The Hunt. Chapter 4. Will Strikes Out

Day two of the Hunt was about to begin and like the first day the seven hunters prepared to take the field five of them ready to get their first points on the board.

Lee prepared to do the draw to see which unfortunate young man was going to be hunted the day. Over a hundred names zoomed around screen as the random draw eventually stopped on the name Will Boyes.

Will was sitting by the prison pool snacking on some food when he heard the guards calling his name. The brown haired hunk turned as the guards beckoned for him to come. As he got up to go back Will still wandered what he had done to be taken to this ‘prison’ and held without charge.

The corrupt police officer had been sat by the side of the road watching for any cars that appeared to have solo young male occupants. He didn’t have to wait long as he spotted a solo young man driving over the speed limit.

“Shit.” Will exclaimed as he saw the patrol car pull out behind him and activate its lights. The young man knew he’d been speeding and immediately pulled over to the side of the road.

On approaching the car, the police officer smiled as he realized he had just hit the jackpot. The shirtless young driver was perfect for the people who had approached him and offered him fifty grand for each young man he would supply to them.

Will handed his driver’s license over to the officer and was surprised when he came back and said there was an issue. The officer politely explained that he had to arrest Will and take him to jail where the offense could be further investigated.

Will protested his innocence and was soon placed in handcuffs and transferred to the cushy prison.

Maybe he was being released Will thought to himself as was led to the room. Sat in the chair with a guard flanked on either side he eagerly awaited some good news.

Lee entered the room “Hi Will, let me just welcome you to our humble little enclosure. I hope your stay has been to your liking so far.”

“It’s been ok, Although I’d love to know why I am here and when I’ll be released?” Will replied “Now what the fuck is going on.” He added.

“Ok let me explain.” Lee answered before continuing “Welcome to ‘The Hunt’.”

“The Hunt, the Hunt. What is the Hunt.” Anthony replied calmly

“The Hunt is entertainment for the world’s elite. And you sir are that entertainment.” Lee bellowed.”

Will was confused “Hunters, hunt. What’s going on? What do you mean?.”

“Ok let me explain in full detail. You are going to be released from this place into a huge enclosure. Where seven hunters will be doing their upmost to hunt you down. If they catch you or get you in their sights, they will kill you and claim your head as a trophy. But be careful, the enclosure is dangerous and it’s not just the hunters you have to watch out for. There are many traps and other dangers that lurk for you.” Lee revealed to Will who looked at him in surprise with some fear on his face. “But don’t worry. If you reach the end of the enclosure you escape with your life. Any questions?”

“Why. Why are you doing this?” Will demanded to know. “Why did you chose me? Just let me go.”

“I’ve already told you.” Lee laughed “This is for entertainment. Cameras are dotted everywhere in the enclosure, and you’ve been fitted with a tracker so we know your location at all times and it also tells us your heart rate. But don’t worry we don’t pass this information onto the hunters as that would spoil the fun of the hunt. Now it’s time for you to go out there and evade the hunters and escape with your life.”

Before Will could utter another word Lee left the room and the doors to the outside were opened. The young man dressed in nothing more than his underwear prepared to leave the room.

Will took a huge breath of fresh air before stepping out into the sunlight. He had no idea where he was or what direction to go in and with trees surrounding him on all sides. But he did know that he had to start moving. He had no idea where the hunters were and didn’t want to die any time soon.

The Hunters were just informed that the target had been released and were now 30 minutes away from heading out to hunt. They all received their dossier about their next victim. All eager looked it over hoping to find some clues as to best ascertain this young man. The picture accompanying the dossier gave little away. What they could gather was that Will was a well groomed young man and seemed to like to live the good life.

Half an hour later the seven hunters entered the compound at their chosen locations all eager to ensure they were successful in this hunt.

A few hours had passed, and Will saw a large body of water appearing in front of him. Leaving the tree line he now stood in front of a vast lake. He knew that somewhere behind him was the compound and that he had to move forwards. He had 3 options available to him. Swim, cross the nearby bridge or continue around the edge of the lake.

However before he could make his mind up he caught a glimpse of one of the hunters leaving the tree line and heading his way. Sir Frederick Denham was lining up his prey in his sights hoping to count on the element of surprise. However the British hunter soon lost that as Will was looking directly at him. Denham taunted his prey by running his finger across his throat and started to run towards him.

Will dashed towards the water and began to swim towards the other side in a desperate attempt to save his life. The attractive young man was unaware of the dangers that lurked within the water. He had only made it a few hundred yards out when the Crocodiles that lived in the lake became aware of his presence.

Sir Frederick Denham took aim with his bow and prepared to fire, only to be told in his earpiece that he was not to do so. Denham could only watch from the shoreline as his intended target swam away.

Will paused halfway across and turned to see his hunter not pursuing him. He let out a little cry of joy in his head but knew the dangers were still out there. However, any joy he did feel was short lived as the moment Will turned to swim away one of the largest Crocodiles grabbed hold of him. Denham smiled as he watched was about to occur.

Will let out a cry in pain and desperately tried to swim away but the large Crocodile had other ideas as it dragged the sexy young man under the water and began its death toll.

Screaming for Will was now pointless as it just saw him take in lots of water. The the strong jaws and fierce teeth of the crocodile held its prey firmly tight. Other Crocodiles now held back and waited for the moment the rolls stopped so they too could join in on the feast.

The Crocodiles death roll disorientated Will, making him dizzy as he was near death. His body was in pain as parts of his flesh were sliced off with each role. Moments later death over came him, the Crocodile sensing its prey was dead released its grip as Denham saw Will’s lifeless body float back up to the waters surface..

Denham watched as the large Crocodile that had seized Will took a huge chunk out of his lifeless body as the smaller reptiles moved in and began to attempt to get their fill of the dead young man. The water splashed and turned red with blood as the Crocodiles fought for their share of Will.

Sir Frederick Denham was annoyed at not being able to snare his first trophy but seeing Will’s eventual demise made up for it a little.

Moments later the radios buzzed as the control room let the hunters know that Will was dead. What they didn’t expect to hear was that none of the hunters would be claiming his head as a prize as the Crocodiles had claimed Will as their own.

A few body parts of Will’s that had not been eaten now floated around the lake as the hunters waited for the next victim to be introduced as they hoped for better luck this time.

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