Interactive Story. Chapter 7. Feeding Time

Uncle Wilbur had always been known for his eccentricities and his deep passion for exotic animals. He dedicated his life to the well-being and preservation of these magnificent creatures, and his efforts were recognized far and wide. As fate would have it, Uncle Wilbur found himself in need of assistance when he had to embark on a long journey.

Being his favorite nephew, I adored spending time with Uncle Wilbur and had always been fascinated by the exotic animals he housed in his special center. With his enticing invitation, my heart skipped a beat as he entrusted me with the task of looking after his beloved animals in his absence. It was an enormous responsibility, but one that I couldn’t pass up.

The very next day, Uncle Wilbur led me through the grand gates of his exotic animal center. I stood in awe, captivated by the vibrant sights and the enchanting sounds of these unique creatures. The center was a tropical paradise, adorned with lush greenery, shimmering waterfalls, and enclosures that recreated the natural habitats of each animal.

Uncle Wilbur’s excitement was contagious as he guided me through the various areas of the center. His extensive knowledge about each animal was astonishing, and I eagerly absorbed every detail. From the towering giraffes to the swift cheetahs, elegant lions and magnificent tigers and the mischievous monkeys, there were animals of every kind in Uncle Wilbur’s care.

As we approached the reptile house, Uncle Wilbur cautioned me about the venomous snakes and poisonous spiders. With steady hands, he showed me their feeding routines and the specific diets they required. He warned me to be extra vigilant with the camouflaged ones, ensuring their escape from the enclosures didn’t become a possibility.

We moved on to the vast aviary, where colorful birds filled the air with their melodious songs. These feathered creatures required a mixture of fruits, seeds, and delicate nectar feeders. Uncle Wilbur taught me the proper balance for their diet so they could thrive and display their vibrant plumage.

In the aquatic center, Uncle Wilbur introduced me to the graceful dolphins that playfully danced in the water. He explained the importance of providing them with fresh fish daily and ensuring the water temperature remained ideal for their well-being. He then showed me his school of piranha and warned me that no matter what I was to never put my hand in their large tank.

Lastly, we reached the primate enclosure, home to an assortment of intelligent and mischievous apes. Uncle Wilbur demonstrated the unique personalities of each primate, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their social bonds and ensuring their diet was a healthy mixture of fruits, vegetables, and specially formulated primate feed.

As Uncle Wilbur concluded our tour, I marveled at the diverse array of animals under his care. He expressed his trust in me and handed me a detailed schedule, outlining feeding times and specific dietary requirements for each animal. I felt both honored and overwhelmed by the immense responsibility bestowed upon me.

For the duration of Uncle Wilbur’s absence, I meticulously followed his instructions, dedicated to each animal’s well-being. With unwavering commitment, I ensured that every animal was well-fed, nurtured and given the utmost care and attention.

As I carefully went about my duties of feeding the animals at the exotic animal center one sunny day, my mind wandered into a realm of curiosity and speculation. Amongst all the creatures I was responsible for was a fierce and menacing group of piranhas. Their voracious appetite for meat always intrigued me, making me ponder the costs associated with feeding them.

As I dropped chunks of fresh fish into the piranhas’ tank, a thought flashed through my mind, fueled by the high price of quality seafood. I began to wonder: what if there was a more economical yet unconventional source of meat to meet the piranhas’ needs? The idea seemed preposterous at first, but as I delved deeper into the notion, it became strangely intriguing.

In a moment of audacity, an unexpected idea sparked within me. What if, instead of relying solely on fish and seafood, we explored the possibility of feeding the piranhas with a different kind of meat? Thoughts of the high costs associated with purchasing enough fish to satiate their appetite flashed through my mind, intensifying the appeal of my unconventional concept.

My mind raced as I considered various options, contemplating alternatives that could potentially reduce the financial burden of feeding the piranhas without compromising their nourishment. And that’s when the audacious notion struck me – what if we fed them human meat?

The idea of attaining human meat continued to cross my mind, and as I had already been successful in killing, I decided to put it to the test.

As I took on the responsibility of looking after my uncle’s exotic animal center, I found myself faced with the challenge of ensuring a sustainable and affordable source of meat for the creatures under my care. In pursuit of a solution, I ventured into a local gym, curious if it could hold the key to my quest.

With my intentions clear, I entered the bustling gym, the sound of clanking weights and thumping music enveloping me. It was a place where young and vibrant individuals came to sculpt their bodies, dedicating themselves to physical fitness and building strength. Little did they know that their endeavors might align with the needs of the exotic animals back at the center.

As I scanned the room, the potential candidates for my mission became apparent. Amongst the sea of athletic figures, I spotted a group of young men engrossed in intense workouts. The sight of their well-toned physiques ignited a spark of hope within me, as if their muscular frames were brimming with potential sustenance for the animals.

One by one, I observed their dedication and energy, acknowledging the hard work and discipline they put into their fitness routines. Their strength and vitality seemed to align perfectly with the nutritional requirements of the animals at the center. As they lifted weights and pushed themselves to the edge of their capabilities, they unknowingly embodied a possible solution to my quest for fresh meat.

