Predator Story. Chapter 339. The Luck of the Irish

The phone call from Giles came out of the blue and before he knew it Scott was on a plane to Dubai.

Giles met him at Dubai airport The Brotherhood needed his skills as the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Hussein Al-Faweh wanted the order to supply him with some fine meat. The duo was on their way to meet the Sheikh on one of his huge mega yachts.

Arriving at the yacht the two were frisked and searched by the Sheikh’s bodyguards before being allowed on the vessel. Once on board and in the large greeting area the Sheikh appeared and greeted both with the traditional Arab custom of a kiss on both cheeks before inviting them to sit down.

Scott had done some work for the Sheikh before and the two had a good relationship.

“My friends.” The Sheikh announced “Let me get straight to the point. I want Scott to kill one of my daughter’s boyfriends.” One of the Sheikh’s advisors then handed Giles & Scott a file that contained a picture of a tanned Caucasian male with a sexy athletic body and a defined set of legs wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts.

“This daughter brings shame on my family I want her to marry a good Arab boy. From a good family. But instead, she wants to be with this infidel. I am hungry for more meat, and he would definitely yield me a good amount.” The Sheikh explained “His name is Craig O’Sullivan and he is a fitness trainer from Ireland. He flies back into the country tomorrow and I have offered the hand of friendship and invited him to stay with me whilst my daughter is away so ‘I can get to know him.’ Whilst he is enjoying the luxury you Scott will kill him within and then bring his body back to me. I will be throwing a function for the regional Brotherhood members and Craig will be my main course.”

Scott agreed and grabbed the Sheikh by the hand and headed to his hotel room. He had been tasked with picking Craig up and being his personal servant up until the moment it was safe to kill him.

Craig was due to land at 3pm and Scott ensured he was there a little bit earlier to meet his next victim. He stood with all the other drivers and held a sign with Craig’s name on it.

Thirty minutes after his flight landed Craig walked through the doors dragging two large suitcases. Dressed in a black Nike vest and short black shorts Scott could now see why the Sheikh wanted to tuck into his flesh. Craig was a good-looking young man.

Upon seeing the card with his name on it Craig came over to Scott.

“Ah so you must be the Sheikh’s man. Take my bags please.”

Scott nodded as he grabbed the handles and asked Craig to follow him. Although he was a sexy young man Scott could already tell that he wasn’t going to like Craig.

Craig was impressed when he arrived at one of the Sheikh’s private houses. The house building lavishly decorated with a huge swimming pool showed the life of luxury that the ruler led and Craig looked forward to more and more of this kind of life as the relationship with Sheikh’s daughter grew more serious.

“The Sheikh will see you tomorrow afternoon.” Scott advised, “But in the meantime if you need anything just let me know.”

Craig thanked Scott and told him that he would sit by the pool for an hour and then have an early night due to the jet lag from his long flight kicking in.

The hunky Irish man took his vest off and headed down to the pool. He lay back on a lounger and soaked up some sun completely oblivious to what lay in store for him.

Craig was up early the next morning. The long night’s sleep had totally refreshed him. Scott had overslept and Craig was not happy. The young man had headed out by himself to grab a smoothie and now sat on a couch soaking up more sun.

“Have a good night’s sleep.” Craig said sarcastically as Scott stepped outside.

“Yes I did. How long have you been up for?” Scott asked “Knowing full well Craig was unhappy.”

“A good few hours. If I were you I’d buck your ideas up before I tell your boss.” Craig threatened as he drank his smoothie.

Scott apologized and told Craig it wouldn’t happen again, the ironic thing is it wouldn’t be happening again as Scott was going to kill Craig soon.

A couple of hours passed and Scott was forever at Craig’s command. He eventually sensed that now was the best time to strike as he knew he would have to prepare for Sheikhs event that night.

Craig was sat on a white couch wearing nothing more than a pair of black shorts and Scott had to stop in his tracks when he saw that Craig was on a FaceTime call with the Sheikh’s daughter.

The young hunk flexed his body and acted all cocky to his girlfriend who enjoyed the little show of machoness he was putting on.

The call went on for another ten minutes and got more lovey dovey beteeen the pair with each saying how much they loved the other and how they missed each other. It made Scott sick but eventually, the call came to a close and Craig jokingly stuck his tongue out to the Sheikh’s daughter before telling her he loved her.

The bronzed hunk now sat back on the couch and looked up to the sky, as he did Scott placed his hands on Craig’s shoulders “Would one like a quick shoulder massage?” He asked as he gently began to rub his hand across the young man’s shoulders. Craig closed his eyes as he replied “Yes, please. That’s just what I need.”

