Predator Story. Chapter 190. Put to Work

Scott sat in his house feeling smug about himself, his plan for Louis’s disappearance worked a treat, a couple of nasty injuries had occurred after some horrible accidents and reports suggested that the you g entrepreneur had gone into hiding.

He still awaited his first official Brotherhood kill and knew that it would most likely be coming very soon.
No sooner had he turned the TV on and put his feet up did he get a knock at the door. Upon opening it he saw it was Giles who informed him he had his first official role for The Brotherhood.
Giles was invited in as the two settled down to discuss business. Giles explained that he was to be the first member of the order to utilise Scott’s services. If Scott had to guess he wouldn’t have chosen Giles to be the first to utilize his skills but listened tentatively as his elder explained what he wanted.
Giles told Scott that he’d had a construction worker come round to do some work on his house and well, by the time the sexy builder had left Giles had a fixation on him. His own stock of meat was near empty and with Scott’s initiation he now had a person that could be trusted to do this role properly unlike the chap he’d taken over from.
Scott’s reply told Giles that he wouldn’t be disappointed which led to Giles producing a picture of the unlucky stud and giving out some details.
Scott jotted the information down as Giles explained that Luke liked to work out and the gym he frequented most of the time.

Giles handed the picture over to Scott who in turn took a few moments to analyse it.
He immediately saw why Giles had built an infatuation with Luke as the photo showed an incredibly handsome young man with sexy brown eyes, brown hair and a wonderfully formed jawline. He wore a black vest but Scott knew that body would be stunning if his bulging arm muscles were anything to go by.

“Where’d you get the pic?” Scott asked just in case it helped him form a plan.
Giles replied “oh yeah, I forgot to say he does some part time work as a personal trainer and the pic is from his site.”
“Ok, Luke will be yours very shortly.” Scott explained “do you want me to prepare him or bring him to you.”
Once he’s dead call me. I want his body complete and you can butcher him at mine. Understood. And before I forget remember as a Brother you have access to all our buildings. Good luck.”

Once Giles had departed Scott did some research of his own and obtained Luke’s mobile number and called it to make a booking for a training session that evening.
Luke told him he could fit him in that evening and a plan had already formed in his head.

The drive to meet Luke took a couple of hours but as he drove Scott knew this was to be the first of many takedowns for The Brotherhood something he perversely looked forward to, a free rain in killing so to speak. He himself had some ideas and needed to wait for the right moment to bounce them off Giles.

On arrival at the gym Scott actively sought Luke out and found the guy he would be spending the next hour with by some weights. He could finally see why Giles had made the decision to want the hot personal trainer who was shirtless apart from a pair of black shorts. Scott was impressed by the definition on his toned torso, with bulging veins popping up from his freshly pumped arms.

“You must be Scott?” Luke said as Scott approached.
Scott nodded and added “That’s right.” And put his hand out to shake Luke’s before adding “Shall we get done to business.”
Luke started the session with Scott by seeing what he could achieve on various weight machines. This was followed by the start of a little session that was tailored to Scott’s needs. As Luke spoke Scott’s phone rang, “phones should be switched off.” Luke reminded Scott with some annoyance to his voice.
“It’s urgent, I got to take this sorry.” Scott replied as he pretended to appear sad, disappointed and angry at the make believe conversation he was having, he finished off by saying “Where will I find another one at short notice, the shoots tomorrow. Thanks for nothing you prick.”
He ended the call and apologised to Luke who in turn had his interest peaked by the call.
“Problems.” He joked as Scott put the phone in his pocket.
“Yes, you could say that.” Scott replied “I’m a photographer and had a shoot planned with a fitness model tomorrow, the cunt has now cried off leaving me high & fucking dry. Where am I gonna get another one like him at such short notice.”
Luke was already thinking about volunteering that much was obvious by the look on his face, but Scott didn’t want it to appear that easy and instead wanted to be the one to make the offer.
“Hey Luke I was thinking. You’ll probably say no. But how about you come and do the shoot. I mean your handsome and have the body for it, not saying that in a weird way but a professional way.”
Luke in turn was ready to jump at the idea but did want to do it straight away. “Err, I’m not sure. I’m fairly busy.”
“Oh bollocks.” Was Scott’s reply “I’m willing to pay you for the day and pay your travel expenses, I mean this is an opportunity many people would die for.”
Luke wanted a bit of confirmation and asked “It’s just for the day.”
Scott nodded “yes.” Scott’s answer was quickly followed by acceptance by Luke as the two abruptly finished their session and discussed details for the shoot.
As Scott headed home he was amazed that it had been that easy but then again people like Luke loved their bodies and if you pampered them and praised it, there’d be like putty in your hands.”

