The Dahmer Stories. Chapter 5. If I Can’t Have You No One Will

Dahmer was in a happy place, his relationship with Garrett was approaching two weeks and he still had the body of his latest victim Dominic at home as his company.

He’d met Garrett in a club and the two had got chatting and began to get on really well. Dahmer found the young man handsome and attractive and Garrett enjoyed the attention the muscular young man was giving him and the two had agreed to meet up the next day, the sexy dentist had something he wanted to say to Dahmer.

When away from work Garrett was an avid soccer player and played for his local side. He had a match that evening and was halfway through it when he spotted Dahmer on the sidelines. At halftime, Garrett came over for a talk and told Dahmer that he was happy to see him come and support him. As the second half began Dahmer continued to cheer on his boyfriend’s team and when Garrett was subbed off midway through the second half he came and sat by Dahmer.

The two continued to watch the game before Garrett excused himself and told Dahmer that he was looking forward to their beach day tomorrow and then spending some time at his house.

Dahmer gave Garrett a kiss and headed home.

“Time for you to go.” Dahmer shouted to Dominic’s decomposing body as he walked in the door. The dead teenager had been Dahmer’s company in Garrett’s absence but Dahmer knew he couldn’t risk having his boyfriend discover his secret. He dragged Dominic’s body to a room he left just for butchering and dismembered the body.

Dominic’s decomposing body parts were stuffed in black bags and dumped in the bin whilst Dahmer kept Dominic’s head and now placed it in a pot of boiling water in order to strip the flesh and organic material from the skull.

A few hours later Dahmer pulled the defleshed skull from the pot and poured the gooey contents down the drain.

Dahmer met Garrett the next morning ready for their day at the beach. Dahmer grew hard the moment he saw his boyfriend who wore a open white shirt and blue patterned shorts.

The two kissed before spending their time relaxing at the beach and walking up and down the cost line.

With the walking done they now took some time to relax and sunbathe at the beach. The two lay next to each other and as they did something weighed heavily on Garrett’s mind, something the sexy dentist would discuss that evening.

The day at the beach had been amazing and Dahmer had a great time with Garrett but the two now retreated back to Dahmer’s house.

No sooner had the two entered grabbed a drink and sat down did Garrett tell Dahmer that he had something he wanted to discuss.

Garrett was sat on the couch with one leg straight and another bent with his arm resting on the bent one.

“Look, Jeffrey. I have something I have to say.” Garrett said “Today was an amazing day at the beach and I loved it. But.”

“But what!!” Dahmer asked, “What do you mean?”

“Let me finish please.” Garrett added “Look I think you’re a great friend and I respect you massively but I don’t think We should be boyfriends.”

“Garrett. What. What do you mean?” Dahmer shouted “I love you, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Dahmer got up and began animated as he stomped around the room.

“Look Jeffrey I’m sorry.” The sexy dentist said “Maybe it’s best if I go.” Garrett went to get up of the couch but had failed to see that Dahmer had grabbed a hammer and brought it crashing down on Garrett’s head. The blows stunned Garrett who was quickly set upon by Dahmer who now flung a ligature around the sexy dentists neck.

“If I can’t have you nobody will.” Dahmer shouted as he pulled the ligature tight and began to strangle Garrett to death.

The attack took Garrett by surprise and the young man began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Dahmer and stop the attack. Garrett continued to claw at his attacker as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat an his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Dahmer whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body and keep you forever.”

Garrett’s face was full of fear as Dahmer tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

A frenzied Dahmer had failed to notice that Garrett had died as he continued to pull the ligature tighter.

He finally stopped when he realized that Garrett was no longer struggling and silent. He let go of the ligature as the dead hunk dropped down onto the couch as Dahmer now cradled Garrett’s head and rubbed his cheeks as he cried “I’m sorry babe. I’m so sorry.” Dahmer repeated, “This way you will be mine forever.”

He lifted the dead young man’s shirt and began to rub his hands over Garrett’s torso before dragging his dead ‘boyfriend’ to the bedroom and stripping him of his clothes.

Dahmer now had a night of passion with Garrett as he fondled and molested the young man’s body by repeatedly fucking it and skull fucking it.

Waking early in the morning he had some more fun with Garrett before releasing that he couldn’t be caught with the body in his house. He dragged Garrett to the butchering room and dismembered the body ensuring he kept the flesh from Garrett’s quads, biceps and pecs for his own collection.

By consuming the dead hunk he was ensuring parts of him stayed with him forever. Garrett’s head was kept and placed in a small brown lock box so Dahmer could have more fun with his boyfriend.

Garrett’s remains were bagged up and dumped in a dumpster by an alleyway.

Dahmer felt happy that night as he looked at a picture of his dead boyfriend and ate some of his fine flesh.

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