Predator Story. Chapter 195. The Gymnast

Scott sat bored in the audience watching a gymnastics performance that involved his youngest sister. His parents had forced him to come to show his sister support in her first big team competition.
The only saving grace was that he got to see some good looking shirtless guys prancing around in short shorts.
One guy in particular seemed to catch his attention, Scott would get his name later but this handsome gymnast had a rather lean but toned body which already had Scott thinking what he could do with it.

At the end of the day Scott’s sisters team had finished as runners up and the families of the gymnasts were allowed backstage to congratulate the participants. Scott’s eyes were solely fixed on his sisters hot team mate who his sister finally introduced as Joe.
Scott shook Joe’s hand as he eyed up a potential new victim, impressed with his smooth lean torso and cute nipples that rested on impressive pecs all above a set of firm abs leading down to a pair of long splendour legs.

As Scott was leaving his sister approached him privately, she begged he would do her a favour by picking her up the next day and taking her to meet up with other team members. Scott told her that was ok besides it gave him a chance to decide if he wanted to do something with Joe.

The next morning Giles called Scott with some good news, the Brotherhood had given the green light for a restaurant to be opened on the holiday island where he owned the hotel. It seemed the local mayor and chief of police were both members of the order and sexy young men strutting about in very little clothing meant it was the perfect place to hunt.

Scott couldn’t speak for long he had to go and pick his sister up and take her to meet her gymnast friends.
His sister thanked him during the journey and begged he kept it quiet from their parents. The reason being was they weren’t keen on her attending music festivals and as there was one in the park she was attending she had to sneak around in order to attend.

On arrival at the park his youngest sister thanked him and dashed from the car. But instead of going home Scott parked up and decided to check if Joe was in attendance.
He moved through the park until he caught sight of his sister and the group of gymnasts including Joe who was sat shirtless in chair acting confident and cocky.

Scott took up position as he made the decision to stalk Joe and make him the latest victim if the opportunity arose. As the afternoon went on he saw that Joe was getting cosy to one of the female gymnasts, reading the signals wrong he moved in for a kiss as the girl pulled back in shock.

This seemed to change the mood of the group which split up with the females going in one direction and the guys including Joe in another.

Scott followed and watched as the guys got some alcohol and messed about as young lads did. As the evening went on the guys consumed more and more alcohol and made a general nuisance of themselves.
Alcohol and a group of young guys doesn’t mix as testosterone flew about the place.
Joe undid his shirt and shouted “Who’s got a better body then me? Come on you pricks. Show us yours.” As he showed off his sexy lean torso.

Joe’s mates told him to calm down and that he’d had too much to drink. One tried to remonstrate him which Joe took exception to this and shoved his friend with into a parked car. The force of which broke the window setting off the car alarm. This in turn startled the group of guys and had them running off in all different directions. Scott started his car and drove towards the direction Joe had headed off in. A few hundred yards down the road he caught sight of his target that had stopped running and now casually walked but still threw the old glance over his shoulder. Scott overtook him and parked up ready to attack.

As soon as Joe reached the front of his car Scott burst out of his hiding place and held a chloroform rag in Joe’s face. The hot stud put up a brief fight but his intake of alcohol meant he didn’t stand a chance and soon fell unconscious. Scott let Joe fall to the floor so he could open the car door, he looked down as Joe lay on the road and knew he could have some fun.

Scott lifted Joe up and laid him face up across the back seats. Scott then drove to a secluded area and climbed into the back. He rubbed his hand across Joe’s face before beginning the process of undressing him. He unbuttoned his shirt to expose the sexy gymnast’s body. He took a while to fondle the smooth lean body, enjoying the moment his hand worked its way across the defined areas. The top of Joe’s boxers stuck out from the top of his jeans, Scott undid the jeans to reveal fully a pair of white Calvin Klein’s with yellow trim.

He pulled the jeans off to reveal Joe’s long splendour legs then pulled down Joe’s underwear and bent his legs up so he could start the real fun.

He started to fuck the unconscious gymnast whose body rocked back and forth on the car seats. Scott’s thrusting intensified as he grasped Joe’s shoulders and rode him hard. If Joe was conscious he’d definitely be screaming.
Scott heard a mobile phone ringing and knowing the ringtone wasn’t his he guessed it must have been Joe’s and was probably one of his friends ringing to see if he was ok. His plan however of fucking Joe before he woke failed miserably as the hottie started to stir beneath Scott. This forced Scott to intensify his efforts but this still turned to be in vain as Joe’s eyes opened as he looked directly up at Scott.
Scott knew he had to act and when Joe lifted his arms to try and defend himself Scott took drastic measures. Before Joe could utter a single word a sickening cracking sound filled the car as Scott broke the hot gymnast’s neck. Joe’s arms fell limply away his eyes forever open staring into the abyss. Scott looked deeply into the vacant blue eyes as he finished off his sex session. Joe’s body moved back and forth as Scott clenched his hips and fired his load deep into Joe.

Scott took a few deep breaths then slapped Joe’s cheek as he said “You know what you’re not a bad fuck at all. I enjoyed that.” As he did his trousers up Scott’s phone rang. It was his youngest sister asking if he could pick her up. Scott knew he would have to but first needed to dump Joe’s body. He told his sister that he would be there in about an hour and immediately drove to the animal centre as it was closest.

On arrival he dragged Joe’s naked body to the Tiger enclosure and before dumping it inside gave it a final look and fondle. Joe’s smooth lean body would soon be at the mercy of the Tiger.

The Tiger looked up as the gate to its enclosure was opened up and Joe’s body dragged in. Scott darted out the gate and locked it again as the Tiger came down to investigate its mysterious gift. Scott could see the big cat was sniffing the air as if it knew food had been brought in. On reaching Joe’s body it sniffed his torso for a second before nudging the body with its nose as if to check for any life. When it couldn’t find any it bit down into Joe’s stomach tearing off part of his firm abs and devouring it, then went back for more. Scott watched as the tiger tore chunk after chunk from Joe’s body. Scott had to leave to pick his sister up and when he returned a few hours later the Tiger was back resting after its meal. The beast had ripped open Joe’s torso eating all of the meat along with the flesh from his thighs. Scott held his nose as he approached the half eaten remains the only thing that looked remotely human was Joe’s head, picking them up he put them in the back of the pickup. What remained of Joe was quickly thrown to the crocodiles as he headed off for a meal with Adam.

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