Scott waited at the studios for Luke’s arrival. It was the first time he’d used these as The Brotherhood had supplied them for his method of work. They looked better and more professional then his own ones that had previously done well to get the job done.

Luke arrived dressed in a tracksuit eager to have a crack at the modelling gig and head back home after it was done as he had plans to sort out.
He took his shirt off ready to begin and listened carefully as Scott explained what the form of the shoot would take, what clothes to be worn and props to be used. Scott in turn found it difficult to divert his attention away from the ripped shirtless torso in front of him, its two meaty pecs prominently the focus of his attention.

Luke headed to get changed into the first outfit, whilst Scott sent some props up. The outfits were chosen for a specific purpose which was to give both Giles & Scott perfect reminders of the latest victim that Scott had killed and Giles had eaten.
Luke came back into the studio and literally gave Scott a wow moment. The sexy hunk was dressed in a pair of incredibly short blue shorts that clung to his meaty thighs.
Scott started to photograph the unsuspecting hunk that pulled off the sort of poses you expected from a pro. Scott pointed out the props which Luke picked up so the shoot could continue.
As Scott snapped away he found he had a near permanent hard one from seeing a partially clothed stud in front of him. One of the pictures caught Luke lifting two dumb bells down by his side, it also captured the beauty of his torso, two meaty pecs with a toned set of six pack abs rested on a ripped but smooth torso with a set of wonderful legs sprouting some meaty thighs and defined calves.

Some snaps were made of Luke dressed in other attire before the gorgeous hunk put on a pair of black briefs which were accompanied with a leather jacket.
This part of the shoot began with Luke wearing the jacket zipped up then progressively removed it in a provocative way.
Scott seemed to think the best shot from this part of the shoot showed Luke facing the camera as he stood side on with the leather jacket wrapped around his wrists. This photo caught many of the best sides of the sexy personal trainer from his beautiful stare to the attractively hard toned body the snap even caught sight of the fine hairs on Luke’s fine legs.

Luke headed behind the screen to get changed into the next skimpy outfit.
As he changed Scott laid out the next prop that was needed along with a couple of extras he would soon need.
“What do you have planned for the weekend?” Scott asked trying to be sociable.
“Not much.” Luke shouted from behind the screen “Probably spend some time with my little man.”
“Little man.” Scott repeated not sure what the hot model meant.
“Yeah my little man, my son.” Luke repeated as he finished off putting the latest outfit on.
Scott paused for a moment as Luke stepped out from behind the curtain he now wore a pair of black underwear “H, How old is your boy? Reckon he’ll be proud of his dad.”
Luke laughed “He’s only 5 a right little monster, hopefully one day, that’s why the money from this will come in handy.”

Scott excused himself and rushed to the toilet.
He stood in front of a mirror and stared into it. Something Luke had said had hit him hard and Scott needed a few minutes to comprehend what he was going to do. Something felt uneasy about killing Luke when he was a dad, his son was young and Scott would be robbing him off his dad. He’d happily killed many people in the past but not knowing a lot about them made it rather easy. Luke’s bombshell however had rather complicated things.
Luke fit every other box that made him a good victim, handsome, sexy body etc. but this one played on Scott’s mind.
He banged his fists on the sink as he shouted to himself “Come on Scott decide what you’re gonna do.” Scott had murdered many young men, and the unanswered question was how many of them previous victims were fathers. He didn’t know and didn’t want to know, besides this was to be a Brotherhood kill and he had to get it done. The one consolation is the organisation had the ability to make Luke’s death look like a disappearance which would always give the young boy hope.
The decision was made and Luke was going to die.

