Red Garotte Strangler. Chapter 3. Officially a Serial Killer

Marcel was out on the prowl again he was looking to take the life of his third victim, a killing that would actually see him labelled as a serial killer. As he strolled along the beach front he pondered and looked at the many shirtless young men that either relaxed with their girlfriends or chilled in the sun. It was at that moment that he caught sight of Adam who sat by the water’s edge on his surfboard and smiled at some passing girls. The young man with his perfect good looks and defined athletic body was an ideal victim and Marcel now zeroed in on his target.

Adam was a charismatic 19-year-old university student who was making waves both on and off the field. A true sports enthusiast, he had been a budding track and soccer athlete since high school, and his passion for fitness and athleticism had only grown stronger since he moved to university.

With his chiseled physique and boy-next-door charm, Adam quickly became eye candy for the girls on campus and ladies who often turned heads wherever he went. With his bright and infectious personality, Adam was not only a star athlete but also a well-liked and respected member of his university community.

As he moved on to pursue his tertiary education at university, Adam’s focus on his passion for fitness and sports never waned. He remained dedicated to his training, hitting the gym almost every day and practicing on the track and soccer fields whenever he could.

It was at university, though, that Adam discovered a new passion – surfing. The university was located by the coast, and it wasn’t long before Adam found himself drawn to the waves. He began renting boards and hitting the waves regularly, cherishing the thrill of riding the waves and the challenge of mastering the art of surfing.

The sexy surfer winked at the girls and stood up as he took his surfboard in his arms and began to slowly walk back up towards the car park. Blissfully unaware that the eyes of a killer now stalked him.

Adam was on cloud nine, he had just finished a thrilling surfing session with his buddies, and he was now heading back towards his car. As he neared the vehicle, he could feel the cool ocean air and salty water weighing him down. The first thing he did as he got to the car was to grab a towel and start drying himself off.

Marcel watched as Adam stood by the car and began rubbing the towel all over his body, his chiseled physique glistening under the sun as the droplets of water on his skin began to evaporate. Adam had worked hard to build his toned muscles, and he couldn’t help but feel proud of himself as he dried off. He removed his surf shorts and Marcel could see he was wearing a pair of black Calvin Klein underwear, the snug fit outlining his defined abs, his chiseled chest, and his well-toned legs.

After completing the drying off process, Adam made his way towards a nearby bench and sat down, feeling the warmth of the sun on his skin after a chilly surfing session. He let his eyes close as he leaned back, letting the sun’s rays kiss his body. The black Calvin Klein underwear contrasted against his bronzed skin, making him look like a model.

Adam enjoyed this moment of peace, letting the warmth of the sun and the soft sound of the waves calm his mind and soothe his muscles. It was a moment of relaxation amongst the chaos of university life and workouts, and he thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

As he sat there with his body exposed, Adam couldn’t help but feel grateful for his life and all the opportunities he had been given.

Marcel watched from a safe distance and a short while later Adam put on a pair of track bottoms and got ready to head home. His phone rang as he prepared to get in his car and Marcel overheard the conversation that took place over speaker phone. It seemed that Adam’s roommate would be back home by 8pm and was telling Adam he needed to be out of the apartment by then as he was bringing someone back. The shirtless surfer had already made plans and told his roommate not to worry as he’d be gone.

Marcel watched as Adam got in his car and then looked down at his watch. He smiled when he saw it was 4pm, “More than enough time to kill.” He thought as he jumped in his own car and followed Adam home.

Adam lived in apartments at the university campus and paid no attention to the car that pulled into the parking lot behind him. Neither did he pay any attention to the unknown male he nearly bumped into, but Marcel paid attention. He ensured he had a good look at Adam’s shirtless torso with its firm pecs and defined abs.

He watched as Adam entered the building and then snuck in behind him. Marcel pretended to look through the mail on the side as he saw that Adam had entered the first apartment on the left. His eyes caught sight of a security camera and his heart sunk momentarily at the thought of not being able to carry out the kill. He scanned left and saw a note apologizing for the cameras being out of action and assured the students it would be fixed soon.

Marcel prepared himself as he looked around to see that the coast was clear and put on his leather gloves. He then approached Adam’s door and prayed the hunk was one of the guys that left his door unlocked and had never given a thought of what could happen to him. He clasped the handle and gave it a turn, preparing himself just in case he came face to face with his intended victim.

