Predator Story. Chapter 309. The Aussie PT

Scott attended a local gym for a workout, he wanted to keep in good shape. The serial killer went about his own business in the gym as murder was not something that was on his mind. That was until he spotted one of the gyms personal trainers who was crouched down as they observed one of their clients. It was the sight of the PT’s legs added to his handsome looks that saw Scott begin to consider killing him.

Lachlan went about his business unaware that one of the world’s worst serial killer was now watching his every move and it was when Scott overheard Lachlan on the phone after he had finished with his client that saw the killer decide to make him a victim.
The sexy personal trainer had made arrangements to attend a local club that evening and Scott knew if he played his cards right there was a strong chance he could make Lachlan the first victim of the serial killer he wanted the Australian authorities to know about.

Lachlan went about his business unaware his every move was being stalked. When he entered the nightclub that night he looked Scott directly in the eye, Scott thought he’d been found out but to his relief Lachlan carried on as normal.
During his time at the bar Scott was never more than a few feet away from his target. As the night wore on Lachlan pulled his top off and was now strutting around shirtless and the sight of the young personal trainer’s torso was a pleasure to Scott’s eyes.
At one point a young lady approached Lachlan and the two of them had a little conversation. Moments later Lachlan lay back on a table as the female sprinkled some salt along his abs and then down some Tequila before licking the salt up and then suck on a lemon.

Lachlan jumped up gave the female a hug, he high fived his friends and then carried on drinking.
Like most things though a good night out had to end and as Lachlan half walked and half stumbled out of the door Scott knew that this was the time to attack. He waited patiently and when the hot PT turned down a deserted road he pulled his car up ahead of him. When Lachlan walked past his car he attacked and within seconds he had slit an unsuspecting Lachlan’s throat. Lachlan gurgled and brought his hands up to his throat to try and stem the blood that spurted from the freshly inflicted wound. Seconds later Lachlan dropped dead on the pavement as a large pool of blood formed around him.

Scott wanted Lachlan to be the first known victim of the new serial killer he wanted to create and stabbed Lachlan in the back before carving the figure ‘1’ between his shoulder blades.

Lachlan’s body was left in situ ready to be discovered by someone as Scott drove off and awaited the discovery

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