The Cannibals. Chapter 5. Even Heroes Run out of Luck

Dan was on his way back home; he’d been off visiting family and had seen numerous soldiers during the drive all would have made worthy meals for the family.

He was halfway through his drive when the phone rang, it was Sara and she had the unfortunate news to tell him that the kids would be eating the last piece of meat that was left from Danny.

Dan let out a sigh he knew what this meant but then he had an idea. He could find a nearby soldier and once he’d killed them transport them home in the back of his car. In fact, he kicked himself for not having that idea sooner. Above all, it wouldn’t make it look suspicious that all the soldiers were disappearing from a particular area.

As Dan drove down the road he made his mind up, the next soldier he saw was going to be the one to die.

Joe had been on patrol for a few hours and the young soldier was about to enter the forest to conduct a patrol of some villages and ensure the inhabitants were ok. The young soldier had suffered a serious injury when on patrol around a year, his throat was cut whilst saving a local girl from being raped. Joe still carried the scar across his voice box. Thankfully Joe’s life was saved by the inhabitants of the village and he always made sure he could do his best to protect his saviors when he could.

Dan spotted the attractive young soldier as he stood by the tree line looking down the road his thick quads shouting eat me now.

Within seconds Dan had parked his car and followed Joe into the woods. The successful cannibal had taken a course that ensured he cut across his potential victim and moments later his plan worked as he approached Joe.

The sexy soldier looked directly at Dan as he acknowledged him with the soldier’s code as he put his right arm across his chest with a closed fist and nodded his head. Dan in return threw a nod back and passed the sexy warrior.

Once Joe had passed his Dan pulled the homemade garotte from his pocket and snuck up on Joe.

The hunky soldier continued to walk forwards until Dan flung the garrote around his neck.

Joe immediately brought his hands up to his throat as his killer tightened his grip and dragged the athletic soldier backwards momentarily.

“Urrrkk, ugghh, aaaak.” Joe grunted as he frantically kicked his legs and violently pulled at Dan’s arms. However his struggles didn’t last long as the makeshift garrote did its job as the sound of Joe’s larynx breaking was followed by the sound of his neck-breaking. Joe’s body now went limp as Dan let it fall to the floor. With Joe now dead Dan observed the hot hunk lying in front of him one leg bent the other straight.

He quickly grabbed Joe under his arms and dragged the young hunk back to his car so he could transport the body home. Joe’s weapons were left where he fell as Dan covered the dead warrior with a sheet.

Dan was half an hour from home when he saw a roadblock up ahead. He tried not to panic as his vehicle edged closer and closer to the front. So far, the two soldiers manning the roadblock hadn’t pulled any of the cars over they simply looked inside then waved the driver through.

It was now Dan’s turn and he rolled down the window as one of the soldiers asked him if he was on his own. Dan told him he was and the soldier could see from looking in the front he was however he was intrigued by the sheet in the back and asked Dan to step out of the car to lift it up.

Dan’s heart skipped a beat as he let out a gulp, the soldiers would kill him on the spot if they saw Joe’s body and his mind now raced with ideas on how to get out of this. He prayed to god as he opened the door and his prays were soon answered as another car behind him sped through the roadblock. The soldier waved Dan through and went with his colleague to go after the bandit car.

Dan breathed a huge sigh of relief and although he was a little shaken, he managed to get home.

The children were outside playing as he pulled into the garage and carried Joe’s body inside.

Sara inspected the body as she congratulated Dan on acquiring such a fine specimen. She paid particular attention to Joe’s meaty thighs and commented how she couldn’t wait to tuck into some of it later.

The Cannibal grabbed his camera and took some photos of Joe lying dead before stripping the dead soldier of his arm and leg guards and red cape before dragging the family’s latest victim into his homemade slaughterhouse.

Now was the time to harvest Joe’s body of its meat and he wasted little time in stripping the muscular soldier naked, washing the body and hanging him upside down by his ankles, watching as all the blood now flowed to Joe’s head.

Dan turned the tap on as he and made a small incision on one side of Joe’s neck until he hit the young man’s carotid artery. Blood immediately began to gush from the wound and into the tub as Dan continued with a deep ear-to-ear cut that sliced through the young mans neck and larynx.

He now set the timer for 30 minutes and watched as Joe’s blood mixed with the water and swirled down the drain. Once the 30 minutes was up Dan began to massage Joe’s fine legs down to his trunk which forced the last remnants of blood from the deep throat wound.

Safe with the knowledge that Joe had been bled Dan now continued and began the process of decapitating his victim. He enlarged the previous ear-to-ear cut until he could feel the knife strike some resistance as it hit Joe’s vertebrae. It took a bit more effort, but he had soon cut through the ligament and cartilage and pulled the young soldier’s head until it popped off.

Dan stare into Joe eyes before placing the head on the side so it now watched its own body being carefully butchered.

Dan grabbed a scalpel blade from the table and now began the process of gutting his victim. He made an incision going from Joe’s pubic area to his breastbone before placing his hand inside and pulling out the unlucky soldiers’ bowels, internal organs, and intestines.

Before he could harvest the meat, he had to remove his heart and lungs. He grabbed a power saw and began to cut through the middle of the young man’s sternum bone in the middle of the rib cage down to his neck before opening it like the hood of a car and removing the organs and throwing them on a pile for the dog.

With all that done Dan could now harvest Joe’s body for its meat. He started by dismembering the body first starting with Joe’s arms. He began by cutting through the meat under the armpit and around the shoulder before carefully cutting away the ligaments around the head of the humerus. Once this was done, he grabbed the hunk’s arms one at a time and twisted them until the remaining tendons that tied to the shoulder blade broke free.

With each arm loose, he chopped the hands-off and then carefully cut off each finger so the children could snack on them before processing the meat from the upper arm. Joe’s biceps were saved and cut into steaks whilst his triceps were thrown on the pile to be minced up.

The butcher now turned his attention to the hunky torso. He grabbed the power saw once again and this time ran it up from Joe’s back from his buttocks to the neck area.

The hunky soldier’s lateral back muscles were cut away and carefully sliced into large fillets, whilst his ribs were removed and placed on the side, some to be coated in BBQ sauce and the others to remain plain. Joe’s fine oblique muscles of the abdominal area were cut into fine tender steaks whilst his abs were carefully sliced away and cut into bacon strips along with some flank & plate steak. Joe’s pecs were delicately sliced away as some gyno was cut away before they were ready to be served as burgers before Dan finished by turning the remaining meat from his neck and shoulder into various cuts of chuck steak.

The processing of Joe’s body was nearly done, and Dan now turned his attention to the best cuts a body provided and its legs. He grabbed one of the young man’s meaty legs and quickly cut the foot off before separating the upper leg from the calf at the knee. He carefully cut the juicy calf muscle away before turning it into a number of steaks. Dan now grabbed one of Joe’s thick thighs before carefully carving a number of juicy and tender sirloin steaks and roasts from the large slab of meat. He repeated the process on the young man’s other leg before cutting his buttocks into some prime rump steak and roasts.

Before Dan tidied up, he weighed the meat he had collected from Joe’s body. Smiling to himself satisfactorily as the reading came back at 23 kilos of prime beef collected.

The young soldier’s organs were thrown to the family dogs as three large tubs of mincemeat and four crates of various steaks were carried into the freezer.

That night the family settled down for dinner as they tucked into some tender juicy steaks cut from Joe’s magnificent thighs.

A picture of Joe was put up in the city center along with his other deceased colleagues. The village where he had saved the girl declared a days mourning for Joe and erected a small statue in his honour.

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