To his joy the handle turned, and he slowly opened the door before carefully stepping inside. Adam was nowhere to be seen, instead Marcel heard the sound of the shower running and could hear from the noises inside that his prey was inside.

He prepared himself and got the piece of red cloth he had carefully cut and patiently waited for Adam to leave the bathroom. He’d positioned himself in one of the bedrooms that gave him a great view of the bathroom in the mirror. There was no way Adam could see him and he now waited.

Through the reflection in the mirror Marcel watched as a naked Adam stepped out of the shower, beads of water trickled down his toned chest and muscular arms as his thick cut manhood swung freely in the air. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, feeling the warmth of the terry cloth against his skin.

Adam reached for his white Calvin Klein briefs and stepped into them, admiring how they hugged his body and accentuated his toned legs. He tossed his towel to the side and leaned towards the mirror, running his fingers through his damp hair.

Feeling refreshed and invigorated, Adam left the bathroom and walked towards his room. His feet padded against the carpeted floor as he made his way towards his bed, feeling content and relaxed after his much-needed shower. He took a deep breath, letting the warmth of the room envelop him, and stretched his arms, feeling his muscles flex as he did so.

It was at this moment that Marcel stepped from the other room and flung the red Garotte around Adam’s throat. The attack took the young man by surprise as he brought his hands up to try and free the ever tightening force that was around his neck.

Adam tried using his muscular strength as he tried to throw his attacker off and fell back on the bed, but all he did was put Marcel into a position of strength.

Adam frantically fought for his life as his hands and arms flew around and he tried to kick himself free. But his killer tightened his grip harder and harder. This kill was going to be easy as Marcel witnessed Adam’s neck bulge and the veins pop up as he struggled, the young man tried to breath but was restricted his face turning red as he felt dizzy, his body tensing one last time as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body exhaled breath one last time,. Marcel held the ligature tightly to confirm the kill as Adam’s body convulsed a few times as dribble dripped from Adam’s mouth and onto his shoulder.

With Adam dead Marcel ran his hands across the dead hunk’s torso, ensuring his took the time to grope his firm pecs. He moved his hands down Adam’s body and playfully slapped his solid abs before moving his hands further down the body and prepared to grope Adam’s impressive manhood. He lifted his hands as he felt a wet patch at the front of Adam’s briefs and soon realized that Adam had pissed himself as he died. He grabbed the two ends of the red Garotte and tightly tied it around Adam’s neck as he climbed off the bed and admired his handy work as Adam’s vacant eyes started up at the ceiling as some spittle dripped from the edge of his mouth and fell onto the bed.

Adam was one sexy young man and Marcel contemplated in fucking the hunk but didn’t want to leave any DNA traces. He ran his hands along Adam’s fantastic legs before taking a couple of photos of his the dead hunk and leaving him to be found by his flat mate in a few hours time.

Adam’s death would stay with him for a while as he snuck out of the university block and away from the scene.

Adam’s roommate returned home with a girl in tow.

He’d seen Adam’s car outside and was pissed his flat mate hadn’t left as promised.

“Fuck’s sake Adam. You promised to be gone.” he shouted as he opened the door to an eerie silence.

“Oi dick head did you hear me?” He shouted as he entered Adam’s room and stopped as he saw the body of his friend on the bed, the red Garotte tightly wrapped around his throat. The girl that accompanied entered the room and let out a scream when she saw the body as Adam’s roommate dialed 9-1-1.

Detective Johnson stood over Adam’s lifeless body, examining the red marks on his neck. “This is the third victim with a red Garotte. It’s looking clear we’re dealing with a serial killer,” he muttered to Detective Miller, who was jotting down notes in his notebook.

“Yeah, it’s starting to look that way,” replied Miller as he continued to survey the scene. “The M.O. is consistent with the previous two murders as well. All of them males, all were found in their homes, strangled with a red Garotte.”

“Have we found anything else that could lead us to the killer?” asked Johnson, scratching his chin. They both knew that the lack of leads was frustrating and could lead to the killer striking again if they didn’t catch him soon.

“No, nothing new,” replied Miller, shaking his head. “But we’ll keep digging. We need to solve this before anyone else gets hurt and the feds get involved. For now, we keep quiet and don’t announce anything. No need to panic people just yet.”

As they stepped back from the body, the detectives knew they had to work quickly to prevent another murder. They both silently prayed that they could catch the killer before he claimed another victim.

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