Predator Story. Chapter 171. Frat House Massacre

Scott drove down the road, he sang to himself as he listened to a music on the radio. He’d soon be hooking up with his younger brother at his frat house but first he knew he had to dispose of his latest victims body. Anthony lay naked in the trunk of the car as he drove he quickly saw that ideal dumping grounds were few and far between.*

That was until he turned down a side road and saw a refuse truck collecting some bins, it wasn’t the sort where the bins were emptied directly into the back but instead lifted up into the air and tipped through the top. An idea formed in his mind and he sped down the road until he found a secluded area that contained some bins. Parking the car next to them he opened the boot and lifted Anthony out of the trunk. Anthony’s nude body dangled half in half out of the bin as Scott clasped the top of his legs as he threw the dead stud inside. The body made a thud as it landed and was quickly covered with bags before the lid was slammed shut. Scott parked his car nearby and waited for the truck to collect Anthony’s corpse. He watched tentatively as the workmen wheeled it out and hooked it up to the back of the machine. A huge smile formed on his face as it was slowly lifted into the air and its contents emptied into the truck. The workmen put the bin back unaware that a murder victims body was close by.*

Scott rubbed his hands as the truck drove off, Anthony was now going to rot in landfill or be incinerated with the rest of the trash. If the worst case scenario occurred and the body was discovered the police would have no idea where it came from.

Scott finally pulled into the grounds of the frat house and was immediately seen by his brother.
“Hey your late.” Said his brother as he embraced Scott “Come in.”
Scott followed his brother inside and was introduced to his fellow frat members. The house contained ten members and each one was friendly enough towards Scott. A few members had badly bruised faces and Scott couldn’t help himself and asked how they got them. Brad one of the members told him that their rival frat house Gamma Sigma Beta had fought with them on a night out. Scott’s brother told him that Fraternity contained a lot of the university athletes and their arrogance and cockiness always led them into conflict with the universities other fraternities. This bread a fear that they preyed on at every other opportunity.*

Scott settled down for a catch up with his brother who immediately talked about the strange disappearance of his child hood friend John. He asked Scott if the had been any news and Scott shrugged his shoulders as he told him that no one had heard anything. John had simply disappeared. His brother told him that it didn’t sound good and Scott agreed. However he felt uncomfortable with this talk as he knew an awful lot about John’s disappearance as he had killed him and eaten his body. But he could hardly tell his brother that.

That evening the fraternity headed to a local bar and were enjoying their time. Scott felt at home, yes some of his brothers fellow frat brothers were good looking and hot, and if he’d seen them elsewhere the chances of them living would have been slim. But he’d made himself a vow that all of these guys were off limits.
Suddenly the bar went quiet as heads turned to the door. Scott’s brother quickly whispered “That’s those bastards.” The barman quickly offered the group free drinks and Scott could immediately see their macho cocky attitude was intimidating. One of the group walked up to the pool table and snatched the cue away from one of the players and pushed the other away. The players didn’t protest seeming to know their place as they sat back down at their table. Another of the group a hot frat guy approached the table “Hey pussies your at our table.” The sexy jock barked as he flexed his muscles to add physical intimidation to his threats. One of his brothers friends apologised and Scott saw a couple of others preparing to get up.*
Scott wasn’t one to be intimidated and boldly said “We aren’t going anywhere.” And told the others to sit back down. The sexy jock was incensed by this and turned to Scott making fun of his accent he said “Wow David Beckham over here answers back. I don’t think you heard me. Your at our fucking table.” With that he grabbed Scott and pulled him out of his chair. Knowing what was coming Scott acted first throwing a punch that connected with The jocks jaw sending him flying backwards. Other customers of the bar went silent no one expected Scott to do what he did. Even His other frat brothers were stunned no one had challenged them before. The jock who Scott punched picked himself up and pulled a knife from his pocket. “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

He was about to lunge at Scott when a loud click was heard from behind the bar and a voice shouted “Put that down or your going to regret it.” Scott looked and saw the barman was pointing a shotgun at the jock. “There’ll be no trouble here tonight. Sarah call the police. I think its time you guys went home.” The aggressor paused for a moment, his friends didn’t want any trouble with the law and said Marty its not worth it bro lets go.”. Marty threatened Scott as he made his way towards the door. One of his friends shouted “Your gonna regret this old man.” As he left through the door.

With the other fraternity gone. The bar regained some normality. Customers congratulated Scott and the barman gave him some free drinks. Scott’s brother joked that this was the first time he had seen him like that and liked it. They enjoyed the rest of the night and at the end of it took a cab home. The other frat house was pointed out to Scott as they drove past it. But as they pulled into the drive off their house they were left shocked by the scene that lay before them. The tyres on Scott’s car had been slashed and the front door kicked in. Part of the house had been wrecked with the pool defaced and Dylan who had stayed at home had been badly beaten up. He told the group the other frat house had been there and done the damage.*
As it was late they decided to head to bed and tidy up in the morning.

