Predator Story. Chapter 305. The Job Offer

Scott sat in his office, the young serial killer had many ways in which he could acquire his victims and he was about to put the latest one to the test. He had advertised for some bar jobs at the night club he owned and the attractive salary offered saw a number of applicants for the roles. Scott was then able to vet the applicants and look up their profiles on social media and any guy he liked would be contacted for an interview he would never leave.
Scott worked his way through the applications and eventually picked up one that belonged to a young man named Jack. Putting Jack’s name into his computer he quickly pulled up one of the young man’s social media accounts and began to scan through Jack’s pictures.

Jack was a rather attractive young man with a fine lean but toned body and short dark hair with a little scruff under his chin.

Flicking through the pictures Scott then looked at another that this time showed all of Jack’s body and instantly knew the applicant he was going to kill.

The day of the interview soon came and Jack was delighted to have been short listed for the role.
He’d been applying for various roles and had so far been unsuccessful; he always seemed to fall at the interview stage and was determined not to let that happen again. Jack had shaven and now dressed smartly in a suit and tie and left the house hoping for a little change of fortune. The young man had not told anyone about his impending interview due to the disappointment he had received previously and intended on surprising his close family and friends if he were to be successful.

Scott sat in his office at the club, he’d already carried out three interviews that day but this was the one that he was looking forward to the most. His trouser snake began to grow as he thought about his next kill. Moments later there was a knock on the door, which was followed by Scott replying “Come in”. The door slowly opened as a very nervous Jack smiled as he walked in and made his way to the chair.
Scott took the opportunity to look Jack up and down and gave a satisfactory nod of appreciation. The young man was indeed dressed to impress, clean shaven and in a smart dark suit as Scott began the interview his only thoughts were getting his hands on the fine body that he had seen in the pictures.

The interview lasted around half an hour and Jack did particularly well, the only real issue Scott had was did he inform Jack he got the job so he died happily or did he tell him that he didn’t get the job so he died unhappily. In the end Scott plumped for happiness and at the end of the interview he told Jack he had been successful and offered him the job. A huge smile formed on Jack’s face as he felt that a huge weight had been lifted. “Thank you, thank you.” Jack repeated “I won’t let you down. I promise I won’t let you down.” Scott shook Jack’s hand and offered the young man a celebratory drink, Jack accepted as Scott now stood behind his young victim. Jack took his phone out of his pocket to tweet the good news unaware Scott was still there.
Seconds later a loud “SNAP” was heard as Scott broke Jack’s neck, the young man’s phone fell to the floor, the tweet he was typing unfinished. Jack was the last interview before a lunch break and Scott wasted no time in locking his office door and then beginning to undress his latest victim. Within no time at all Jack was laying in nothing more than his underwear as Scott now got to have a good look and fondle of the slightly tanned and toned body before him. He noticed that Jack had a tattoo on his left pec and enjoyed the sensation of the smooth flesh under his skin. He couldn’t let Jack lay there without fucking the stud and soon enough jack’s body was rocking gently back and forth before Scott’s cum was fired deep inside him.
With the interviews restarting soon Scott shoved Jack’s body into a side room and carried on as normal. That evening he carried the dead hunk through he tunnel to the animal centre.
Arriving back at the animal centre Scott lifted Jack into the back of the 4×4 and drove into the large Hyena enclosure. The pack was alerted to the vehicle and knew that it meant only one thing, food.

Leaving the engine running Scott jumped into the open back of the vehicle and surveyed Jack’s body. He wished he could have spent a little bit longer with the young footballer but still had things to do and needed to get them done.

Jack’s body was rolled out of the back of the jeep and landed face up on the ground. Scott jumped into the driver’s seat and retreated a safe distance as watched the Hyena pack converge onto the fresh corpse.
Having not eaten for a while the Hyena’s pounced on Jack’s body. Young and old tore chunk of flesh after flesh away as the scene quickly turned into a feeding frenzy. The Hyena was one of nature’s effective cleaning machines as their diet not only consisted of meat but also bone, their powerful jaws and strong teeth could easily splinter and eat any bones and would make short work of a humans.

Scott returned to check how the Hyena’s had got on and soon saw that Jack’s body was gone. Inspecting the area he found large blood stains on the ground along with very fine shards of bone, the only remnants that remained of the young man who had left his house earlier that day hoping to get a job.

Scott smiled as he left the animal centre, another animal had been fed and young man killed

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