed him and pushed him up against the shed door “You know what I mean. Get this guilt trip out of your head. We left the old man. It is what it is. But do you want to ruin everyone’s futures? Do you?”

“No.” Matt replied, “But I just feel.”

“Shut the fuck up dude. I don’t want to hear it.” Kyler replied “I’m not going to jail coz you told a lie and can’t deal with it. Snap the fuck out of it.”

Kyler stormed off as Matt took a moment to decompose himself and carry on looking for Jerry. Meanwhile, Jonah had just heard every word and was angrier than ever. It would appear that not all of the group knew about the accident and some were innocent. “Did you know about it?” He asked as he looked down at Jerry’s body. Jonah had a decision to make he continued his plan and they all died or he tried to kill only those that knew. However, that would be very difficult and the fact Jerry was dead and may not have known meant he had killed an innocent. In the end, he decided that all had to die regardless if they knew or not.

Matt continued looking when he heard a noise he knew, it was Jerry’s cell phone. He could tell by the ring tone as only Jerry had that one in the group. Matt pinpointed the noise as coming from the maintenance shed and immediately guessed Jerry had locked himself in it. He ran and banged on the door but had no reply, his mind raced on thinking of how to get entry and now tried to force the lock. Jonah knew it was only a matter of time until he was discovered and went on the offensive. He unlocked the door and swung it open with such force that it knocked Matt to the ground. He then grabbed a petrol push mower and fired it up.

“Who the fuck are you?” Matt asked with a hint of worry in his voice as he tried to scramble away.

“Your worst fucking nightmare.” Jonah coldly replied as he brought the underneath of the lawnmower and it’s spinning blades down on Matty’s head.

“No, No, No.” Matt pleaded as the blades got closer before letting out an “Aaarrrggghhh.” Followed by a horrific scream. Blood shot everywhere as the blades quickly sliced away at Matt’s head as the sexy football player’s body thrashed wildly. Jonah laughed uncontrollably but sensed Matt’s friend would be coming back. He left the lawnmower running over the sexy jock’s head and slipped around the corner.

Frankie had heard Matt’s screams and now dashed to see if he was ok. “Matt, Matt you ok brother?” Frankie shouted as he turned the corner and froze in horror.

“Shit what the fuck happened.” Frankie exclaimed as he turned the lawnmower off and lifted it from his friend to reveal a bloody mess where Matt’s head use to be.

Frankie threw up beside the body and felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned and now stood face to face with a bloody Jonah. Seconds later before he could even utter a word Jonah struck and rammed a tent peg through the bottom of his jaw until it protruded from the top of Frankie’s head. Frankie couldn’t speak instead his eyes rolled back in his head as blood dripped down his forehead and from his mouth as his body collapsed onto the ground.

Jonah had enjoyed killing the duo and quickly hid their bodies in the shed before locking it behind him. Although a bloody mess now littered the ground where Matt had been killed.

Seven more young men had to die and by the end of the day they would all have met their maker.

Jonah now stalked each jock one by one, and Troy was the next person the deranged killer had on his hit list. The practical joker of the group had gone for his daily run and was running through the undergrowth in nothing more than a pair of black shorts and trainers. He made the fatal error of pausing by a tree.

As he took in some much needed rest Jonah appeared from the undergrowth, his intimidating figure now looking down at the blonde haired hunk.

“Who the fu.” But Troy’s words were cut off mid-sentence as Jonah brought an ax down on Troy’s head splitting his skull in two. Blood immediately ran from the heavy wound as Troy collapsed to the ground. Jonah heard some noise that sounded as if someone else was coming, he slipped unnoticed into the undergrowth and watched as Garren came into view.

The homosexual young man saw Troy look like he was slumped near the tree and immediately thought that the joker was playing another one of his tricks. He made his way over to give Troy a surprise, but saw the young man was slumped his head hidden in the corner.

“Your jokes are growing tired buddy.” Garren announced as he grabbed Troy’s shoulder and turned him over.

He stepped back in shock at the sight of the young man’s split head. Garren wanted to turn and ran to get help but something was stopping him. Troy was someone that he had always fancied, and now the blonde hunk he had dreamt about was lying in front of him. Sure the right thing to do would have been to go and get help but an opportunity like this may never present itself again. Garren knelt and began to run his hands over Troy’s athletic body.

From his hiding point Jonah watched as Garren took off his shirt and rubbed his body up against Troy’s.

