Predator Story. Chapter 201. The Annoying Model

A few days had passed since Scott’s birthday and diving into the murder & mayhem meant he hadn’t had time to catch up with his lover and young protégé.
Adam hadn’t been that busy apart from preparing the surprise for Scott’s birthday and work. Whilst Danny explained he hadn’t done much apart from killing an old school friend during a weekend away. He told Scott about the urge to kill and gave in to it when it got too much.

Scott listened as Danny showed him a picture of Archie then talked about the manner of his death.
“You’re coming on well as a protégé.” Scott joked “You just need to know to deal with the urge when it shows itself. A crucial question though, how did you dispose of his body? Can it be found?”
“I dumped him in woodland. He shouldn’t be found.” Danny replied.
“Shouldn’t. Shouldn’t.” Responded Scott “Shouldn’t isn’t good enough. Come with me.”
“Where are we going?” Danny asked.
Scott looked at Danny and said “To make sure Archie isn’t found for a while yet. You’re taking me to where you dumped him.”

They jumped in Scott’s car and began the trip up the motorway. During the journey one of Scott’s mobile phones went off a few times. Danny asked him who it was and Scott told him it was an annoying teenager that was desperate to do a first photo-shoot and he was just ignoring it.

After a drive of a few hours Danny told Scott to pull into the dirt track which led to where he disposed of Archie’s body. Danny told him to stop as the rest of the journey had to be done on foot. Scott grabbed a shovel and followed Danny through the undergrowth and knew they were getting close as the unmistakeable smell of a decomposing body wafted through the air.
And they soon stumbled across Archie’s putrid smelling corpse which by looks of it had been the focal point of the local wildlife which had been snacking on the dead young boxer. Flesh appeared to be missing from his torso, thighs and arms whilst Crows seemed to have pecked his eyeballs out as maggots crawled over the body.

“We can’t leave him out in the open like this. You’re lucky he hasn’t been found yet.” Scott said as he chastised Danny “Help me dig a grave.”
The two finally finished Archie’s resting place and rolled the decomposing teen into the grave before covering him with dirt.

“I doubt anyone will find him now. And if they did he’d more likely be nothing but bones.” Said Scott as the two walked back to his car.
Once inside his received another phone call and voice message from the same wannabe fitness model. Danny could see how annoyed Scott was at the phone calls and asked “Why don’t you do what you do best?” Scott’s response was to shrug his shoulders and mutter “Not yet.” But Danny was persistent and asked if Scott had been sent a picture of this guy. Scott looked at his phone and pulled up the guy’s picture.
It showed a rather handsome brown haired stud with a rather muscular body who wore a white vest.

“He looks rather hot, I bet the cocky dude would put up a good struggle as he dies. Ring him back and arrange something. You know it’s the only way to get peace.” Danny urged. Scott pondered the decision before taking the plunge and ringing the number back and arrangements made for him to book himself into Scott’s hotel the next day.

The following morning Aidan woke early to pack a few things and head off to what he believed were the first steps of fame and fortune. The nineteen year old had always thought he was good enough to be a fitness model and the moment he saw the website Scott advertised he knew that was gonna be his best chance. Like most guys of his age Aidan thought he was invincible. He oozed cockiness and confidence.
He relaxed during the train journey excited for what lay ahead.

Scott was already at the hotel when his regular taxi driver dropped his next victim off. He shook Aidan’s hand impressed to actually see the handsome teenager in person and found himself looking forward to dispatching the young hunk who was dressed in a dark body warmer with his thick muscular arms showing.

He showed Aidan to the room he’d be staying in then headed down to a quieter room where they could get down to business.

“You’re quite a persevering little bastard aren’t you?” Joked Scott in an attempt to break the ice. “Phone call after phone call was made. But tell me why you think I should do a portfolio shoot with you. Plus do you have the body for it?”
Aidan laughed and replied “Well its simple really you’ve probably never met someone my age that’s as determined as me. I mean who wouldn’t want to photograph me. I mean I ooze hotness and am sexy as hell. Look at my abs for fuck sake.”

With saying that Aidan lifted his shirt to show off a set of toned six pack abs.

Scott liked the arrogance Aidan was displaying the cockier and arrogant they were the better they died.
“Nice set of abs. But I need to see more than that if we are going to progress this. A fitness model isn’t just about abs it’s an all round thing. What are you like all over?”
On hearing Scott say that Aidan knew what he had to do. “Ok fine. No problem I was saving this for shoot.” He pulled down his track bottoms to reveal his pants and lifted his shirt all the way up.
“There you go. The complete package.” Uttered cocky Aidan.

