Predator Story. Chapter 324. Betty’s Brother

Dan was a local conservationist who looked after orphaned animals and owned one of the largest animal reservationists in Australia. Scott arrived at Dan’s centre and was instantly amazed at the sheer size of it, it was so big Dan had his own helicopter in order to get around it. The rich Brotherhood member greeted Scott and invited him inside. Drinks were poured and the two eagerly got down to work.
Dan explained that he wanted Scott to acquire a guy for him, however this first guy was not to be acquired for his meat but to feed Dan’s favourite pet, and he told Scott he’d have him gather some meat for him at a later date but carried on talking about his pet. Scott was eager to know what it was but Dan wouldn’t let slip, instead he suggested that the two finish their drinks and then head off to take a look at it.

Scott followed Dan to a large white building adjacent to the main house. On entering the door it quickly became apparent to Scott that this was a reptile house as various different reptiles were kept in tanks and enclosures of many sizes. Dan seemed to have everything here: snakes, lizards, komodo dragons and a large lake like enclosure full of Crocodiles. As they made their way down the corridor Dan explained that he had every sort of animal on his land from elephants to hippos and big cats, each one rescued from abuse and given new hope at his sanctuary. Some had even decided to breed so he had youngsters of many species as well.
The two finally paused at a large metal door that could only be accessed by Dan’s hand print. The Brotherhood member placed his palm on the pad and waited a few seconds for the door to open. Once opened the two stepped inside “This creature is my baby, my pride and joy. There aren’t that many of them left in the world and she is fed only the best meat.” Dan said as he turned the lights on to reveal a large Snake.
“Wow, another one. Python Reticulatus to be exact.” Scott said, he was about to continue when he was interrupted by Dan.
“Another one. What do you mean another one?” Dan asked “You mean you’ve seen one before.”
“Seen one before.” Scott replied “I have one back home. Betty is my pride and joy. Many young men have been fed to her.”
“Fantastic.” Dan replied “so you know what I’m on about. There’s nothing better than seeing a hot guy fighting for his life and then being slowly swallowed.”
Scott agreed but also explained that he had even fed some of his dead victims to his Python. Dan smiled as he said “good man. Follow me and I’ll explain what I want.”

Dan pulled out his phone as they walked and explained that he wanted Scott to acquire a hit handy man that had visited to carry out some work. He swiped through his photos to show Him a picture of the young man named Shane. The handyman had taken a selfie of himself dressed in his work clothes, and despite still being covered in dirt he looked quite hot.

Dan then showed another picture of Shane, this time it was a picture taken from the young man’s social media page. It showed Shane sitting in a rickshaw with his long slender legs bent up.

“I want you to get me him.” Dan said “I want my baby to swallow that entire hunk including his hot legs. According to his Twitter profile he is attending a music festival today, so it should just be a case of kidnap and bring back.”
Scott nodded “No probs I will get it done easily.”
“Good, see you soon.” Dan replied

Scott headed to the venue where the music festival was taking place and immediately began to hunt for Shane. ‘This is like finding a needle in a haystack’ Scott thought as he did his best to have a look at every male near him. However he quickly had a brain wave and decided to check Shane’s Twitter profile to see if it gave any indication as to where he was at the festival.
The Brotherhood’s killer smiled as he looked down at the profile and read a tweet that Shane had only just posted ‘with the guys. Great position by the stage. Banging music.’ Scott made his way over towards the stage and now knew where his target was.

Scott spotted Shane almost instantly as he arrived by the stage, dressed in a yellow vest and blue shorts the young man was difficult not to spot. Scott watched as Shane egged on by his friends playfully fondled with a girl and then kissed her, they stayed together for a little while before the girl went on her way as Shane now re-joined his friends and bounced to the music.

Shane partied long into the night at the festival and consumed a fair amount of alcohol. As the young man went about his actions he was completely unaware that his every move was being watched by a killer and at one point Shane even asked Scott to stop and take a picture of himself and a friend, at this moment Scott got a good look at the young hunk in person and imagined him struggling as the snake attacked.