As Scott lay in bed the hatred for the other frat house burned inside him. And he made the decision to eliminate that brotherhood.*

The next morning Scott assisted the others in the clean up at the house. His brother noticed the scratches on his arm that Anthony had inflicted “Scottie you ok bro, when did that happen?” He asked as he pointed at the scratches. “That prick last night did it.” Replied Scott and his brother seemed to buy it.
One of his brothers friends called the local garage and a mobile mechanic came out to fit new tyres on the car. Some of the others talked about how to get back at the other frat house and Scott was the voice of reason telling them that it wasn’t worth the hassle as the feud would just continue on. After much persuasion they agreed, Scott told them he was heading out and would be back later, he popped open the trunk of his car and double checked that the bag containing his murder kit was still there. As he was about to leave he was surprised by a knock on the car window, one of the house members asked if he could hitch a ride into the city. Not wanting to gain any suspicion for the deeds he was about to commit he reluctantly agreed and drove into town.

He parked the car off road well out of the way from any prying eyes. Scott* stood at the rear of Gamma Sigma Beta frat house and prepared to eliminate them once and for all.**

Scott snuck through the undergrowth as he ventured further and further into the houses grounds. The sound of a chainsaw could be heard up ahead and Scott moved cautiously, the sound grew closer as Scott could eventually see that it was one of the frat brothers who was out cutting wood.
Sam wore a pair of denim jeans and was shirtless from the waist up, his torso was slightly sunburnt with the sunlight glistening off his shoulder.*

He whistled to himself as he continued to cut wood, unaware that Scott had snuck up behind him with a* heavy stick in hand ready to strike his first victim.*
Sam never knew what hit him as the stick struck the side of his head with a strong thud sending him crashing to the floor. Thankfully the safety catch on the chainsaw kicked in switching it off as he fell and avoiding serious injury. The young jock lay stunned on the floor and slowly turned over as he prepared to get up, but stopped in his tracks as he heard the sound of the chainsaw starting up again. Sam looked up to see a figure standing over him holding the lethal machine in both hands. His eyesight cleared up and he was stunned to see Scott standing over him. He immediately remembered him from the bar the night before but before he could speak Scott swung the chainsaw decapiting Sam in an instant. His severed head rolled onto the woodland floor his vacant eyes staring up at the sky. Blood spurted from the stump on his neck as his muscular body finally fell to the floor.*
Scott admired his kill before moving on in search of his next victim.

He found himself coming into a clearing of grassland and on looking round quickly realised he was entering a mini golf course. This frat house was huge and Scott knew he would need to search it thoroughly to ensure no one was left alive. In the distance he could see a couple of guys, finding himself immediately drawn to the bare athletic torso of 19yo old Ernest*

who turned to the other guy and shouted “Catch you later Ty.” As he walked back towards the house. Scott was now left alone with the golfing frat brother. As he got closer Scott could see that Ty the golfing guy was rather good looking as he held a golf club over his head.

The only unfortunate problem was he wore a grey vest that appeared to conceal a hunky torso. Ty set up for another swing and after a few moments struck the ball sending it a few hundred yards down the green. It landed in some rough and the unsuspecting stud walked towards it. Scott slipped out of his hiding place grabbing a heavy iron club as he followed his target. Ty bent down to get his ball and a loud cracking sound rang out as Scott cracked his skull with the golf club. Ty immediately fell forward as Scott continued his frenzied attack, raining blow after blow down on the handsome frat brothers face. Sickening sounds followed each blow* as Blood splattered onto the surrounding area as Ty begged him to stop and reached up with desperate attempts to stop the assault. Fifty blows later and Ty lay motionless on the ground a pool of blood forming from the mangled mess that was once a handsome face.*
Scott dropped the golf club and removed Ty’s vest to reveal a fantastically toned torso with firm ridged abs and chiselled pecs.*

He knelt down and ran his hand along the smooth muscular torso which turned him, if Ty’s face was recognisable that this would have been one cute dead guy but after the damage Scott had done this 19 year old would have to be identified another way. Scott photographed Ty’s body and dragged his body into the long grass.

Venturing further along Scott found himself peering towards the house pool. Sitting on a step nearby was Ernest the shirtless guy who he’d seen earlier. He was still shirtless looking sexy as hell as a girl draped her arm around his shoulder.*

He was soon joined by Ardit who was a star player on the university soccer team, and Scott watched as he joked around with Ernest and his girlfriend. Ardit had a sexy soccer players body his nipples stuck out from his meaty pecs.