Scott couldn’t disagree with that comment and took a moment to have a good look. Aidan’s whole athletic torso was stunning from his developed pecs to his firm ridged abs and sexy v cut. A bulge protruded at the front of his striped briefs which then showed off a great set of legs with meaty thighs.
“That’s much better.” Said Scott as he praised his victims figure. We’ll do a couple of practice shoots today and the main one tomorrow. That ok with you?”
“Yeah. No probs.” a buoyant Aidan replied.

A few hours later the two were ready for the practice shoot. Aidan wore a skimpy pair of blue shorts as he showed off the rest of his body. Scott explained what he wanted and the show quickly began as Aidan took up a number of poses. This went on for an hour and finished off with Aidan showing off his body as he stood side on with his arms outstretched. That particular shot captured the definition on his whole body including the veins running down his arms.

On completion the two looked over the photos both impressed with what had been captured.

Scott told Aidan there’d discuss the next stage that night. Eager and excited Aidan headed off to have a shower in his hotel room. Unaware of what Scott’s real plan was.
Scott however knew that tomorrow wasn’t going to happen and prepared to make his move on his victim.

Aidan whistled to himself in the shower oblivious to the fact that Scott had snuck into his room. He watched through a crack in the bathroom door as Aidan dried his sexy body in front of the mirror. He then wrapped the towel around his naked body before posing and snapping a few selfies of his body in the mirror.

Scott watched on waiting for a moment Aidan’s guard was down to strike.
That moment quickly came when Aidan had his back to the door. Scott wrapped the ligature around his wrists and attacked quickly flinging the ligature around the stud’s neck. Aidan dropped his phone to the floor as he uttered “what the fuck? What are you do.. ugh ugh?” His attempts to talk were quickly cut off as the ligature tightened around his throat. Aidan started to gasp for breath as he brought his arms up at first to claw at the ligature when this proved futile he grabbed and pulled at Scott’s arms as he tensed his sexy body.
Aidan had no intent of giving up without a fight and during the brutal struggle the towel that was wrapped around his body dropped to the floor.
Now nude Aidan continued to fight, he tried to kick his legs back at Scott. As his killer intensified the pressure around his neck.

Aidan like many hunks his age thought he was invincible, but their encounters with Scott taught them the harsh lesson that they weren’t. He loved feeling the life drain from the cocky studs as they died and Aidan was no exception.
Aidan could feel he was fighting a losing battle as he felt himself weakening before Scott coldly stated as he tightened his grip “Bet you wish you weren’t so persistent now do you. My intention was to always kill you. Arrogant cunts like you die so well.”
The killer’s words seemed to give Aidan a new lease of life but this was short lived as the naked stud’s struggles soon slowed as a prolonged gasp escaped him before his arms dropped to his side and he went limp in Scott’s arms.

Scott wasted no time in dragging Aidan out of the bathroom and into his hotel room and placed the dead teen on a sofa.
He took a few moments to look at his latest handiwork; the ligature was still wrapped tightly around Aidan’s neck as his eyes stared into oblivion as his swollen tongue poked out of his mouth.

Scott knelt over the naked body and had his first fondle of Aidan’s sexy body. The sensation of the stud’s smooth flesh under his hands added to the sexual feeling as Scott let his hands explore Aidan. He spooned up next to Aidan’s corpse as his hand now played around with the dead hunks semi erect manhood.
He photographed his latest victim before giving into temptation and fucking the straight hunk.

He dragged the body down to the slaughter room and set about dismembering and harvesting Aidan. The studs thick upper arm meat was removed before both sexy legs were cut off then cut into three. The first part being Aidan’s thick thighs that contained most of the meat, followed by the inedible knees and finally the lower leg containing the calf muscle. The hottie’s head was carefully removed before Aidan’s pecs were sliced away as followed by his firm abs. An incision was made that split Aidan’s torso and easy access given to the hunks ribs which were cut away with meat still attached. Before disposing the uneatable remains the large mass of flesh was removed from Aidan’s rump.

The young fitness model yielded a fair amount of meat which was wrapped up and taken over to the restaurant.
Aidan’s remains were thrown into the incinerator with his head taken back to Scott’s house

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