Predator Story. Chapter 228. The Topless Butler

With Danny’s arrival back at Scott’s the three killers were reunited after a short break from each other.
They didn’t have much time to catch up on old times as Scott & Adam were due to attend a rugby match with some of Scott’s family in preparation for one of his cousins eighteenth birthday.
Everything had been arranged for that evening so all that Scott needed to do was sit back and relax but he was about to find out that fate played a funny game when she wanted to.

Scott was stood at the side of the pitch when he received a message from the guy who had been hired to act as the topless; he gave his apologies and informed Scott he had to cancel due to a family emergency. Annoyed and angry Scott now knew he had to pull something out of the bag and fast.
He watched a bit of the rugby game as he tried unsuccessfully to fix the problem. However he saw a potential solution to the problem as his cousin had taken a shining to the blue team’s number 7, a guy that Scott happened to know from his gym.

Liam was a regular at Scott’s gym and had got to know Scott over time. A keen rugby player Liam used the gym to work on his physique which aided his game.
Scott in turn had considered the young hunk as victim material since the day he had been approached by Liam and asked to take a photo of him in the changing room. Liam wore a blue vest with the word ‘Ripped’ across the front. “Need to make sure we get the bigger picture and people can see I don’t skip leg day.” Liam joked as he dropped his track bottoms and pulled a double bicep pose.

the image of the rugby hunks biceps and sexy thick thighs hadn’t left Scott’s mind and had firmly put Liam in the killers sights.

After the game Scott approached Liam as he stood talking on the side lines. “Yo Liam. How’s things?”

“Scott. What are you doing here mate?” Liam asked.

“Here with family. It’s a cousin’s birthday today and her brother was playing for the team you were up against.” Scott replied

“Wow, small world. Catch you later.” Liam answered as he turned and started to walk away.

“Hey Liam, don’t go yet. I’ve got a little problem you may be able to help with.” Said Scott as he again grabbed Liam’s attention.

“Hey Scott. I don’t want to know about your little problems.” Laughed Liam before adding “What can I do for you?”

“Listen mate I’m desperate. Remember I said it’s my cousin’s birthday today. Well we had a shirtless butler arranged for the party but the idiot has blown us out at the last minute. I’ve tried everything and well my cousin has taken a shine to you in that game and well I know how you like showing off your hunky body and was hoping that if you weren’t doing anything tonight then you could step in. I’ll make it worth your while and say £400 cash for a nights work…”

Scott eyed the rugby hunk up as he stood and contemplated the offer that had just been made. The rugby top clung to Liam’s hunky frame exposing the outline of his defined torso beneath it whilst his shorts ended half way down his thigh as his red socks were pulled up to just below his knees. There was no doubt about it Liam looked hot and despite playing a rugby match was smartly turned out.

Liam looked at Scott, “Fucking hell Scott you know my weakness’s don’t you. Cash and a chance to show my body off. Give me the time and place. I’ll be there.”
Scott exchanged details and headed off. The finishing touches needed to be confirmed for the party.

Later that evening the guests had arrived along with Liam who had headed off to get changed. A short while later he returned shirtless wearing a bow tie around his neck and only a pair of dark trousers with his white underwear poking out from the top.
“Looking good.” Joked Scott “that room of mainly eighteen year old girls will go crazy.”
“Thanks mate.” Liam replied as he gave a wink and added “I know they will which is why I have the undies poking out for effect.”

“Well wish me luck.” Liam said as he prepared to enter the main party area.
Scott and Adam waited as they heard the uproar and cheer from the girls as when they caught sight of Liam. By the time they re-joined the party Liam was surrounded by the teenage girls all eager to get his attention.
However the one girl who he pampered the most was the birthday girl who herself hardly let the hot hunk relax and although he posed for selfies he also downed a number of drinks himself.

At the end of the party Scott’s cousin approached and thanked him for laying on the great party. She thanked Liam and asked if she could have a final birthday kiss and fondle of his body. Liam lent forward to give her the kiss before standing back and allowing the birthday girls hands to explore his hunky body one last time.

Liam went to change before leaving unaware he had fallen into Scott’s trap. The plan had been to ply the rugby stud with enough alcohol he would be unable to drive home and have to stay at Scott’s a plan that had worked perfectly.