The photo-shoot resumed as Scott tried to block out what he had heard earlier.
Luke stood side on with his hands on his hips looking directly at the camera. Again it captured his hot torso but Scott was impressed with the definition he caught on Luke’s thighs, the studs thick muscle looked immaculate as it flexed and Scott knew Giles would mightily impressed with it.

Scott then introduced the prop for Luke to use. The prop in question was a long black cable that was used to pull weights. Scott had Luke drape it around his neck then carry out various poses which he snapped away at.
The best of these shots showed a gorgeous Luke stand face on staring directly into the camera the flexible cable draped over his shoulders. The light fell perfectly on the hunky studs ripped torso showing its great toned definition from his meaty pecs to solid abs, it even caught the toneage on his fantastic thighs. It was a perfect all-rounder to nearly finish the shoot with.

Luke had been warned beforehand that the final part of the shoot was to be a little bit erotic. He agreed to do this part for a little bit extra cash on top, as Scott had advised him he was in a position to offer it if the model refused at first.
This part was to have the model on his knees with the flexible cable wrapped around his neck and Luke pretending to pull the ends tight himself as if conducting a self-strangulation.

With Luke on his knees Scott had him where he wanted him, he pretended to assist the sexy model in wrapping the cable around his neck asking Luke to tell him to stop when he felt comfortable with it. Scott continued to wrap it as Luke gave a thumbs up for him to stop.
This was the moment, this was the time for Luke to die. Instead of releasing the slack Scott pulled back on both ends immediately tightening the thick cable around the sexy stud’s neck.
Luke let out an “oomph” as Scott pulled back even more. The hunky stud frantically clawed at the cable attempting to get some leverage between it and his neck.
“What the fuck are you doing?” He managed to utter as he struggled to breathe. Luke now pulled at Scott’s arms hoping that this would loosen the forever tightening grip around his throat when this didn’t work the gasping stud threw a random elbow back that caught Scott in his midriff sending him flying backwards and releasing the cable. With the tables turned Luke took in a couple of deep breaths before launching himself at Scott. He managed to rain a few blows down on Scott before Scott played his trump card by removing the stun gun from his pocket and stunning Luke on the side of his stomach.

The knockout blow immediately sent the sexy model backwards again giving Scott the upper hand who this time sat on Luke’s chest, placed his hands around his throat and started to manually strangle him. The blow from the stun gun gave Scott the time he needed as his grip was vice like by the time the hot personal trainer came round.
Luke’s frantic gasps and groans filled the room as he desperately clawed and pulled at Scott’s arms. This time the would be no escape Scott’s body had him pinned down, as the dying model bucked and kicked his legs as he attempted to throw Scott off.
Luke’s hands now softly patted off Scott chest as death nearly claimed its latest soul, his face went red as his tongue protruded slightly from his mouth, a long final gasp escaped Luke’s body as it arched up momentarily as his arms dropped limply to his side and his legs remained still.
Scott however wasn’t prepared to stop there, he continued his vice like grip as he stared down into Luke’s vacant brown eyes, and small bits of saliva dribbled from the edge of Luke’s mouth as Scott gently rocked his head from side to side. After a few more minutes had passed Scott still out of breath let go and stood up to survey his handy work.

Luke still looked hot as hell as he lay dead on the floor, his head rested at an angle, his eyes staring into the camera that Scott had set to record the grisly act. One of his arms was bent by his side the other lay straight. Scott picked up the camera and did a full head to toe sweep of Luke’s body which would forever be on film. When this was completed he turned the camera off and had a bit of fun with the hunky stud that was no nothing more than fresh meat for Giles’s enjoyment.

