Predator Story. Chapter 235. Back to the Party

Scott had ulterior motives for going back to the party. He’d just disposed of Chris but also had his eyes on the other guy that was involved in the square up.
On first glance he couldn’t appear to find Thomas anywhere downstairs so headed upstairs to investigate, finally catching sight of the hot hunk on the landing.

Dressed in a tight black shirt that seemed to cling to his tight frame and dark jeans, the handsome hunk immediately recognised Scott as one of the people that had broken the altercation with Chris up.

Are you ok now mate?” Scott asked, trying to strike up a conversation with the guy he planned on killing next.

“Yeah. I’m ok now. No thanks to that fucking prick earlier. If I see him again I’ll fucking kill him.” Thomas replied, not knowing Scott had saved him the bother.

“Yeah the guy was a twat. Fuck knows where he is now.” Scott replied “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s gone home. She didn’t want to stay after the incident. I’ll probably see her again tomorrow. But I’ll give her some space for now.” Thomas answered with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

That was what Scott wanted to hear. Thomas was alone and had no idea these would be the last night he lived.

The party went on but Scott’s watchful eyes never let Thomas out of their sight and when the hottie decided to leave he was followed by Scott. Instead of getting a taxi Thomas decided to sober up during a walk home. Scott followed from a safe distance and watched as Thomas walked up to his house.
The youngster headed inside and turned the lights on whilst Scott took out his phone and called Danny telling him the address and to be outside in around half an hour.

Attention quickly turned to getting inside the house. A lone light remained on upstairs so Scott picked the lock on the door and snuck inside. Moving his way through the house he was soon standing on the landing looking inside Thomas’s room.
An unsuspecting Thomas sat on the bed in his underwear with his back to the door.

Scott stealthily approached Thomas who only became aware of Scott’s presence at the last moment. Before he could utter a single word a sickening crack echoed around the bedroom as Scott snapped his neck without a moment’s hesitation. Thomas sat up on the bed momentarily before collapsing backwards his legs still crossed his eyes now staring into oblivion.

Scott looked out of the window to see that Danny hadn’t arrived yet. That gave him some time to have fun with his latest victim. His hands explored the tight body before Thomas’s underwear was pulled down and his body fucked.
Scott was just in the process of zipping up his fly’s when Danny texted to say he was outside.

Thomas’s body was slung over Scott’s shoulder and carried down to the waiting car where it was placed on the back seat.
“He looks a hottie.” Danny joked when he saw Thomas’s body. “Nice tight body. Handsome looks. Bet you had some fun.”

“Yeah I did.” Replied Scott “Drive to the animal centre. Some animals need feeding.”

A short while later the duo arrived at the centre, where Thomas’s body was quickly dragged to the Hyena enclosure. Scott looked down at his latest victim. Thomas’s tight athletic body and handsome looks were about to be devoured by the pack of Hyenas.

The killers made a hasty retreat when the creatures made their way over to investigate their fresh meal. A few of the animals sniffed at the body before one sunk its teeth deep into Thomas’s abdomen tearing off a chunk of flesh and devouring it quickly before going back to the body for more meat. The other Hyenas quickly descended on the body as the scene became a feeding frenzy. Hyena’s powerful jaws meant that they could bite through and eat bone. A number of hyena cubs ran off with one of Thomas’s arms and playfully fought over the meat it held. An hour passed and Thomas had been all but devoured, blood and scraps of meat were all that remained of the once handsome stud who crossed paths with Scott at the party.

Scott turned to Danny “So what have you been up to?”

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