Scott heard Ernest say he was showing Sarah out and he’d be back in a minute. Once the two disappeared Ardit lay on the outside couch and sunbathed his head resting on the arm. His death was quick and painless as a sharp snapping sound rang out as Scott broke his neck. He photographed the corpse before staging it so it looked like Ardit slept.*

He had to be quick and dived for cover as 19 year old Ernest returned to the area. Having seen his girlfriend off the young frat brother had stripped down to a pair of red Speedos and prepared to have a swim. He saw Ardit lying on the couch and shouted “Hey Ard don’t lay under that sun for to long or you’ll end up burning like a bitch.” He had no idea his fellow frat brother was dead as he stood on the diving board and prepared to dive in.*
Scott had the perfect view of the stud as he posed on the board, his athletic body looking good as one of his biceps flexed from the pose exposing his shaved armpits, his thick leg muscles constricting in the sunlight.

He shouted a warning to Ardit who lay next to the edge of the pool to prepare himself for the splash from the dive. He jumped in and immediately began to swim, after a few lengths Ernest decided to take a break and rested by the side of the pool his arms resting on the concrete whilst his body remained in the water. Scott darted forward and started his attack by pushing Ernest head under the water and holding it there. The nature of the attack had taken the unsuspecting stud by surprise which forced him to swallow water as he gasped for breath. Despite being a keen swimmer Ernest started to panic as he struggled under the water. His arms thrashed about as he frantically tried to reach up at Scott who prolonged Ernest’s agony by pulling him from the water. The drowning stud gasped for air “Please stop, please no mo” he begged in vain as Scott once again forced him under the water. Ernest’s struggles grew faster and more desperate as Scott could see the panic and fear in his eyes, moments later the water calmed as his bubbles escaped from his mouth and his arm floated in front of him. Ernest would not escape and had slipped into the forever void that was death. Safe with the knowledge his victim was dead Scott eventually let go and watched as his drowned victim floated face down in the water.

No one else appeared to be outside so Scott snuck into the house via a side door, he could hear voices up ahead and immediately headed down some stairs to see if anybody lingered in the basement. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw straight away that he was mistaken and had instead stumbled into the frat house gym. Two unsuspecting frat brothers stood up ahead talking to each other. Brandon and Kris were members of the football team and were busy arguing about the muscle mass on their bodies. Kris argued that his was natural and pulled up the bottom of his shorts to reveal his well built legs. Scott admired the young stud who had a well sculptured upper body with toned athletic features.*

From what Scott could see it did look natural but Brandon’s argument held weight as well as the young quarterback said his body was just as natural and grabbed a pot of something from his bag. He held out a container of protein shake and told Kris that just because he used it didn’t mean he was taking supplements and reminded Kris there was a big difference between shakes and steroids.*
Brandon was more built then Kris and his muscle definition was much better then his team mates, everything seemed better and Scott couldn’t wait to get close up to it.

As they continued to talk Scott heard a thumping noise coming down the stairs and another frat brother joined the pair.*
“Hey Garrett.” Shouted Kris “which one of us two has the more natural body.” Scott could see Garrett was thinking about the answer and surprised both by lifting up the vest he was wearing To reveal his well toned athletic body and answered “Hey come on guys. We know its me.”*

Brandon replied “Oh G fuck off dude, give us a proper answer.”*
Garett laughed as he replied “I aint answering, both your bodies are different due to the roles you play on the team. I just wanted to check if either of you were gonna be using the sunbed.”
The other frat brothers shook their hands as Garrett said “Awesome.”” And disappeared back up the stairs.

Kris could see that Brandon was getting worked up and decided to end his torment there. He gave his friend a manly embrace and said “Bro* your to easy to wind up. Everyone Knows your body is natural. Geez it should be you spend enough time working on it.” Brandon laughed and the two split up as they headed to different parts of the gym area.*