Scott observed Shane’s every move and by the end of the night the young labourer was in quite a state, sweat dripped down his front as Scott got a good look at the young man shirtless for the first time. He wondered when he would be able to strike and hoped it would be soon, however he quickly found out that he would have to bide his time as Shane posed for a couple of pictures and then headed back to a hotel with his friends.
Shane checked into the hotel and it left Scott a little disappointed, however he called Dan and told him that he wouldn’t be able to bring Shane to him that night and the earliest he could do I was in the morning. Scott checked into the hotel so he could keep a close eye on his prey.

Breakfast was served early the next morning, Despite the amount of alcohol he had consumed Shane was up early for an early serving. When Scott came down he spotted his prey sitting by the window and took up a position nearby. As Shane went about his business he had no idea someone was waiting to abduct him.

Patience was key for Scott and soon enough his perseverance was paid off as Shane left the table and headed outside for a breath of fresh air. It was whilst the young man was outside that Scott made his move. The chloroform rag was quickly held in front of Shane’s face and despite an initial struggle he quickly succumbed to the fumes.
Shane’s unconscious body was placed across the back seat of the car as Scott sped to Dan’s centre.

Dan was waiting for Scott as the car pulled into the centre car park and quickly pulled open the back door.
“Quick get him in.” Dan shouted “My baby is hungry.” The two carried Shane’s body inside the centre and into the room where the young hunk was going to die.
“Do you want me to strip him to his underwear or naked?” Scott asked as Shane lay on the ground.
Dan looked down at Shane “take his vest off but leave the denim shorts on. I want to conduct a little experiment and see if they are regurgitated at a later date.” Scott did as was asked and the two took up a good position as they left Shane to his fate.

As Shane came round both guys noticed that Betty had finally taken an interest in him and he was unaware that the 20 foot Python had coiled up behind him as he gently rubbed his head, waiting for the moment to seize her prey. The Pythons head darted forward her jaws open wide as Shane tried to get up, it moved with incredible velocity and clasped onto Shane’s left shoulder pulling him back to the floor. Shane was unaware as to what had happened until he saw the large Python clasped on his shoulder. He shouted for help and tried to get up to run, but the Snake had wrapped its large body twice around Shane’s body. He screamed and begged for help as the creature tightened her grip and squeezed its body tighter around its prey. Neither Brotherhood member was not going to help, they were only interested in one thing. Shane’s upcoming death and watched as the young man tried desperately to fight the large Python off. The Snake had wrapped itself around the middle of his torso just below Shane’s abs and the second coil began just below his waist. Shane’s legs were thrashing about as he tried desperately to get loose, his bare feet kicked the chair into the corner. His arms flung about and as Scott got closer Shane’s hand grabbed hold of him. Scott didn’t push it away instead he, watched as Shane’s face was going bright red, he was unable to breath as the reptile was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked towards Scott as he tried to gasp his last breaths and Scott watched as his legs dropped down, he felt the young man’s tight grip loosen as the Python squeezed the last drops of life out of her meal. Shane stare at Scott as he death overcome him the last thing he ever saw was Dan winking at him just before he died. His right arm was out straight and his left arm had fallen onto the Snake’s scaly body. Scott then watched as it loosened her grip and slithered away releasing Shane’s hot corpse. Shane lay on the floor his head at an angle.
As the Python slithered away the Brotherhood members moved in, they briefly massaged Shane’s hot torso one last time and tweaked his nipples. They retreated when the Snake made her way back towards Shane. She opened her mouth wide and disconnected her jaw and moved towards Shane’s head. He stared at Scott his eyes penetrating Scott in his death stare. The Snake began to slowly swallow his dead body. The guys watched as it swallowed its prey head first and was amazed as after swallowing Shane’s head, its jaws opened wider as she began to swallow his broad shoulders. Shane’s arms straightened out alongside his body. Both observed the Snakes fangs help it to ease Shane’s corpse into its mouth, as it moved its head forwards its fangs would drag Shane further into its mouth. Scott watched as his solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, then moved onto his lower body, every inch of Shane’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which lay halfway between his thighs. The snake continued to eat him, after just half an hour of swallowing Shane all that remained where his shins and bare feet. Scott observed as he shins slowly disappeared into its mouth. Both watched as a bulge moved further along the Python’s body on its way to the stomach. Finally Shane’s bare feet vanished down the creature’s throat and both watched as Shane’s corpse was slowly pushed along its body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it Shane had finally reached his final destination the Snake’s stomach.

As Scott left he was intrigued to know what would happen with Dan’s experiment

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