Vore Stories. Chapter 26. The Goatman Legend

People weren’t sure if the Goatman was a mad scientist who was turned into this hideous creature when one of his experiments blew up in his face. Or if he was the result of some mixing and slicing of DNA. Either way the Goatman who had the legs of a goat with the body and head of a man with goat like features was one creature people didn’t want to cross.
The beast roamed the highways and forest looking for beautiful young people it could slaughter and eat with its sharp axe for the Goatman was jealous of their natural beauty and the fact he looked repulsive.

Dan had found a perfect workout location just inside the forest. The abandoned building with abandoned cars, metal barrels and various other equipment was perfect for the young stud to exercise and work out without having to pay the extortionate fees of a local gym.

With short brown hair Dan was dressed in nothing more than a pair of red shorts with his Calvin Klein underwear protruding from underneath.
As the hot hunk worked out he had no idea the Goatman was nearby and would soon be attracted to his beauty.

The Goatman made his way through the forest when he heard the sound of clunking metal up ahead. Wanting to investigate the strange noises the Goatman headed to where it came from.
Standing at the tree edge the Goatman saw the handsome young stud as he continued his workout unaware that a crazed killer was now watching his every move.

The more the Goatman saw Dan’s fit body and his muscles working out the more he flew into a rage jealous of the young man’s good looks and great physique.

Dan was too busy lifting the heavy barrel to see the Goatman charging at him from behind his axe raised above his head ready to be brought down on the unsuspecting hunk.
By the time Dan heard the horrific shout of the Goatman it was too late as the axe was now embedded deep in his back. Blood ran from the fresh wound as the Goatman pulled the axe out which allowed Dan to turn and face his attacker for a split second before collapsing onto the floor.

The Goatman turned Dan’s body over so it looked directly up at him.

“I fucking hate you handsome pricks.” The Goatman cursed as he continued to rain axe blow upon axe blow down on Dan’s fantastic body. Blood splattered everywhere as the Goatman held the axe by his side allowing the fresh blood to drip onto the floor.
Dan’s body had been chopped to pieces and the hideous manlike creature wasn’t finished there as it sat down to devour part of the dead hunks body. Once it had eaten its fill the Goatman disappeared into the night. Already on the lookout for more young victims.

The police were baffled by the discovery of Dan’s mutilated body, another open murder that would never be solved.

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