Scott now had to make a decision, which of the two frat brothers to kill first. In the end he chose to dispatch Brandon, it made sense as the muscled jock was closer to him and the last thing he wanted to do was be disturbed as he killed Kris. He crept along to where Brandon was working out, music blasted from a ghetto blaster as the sexy football player worked out. Brandon’s bulging arm muscles looked stunning as he lifted a weight bar up and down above his head. Scott observed the stud as he grew tired with each set he did, the sweat on his powerful torso glistened under the light and as he eventually struggled with the weight he started to call for Kris to help him. Scott didn’t want this as it would force him to change his plans and thankfully for him Kris didn’t appear. Brandon shouted louder a tinge of anger could be heard in his voice so Scott decided to give him a hand and stepped out of his hiding place.
Brandon continued to struggle with the bar, he caught sight of a figure from the corner of his eye, “You took your fucking time. Grab the bar.” He shouted assuming it to be Kris. He looked shocked when he saw it was the guy the group had a run in with at the bar the previous night. “Its you.” He managed to blurt out before Scott cut him off by pushing down on the bar with all his strength. Brandon put up a brief resistance but this muscle jocks tiredness was no match for Scott as the bar soon came down on his throat.*
Fear and panic filled Brandon’s face as he gasped for breath and desperately tried to push the bar back up. But the odds were stacked against him as Scott’s own body weight continued to hold the bar down, the frat brothers thick arm muscles looked close to bursting as he strained and continued to gasp as he frantically attempted to lift the bar off. His legs rose up and down from the floor as Scott started to hear a cracking sound as the bar slowly started to crush his windpipe. Brandon’s face was now flushed as his struggles started slow so Scott released the pressure to allow the weight of the bar to finish off its victim. Moments later his arms flopped down by his side and legs remained still as the bar rested gently on the dead jocks neck. Scott observed Brandon’s death stare his eyes locked wide open looking up to the ceiling. His once powerful body now nothing more then rotting meat.

Scott knelt by the studs body and ran his hand across its fabulous smooth torso. He fondled with Brandon’s meaty pecs and lifted his powerful arms up so he could watch the muscles constrict as they flopped back down. He took a photo of Brandon and turned the volume up on the stereo so others wouldn’t hear his next victims screams.

Scott made his way along the gym looking for Kris so he could kill him. He finally caught site of the stud as he was sat in a large green container, again he had to dart for cover as Garrett came back down the stairs. This time the hot stud was wearing nothing apart from a black pair of Speedos and Scott couldn’t help but grew hard at the instant sight of his lean but well toned body.*

“Enjoy your ice bath. I’ll be in the sunbed if you need me.” He shouted to his fellow frat brother as he closed the door behind him. Scott peered through the glass and watched as Garrett put on a pair of goggles before climbing onto the bed and bringing the lid down halfway. Scott would deal with him shortly and crept up towards Kris. As he got closer he could see that the football jock had a pair of headphones in and bobbed his body back and forth in the tub as he enjoyed the music. He was unaware that Scott now stood behind him and prepared to attack. The attack however never came as Scott found an even better way to dispose of the unfortunate stud. He picked a hairdryer up from behind Kris and switched it on. Kris’s music was to loud that he failed to hear it whirl into life. However the heat from the hairdryer hit his hack and he quickly turned to see who was there.*
“Oh shit.” He shouted as he saw Scott standing there with the hairdryer in his hands. He know right away that he was in trouble and shouted “Please don’t. Oh god no!!” And brought his hands up in an attempt to plead with Scott.

“See you in hell.” Scott said coldly as he threw the live hairdryer into the water. Sparks flew from the machine the moment its current hit the water as it immediately started to electrocute Kris whose body convulsed in the water as the current entered his body. Scott stood back to avoid being hit by the splashes the dying stud made and watched as moments later he lost his fight and slumped forward in the bath.

Scott had one more to deal with and made his way back to where Garrett was topping up his tan. Garrett’s death was to be hideous and painful as Scott slammed the lid of the sunbed down and locked in shut.
“Hey funny guys.” Garrett said thinking his frat brothers where playing a joke on him. “Open the lid, jokes over.”
Scott kept quiet and turned the knob on the side up so the sunbed was at its highest setting. A minute or two passed and Garrett shouted obscenities through the sunbed still thinking it was his friends playing a trick. He soon felt the heat and shouted “Hey guys, its to hot. Lemme out.” As the heat became uncomfortable the trapped stud banged hard on the lid this quickly turned into cries of “I’m burning, I’m burning. Help, help. It feels like imp on fire.” This quickly turned into screams of pain as Garrett was slowly being cooked in the sunbed that had now become a large oven. Scott walked away and was still able to hear Garrett’s screams of anguish, that was until he reached the stairs and he smiled as they could now barely be heard as the volume blasted from the stereo next to Brandon’s body. Scott would check on Garrett later but now he searched for his next victim.

It didn’t take Scott long to find him, he’d just headed back up the stairs and saw Trey sitting at a table in the kitchen. The frat brother was dressed in only his boxers and appeared to be mixing drinks for that evening but couldn’t help himself as he sampled the merchandise.


