Vore Stories. Chapter 19.

Young Ryan was his football team’s best player and top scorer. Without a doubt he had the ability to play at a higher level but preferred playing the game with his friends instead of putting himself under pressure if he did indeed play higher.
He preferred being a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. A minor celebrity at local level Ryan was a handsome guy with dirty blonde brown hair and a lean but toned body with a nice pair of legs. He had his admirers and constantly fought off the attention of a number of girls who swamped the side lines to watch the young stud in action.

Ryan had just finished scoring a hat trick in his latest game, his ego constantly growing at all the admiring attention he kept receiving.

He joined in with the laughs and jokes with his team mates in the locker room as the team celebrated their latest win. Ryan was in the shower when the crate of complimentary beer was bought round. Always one to celebrate and join in the sexy young stud grabbed his beer and began to drink it whilst still under the shower. The water dribbled off of his attractive lean body as he continued to wash away the dirt and mud he’d collected during the game.

Like most things the celebration time was soon over and now dressed in a normal sports t-shirt, dark shorts, white socks and trainers Ryan left the clubhouse.
On the way home he bumped into a couple of friends who were having a kick about on a nearby field. Ryan lived for football, it was one of the things that he loved the most and couldn’t help but stop and join in with the fun.

However the trio were taking a big risk. The field that they had stopped to have a kick around on bordered the dark lands. A volatile and dangerous place filled with many hideous and dangerous creatures. One such creature were the Ogres.
These large hideous manlike creatures had voracious appetites, feeding on humans they were constantly raiding human settlements or snatching people that strayed too close to their territory.
Large and tall in shape the Ogre was more distinctive than their Giant cousin by the sight of their disproportionately large heads, an abundance of hair, unusually coloured skin and strong bodies.

Like many young men the trio didn’t really have any fear, they thought they were indestructible and the monstrous creatures only fed on the weaker in society or idiots that put themselves in danger, they were under the illusion that athletic fit males would be no much for any creature. Completely oblivious to the fact the stronger and fitter a human meal was the more the beasts preferred them.

Ryan chilled on the grass whilst his two friends knocked the ball around between themselves. Their playfulness was quickly interrupted as an Ogre darted out from the trees and headed towards the trio.

Ryan’s friends shouted “Oh shit.” “Fucking hell.” And “Run guys run.”

From their standing position Ryan’s friends found it easy to escape the Ogre’s clutches but from his position on the ground Ryan didn’t stand a chance and soon found himself squirming in the Ogre’s hand.
The young footballer’s bare legs thrashed and kicked as the Ogre licked its lips as it slowly brought Ryan up towards its mouth.
“Help me. Please help me. For fuck sake help me.” Ryan cried hoping his friends would do something to assist him in his plight.

Instead they watched from a safe distance as Ryan’s upper body, arms and head disappeared inside the Ogre’s mouth. The handsome stud’s legs continued to kick as the Ogre bit through His upper abs just below his pecs.

The Ogre started to eat Ryan the same way humans ate a chocolate bar. A loud shriek was soon followed by “uuurrrggh.” As the Ogre bit Ryan in half. Blood gushed from Ryan’s half eaten body and down the huge creatures hand as the temporary silence was halted by the sound of chewing, cracking of skull and crunching of Ryan’s bones.

The Ogre swallowed its first bite of Ryan before placing his lower torso in its mouth and again taking another mouthful. This two was quickly gulped down before the Ogre dangled Ryan’s smooth legs over its blood-stained mouth. The leg that entered the black hole was soon bitten off and devoured before the Ryan’s final leg was placed on the Ogre’s lips thigh first and slurped into the mouth like a piece of spaghetti and swallowed whole.

The Ogre rubbed its belly as it looked to the heavens and let out a gentle burp. Ryan’s friends looked at each other before turning and running, neither wanting what happened to Ryan to happen to them.

As the Ogre turned to head back to the tree line it picked up a long stick and began to pick parts of Ryan’s flesh out of its teeth, the Ogre ran its tongue around the inside of its mouth before spitting one of Ryan’s blue trainers with its green laces into its hands. The blood and saliva soaked trainer was soon thrown away as the Ogre walked away. Delighted to have chosen a tasty, tender and succulent victim.

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