Photographer Story. Chapter 5. A New Costume Fulfils a Fantasy

Tim was excited. The world famous photographer was about to do a photo shoot that would incorporate a fantasy that he had held for a long time. He’d scoured the internet and found all the relevant props and now felt like a child on Christmas morning.

He just waited for his model to arrive so he could begin.

The motorcycle engine revved as Zach picked up his helmet and prepared to ride over to Tim’s. Zach and Tim had spoken a few times at the gym and Zach had always expressed an interest in doing a photoshoot. He got excited when Tim reached out to finally offer the opportunity to have one and looked forward to the date. Tim had told him that he would be a Guinea pig for a new outfit and part of a shoot he was trying if that was ok with him. When Zach was told about the new outfit his excitement for the shoot grew even more.

Life hadn’t always been good for Zach. Things in his family life were tough and he’d grown estranged from his family. He’d enrolled in the Air Force and now lived a military life that had seen him change his life for the better.

He went to the gym as a release and working on his body and keeping himself looking good was a personal challenge he’d given himself and he knew he was doing something right when Tim said he would consider him for a photoshoot.

Tim heard the loud noise of the motorbike as it came up his drive and knew that Zach had arrived. He watched as the bike came to a stop and Zach removed his helmet. The young man looked attractive dressed in a black jacket and black jeans as he walked towards the house.

Tim opened the door to greet his model and the two gave each other a quick embrace as Zach again thanked Tim for giving him this opportunity.

Zach explained he didn’t bring anything to be shot in as Tim had told him about the new outfit and props he wanted him to be in. Tim explained that that was fine and he didn’t want to start directly with that part of the shoot. He explained the first part of the shoot and asked Zach if he felt comfortable getting shot in his underwear and the young man told him that he didn’t see that as an issue. He grabbed Zach a bottle of water and told him to go get undressed as he ensured the lighting with his camera was good.

Moments later Zach entered the bedroom dressed in nothing more than a pair of black underwear.

“Looking good dude.” Tim said as he caught sight of Zach “This first part is just so you get rid of the nerves and can smash the part in the new outfit.”

Zach smiled “That’s cool but I warn you now I’ll probably need some directing.”

Tim watched on as Zach gave his muscles a quick workout before they started the shoot. The sight of the sexy young man in just his underwear made Tim’s trouser snake stir and begin to grow hard.

The first part of the shoot soon started and Zach stood by a window and began to pull of some poses. It was clear that Zach was nervous as he pulled off a double oblique shot.

Tim gave some pointers and more ideas and could see as time went on that the young model was soon relaxing.

The duo moved onto another part of the room and this time the shoot would take place around and on a brown chair. Zach seemed less wooden with his poses and Tim knew he had a breakthrough as his model sat back in the chair and let his left leg dangle over the arm and gave a cocky but arrogant look towards the camera.

As the shoot headed over to the bed the confidence was now growing in Zach and the duo made some awesome content as Zach pulled over various poses on the bed. Some were serious whilst others more seductive but both showed how sexy and hot the young model was and why Tim looked forward to killing him.

Zach now lay across the bed as Tim snapped away capturing some amazing content that no one was going to be able to see.

For the final part of this shoot Zach now lay back on the bed as Tim grabbed some shots from a height looking down at the sexy hunk.

“Ok that’s a wrap for this part.” Tim said as he stepped off the ladder “I’ve really been looking forward to the next part.”

“Oh so have I.” Zach added “Especially with what you described, this is going to be epic man.”

Tim explained that it was best the next part took place outside and before he did led Zach to a room where he could see the outfit for the first time.

The excitement was building in Tim as this was something that he always wanted to do for a long time.