Scott lurked in the hallway the knife twisting in his hand as he poised to strike. He grabbed a raincoat, pulling the hood up as he put on so Trey wouldn’t recognise him and walked towards him with the weapon hidden up his sleeve.*
On seeing him Trey laughed as he immediately thought it was a fellow frat brother joking about, he held a bottle of 7up and was about to pour some.*

“Yo its a bit hot to be wearing that aint it.” He said before offering Scott a drink. Scott nodded to accept Trey’s kind offer and watched as he poured it into a glass, pausing momentarily as the froth sped up the glass before continuing to pour into the glass. Trey held the glass out to Scott who bent forward to grab it, but in reality had other intentions as the knife slid down from its hiding place. Trey’s eyes opened wide with fear when he saw the glint of the blade at the last moment. He opened his mouth to scream but Scott thrust the knife forward deep into Trey’s chest the young stud letting out a gasp on entry as he instinctively dropped the glass of 7up to the floor its contents splashing onto his bare left leg as it fell to the floor. Scott withdrew the knife as Trey brought his hand up to stem the flow of blood from the wound not knowing it would be in vain as Scott again stabbed the knife into his athletic torso and followed it up with a frenzied attack with Trey groaning as each wound was inflicted. The sexy stud struggled briefly as he brought his arms up as he tried to defend himself. Blood dripped from his mouth as the attack continued and after forty stab wounds the once sexy torso was now no more then a bloody mess as Trey slumped forward over the table sending glasses and bottles flying. Scott admired his handy work as a pool of blood formed on the table completely unaware he was about to be surprised.*

Harrison another Frat brother had entered the room and assumed Trey was asleep on seeing him slumped over the table. He to thought Scott was a fellow brother when he saw him and said “Hey Trey wake up you fucking light weight.”*
Scott nearly jumped out of his skin on hearing this and Harrison added “Shake that idiot and wake him up bro.” The unsuspecting frat brother walked forward and immediately froze when he saw the pool of blood on the table.*
“Shit man what happened?” He blurted out, still not thinking Scott was the killer.*
Scott turned slowly and looked Harrison dead in the eye, he found himself immediately drawn to frat brothers hot body who had tried on an outfit for a fancy dress and wore nothing apart from a dark pair of trousers with a bow tie and cufflinks on his naked torso.

A cold chill ran down Harrison’s body when he got a proper look at the hooded figure standing over Trey. He knew he was in danger when he saw the knife still dripping his friends blood onto the floor. Harrison turned and made a bee line for the stairs to try and get the attention of his fellow frat brothers. The hot frat brother had just put his feet on the first few steps when Scott swiped his back one tripping the fleeing stud up. This didn’t stop Harrison as he frantically tried to climb the stairs unaware that Scott was about to snuff his young life out.
Scott grabbed Harrison’s hair and yanked the studs head back to expose his neck, Harrison’s eyes opened up wide in pain as the blade sliced through his throat and blood gushed out from the open wound Scott had caused. Harrison gargled momentarily on the stairs as Scott dropped the stud’s head to the floor as his life was quickly ending. Scott turned the body over impressed with the wound he had made from slitting Harrison’s throat. And took a photo of the stud for his collection.*

As he walked up the stairs Scott was careful not to step in Harrison’s blood that was pooling on the stairs. None of the occupants heard or bothered to react to Harrison’s warning meaning they to would soon be joining their friends.
The first two frat brothers that would cross paths with Scott were Jay and Wyatt who were arguing about the use of a bathroom, 19 year old Wyatt was sat on the edge of a bed “Hurry up bro, I wanna jump in the shower and freshen up.”*

On hearing this Scott tried to imagine what the sexy stud would look like under his clothes, and hoped he looked as good as Jay after catching sight of the shirtless jock in the mirror as he brushed his teeth, his muscular body looked amazing. Scott quickly sensed the jocks vain side as he flexed and posed whilst still brushing his teeth.

Jay came out of the bathroom “Its all yours pussy.” He said jokingly to Wyatt.
Wyatt stood up from the bed “Bout time. I’ve never known anyone take as long as you” He replied as he walked into the bathroom.*
“What ever man.” Answered Jay as he turned his back on where Scott was hiding and continued to pose and flex as he admired himself in a mirror. The vain frat brother made different poses unaware that a killer lurked nearby impressed with the muscular physique he had developed. Jay pulled a double bicep pose and said “Your one sexy mother fucker bro, the chicks are gonna dig me.”*