As I continued walking in the bustling gym, my eyes naturally drifted towards the various individuals working hard, striving for their fitness goals. Among the crowd, a handsome young man with curly hair and a confident demeanor instantly caught my attention. He was donned in a form-fitting black vest and black track bottoms, exuding an air of strength and allure.

Intrigued, I discreetly observed him while he engaged with a group of friends. As their conversation reached a crescendo of excitement and camaraderie, he flexed his muscular arms, demonstrating his hard-earned physique with a proud double bicep pose. The admiration from his friends and the admiration in his own eyes revealed a dedication to his physical wellbeing that was hard to ignore.

My curiosity piqued, I continued watching as the young man harnessed his confidence and began to show off his sculpted body even more. Undeterred by the confines of the gym, he ventured outside, removing his vest along the way. Against the backdrop of the open-air, surrounded by sunshine and a gentle breeze, he executed a series of captivating poses that showcased his strength and poise.

It was at that precise moment, as I witnessed the young man igniting the air with his confidence and physical prowess, that a radical idea sprouted within my mind. The realization struck me that here, in this young man, I had potentially discovered the answer to my quest for fresh meat to sustain the animals at the center.

Though the idea was unconventional and even unsettling, I couldn’t deny the powerful connection I felt between the young man’s physicality and the needs of the animals. His well-maintained physique seemed to embody the vitality and nutrients necessary for their growth and health.

Chase was an 18-year-old young man who possessed a striking combination of charm, athleticism, and dedication. With his handsome features and a toned, athletic body, Chase captivated those around him with his magnetic presence.

Fitness held a special place in Chase’s heart and occupied a significant portion of his life. He found solace and joy within the walls of the gym, dedicating countless hours to sculpting his physique and pushing his limits

Whether it’s lifting weights, engaging in high-intensity workouts, or partaking in cardio exercises, Chase thrives in the world of fitness and revels in the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Beyond his dedication to the gym, Chase harbored another passion that added further color to his vibrant personality. He adored attending raves and dance parties, where he immersed himself in the pulsating rhythms and electric energy of the crowds. Surrounded by close friends, Chase found himself swept up in the music, creating lasting memories and connections during these exhilarating events.

While Chase may have come across as somewhat reserved in his day-to-day interactions, the gym provided a transformative environment for him. A shy young man in many settings, he shed his inhibitions as he entered the gym arena. It was within those familiar walls that Chase became a beacon of confidence, embodying determination and self-assuredness in his workouts.

As much as he enjoyed the solitary pursuit of personal fitness goals, Chase thrived on collaboration and connection. He found great fulfillment in working with others, often seizing opportunities to collaborate on workouts, routines, and training techniques. The chance to exchange ideas and knowledge, push boundaries, and motivate one another fuels his passion for fitness even more.

As I continued to observe Chase amidst the energetic atmosphere of the gym, his dedication and commitment to his workout routine were evident. He seamlessly transitioned from one exercise to another, showcasing his athleticism and determination.

I couldn’t help but notice that once again, he stood shirtless, his chiseled physique on display for all to see. In an impressive display of balance and flexibility, Chase lifted one leg and elegantly rested his foot behind him, creating a dynamic and visually captivating pose. His body exuded strength and grace as his sculpted muscles engaged and demonstrated his physical prowess.

Embodying a sense of confidence and control, Chase smoothly transitioned to yet another captivating pose. With his hands lifted above and behind his head, he executed a double oblique pose. Every line of his body accentuated the dedication he poured into his fitness journey, leaving no doubt about his commitment to sculpting his physique.

In these moments, Chase showcased not only his physical abilities but also his artistry in movement and control. It was evident that beyond the pursuit of personal fitness goals, he found joy and expression in the art of posing, creating captivating visual compositions with his body.

As I watched, it became even more apparent how Chase’s confidence grew within the gym walls. With each pose, each movement, he seemed to transcend his shyness and embrace a newfound sense of purpose and self-assurance. The gym provided him not only with physical strength but also a space to come into his own, where his inhibitions melted away and his incredible potential shone through.

It was in moments like these that Chase’s passion for collaborating and working with others became even clearer. His dedication to perfecting his poses and movements served not only as personal achievements but also as opportunities to inspire and share his knowledge with fellow gym-goers. Chase’s magnetic personality drew individuals towards him, cultivating an environment of motivation, encouragement, and shared growth.

As Chase finished his workout at the gym, I watched him exit the building, his body glistening with sweat from his intense session. He walked with purpose towards the parking lot, his athletic stride reflecting his determination and focus.

Near where my car was parked, I observed Chase engaging in a conversation with another gym goer. Despite his typically confident demeanor, Chase’s serious expression caught my attention. The earnestness in his eyes hinted at a deep conversation or perhaps an issue that required his attention.

Curiously, the other gym goer suddenly disappeared, leaving Chase standing alone. Frustration crept onto his face, and he began muttering under his breath, his words laced with annoyance and disappointment. It seemed that whatever discussion had taken place didn’t end in a satisfactory outcome.

