Vore Stories. Chapter 18.

Gabriel was a young man that liked the outdoors, when he wasn’t out exploring he was a doting father to his young daughter and fiancé.

The young man decided to get away every now and then for a hike and was a day into his latest one. He stopped for a rest on a makeshift swing that dangled from some branches and had a little bit of fun.

However, Gabriel had no idea that danger lurked on the trail he was on and he was close to such danger.

The Gnarled Oak also known as the Carnivorous Oak is a medium sized Oak tree whose roots and boughs are adjourned with bones, corpses, and other trinkets. Those unfortunate enough to stray near one of these dangerous creatures are immediately assailed by powerful branches that batter away at their prey until it is subdued. The bodies of its fresh victims of the tree are then left to rot where they lie to provide much-needed extra nutrients for the tree to feed upon.

Gabriel had walked about another hour down the trail and saw a crooked branch that gave an awesome opportunity to have a little fun. He grabbed the branch and began to swing unaware he had just grabbed a branch from a carnivorous tree.

The young man swung back and forth before performing a flip and landing on his feet. However this was to be a fatal move as his foot landed on one of the Gnarled Oaks roots that brought the tree to life.

The trees powerful branches immediately began to smack Gabriel as its roots wound themselves around him. The young man was now helpless as he was bludgeoned to death.

Gabriel now lay dead at the foot of the tree, his fine body now supplying the age-old tree with some much-needed nutrients as it slowly decomposed.

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