Scott could hear the shower running in the bathroom and knew he only had a short window of opportunity to dispatch Jay. He saw a tie on the side and wrapped it round his wrists as he burst from his hiding place and flinging it around Jay’s neck immediately pulling it tight. Jay didn’t have time to comprehend what was happening to him as the attack had restricted his breathing and he brought his hands up to his neck to try and get some leverage between the constantly tightening ligature and his flesh. The struggle was intense so Scott fell back onto the bed in an attempt to exert control over his struggling victim, it appeared to work as he pulled tighter on the ligature flinging a panicked Jay closer towards him. Jay gasped and choked as his face began to go red, he tried to reach the bathroom door to get Wyatt’s attention but could only utter “Wyakkkkk.” Scott kept up the attack as Jay’s arms brushed off him and his bare feet kicked and brushed against the floor. The oxygen supply to Jay’s brain was at a critical level and the muscled frat brothers body began to shut down. A minute later a final gasp escaped from his mouth as his body went limp and lay motionless in his killers lap. Scott kept the ligature tight around the dead studs neck as he rocked his head from side to side. When he eventually removed it Jay’s head fell backwards his vacant eyes staring up at Scott his tongue slightly protruding from his mouth.

Scott knew he’d have time to admire the body later but first he had to prepare himself for Wyatt.
The 19 year old had finished his shower and was now in the process of drying his naked body. Before wrapping a light blue towel around himself and using a smaller one to dry his hair. Scott had to do a double take when he saw Wyatt’s sexy lean body as he walked back into the bedroom.

Wyatt was preoccupied drying his hair and failed to notice Jay’s body lying on the bed. Scott made his move whilst Wyatt stood by an open window, he flung the ligature around his victims neck taking the semi naked stud by surprise. Wyatt immediately began to fight back and Scott was shocked at the resistance his latest victim gave. Scott had killed many guys with bigger physiques before and he struggled to think of any that had put up a fight like this. Knowing he had to get the situation under control quickly he pulled tighter on the ligature and flung his body to the right. Scott shouted “Fuck!” And his eyes opened wide in shock when he saw himself moving quickly towards the open window he had forgotten about. He took drastic action and managed to get himself out of the way but Wyatt wasn’t so lucky and he took the full force that sent him tumbling out of the window. The only thing that kept him from falling to the ground was the fact that Scott still had hold of the ligature and Wyatt now found himself in a worse position as he hung perilously put of the window, the ligature now biting into his neck worse then before. His arms and legs flayed about as he looked up at Scott and tried to plead for help.*
Scott was in no mood for helping and instead pulled Wyatt up a little but instead of dragging him in, he tied the two ends of the ligature to a window clip and let go. Wyatt now dangled from a noose as he hung from the window, his struggles on the end of the noose had become frantic and loosened the towel that was wrapped around him and finally fell to the floor. Wyatt was now naked and the noose had dug so far into his skin that the pressure on his neck was at breaking point.*
All the time Scott looked over the window ledge and watched Wyatt’s dance moves below, a sense of pride entered him as the snapping sound of Wyatt’s neck breaking emanated up to him. The dancing quickly ceased as the sexy studs arms dangled by his side and his naked body gently swayed in the air although the tranquil moment was briefly interrupted a few times as Wyatt’s bodies death convulsions sped up the swaying.

Scott turned back towards Jay and took a few moments to caress and manipulate the studs dead body. The sensation of his hands on top of the thick muscles made him hard and as he worked up towards his head he caught sight of a condom on a bedside table. His urges grew stronger and Scott found himself putting the condom on and quickly began to fuck the dead studs body. Jay jolted back and forth on the bed with each hard thrust and moments later Scott clenched Jay’s broad shoulders as his manhood filled the condom up with his huge load.
Withdrawing from the studs body he whispered “Not a bad fuck for a straight muscle jock. Thanks bro.” He removed the condom and flushed it down the toilet, watching as the evidence disappeared down the u bend.*

Scott then made his way into the next bedroom but unfortunately found it empty, as he looked around he saw pictures of a guy he recognised and found that it was the bedroom of Marty the guy he had his earlier run in with. This was one stud he was looking forward to killing. He picked one of the pictures up and could see why this frat brother was cocky and arrogant, he was a top gymnast and had already represented his country.

He threw a picture on the floor and continued his search for more victims.*

The next two rooms contained four frat brothers. Joey, Jeremy and Austin were in one room playing a game of strip poker.
Joey was a 21 year old blonde stud who had an amazingly defined body, with slightly tanned skin, well curved pecs a firm set of abs along with perfect v-shaped hips with a fine tuft of hair disappearing into his waist band.

One of the other studs was Austin who was also a handsome 21 year old with a drop dead gorgeous body that was perfectly sculptured for his football career the hot frat brother had obviously spent a lot of time in the gym working on his sexy body.

The third muscular frat brother was 21 year old Jeremy who Scott recognised as being the frat brother that was with Marty when he had his run in with Scott. Like his fellow frat brothers Jeremy was a muscle jock with bulging arm muscles, super thick pecs and rock hard abs.