He grabbed some old rope that had been discarded in the bushes and made a noose. As Garren was preoccupied with Troy’s corpse he managed to loop it over the tree directly above Garren. Jonah then dropped the noose that slipped around Garren’s neck and immediately pulled it tight. The noose tightened around the young man’s neck and slowly raised him up off the ground. Garren’s hands instinctively came up to try and pull at the ever tightening noose as his legs wildly flayed about. The struggling young man grunted and groaned as he tried his best to live longer unaware that Jonah had tied the end of the noose to another tree. Garren’s body kicked wildly about as he desperately tried to live.

Garren’s cries for help had alerted another party in the group as Parker who was out for a hike now headed over to investigate. Dressed in a red open shirt and white shorts the young man came up over the hill to see Garren’s body flaying wildly on the end of a rope. Parker instinctively ran to help his friend but stopped midway when he saw Jonah’s imposing figure step out of the bushes holding a hatchet.

Parker stopped and turned to run away he’d made it a few paces before Jonah launched the hatchet that landed in Parker’s back between his shoulders blades. Parker now tried to scream for help as he frantically crawled along the ground to get help. Jonah casually walked over to the injured young man and put his foot on his back as he pulled the embedded hatchet from Parker’s back.

Blood trickled from the edge of Parker’s mouth as he turned to plead with his attacker but Jonah showed no mercy and rained blow after blow down upon Parker with the hatchet.

After twelve blows to the dark haired hunks body Jonah stopped spat down at Parker’s body and gave him a kick as he walked off to dispose of the final four guys.

Gunner was the cook of the group and was busy preparing some food unaware that Jonah was now stalking the building. The young man had some music blasting as Jonah homed in on where the noise came from. The killer now stood outside of the kitchen and peered through the small window to see Gunner busy doing a little dance as stirred a large pot.

Jonah weighed up his best options to strike and knew that with this kill he had to strike fast. He burst through the kitchen door taking Gunner by surprise.

“What who the fuck are you?” Gunner shouted at the blood soaked killer. Jonah could move fast for a big guy and picked up a knife which saw Gunner back off.

“Dude back off. Get the fuck out of here.” The young jock shouted as Jonah lunged at him with the knife. Thankfully the basketball star jumped out of the way and managed to throw a pot of boiling water at Jonah which saw the killer drop the knife and hold his face as Gunner made a dash for the door. Jonah managed to compose himself before Gunner made it to safety and began to wrestle with the toned Basketball star. Gunner tried to desperately grab the knife that Jonah had dropped but felt a huge yank on his head as he head was pulled backwards. Jonah was getting the upper hand and seconds later Gunner’s head was shoved into a pot of soup that simmered on the stove. Gunner now gurgled desperately for breath as Jonah drowned him in the warm soup. The young basketball star thrashed wildly about trying to lift his head from the pot of soup. Jonah was relentless and within moments Gunner stooped thrashing as the bubbles in the soup stopped.

Jonah slapped Gunner on the back but left the dead hunk with his head firmly in the soup as he turned up the stove ensuring that Gunner soup was ready for anyone that may discover it.

Looking out across the campground Jonah spotted his next victim as Korbin entered his tent fresh from taking a shower.

Jonah looked around the and saw no one else nearby so he slipped out of the mess and snuck between the tents.

Korbin was having a lie down in his tent when Jonah slipped in.

“Try to keep it quiet.” Korbin asked he rolled over onto his side unaware of the dangers he was in. Jonah picked up a pillow from the other bed and immediately brought it down over Korbin’s face.

Korbin immediately began to fight back as Jonah failed to make out his muffled words from under the pillow but could guess as to what he was saying. Jonah enjoyed Korbin’s frantic muffled cries as he thrashed about violently on the bed desperately trying to buck his attacker off of him, but it was no good as Jonah was too strong for him. Jonah felt Korbin’s body struggling beneath him, he could feel the air kicks his flaying legs were making. Korbin desperately clawed up at Jonah franticly trying to survive. Though his body had been starved of oxygen for a few minutes now and he felt himself going light headed. He was scared to die and gave one last attempt to survive .

He screamed loudly. “Please god, why are you doing this? Stop. I can’t breath.”

Jonah heard the muffled pleas and could make out the words ‘please’ and ‘stop’ but he held down tighter determined to kill the young man.

For Korbin however it would be the last thing he ever did as his body went rigid and thrust forwards sending Jonah upwards, he let out a muffled death groan and fell limp, his arms fell to the bed and his legs dropped still. Jonah kept the pillow held firmly against Korbin’s face for a bit longer and finally removed it as the teen completed its death convulsions. Korbin face looked peaceful and happy in death as his blue eyes looked up at Jonah and his mouth was slightly open.

