Predator Story. Chapter 224. The Animal Feed.

After a long and exhausting journey the trio arrived back home. The general consensus was Australia would have to be visited again simply due to the amount of amazingly hot guys that strut about without a care in the world. Scott knew it wouldn’t be too long till the Brotherhood had him back. He knew things had to be dealt with when he got home but nothing could be done until the group had slept off the jetlag that had occurred from the long journey.

Scott awoke the next morning knowing that a busy period was about to start. The animals needed feeding and the restaurant needed to be stocked up. A busy hunting period had just begun.

Scott’s first venture of the day was to be the gym where he was due to interview a couple of people for personal trainer jobs. This also gave him an opportunity to hunt for any victims that he would need for various reasons.

Twenty year old Sam was to be the first interview of the day. The youngster was keen on making a good impression on his first interview for a personal trainer job. He gave himself the final touches as he looked in a mirror and snapped a quick selfie.

Feeling confident about the day Sam grabbed a bag as the gym allowed free use to the interview applicants.

Scott couldn’t help but stare as Sam walked into the interview room. The good looking youngster looked smart and sexy in his white shirt and dark trousers and although Sam gave a nerves interview Scott was already thinking about offering him a job as the sexy youngster ticked all the victim boxes for him.
Scott stood up and shook Sam’s hand and told him he’d be in touch shortly. Sam smiled and asked where the gym Jacuzzi was as he would like to use it. Scott gave the hottie directions as a planned formed in his mind to bring Sam’s death forward.

He had a bit of time to kill and switched on the surveillance camera he had installed in the Jacuzzi room. Sam was sat in the hot tub with no one else in the room. He sat with his elbows resting on the side of the tub wearing nothing more than swimming shorts and a baseball cap. Scott zoomed in to see the stud’s sexy shirtless torso and knew he had a perfect opportunity.

e crept out of his office and down into the Jacuzzi room quietly locking the door behind him.

Sam sat relaxing in the tub only becoming aware that someone else was in the room when Scott grabbed his shoulders and forced him down into the water. The surprise of the attack saw Sam take in a large amount of water as his attacker held him under meaning he wasn’t able to breathe. Sam’s arms and legs splashed about in the water as his struggles began his arms frantically trying to grab hold of whoever was attacking him. Scott however was relentless and pushed down using all his might, he could see that Sam was trying to hold his breath and knew that the hottie couldn’t keep it up for ever. Sam’s cap floated about in the water as the assault continued. Scott knew that he’d stopped holding his breath when he saw that Sam’s arms and legs intensified there struggles. A few minutes later struggles stopped as bubbles came up from Sam’s mouth and his arms floated in the water. Scott held him under for a little longer before lifting the unlucky twenty year old out. He grabbed his cap and made his way to one of the secret passage ways where Sam’s body was dragged to a room and placed on a table by Scott.

Scott took a few moments to dry Sam’s athletic body before allowing his hands to inspect Sam’s athletic body.

He grabbed the knifes and carefully cut it into pieces, placing each one into a black wheelie bin ready to be fed to the Crocs. Sam’s head was placed on the side so Scott could add it to his collection.
The metal table was hosed down and Scott headed back to the gym as it was nearly time for the next interview.

Scott knew the next guy he was due to interview. Josh was a regular user of the gym that Scott had his eyes on for a while. When he saw an application from the hunk he couldn’t believe it and knew now was the right time to strike. He’d already decided that Josh’s meat would be perfect for the restaurant.
As he waited for Josh to arrive he pulled the picture he’d managed to obtain when Josh bragged about a modelling shot he did a while back. The picture in question showed a good looking Josh in an open top showing off his great pair of pecs and firm six pack abs.

The sight of Josh in the picture made Scott’s trouser snake stir as a knock occurred on the door. He put the picture back in his draw and called for the person to come in.

Josh entered the room looking smartly dressed in the usual interview clothes and sat down. Scott made it more of a casual chat then an interview which made Josh feel at ease straight away. Midway through Scott asked Josh if he wanted a drink. The fit hunk accepted the offer Scott handed Josh potential terms of employment. Scott got up to get the drinks as Josh read through the paperwork. Instead of getting the drinks Scott grabbed a gun from a cupboard and approached Josh who still sat his back to Scott scanning through the papers. Scott pointed the gun at Josh’s head and pressed the trigger. The guns silencer did its job as small pop was heard before Josh slumped forward onto the desk his eyes still open staring into oblivion.
Scott wasted no time in placing a towel on the floor and then laid Josh out on it, his head resting on the towel that soaked up the blood that escaped from his head wound. Scott had stripped Josh down to a pair of blue sports shorts that he wore under his trousers. His hands explored Josh’s fantastic body as they slid their way over the dead studs meaty pecs and firm abs before moving down to his smooth thighs enjoying the sensation of the still warm flesh under his hands.

Josh looked stunning laid out on the floor and couldn’t resist the urge to fuck him.