One of Tim’s biggest fantasy’s was dreaming about a lot of the sexy young men he shot dressed as Ancient Greek or Roman soldiers. But the best part of his fantasy was dreaming about them dying or lying dead dressed in uniforms of the day. It was by chance that he saw the outfit of the Spartan warriors from the movie 300 online and the moment he saw it he knew he had to get it. Dressed in nothing more than a pair of slick black briefs, arm and knee pads, a leather strap across the torso and a flowing red cape the outfit screamed sexiness and Tim knew that if he brought it people would wear it and Zach was to be the first.

Unfortunately for Zach he was also going to be the first to die in it and help Tim bring one of his biggest fantasies to life.

“Oh my fucking god.” Zach announced as he saw the outfit laid out on the table. “This is dope. I’m looking forward to this.” He added as he picked up the real Spartan sword purchased directly from the movie.

“I can see your excited.” Tim added as he tried to contain his excitement. “I’ll leave you to get dressed and see you outside.”

Tim was prepared and excited as he waited for Zach to reappear in the new outfit. He didn’t have to wait long as his Zach soon stepped outside in the outfit and Tim had to struggle to contain his feelings as he felt himself immediately going hard.

Zach strolled in holding his helmet and sword in each hand looking amazing. The young models legs looked exceptionally amazing as the black briefs bulged and struggled to maintain his manhood underneath.

“Yo Zach looking great buddy.” Tim announced, “The outfit looks better than i could have imagined.”

“I’m liking it.” Zach replied “These shots are going to blow up my page. Let’s do this!”

Tim didn’t need to be told twice, for years he had only been able to fantasize about what he was about to shoot and seeing them lying dead. Now he was going to photograph it and ensure he now lived out his fantasy. Models that dressed as Spartans were going to be killed and Tim was going to be there killer.

The Spartan shoot began and with Tim laughed to himself as he photographed Zach. it was ironic that the young man was an active member of the military and would also be the first to be shot and killed as a Spartan.

A number of images had been captured already of the sexy model in the Spartan outfit.

Zach now posed with a serious look on his face with his arms down by his side as he stared into the camera.

The shoot now moved on and Tim instructed Zach to strike a pose giving the Spartan code. Zach obliged and brought his hand across his chest with a clenched fist and looked away from the camera.

Things moved on and Tim was finding it hard to resist his urges. The devil on his shoulder was telling him to kill Zach now and although he wanted to do it he still wanted a few more shots of the young Spartan alive.

Now he gave Zach the sword and shield and this time he grabbed some killer shots of the young soldier with weapons.

The urges had grown even stronger and with over a couple of hundred shots of Zach alive in the costume, it was time for some of him lying dead In it.

Tim did feel some remorse about having to kill Zach, he had grown to like the young man who appeared to have a sensible head on his shoulders.

The world renown photographer had dreamt of what he was about to do something he had dreamt of for a long time and now he was about to live it out.

Zach took a little break from the shoot as Tim picked up a ligature and prepared to strike. The photographer now played out one of his fantasy’s in his mind. Zach was a lone sentry and Tim was an enemy scout who happened to come across the lone young man.

Tim told Zach that for this part of the shoot he wanted to get a couple of shots from different angles and explained he wanted to start with a couple of Zach standing at an angle and when he was instructed to he was to turn and look over at the camera.

Unbeknown to Zach his death was about to be recorded as Tim who was already secretly recording now switched his camera over to record and now silently crept up behind Zach and flung the garrote around his neck.

The attack took Zach by surprise and the young model dropped the sword and shield as he was immediately rocked back onto the heels of his feet.

“What the hell are you doing Eerrkkk” Zach uttered as he instinctively brought his hands up in an attempt to stop the ligature from biting deeper into his neck. Zach’s arms flung around wildly as he tried his best to kick back at Tim who knew that in this role play nothing but death could be the end result and if this was real life the quicker it was the better chance of getting away undetected. Zach played his part well and put up a good fight, the sexy young man was determined not to die but Tim was experienced at this game and after a few minutes of struggling one final squeeze saw Zach’s life end as his desperate struggles stopped and his arms fell limply to his sides.

Tim felt euphoric, Zach’s dying struggles had turned him on. He was now living out his fantasy and had so much he wanted to do.

