Seymour. Chapter 14. Taking Down the Eye Candy

Bobby had grown tired of Seymour’s constant moaning about being hungry and decided that it was time to get back out there and feed the man-eating plant once again.

However this time Bobby had a specific target in mind, and this young man was one that the killer had his eye on for a while.

Will was one of the city’s soldier’s and Bobby found it hard to contain his urges each time he saw the blonde haired hunk and his sexy athletic body.

With his good looks and perfect body Will enjoyed flirting with the local ladies. In fact, his popularity was such that he had been voted as the city’s sexiest soldier much to the laughter of some of his colleagues. But Will’s flirting hadn’t gone unnoticed and some of the husbands and boyfriends of some of the ladies had made threats.

As luck would have it Will was tasked with patrolling the area around where Bobby’s house was located so now was the best time to strike so he could have some fun with the sexy warrior and Seymour could devour his wonderful body.

Bobby watched as Will completed his rounds, he went over the story he would tell the hunky warrior when he saw him next and ensured everything was in place to strike.

Bobby rushed out into the street as he saw Will approaching.

“Hey help me please I’ve been robbed. I think the people may still be in my house.” Bobby shouted in a panicked state

Will’s sense of duty came straight to the fore and he told Bobby to calm down and explain what happened. Bobby again told the warrior that his house had been robbed and that he thought the bad guys were still inside.

Will clenched his weapon as he told Bobby to remain where he was and went to inspect the house.

The hunky soldier paused upon entering the house, looking around he couldn’t see anything that looked like it was out of place.

He continued to look around completely unaware that Bobby had snuck up on him with a hammer clenched in his hand. Bobby took a deep breath and counted to three as he brought the hammer crashing down on the back of Will’s head. The sexy soldier let out a moan as he dropped his weapon and fell to the floor. Bobby didn’t pause for a second he kicked the weapon away and jumped upon Will as he turned over. Seconds later his hands were wrapped around Will’s neck. Will had no intention of dying and put up a good fight, he managed to push Bobby off and tried to reach for his weapon but Bobby struck him again and this time managed to grab one of his weight bars. Bobby lifted the bar up, and dropped it down onto Will’s exposed neck. The weights on either end caused the bar to begin to crush Will’s throat and he thrashed about violently on the floor as he desperately tried to get the strength to lift the bar, but was unable to and looked like a fish struggling out of water. Bobby watched as Will continued to fight, his bare legs frantically kicking as he made gasping noises as the bar crushed his trachea. Bobby pushed the weight further down and admired the soon-to-be dead meat. he placed one hand on Will’s hot torso and rubbed his pecs. As he did he heard a cracking sound and then a long gasp as the weight had broken Will’s neck and crushed his throat as he had finally died.

“I’m off to have some fun with your next meal,” Bobby shouted as he grabbed Will under his arms and began to drag the dead hunk to his room.

“Be up early.” Seymour shouted, “I can’t wait to tuck into him, he looks tasty.”

Bobby didn’t reply to that instead he shouted “You mind your own business tonight, I don’t want one of your tendrils spying on me tonight.”

Once in his room, Will’s body was laid out on the bed as Bobby took a few pictures of the hunk and then fondled and played with the body before fucking Will long into the night. These were moments he had dreamt about for a while and was now having the opportunity to fuck the sexy dead warrior. Bobby had been in the gay bars as patrons talked about Will and fantasized what they would do with the hot hunk and now Bobby was doing what he had always wanted. He fucked Will repeatedly through the night and then cuddled up to him on the bed.

Bobby walked into Seymour’s room early the next morning.

“Well did you have fun?” Seymour asked already knowing from the look on Bobby’s face that he had.

“It was amazing. I’ve had a crush on him for ages and last night was one that will stay with me for ages.” Bobby replied, “I’ll get him cut up for you and will feed you shortly.”

“Hmm, I’m looking forward to it” Seymour replied “But I want to make this one last so I think two pieces a day will draw it out long enough in the future. That way a meal lasts around two weeks.”

Bobby took note and headed off to dismember Will’s body. Once in the room he grabbed his knifes and prepared for the job at hand. He placed the blade over the top of one of Will’s arms and paused before beginning to cut the knife sliced through Will’s flesh and muscle like butter until he heard the sound of the blade now sawing through bone, after some tough cutting he suddenly felt the arm loosen as it detached from the body. Bobby lifted the severed arm up and then using a combination of a meat chopper and axe chopped it into four pieces, the meaty upper arm, elbow, lower arm, and hand. All four pieces were put to one side as Bobby now turned his attention to the other arm. The soldiers vacant eyes continued to stare into oblivion, but Bobby thought his mind was playing tricks on him as he could have sworn Will’s eyes were following his every move. With that arm now gone Bobby moved onto Will’s developed smooth muscular legs. He enjoyed cutting these as they were further cut into six parts, the meaty thigh was cut into two pieces as was the long shin bone, leaving just the knee and foot.

With the body now limbless Bobby turned his attention to removing his Will’s head. He picked up the knife placed it over Will’s throat and began to cut. It took about 5 minutes to remove the hunks head as Bobby now looked down at what was once a sexy young man.

The perfect physique Will had flaunted and that had seen him as eye candy still looked good on his limbless torso but the reality was the hunk now looked like a human jigsaw puzzle with parts of his body scattered about the place.

Remembering what Seymour had said he placed Will’s dismembered body parts into a wheelie bin and dragged it in front of the man-eating plant.

“Feed me, feed me, feed me.” Seymour chanted as he saw Bobby appear with the bin. “How many pieces did you cut him into?” The young man paused for a few moments “Twenty six, he’s in twenty six pieces.” Bobby replied before pulling the first piece of Will out of the bin. Bobby tossed it into Seymour’s mouth and watched as the plant devoured it before he began to shout, “Next bit, please.”

This time Bobby pulled one of Will’s feet out which was quickly swallowed as Seymour said “This mother fucker is tasty as hell. I look forward to the next pieces of him tomorrow.”

Three days after Will’s disappearance the rumours started up. The strongest one that people tended to believe was that the attractive warrior had been kidnapped and killed by a jealous boyfriend or husband of one of the women he had been chatting up. This was also the one his superiors went with. Seven days after his disappearance Will was declared dead and a poster was put up in his honour.

Upon seeing it Bobby chuckled, little did everyone know Will’s true fate and the fact his remains were still being devoured by Seymour.

Over the next 13 days Bobby fed more and more of Will to Seymour until he was left with the just the muscular hunks limbless torso and head. Bobby had ensured he’d been having some fun with Will’s severed head over the last few weeks and had skull fucked it on multiple occasions. But it was time for the last bits of the young man to be devoured.

Bobby struggled to lift Will’s limbless torso off of the gurney but eventually got a good grip and carefully placed it into the plant’s mouth.

He shuddered as a loud ‘Crunch’ followed as Seymour’s mouth closed on the fine physique. This was followed by more crunching and munching as Will’s torso was chewed up before being swallowed.

Bobby lifted Will’s head off the side, the young soldiers vacant eyes still stared into the abyss as Bobby relived the fun he had been having with it before throwing the severed head into Seymour’s open mouth. Will’s head was quickly gulped down

With the young man finished off Seymour told Bobby that Will was a great specimen, tasty with juicy meat. He thanked him for killing him and told Bobby it was now time for another victim.

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