The blue shorts were pulled down as Scott thrust his semi erect cock into the dead straight hunk whose body rocked back and forth under each hard thrust that Scott made. When he’d finished fucking Josh the body was conveyed to the same room where Sam was dismembered earlier. Josh’s meat was to go to the restaurant so Scott carefully cut it up ensuring he kept the meat from the upper arms, thighs, calf’s, rump, pecs, abs and any other edible parts along with Josh’s ribs. The left overs were thrown into the wheelie bin that contained Sam’s dismembered body.

Sam & Josh’s heads were stored away until Scott was able to bring them home. The black wheelie bin containing the dead guy’s body parts was dragged outside to the Crocodile enclosure. Scott now began the process of throwing parts in the first thing that Scott threw in was Josh’s mutilated torso which a number of smaller crocs took no time to rip to pieces and devour. The smaller Crocodiles were in there element fighting each other as they dashed to consume what was left of Josh and then more importantly Sam’s dismembered body. The reptiles swallowed most of the dead hunk whole just like he was the usually dead chickens they were thrown. Scott carefully lifted Sam’s limbless torso up and watched as it splashed into the water. A number of Crocodiles made a beeline for it but they were soon outmuscled by one of the bigger Crocs who bit down on Sam’s athletic torso and started to death roll ripping pieces of flesh off as it did. A couple of smaller Crocodiles bravely clung on to other parts of it so they too could consume parts of the dead hunk. Thirty minutes later calmness returned to the water as the beasts had finished the first part of their feast.
Scott wheeled the bin inside and headed off to hunt for another unfortunate victim.

Scott didn’t have to look far for his next victim as he spotted Conor staggering down the road. The twenty year old had just been evicted from a club for having a bit too much to drink and was easily attainable for Scott who parked a little further up the road and waited for his victim to approach. Once Conor who was dressed in a white shirt and jeans approached Scott jumped out of his hiding place and smashed Conor around the head with a hammer. A loud cracking sound followed the blow as Conor quickly fell to the floor dead. The blow from Scott having caught him on the temple and cracking his skull.

Scott wasted no time in dragging the sexy looking Conor into his car and laying him across his back seats.

He then turned the car around and drove back to animal centre where Conor was going to be fed to a lucky animal. Scott drove into the loading bay and opened the back doors to his car where he began the process of striping Conor naked. He took a few moments to admire the young stud’s sexy athletic body which was toned in all the correct places. It was evident that Conor groomed himself well as his smooth skin consisted of hardly any body hair apart from his neatly trimmed pubes which gently covered the usual area.

Conor’s body was dragged to the open topped 4×4 and placed in the back as Scott jumped into the driver’s seat and drove to the Lion enclosure. Scott could see as he drove in that the big cats were chilling in their usual resting place, one of the females raised her head on seeing the 4×4 and watched waiting for it to stop. She knew the sight of the vehicle meant food and would be very happy to drag whatever it was to a place where the pride could eat safely.
Scott stopped the jeep and climbed into the back. He looked down at Conor’s naked body, already imagining the Lions tucking into the hot athletic body. He took his phone from his pocket and snapped a final picture of Conor before slapping his abs as he said “you’re gonna make some animals really happy.”

He then rolled Conor out of the back of the 4×4 ensuring that the dead hunk landed face up and quickly drove out of the enclosure so he could watch part of the feast on camera.

The Lioness had crept down from her spot and was already inspecting Conor’s body. She nudged it with her nose waiting to see if it would respond in any way. Once she felt confident the food wouldn’t resist she moved in so it could be dragged home.

The Lioness clasped hold of Conor’s corpse with its teeth placed firmly around his exposed neck and then using most of her strength started to drag its meal to a suitable place so the pride could eat. Her movement of the body had alerted the other Lions who now sat patiently waiting for the food.

The Lioness had barely dropped Conor’s body when the head of the pride moved in and took a bite out of Conor’s stomach just above his v cut. The Lion flung its head back as it devoured the piece of flesh it had ripped off and moved in to devour more, its nose and mouth fur turning redder with each bite it made.
The rest of the pride including cubs took a position up around the body and began to simultaneously rip chunk after chunk of flesh from Conor’s body. The cubs tried their best to copy the adults but their little jaws weren’t able to get the same leverage as the adults. Instead a couple of the females tore off chunks of meat and dropped them on the floor for the cubs to eat. The pride were working their way through the meaty parts of Conor’s body and had already eaten through his chest and thighs and now devoured his rump and other parts. Scott had seen enough for now. He’d be back later to tidy up.

As Scott walked through the car park he spotted Adam driving in. Adam pulled up alongside him. “I’ve got one for you where do you want me to park?”
Scott looked in the car and saw a bound guy lying across the back seats. “Stick it over there.” Scott pointed “we’ll sort him out now.”
“No problems. I think Danny has one for you as well.”

Scott made his way over to where he’d advised Adam to park and stood waiting as Adam pulled a handcuffed Jim out of the car.
“Where are we? What the fuck are you doing? I know my rights you can’t fucking do this.” Shouted the handsome looking youngster.

