Predator Story. Chapter 258. Adam Plays

Whilst Scott was away Adam wanted to play, he’d been kept busy at work the last week and now wanted to unwind and have some fun.

A music festival was taking place nearby and Adam decided to head along to chill out, relax and hunt.

Arriving at the venue Adam knew right away that he was going to have a tough choice in nailing down a target as a number of young men showed off their torsos as they danced and listened to the music.

A group of rowdy young lads were positioned near to Adam and the killer found himself drawn to one in particular.
Freddie had no idea that his boisterous nature had drawn the attention of a dangerous killer as he listened to the music and larked about with his friends.

Adam threw occasional glances over at the group and was surprised when one of them tapped him on the shoulder. For a second he thought that they might have caught him eyeing up their friend but relaxed when one of the group asked him if he’d be kind enough to take a picture for them.
The killer agreed and took the camera from the guy as the four friends joked about as he prepared to take the picture. Adam particularly liked how a shirtless Freddie positioned himself in the middle of the four allowing Adam to get a good look at the young man’s nicely toned body.

The camera was handed back and attention again turned to the music coming from the stage.

At the end of the event Adam waited patiently for the group to leave before discreetly following them in his car. The driver dropped his friends off one by one unaware he was being followed. Freddie was the last to be dropped off and Adam observed as the youngster headed into his big house.
The killer knew where he would be paying a visit to the next day.

Adam arrived at Freddie’s house quite early the next day and watched as his parents left along with some other people. By midday he thought it was safe enough to venture in and discretely snuck around the back.
He spotted his target as Freddie played about in his swimming pool and appeared to have a friend with him.

Adam bide his team as the two continued to frolock about pool side. His perseverance paid off as Freddie’s friend said his goodbyes and left the young lad by the pool.

Freddie was all alone or so he thought and made the decision to catch some rays under the sun. He jumped on a lounger and shut his eyes.

Sensing his opportunity Adam left his hiding place and approached the sleeping guy. Freddie looked peaceful as he lay in nothing but a blue pair of shorts, the killer ran his hand up Freddie’s leg. The hunk stirred as Adam placed a pair of gloves on and wrapped his fingers tightly around Freddie’s throat.

Freddie’s eyes opened up in shock as he gasped for breath, his lean body now struggling to survive. His arms clawed frantically at his attacker who seemed like a man possessed and didn’t show any rest bite.
The young victim hoped that somebody would come to his rescue and save him from this mad man but being alone at the house meant that Freddie’s fate was sealed.

Adam enjoyed Freddie’s desperate struggles beneath him, his gasps for breath and look of innocence in his ever redding face turned him on. But all good things had to come to an end and the teenagers struggled begin to wean as death called him forward. A final gasp escaped Freddie as his body arched on the lounger. Adam squeezed for another minute before releasing his vice like grip as Freddie lay dead in front of him.

Freddie’s killer knew he didn’t have a lot of time as somebody could come back to the house at any time. He laid the nineteen year old out on the lounger so it looked like he was simply sleeping by the pool.

Adam left the youngster to be discovered by his family when they eventually returned home.

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