He looked over at Zach who lay on his back arms down by his side, eyes staring up into the abyss. Yes Tim had killed before, he’d seen bodies before but this was different it felt different. Zach was laying dead dressed in the clothing he had fantasized so much about and seeing the hot young men he shot laying dead wearing it. Zach looked amazing dead in the Spartan outfit he well toned legs were exposed to the elements as the slick black briefs struggled to contain the big bulge that lay with them.

He couldn’t help himself and immediately knelt down by the body and began to let his hands explore the smooth torso and fine legs which were wet from smooth thighs down to the hairy shins that were covered by the leg guards. As he touched Zach he could feel his ever-growing manhood wanting to come to the party and now stood up and looked down at his latest victim.

Tim grabbed his erect cock and began to masturbate as he stared down at Zach not taking his eyes off of the young man for a second. Tim controlled himself and eventually shot out his load that landed on the ground not far from where Zach lay. He then grabbed his camera and began to grab some shots of Zach laying dead in various positions similar to how a soldier may have fallen.

He manipulated Zach’s body and moved it into many positions and this time put the weapons and helmet in the shot. He lay Zach’s outs out straight from his body and bent his left leg out and kept his right one straight, he then moved the young man’s head to the side and grabbed some more photos.

Tim was enjoying himself and had captured Zach in many positions, he then finished off with by bending the leg that was straight up so it’s knee now faced the sky and grabbed a final few shots.

He knew that there was still much more fun to have with Zach and wanted to do this whilst the body was still relatively fresh. It had been amazing to finally live out his biggest fantasy and he had captured over a thousand shots of the young man dressed as a Spartan both dead and also alive.

He dragged Zach back inside the house and immediately conveyed him up to the bedroom where he stripped Zach out of the Spartan costume and now lay in nothing more than the black Nike underwear he had worn to the shoot.

Tim now climbed on the bed next to Zach and again let his hands explore and fondle with the dead hunk before positioning him so he could fuck Zach’s body.

Zach now lay on the bed, his arms and head dangling over the end as Tim now pulled his underwear down and played with Zach’s well-endowed manhood before beginning to fuck his latest victim.

The dead model’s tight hole put up a slight resistance as Tim forced his erect cock in but soon enough Zach’s body rocked back and forth under each hard thrust Tim made. Nearing his climax Tim grabbed Zach’s shoulders and fired his load deep inside his latest victim. He pulled Zach back up on the bed “Killing you was nothing personal.” He said as he stared into Zach’s eyes “It was just an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. In fact, you’ll always have a special place in my heart as being the first I could live my favorite fantasy out on. For that I thank you.” Tim added as he gave Zach a kiss on the lips.

If he could Tim would keep the bodies of his victims for longer than he did. But the fact he ate parts of his victims ensured he had to dispose of them whilst they were still fresh.

He dragged Zach’s body into the room where he butchered the bodies and laid him out.

Tim looked down at Zach. He grabbed and squeezed one of his thighs looking forward to tasting one of the steaks he would soon cut from the thick muscle.

The photographer already had two sculptures on the go and decided a third one built only from the body parts of people he shot as a Spartan warrior would be used so he could build a warrior sculpture. Tim got to work dismembering Zach’s body. He kept the hunk’s right arm for his sculpture and his head so it could be added to his trophy room. The meat from his right thigh had been cut into various-sized steaks as the rest of Zach’s remains were ready to be dumped.

Tim sat down and ate one of the steaks he had cut from the dead hunks leg. The taste of Zach’s flesh was exquisite the succulent meat melted in the mouth and Tim made sure to let Zach’s severed head that sat opposite him at the table know.

With his meal finished Tim went to dispose of Zach’s remains. He wanted to ensure none of the young man was found and disposed of one body part at a time in a single bin over a hundred mile radius.

With the task completed he headed home knowing the likelihood of any of his latest victim being found was slim.

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