Scott undone his trousers and knelt beside Luke, he rubbed his hand along the studs chin, before moving down to the Adonis’s smooth rock hard body, he squeezed the studs meaty pecs before flicking his still erect nipples then traced the outline of his toned 6 pack.
He then fondled with Luke’s thighs feeling the minute hairs on his thighs. The fun wasn’t to end there as he pulled the black underwear off to reveal Luke’s crown jewels that flopped to the side. He then rolled the sexy hunk onto his front and mounted him from behind. Now lying on top of Luke he began to fuck the wonderfully hot personal trainer whose body thrust back and forth with each hard but violent action Scott made with his hips.
Scott let out a cry as he clenched Luke’s shoulders and ejaculated his load deep inside the dead hunk.

Scott dressed Luke in a pair of light blue briefs then dragged the fresh meat down to his 4×4, he lay Luke along the back seats and threw his belongings in the car before calling Giles and telling him he was on his way.

On arrival at Giles’s house Scott drove into the garage and stepped out of the car.
As Giles approached he said “One sexy but dead personal trainer ready for delivery.”
Giles laughed as he opened the back door to survey his merchandise, leaning into the car he rubbed his hand along one of Luke’s thighs and said “Perfect, just perfect. He’ll keep me stocked up for a while..” He grabbed Luke’s ankles and started to pull the hunk out of the car as he said “Let’s get him upstairs so you can get down to business.”
Scott grabbed Luke under his arms and the two carried the muscled stud into Giles’s house.

Luke was laid on his back on a preparation table as Giles gave his merchandise a good going over. The short blue briefs added a bit of sexiness to the body as Giles surveyed all the areas where you could get the fine cuts from.

He slapped one of Luke’s thighs as he said “what a great set of legs he has on him. Can’t wait to have bite out of them. Join me for a little dinner if you want.”
Scott agreed as Giles handed him the tools he needed for the job. Before he began the process of butchering the fine stud Scott told Giles that Luke had a son, he didn’t go into the details of the effect it had on him but he requested that this be taken into effect when they covered up Luke’s disappearance.

As Scott cut into Luke’s arm he was about to learn that Giles didn’t let a lot go to waste. The meat was removed from the hunks upper arms and placed on one side before Giles requested the meat was stripped from the lower arms and placed on another tray.
Scott then began the task off removing Luke’s wonderful legs, he started to cut at the top of the thighs and then stripped all the flesh from the dead studs thighs and calves. The excess meat joined the meat from the arms. Scott then cut the two slabs of thigh meat into roasts and steaks of various sizes then handed them to Giles to wrap up.
He placed the knife so it rested on Luke’s neck then began the process of decapitating the handsome stud, before setting to work on stripping the flesh from the hunk’s torso. Luke’s meaty pecs were removed along with his abs that were cut into fine bacon strips. Scott then snapped away the hunks meaty ribs which were handed to Giles whole. They finished off by carving Luke’s rump into thick juicy steaks.

Just as Scott thought they were finished Giles bought a mini mincer out and threw the excess meat inside off it with the turn of a handle it was quickly turned into mincemeat. “Perfect for Bolognaise” was the quote Giles made as he placed the freshly minced meat on a tray. The flesh acquired from Luke filled Giles’s freezer meaning he had an ample supply of top quality meat.

Scott asked what Giles planned on doing with the remains. Giles hadn’t given that much thought and insisted Scott took them for his pigs, he even said Luke’s head could join the others in his collection.

That night the smell of two steaks from Luke’s thighs wafted around as they were cooked.
Luke’s severed head was placed on the table as a reminder of the stud these juicy tender steaks had come from. The meat melted in the guy’s mouths as they quickly devoured what was on offer.
The dinner gave Scott the opportunity to run some ideas by Giles. The first being that he wished to employ a member of the organisation to work in his hotel he had overseas. The amount of young revellers that hit the Island meant it was easy pickings for victims. Scott would do the killing he just need a trusted member to oversee the organisation when he wasn’t there. Giles liked the idea of an overseas restaurant and had a couple of people in mind to run it. The second idea was to create an organisation to aide wayward teenagers and young men, on the outside it would give them a chance to get a better life, in reality it meant easy access to victims. On this idea Giles said he needed to speak to others first and would let Scott know.

Before he left Scott burnt a video off of the photo shoot and Luke’s death then headed home. The hunks remains were fed to the pigs straight away whilst Luke’s head began the latest addition to the room.

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