Liam shook Scott’s hand as the killed handed over the arranged fee for the night before saying “Thanks for a good night Scottie. See you soon.” And stumbling off to his car.
Scott followed and stopped Liam before he got in his car. “Hey mate I can’t let you drive home. You’ve had too much to drink. The police will throw the book at you. Come stay at mine then when sober in the morning I’ll drop you back to your car.”
Liam stopped for a second and said “No. I’ll be ok.” And carried on trying to get into his car but Scott took the keys off him and repeated “You’ve drank too much to drive come back to mine.”
Liam eventually repented and walked to Scott’s car. Whilst Adam put another part of the plan into action and drove Liam’s car back to Scott’s.

The two arrived back at Scott’s and instead of heading off to bed cracked open a few more beers and gathered in the living room. The temperature was ramped up which quickly led to Liam removing his shirt. The hot young rugby hunk now sat shirtless opposite Scott. A cushion sat on his lap as he now sipped a glass of water in an attempt to sober up.

“Nice big house you’ve got here Scott.” Liam said unaware that Adam had returned and slipped back inside and now stood behind Liam with a tie wrapped around both hands.
He added “Good to see your making a success of you.” Before stopped from speaking as Adam wrapped the ligature tightly around Liam’s neck. The cushion fell to the floor as Liam dropped the glass of water which spilt onto his leg and the sofa as he bought his hands up to his throat in a desperate attempt to remove the ligature that was now cutting into his throat. Adam pulled tighter as Liam’s legs thrashed about and he tried to use his entire mite to pull his attacker over the top of the sofa as the room filled with his grunts and gasps.
Liam’s face went red as the attack went on before he eventually let out a final gasp as his hands fell onto his lap and his legs remained still.

Adam kept the ligature wrapped tightly around Liam’s throat for a while longer as he rocked the dead studs head from side to side.

“Well that was easy.” Said Adam as he pulled the tie from Liam’s neck. “I thought a rugby hunk would have put up more of a fight. What do you wanna do with him?”

Scott looked down at Liam as his body gave out its death convulsions. “Well that’s a stupid question.” He said as he pulled down Liam’s trousers and immediately started to fuck he straight rugby player’s body. His hands explored the rugby players hunky body as his hips thrust back and forth enjoying the sensation of Liam’s muscled body under his, he moved his hands down and clenched hold of Liam’s thighs as he intensified the sex session until he let out a cry of enjoyment and shot his load deep inside Liam.

He turned to Adam and laughed “Your turn next mate.”
Adam undid his trousers and prepared for his turn but before he did he asked “What shall we do with him after? Animal feed. Restaurant or stock up our freezer.”
Scott thought about it and replied “Think we’ll savour this hunk because we knew him quite well. Plus I reckon he’ll taste nice.”
“I’ll have to agree with you there.” Uttered Adam as he withdraw from Liam and then helped Scott carry him down to the body preparation room.

Liam now lay naked on the metal table as Scott fondled with his body one last time taking a bit of extra time to caress the dead stud’s pecs before rubbing his hands all over his thick thighs.

He immediately removed Liam’s arms and took the edible meat from the upper parts before throwing the hands and bones in the black bin. Work then began on the rugby players legs which were easily removed the upper leg was chopped off just above the knee and the two large chunks of thigh meat was placed on the side. Before starting on them Scott sliced away Liam’s calf muscles before turning his attention back towards the thighs. Scott made the decision to keep one thigh as is and slice what he needed from it. The other large thigh was cut into various fillets, roasts and joints. Scott now held the knife over Liam’s neck before carefully decapitating the dead rugby hunk. A deep incision was then made down Liam’s torso which enabled Scott to slice away his large meaty pec muscles before carefully slicing away the abs. Liam’s rump was removed and before his remains were thrown into a black bin Scott made sure he snapped away Liam’s ribs.
The fresh meat was wrapped up as Liam’s head was carried into the head room and put on a shelf with the others. “Glad to see you’ve gone off the idea of casing heads in resin.” Enquired Adam which saw Scott respond “Yeah, I took on board what you said about it.” He opened the freezer and put the meat from Liam’s body inside.
He turned to Adam “It’s too late to eat tonight. We’ll sample Liam’s meat for lunch tomorrow.” Adam nodded in agreement as he dragged the wheelie bin to the pigs, lifted it on to an overhanging gantry and dropped the body parts into the pigs troth below and watched as they came to investigate the food being given to them.

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