Scott was going to enjoy killing these guys but decided to dispatch the fourth guy first. He left them enjoying their game and walked into Paul’s room.*
Paul was stood by an open window and was currently in the process of taking pictures of his shirtless body for his girlfriend.*
He had just taken his latest picture*

When he suddenly felt a shove in the back and went flying out of the window. His life flashed in front of his eyes as he braced himself for impact but it never came, instead he felt a searing pain shot through his body, he let out a cry as blood dripped from his mouth, he looked up before loosing consciousness and saw a fence spike protruding from his chest. Blood ran down his smooth chest as he breathed his last breath.*
Scott peered through the window and saw the horrific sight of Paul impaled on a metal fence in the garden. One of the spikes had pierced between his pecs whilst another had entered just above what appeared to be his manhood blood dripped onto the floor and Scott looked at Paul’s face his eyes looked up at the sky a look of shock on his face. Another spike rested just above his head and had been millimetres from piercing his skull.

Scott searched the rest of the house and found it was empty, Marty was missing, the one that Scott longed to kill. Angry and disappointed he made the decision that he had to find out where that bastard was, he’d killed to many people so far today and had three more to dispatch off. Thinking on his feet he made the decision that he would have to be smart with the final three kills and one of these jocks would tell him where*Marty was.*
Scott snuck back downstairs and grabbed the chloroform bottle from his bag, he soaked a rag in chloroform before setting up a few chairs. Before he headed back upstairs he headed back down to the gym to see the damage that had been done to Garrett.*
He was halfway done the stairs when he was hit by the smell of cooking flesh. Smoke drifted from the sunbed and Scott burnt himself when he tried to remove the object he had blocked the lid with. He grabbed Garrett’s towel and wrapped it around the item so he could remove it without burning himself more. The smell grew stronger as he opened the lid and saw the crispy burnt body before him. Garrett was unrecognizable as the once hot stud he saw earlier, he had been well and truly cooked, his hands locked in the clawing position he had died in. Scott turned the sunbed off and headed upstairs to work on his final victims.*

As he reached the top of the stairs he saw Joey heading into a toilet. Scott immediately took up position in the room next to it. Joey came back out, he was still shirtless from earlier and bowled out of the toilet.

He had only taken a few steps before Scott flung the rag into his face. After a brief struggle he fell unconscious and Scott dragged his prey downstairs and sat him in one of the chairs. He ran his hand along Joey’s super smooth torso and fondled with his pecs before stripping him down to his underwear and tying a rope across the unconscious stud’s chest, before finally securing his legs to the chair.

The remaining two frat brothers continued their game of poker and Scott watched as Austin threw his cards down and pulled off his track bottoms, the hunky frat brother now stood in his red underwear and for the first time Scott could see his full physique for the time, his broad shoulders led down to a pair of veiny muscular arms. His torso was well toned with a developed Apollo’s belt that led down to a pair of sexy legs.

Austin told Jeremy he was going to get a drink and asked if he wanted one. Jeremy paused from dealing the cards for the next game “Yeah plenty of ice please bud, also let Joey know we’re nearly ready for the next game. Austin was halfway across the hall when Scott flung the rag in his face. He quickly found himself sitting next to Joey, leaving one last frat brother to deal with.

Jeremy was playing about with the cards as he waited for his buddies to return.
It was two risky to attack Jeremy in the room as the sexy frat brother would see him entering and the success of any attack was severely limited. Scott had to lure him out of it somehow and tried something he had seen in horror movies.*
He quickly dashed across the open door and hoped Jeremy would see him and the sexy frat brother did but thought his eyes were playing tricks and remained in his seat. Scott repeated his actions and this time Jeremy reacted by shouting “Austin, Joey stop fooling around.” But when neither responded and the figure shot across the doorway again Jeremy went to investigate. He stepped into the hallway and looked up and down and couldn’t see anyone.*

He moved down the hallway and Scott attacked the chloroform soaked rag was held in Jeremy’s face, his powerful frame shot back as he struggled briefly but quickly succumbed to the fumes.*

Jeremy was dragged down the stairs but instead of sitting him in the chairs Scott had something else planned for him and tied a rope around his ankles and hoisted him up so he dangled upside down against the wall.

Scott waited for the three studs to come round before he started his unique way of getting the information he needed. One by one each one came round and the three studs quickly talked over each over as they tried to figure out why they were in the position they found themselves in. Joey and Austin squirmed in the chairs while Jeremy continued to hang upside down.