Adam turned and grabbed Jim by the neck as he barked “I’ve warned you shut the fuck up or else.” Jim gave Adam a look and muttered something that sounded like ‘wanker’ under his breath.

In the meantime Scott took the opportunity to eye Jim up, he had already noticed his blue eyes as his cocky attitude added to his youthful looks which was topped off with a slim but attractive looking body.
Jim caught Scott looking at him and snapped “What the fuck are you looking at? Do you fucking fancy me?

Scott decided he’d heard enough and told Adam to follow him. Adam grabbed Jim by the arm and followed Scott to the bridge over the Crocodile enclosure. Adam knew what Scott had in store for the cocky young chav.
The handcuffs on Jim were removed as Adam pulled out a gun and ordered him to strip down to his underwear which was followed by a warning that he’d have a bullet put in his back if he tried to run.

The sight of the gun being pointed at him saw the cockiness Jim had previously show disappear as the reality of what was happening finally hit him. The youngster stripped down to a pair of white boxer briefs that clung tightly to his sexy lean frame. His torso looked good with a defined set of abs and cute looking pecs. Definitely a good choice from Adam Scott thought as he suddenly pushed Jim into the water.

Jim splashed into water and hadn’t realised he was surrounded by Crocodiles. “What the fuck? Why did you do that?” Jim shouted thinking maybe this was a prank that some of this mates had organised. He turned and swam towards the shoreline before any Crocodile had a chance to attack him. Jim had no idea that the commotion had attracted the attention of the largest Crocodile that slowly made its way towards the waters edge that Jim was swimming towards.

Jim muttered “Fucking wankers” as he slowly crawled out of the water. He lifted his head to be confronted by the large open jaws off the Crocodile. Jim let out a scream as the jaws snapped shut on his upper body and found himself kicking his bare legs as the reptile lifted its head and lifted him up as it shook its head from side to side as if Jim was nothing more than a rag doll in its mouth.
All the while Scott & Adam watched excitedly as Jim now lay motionless his blood stained lower torso and legs sticking out of the Crocodile’s mouth. They assumed the lack of movement meant Jim was dead, the reality however was that the youngster was still alive but unable to move as the violent shaking had seen the Crocodile paralyse him by breaking his back.

Then without warning the beast snapped its head back as it swallowed more of its meal. Jim’s lower legs now dangled motionless from the Crocodiles mouth before one more movement where it lifted its head backwards saw Jim’s legs slid down its throat as its latest meal made its way to the stomach to be digested.

No sooner had the two celebrated Jim’s death did Danny arrive in a white van. Scott’s young protégé pulled up in a corner near the animal centre and jumped out.
“Alright guys. As promised I’ve done my bit for the day.” He boasted as he opened the back door of the van to reveal Patrick’s body.
“This was his van.” Danny added “He’s one of those travellers. He turned up offering to give quotes to get your driveway redone. I saw he was shirtless and would do my part. I expressed an interest and got the business done. I was surprised at how easy it was.”

“Nice. Let’s not hang about and feed him to one of the animals.” Scott said as he got a look at Patrick’s body.
“Inventive.” Complimented Adam “I’d guess Garden fork judging by the wounds to his stomach.”
Danny laughed as he replied “Got it in one. What gave it away? The four stab holes or something else. But seriously I attacked him with it as he looked around and prepared his estimate.”
Adam grabbed Patrick’s ankles and dragged the body further out so Danny could grab him under the armpits. They carried the body as they followed Scott who stopped outside of the room that contained the Anaconda.

Scott opened the door which led into a viewing room, which in turn led into another room that contained the snake’s home. This room contained a large pool with a shoreline of wet and marshy areas which was perfect for the Anaconda as it mirrored the snake’s normal habitat. Scott knew the guys had to be quick as he opened the door as if they didn’t the snake could attack them. The door was opened wide enough so they could sling Patrick inside.
The dead traveller landed face up as the Snake began to move to investigate its potential meal.

The three guys watched through the glass as the Anaconda’s tongue kissed Patrick’s upper body before positioning itself at the top of his head.
Scott always liked watching this part as the Snake began to slowly swallow its meal. It started by consuming Patrick’s head before moving dislocating its jaw so it could fit the dead guy’s shoulders and body in. The Anaconda took its time as it devoured more and more of its meal. Twenty minutes later Patrick’s white socks disappeared into the Anaconda’s mouth as the person shaped bulge finally settled in its stomach.
Scott clapped his hands together as he said “Right, fives enough for today, we’ll get more tomorrow but let’s leave her to digest her meal.”

Before leaving Scott had to make sure he cleaned up the Lion enclosure. The big cats rested having feasted on Conor’s body and Scott could see as he lifted the remains into the jeep that they hadn’t left much of the flesh on Conor’s body. The badly mutilated body was thrown into the furnace as Scott told Danny to put park the van in one of the barns on Scott’s land.

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