That was the cue Scott was waiting for and seconds later he flung a ligature around Craig’s throat and pulled it tight.

He instinctively brought his hands up to pull away at the ever-tightening ligature. “Wha what are you doing man.” Craig uttered as Scott continued to pull tight and watched as the young hunks legs began to frantically kick out.

“The Sheikh doesn’t want you near his daughter so he decided to kill you.” Scott announced “But don’t worry your fine body won’t go to waste, he’s having a party tonight where you’re the feast.” Scott taunted

“Fuck you, you mother fucker.” Craig managed to reply before being cut off as Scott pulled back even more.

His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at his killer and stop the attack. Craig continued to claw at Scott as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge. A look of panic crossed his face as his eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming.

“Shhh,” Scott whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body.”

Craig’s face was full of fear as Scott tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Scott had a strict time limit to get Craig ready for the Sheikhs event that was due to start in a few hours.

He’d enjoyed killing Craig, the cocky stud thought he could boss this killer around but in the end, Scott would have the last laugh.

He spent a little time in fondling Craig’s body, especially his meaty and defined legs. Then as no one was about he couldn’t resist himself and began to fuck the sexy personal trainer. The dark gods were on Scott’s side as just as he finished his phone rang to say the Sheikh and his entourage were ten minutes out.

He grabbed one of Craig’s arms and dragged the body off the outdoor couch and into the kitchen so he could prepare the body for tonight’s meal.

The Sheikh arrived and immediately came to Scott “Is it done?” He asked and smiled as Scott returned a nod. He kissed Scott on the cheek and asked if he could see Craig. Scott led him to the kitchen where Craig had now been laid out in his underwear. The Sheikh smiled “I’m looking forward to tasting him. The Irish are known for their excellent beef you know. Let’s hope Craig lives up to expectations.” The Sheikh explained that Craig was to be roasted on a spit whilst the party mingled and then carved up whilst everyone sat for dinner. The Sheikh asked Scott if he would do the honors of the carving and serving as he was experienced in such matters. Scott agreed and prepare the body for the meal.

Scott began the process by rinsing Craig’s body off in cold but slightly salted water, he then rubbed the whole body with salt and olive oil before stuffing Craig’s backside with aromatic herbs.

He then began the process of placing Craig on the spit, he turned Craig over and placed the main beam up through his anus so it ran the length of his spine and protruded from the dead stud’s mouth before securing the hands and feet so they didn’t dangle down.

The fire pit was lit just before guests started arriving and as they were mingling for the reception Craig’s bronzed body was carried out on the spit and placed over the hot coals.

The Sheikh announced that Craig was to be the evening’s meal and the guests were evidently excited. They continued to mingle as the hunks body now turned on the spit.

A few hours into the cooking juices started to leak out of various places on the body, nobody batted an eyelid as this was part of the process. However, they twitched their noises to take in the aroma of a roasting young man.

As Craig finished cooking the Sheikh instructed everyone to take their places at the table which they did.

Scott removed Craig’s roasted body from the fire pit and placed it on a moveable table, he then removed the spit and placed an apple in Craig’s open mouth before wheeling the serving table into the middle so that all the Brotherhood members were sat around.

The guests were eager to tuck into the dead hunk as the Sheikh stood up and walked over to Scott. It was customary for the host to make the first cut and carving and chose their parts first. The Sheikh grabbed the knife “My esteemed brothers, I wish to thank you all for attending my gathering and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. They say that Ireland has some of the best beef in the world and today I am delighted to feed you a wonderful specimen of Irish beef. Craig was the boyfriend of one of my daughters but when a perfect specimen presents itself you can’t let family matters get in the way of getting it on the dinner table. I will select my cuts and then Scott will ask each of you which parts you would like and carve it up for you.” With that said the Sheikh cut into one of Craig’s pecs and sliced it clean off, the juices flowed from the cut as the meat looked perfectly cooked.

He wasn’t finished there and then carved a few slices from one of Craig’s meaty thighs before handing the knife back to Scott.

Scott reminded the guests of the various sauces and sides that could accompany their meals. He went around to each member one at a time and carved the fine meat for them ensuring that he got enough of the juices on their plates for them to enjoy. Once all the guests were served Scott and Giles carved what was left for themselves and joined the Sheikh next to him.

Craig’s body was now nothing more then a pile of bones and offal. The hunk head was the only thing recognizable and the Sheikh had instructed Scott he wished to keep it.

Craig’s meat didn’t disappoint and the feedback from the guest was excellent. ‘Tender, juicy and succulent.’

The order finished up by giving a toast to Craig before sitting back and relaxing with their bellies nearly full to bursting.

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