It was time for Scott to make his entrance and he slowly walked into the room. The three frat brothers went silent on seeing the mystery stranger. Jeremy broke that silence when he said “Hey I remember you from the bar last night. What’s the fucking meaning of this dude.”*
Scott laughed “I think that’s fucking obvious don’t you. Where’s that piece of shit Marty?”
All three guys threw obscenities at Scott as Austin shouted “Dude, I don’t have a clue where he is. If anyone knows Jeremy would know.” Joey and Austin continued to squirm* In their underwear as Scott turned his focus towards Jeremy. “Now Jeremy where’s your prick of a friend?” Scott didn’t expect Jeremy to reply the way he did as he said “Fuck off, I aint telling you anything. Our frat members will be here in a minute.”*
Scott walked so he now stood behind Joey and replied “Your fellow brothers are pre occupied elsewhere, they wont be disturbing us. So if you don’t tell me where Marty is I’ll kill them all starting with these two punks here.” Scott started to tie a ligature around Joey’s neck, the sexy frat brother begun to struggle in the chair as the ligature Scott had tied was now strangling him.*
Jeremy was still unfazed by this and hadn’t read between the lines about what Scott had said about his fellow frat brothers. He was confident Scott was joking and told the others He wouldn’t go through with it.*
Scott now moved behind Austin and placed his hand on the studs broad shoulders and repeated his demand to know where the missing frat brother was. Jeremy continued his silence as Austin started to panic, he could see Joey struggling for breath and shouted “Jay tell him where he fucking is, your not the one whose about to be strangled.”*
“Relax Austin, you’ll be fine.” Replied Jeremy, Austin’s demeanour changed as he screamed “Shit, please no, no, help, hell.” But his pleas were cut off as Scott started to tie the ligature around Austin’s throat. Austin and Joey’s gasps for breath filled the room as the two studs jolted in the chairs as they struggled to free themselves. Scott now stood beside Jeremy and said “Look at them dancing in their chairs, just think their deaths will be on your consciences. Jeremy could see his friends faces going red “Shit dude, let them go man. Let them go.” He begged as for the first time he saw that Scott meant business.*
“You know what I want.” Replied Scott “Tell me where he is?”
The look of fear and desperation in his friends faces were clear to see and Jeremy buckled under the pressure “He’s gone to the lake with some friends.”*
“What lake?” Replied Scott
“The details are on my phone upstairs at the table. Its a black Iphone. Shit man release them please.” Urged Jeremy*
But Scott dashed out of the room to get the phone which lay where Jeremy said it would be. As he headed back downstairs the frantic gags and gasps of the two studs who were being strangled could be heard and Jeremy continued to beg that his frat brothers were released. “What’s the pin?” Demanded Scott as he was unable to get into the phone. “6426” shouted Jeremy who was now feeling light headed as the blood was rushing to his head.

Scott now had what he wanted and broke the dreaded news to Jeremy.*
“Thanks for the info.” Said Scott “By the way all your frat brothers are dead. I killed them and your be joining them shortly. Then I’m gonna go kill Marty.”*
As Scott removed a knife from his waistband Jeremy shouted “What, what you promised arghhh.” As Scott ran the blade across his abdomen gutting him in a flash. His intestines spilled from the wound as the muscle stud twitched on the rope still alive. But with one final swish Scott finished him off as he slit his throat from ear to ear. Jeremy gargled as* Blood gushed to the floor and the stench was unbearable.

Scott turned back towards the other two studs and could immediately see that Joey had expired and sat still in his chair his eyes wide open staring into the abyss.*
Austin was still putting up a fight and had been shocked to see his two friends were now dead. The sight of Jeremy’s death had given him a burst of life and he somehow managed to free his arms. Austin brought them up to his throat as he tried to get some leverage between the ligature and his neck.*

Scott sat on Joey’s lap and watched as Austin’s struggles were in vain and he ultimately lost his fight for life as the stud let out a groan as his arms fell limply to his sides and his head fell forwards.

“Ah Joey you fucking wet yourself.” Shouted Scott as he slapped the dead stud in the face and wiped the back of his trousers that were now wet from sitting on the dead studs lap.*

Scott photographed the three studs for his collection.

In total fifteen frat brothers now lay dead and Scott wasn’t finished there. He texted Marty using Jeremy’s phone.
“Hey M, what lake you at? Whose with you. J”*
A few moments later he received a reply “Yo J, Brandon, Marc and Joshua are with me we’re at Lake Heald. Come down bro the weathers good.”
Scott texted “Kl be there soon.”
Marty had unintentionally told a killer how many guys were with him. As Scott snuck out of the house grounds the way he came in he picked up the phone and called Adam.
“Hey I need you and Danny for a job. Meet me up the road from Lake Heald.”*

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