, I approached Chase, chloroform rag in hand. Before he could react, I flung the rag towards his face, the pungent odor of the chemical filling the air. As the chloroform fumes engulfed him, Chase’s struggle was brief, his determined demeanor instantly replaced by drowsiness and an eventual loss of consciousness as I quickly placed him in my car.

I drove Chase back to the animal centre and immediately stripped the unconscious teen down to his underwear.

As I stood outside the door of the piranha room, hesitation crept over me. I paused for a moment, questioning the consequences of my actions. But the urgency of the situation pushed me forward, my adrenaline rising.

With a firm grip on Chase’s arms I pulled him towards the entrance of the piranha room. His limp body offered no resistance as I dragged him across the floor, the weight pulling at my muscles. Each step felt heavy, as if the very room itself resisted our presence.

With determination fueling my movements, I reached the center of the room, where the piranha tank’s glass walls reflected a sinister glimmer. Engulfed in shadow, the tank seemed to pulsate with an eerie energy. I took a deep breath, understanding the gravity of my actions, and hoisted Chase’s unconscious form up above the tank.

Straining every muscle in my body, I held him suspended in the air, his feet dangling just inches from the water’s surface. The sight alone sent shivers down my spine – the swarm of razor-toothed piranhas eagerly waiting below, their feral instincts ready to strike.

It was impossible to ignore the gravity of the situation. The weight of responsibility pressed upon me as I held Chase’s life precariously above the tank. Time seemed to slow down, allowing the realization of our perilous predicament to sink in.

As I held my breath, uncertain of the consequences that awaited us, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way out of this nightmarish scenario.

Chase slowly started to regain consciousness, his mind pulling him out of the depths of unconsciousness like a rising tide. The world around him was a haze at first, images and sounds swimming in and out of focus.

As he struggled to free himself from the overwhelming fog, Chase felt a jolt of panic surge through his body. He tried to move, to shake off the disorientation, but his limbs felt heavy and unresponsive. It was as if his body was disconnected from his commands, refusing to obey.

Through blurred vision, Chase noticed an unfamiliar environment surrounding him. The air was damp and heavy, carrying a metallic tinge that tickled his nostrils. He tried to make sense of his surroundings, but the disorienting effects of his brief period of unconsciousness made it difficult to comprehend where he was.

Before he could even process his situation, a sudden realization pierced through the haze of confusion. The hoist that had supported him was released, causing him to plummet towards the water below. Time seemed to slow down as Chase’s heart pounded in his chest, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

With a bone-chilling splash, Chase crashed into the water, submerging in the depths of a murky tank. The shock of the cold water immediately jolted him into full consciousness, every nerve in his body screaming with alarm.

And then, the sensation of terror intensified as the piranhas, lurking in the depths of the tank, sensed his presence. Chase’s first instinct was to fight, to swim desperately towards safety. But before he could react, the aggressive creatures launched their attack, their razor-sharp teeth sinking into his flesh.

A piercing scream, born of agony and desperation, erupted from Chase’s throat as pain coursed through his body. The piranhas tore at his flesh, their frenzied assault intensifying with every passing second. Blood mingled with the water, transforming it into a macabre shade of crimson as the piranhas continued their vicious feeding frenzy.

Chase’s desperate cries were soon stifled by the onslaught, drowned out by the flurry of gnashing teeth and thrashing water. The piranhas, driven by insatiable hunger, devoured him with fervor, ripping apart his vulnerable flesh in a frenetic display of primal savagery.

Minutes later, the school of piranhas had finished their feast, leaving behind nothing more than a skeletal remain. Chase’s once vibrant and animated body had been reduced to a mere framework of bones, stripped of all flesh, muscle, and organ. Only his hollow skeleton remained as a haunting testament to the ruthlessness of nature and the horrors he had endured.

In the aftermath, minute fragments of flesh floated aimlessly in the bloodied water, forming a grotesque collage of torn tissue. Meanwhile, Chase’s bones sank slowly and remorselessly to the bottom of the tank, a silent descent into the perpetuity of darkness.

I smirked at what I had just witnessed. The enjoyment of seeing Chase being eaten was amazing and feeding young men to the animals was definitely something I planned on doing again.

With caution and precision, I gently transferred the piranha from its current tank to a spacious new habitat. Ensuring its safety, I made sure that the water temperature and conditions were suitable before releasing it.

Next, I approached the tank where Chase’s unfortunate fate had occurred. Armed with gloves and cleaning supplies, I meticulously scrubbed away any remnants and evidence of the incident. The water was thoroughly purified, leaving no trace of his demise.

I carefully retrieved Chase’s skeletal remains from the tank. Placing them into a sturdy black bag, I handled the remains with delicacy and reverence before sealing the bag.

I then discreetly disposed of the black bag containing Chase’s remains into the bin. The weight of the bag concealed its contents, ensuring that no one would suspect what had truly happened to Chase.

As time passed, no one knew the unfortunate fate that had befallen Chase. The mystery surrounding his disappearance remained undiscovered, shrouding the truth in a veil of ambiguity.

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