The Headhunters. Chapter 2. The Visionary Strikes

Cooper had always been an overachiever. He excelled in his academics and was a skilled athlete. Growing up, he played multiple sports but never found one that he truly loved. It wasn’t until high school that he discovered his passion for cheerleading.

At first, it was a way to stay active and involved in school, but he quickly fell in love with the sport. The flips, jumps, and stunts challenged him in ways that other sports couldn’t. And, surprisingly, he loved the teamwork aspect of cheerleading more than anything else.

When it was time for Cooper to go to college, he knew he wanted to continue cheerleading. He also knew he wanted to become a dentist. He was fascinated with the human body and wanted to help people achieve and maintain healthy smiles.

So, Cooper decided to attend a university that had both a strong cheerleading program and a prestigious dentistry school. It wasn’t easy, balancing his demanding cheer schedule with his rigorous course load. But Cooper was determined to succeed.

Cooper quickly became a standout on the cheerleading squad. His strength and agility made him a valuable asset, and his upbeat personality made him a favorite among his teammates. But Cooper didn’t just excel in cheerleading. He was top of his class in dentistry, too.

It was an unusual combination, for sure. Cooper was used to the looks of surprise and confusion when he told people he was a male cheerleader and dentistry student. But he didn’t care. He was doing what he loved, and that was all that mattered.

 Life was good, and Cooper was looking forward to becoming a doctor and having a successful career.

The Visionary was on the prowl, she was looking for a potential victim’s head to offer up to the cult’s god Kuhl. She’d spotted a few potential good victims but as she walked down the sandy beach, she noticed a lone figure lying on a beach towel, soaking up the sun. She immediately stopped in her tracks when she caught site of the dark-haired young man in striped shorts that appeared to be sunbathing on the empty beach.

Cooper was lying there shirtless, wearing nothing more than a pair of striped shorts. His toned muscles and smooth skin glistened in the sun, leaving The Visionary breathless as her eyes remained glued to the young man’s perfectly sculpted abs. She couldn’t help but stare as he lay there, looking like a Greek god.

The Visionary took up a position where she could keep a close eye on her potential prey and watched on as Cooper now sat up and placed a hat on his head as he jokingly acknowledged two girls that walked past.

The girls giggled but then carried on their way as Cooper looked down at his watch and realized he had to leave.

He stopped by the beach shower where he planned to wash the excess sand off and unlocked his car quickly. This gave The Visionary an idea and she continued to watch as Cooper stepped into the shower, he closed his eyes and let the cool water cascade down his body. He stretched his arms up, letting the water soak through his hair and down his chest, making his muscles glisten in the sun.

The girls who walked past earlier couldn’t help but be impressed as they watched. “Oh my god, he’s so hot!” one whispered to her friend. “I know, right?!” the friend replied, eyes wide as she ogled Cooper.

As he reached for the soap to lather up, the girls and The Visionary  watched in awe as the suds ran down his arms and chest, accentuating every inch of his toned physique. They could hardly contain their excitement as they watched him rinse off, their eyes glued to his impressive display.

As the shower came to an end, Cooper opened his eyes to find the girls staring at him with admiration in their eyes. He smiled and said a friendly hello before turning to dry himself off.

This was when The Visionary made her move and took up her position.

Cooper walked towards his car with his towel slung around his shoulder. He opened the door, tossed the towel on the passenger seat and jumped in. He buckled himself in with the seat belt and looked up at the rear-view mirror. “Those girls were impressed; I am a sexy mother fucker.” He said to himself as he admired his body and good looks.

He looked forward as his hands clasped the steering wheel and prepared to start his car. This was when The Visionary struck, and she appeared from her hiding place in the rear of the car and pulled Cooper’s head back.

“What the fuck!” The shirtless hunk exclaimed as The Visionary immediately ran the sharp blade across Cooper’s throat. His eyes opened wide in fear and shock as his voice box was severed and he let out frantic gasps and grunts as he brought his hands up to try and pull the knife away, but the Visionary was relentless. The last thing Cooper felt was his warm blood oozing out onto his fine torso as The Visionary continued to behead him.

Moments later the Visionary smiled as she held Cooper’s severed head in front of her. She placed it in a bag and then left the car leaving Cooper’s headless body sitting in the driver’s seat to be discovered by some unfortunate soul.

Back at the cult’s headquarters the other cult members were gathered as The Visionary stepped forward from the crowded circle of killers. Her movements were slow and calculated, as if she was in a trance. She carried the wooden offering box with her, which contained her gift for the deity Kuhl. As The Visionary walked closer to the altar, everyone else stepped back respectfully, giving her space to perform his ritual.

She stopped before the altar and reverently opened the lid on the box. Inside lay Cooper’s severed head.

The room was silent and filled with an almost electric tension. All eyes were fixed on the cults killer as she raised her hands to the sky and held the severed head aloft so people could see it, uttering prayers in a low voice. She closed her eyes, swaying back and forth as if in a trance and kissed Cooper on the lips. With her offering complete, and great solemnity and concentration, she placed Cooper’s head carefully onto the altar before stepping back to admire the work and bowing her head before stepping away from the altar. Everyone else followed suit, bowing their heads in reverence for the deity that had been honored by this offering as Cooper’s beautiful vacant eyes looked back at them as cracks of thunder could be heard and Kuhl’s offering fire lit itself.

After several moments of silence, The Visionary opened her eyes and looked around at everyone present. With the ritual complete, the group gathered to admire Cooper’s head as Adrian’s severed head was placed in the hall of offerings.

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