Predator Story. Chapter 289. Keeping Adam Busy

Adam had been complaining about the office work he was currently conducting, no murders had been reported for a while and Scott decided to please his boyfriend by giving him one to investigate.
Music festivals were being held all over and Scott knew they were easy hunting grounds for prey and headed to the nearest one.

On arriving at the festival Scott knew he would have the choice of guys to choose from. However fate was to have her say and place a target into Scott’s hands as a group of guys asked Scott if he would take a photo of the group of them.
Taking the camera Scott eyed up the group of five young men and immediately found himself focusing on the attractive young man in the middle.
Shirtless and wearing a pair of denim shorts hat sagged a bit to reveal his underwear George was to be the one Scott knew he had to kill.

Scott took the picture as requested and handed the group their phone back, he now spent the rest of the time stalking George as he moved around the music festival.
George had a good time at the festival unaware his every move was being watched by a killer. With the festival drawing to a close Scott watched as a rather drunk George posed for a final photo with a friend before heading home.

The taxi driver failed to notice he was being followed as he drove George home. Scott drove past as the taxi stopped outside George’s house as the attractive young man paid his fare and then headed inside.
Scott wasn’t going to go home, instead he parked outside George’s and waited for the right moment to strike.

Scott was awoken by the sound of a car door closing, focusing on the job in hand he watched George’s house as one by one the young man’s parents and younger siblings left the house.

It wasn’t until midday that Scott decided to make his move. No one else had left George’s house and nobody had returned. Scott checked his kit and made his way towards the house.

Meanwhile George had woken up only around an hour earlier, still hung over from the day before he had a lazy day planned and with the weather being fine he decided to spend it in the garden. He covered his body in sun lotion and dressed in nothing more than his underwear the hot stud positioned himself on a sun lounger, placed his headphones in and relaxed.

Scott was all prepared to break into George’s house, that idea soon changed as he caught sight of his prey in the garden. From his vantage point he could see that George had some headphones in and predicted that with music blaring out of them he would have little knowledge of Scott’s presence.
Wrapping a ligature around both hands Scott approached the sunbathing hunk. He now stood behind George who with his eyes closed had no idea of Scott’s presence.

The first time George became aware of Scott’s presence was when he felt the ligature tossed over his head and around his neck and pulled tight.
George’s eyes shot open wide in fear as he exclaimed “What the fuck!” And felt a backward yank on the ligature. George’s hands convulsively reached up for his throat in a vain attempt to claw at the ligature that was biting deeper and deeper into his neck and beginning to crush his trachea. Scott pulled tighter as George’s grunts and gasps continued, his arms thrashed around violently as his legs wildly kicked out. George’s vision narrowed as his eyes rolled back in his head for one last glimpse of the blue sky as he let out one final gasp before the eternal darkness overcome him.
Even though his prey was dead Scott kept the ligature wrapped tightly around his neck and moved Georges head from side to side before eventually removing the ligature and surveying his latest conquest.

George looked stunning in death, his eyes stare up at the sky as the last drops of saliva dripped from the side of his mouth. Knowing that any of George’s family could be back at any time he quickly ran his hands over George’s legs and torso before taking a picture of his latest conquest.

Gathering his things Scott now sat in the car and sent Adam a text ‘I’ve left you a present.’ Followed by a picture of George’s dead body.
Adam opened the attachment and smiled when he saw George before replying “Thanks, I was getting bored.”

George’s body was finally found five hours later when his sister was home from college and Adam was called to investigate.

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