“Hey, Korbin. You in there.” Came the shout from outside the tent. “It’s nice and peaceful whilst people are off doing their own thing.”

Kyler was heading back to the tent and Jonah had nowhere to hide. The killer grabbed a phone charger that protruded from the bag and now hid in the corner as best he could.

A shirtless Kyler unzipped and entered the tent.

He could see Korbin’s eyes staring up at the roof of the tent and asked his friend what he was looking at.

Jonah immediately recognized the shirtless hunk as being the other guy that had spoke to Matt and warned him to keep quiet. He wanted to make this young man pay and wrapped the charger around both hands before throwing it around Kyler’s neck.

“What the fuck?“ the hot jock uttered, as he felt a brutal yank on the cord that rocked him back on his feet. His hands convulsively reached for his throat in a vain attempt to claw at the cord that bit deeper and deeper into his neck and began to crush his trachea. Through his muffled gasps Jonah heard Kyler say “Please man, don’t why are you doing this?” His arms thrashed violently, and he tried to reach up to grab his killer who coldly replied “Because you areseholes killed my dad”. Jonah could hear Kyler’s grunts as he tried desperately to breath. Jonah laughed as his victim’s legs kicked and flayed about. With each movement.

Elsewhere in the camp Hunter went into the mess to check how Gunner was getting on with lunch.

“Hey G how’s lunch coming?” Hunter asked as he swung the kitchen doors open.

His eyes were immediately drawn to the little struggle that had taken place there and that was when he saw something that made his heart go cold. Hunter saw Gunner standing over the stove his head buried in a pot of soup that now steamed away.

“Shit Gunner you ok.” Hunter asked as he pulled his friend out of the soup but stopped in horror as he saw Gunner’s now partly skeletonised face. Gunner’s body dropped to the floor as Hunter ran to get help.

Hunter dashed across the campground to the first tent he saw, the shirtless young man burst through the flap to find Kyler being strangled by an unknown attacker. Hunter froze in fear as his friend looked over and tried to reach out to him. Jonah ensured that would be the last thing that Kyler ever did as he gave a sharp yank that sent a snapping sound around the tent as the tough football jock’s body went all limp and fell to the floor as Jonah now turned his attention to Hunter.

Hunter turned and ran with Jonah now in hot pursuit. The baseball hunk shouted for help from his friends as he made a beeline to tree line. He’s taken a couple of steps before stopping and standing still as blood now gurgled from his mouth. Hunter’s brain could barely comprehend what had happened as his head now slid off from the top of his body. A still conscious Hunter could see his headless body standing upright for a few more micro seconds before collapsing to the floor as the eternal darkness now overcame the young man.

Jonah stopped and laughed upon watching Hunter’s demise. The attractive jock had ran into a piano wire trap that Jonah had set the night before and decapitated himself. He looked down to see Hunter’s severed head with its blue eyes looking at an angle up to the sky. He grabbed the head by the hair and then with his other hand grabbed one of Hunter’s ankles and dragged the body off.

Jonah felt a sense of satisfaction knowing all ten teens were dead and his father had been avenged. However, the young man now had a hatred for jocks and teens especially those that came to the camp. He wanted to ensure that he sent a message to anyone else that may want to come here and ensured he would leave the strongest one as possible.

He grabbed each of the dead jocks’ bodies and stripped them down to their underwear before tying a loop around their ankles and stringing them all up so they now dangled upside down from a tree in a neat row.

Jonah then left knowing the bodies would be discovered when the time was right.

“Hmm, this place was supposed to be empty.” Fred said as his car came to a stop. He’d be sent to do a survey for the buyer and had to look over the land.

His assistant grabbed the bags they needed from the back and they got to work.

Around an hour later they came to a clearing in the woodland and saw ten decomposing bodies dangling upside down.

“Jesus Christ. David call 911 now.” Fred shouted upon seeing the horrific sight.

The murders grabbed attention but with no leads quickly went cold.

Jonah kept a copy of a newspaper article he saw that reported on the event and gave details about each victim. Hopefully, this was enough to scare others off.


Police are appealing for help investigating the horrific murders of ten friends at Camp Williams. The camp had been closed for the summer and the friends had gained access to have a stay themselves.

The victims are

Hunter Strong 18

Gunner Reed 19

Korbin Barck 18

Kyler Butts 18

Garren Truitt 19

Parker Dobson 19

Troy Volpatti 18

Jerry Niemier 18

Frankie Fidler 18

Matt Brunelle 19

Anybody with any information should contact the Dawson County Sheriffs office.

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