Vore Stories. Chapter 38

Levon was on his way to work when he bumped into a girl from his college. The youngster was normally the girl’s point of attention, standing at around 6 feet with blonde hair, blue eyes and a hunky muscular body it was hard for him not to be.

Dressed in a tight blue shirt that clung firmly to his body and showed off his powerful arms. He paused as he talked to the girl, then threw a bicep pose that nearly ripped his shirt before letting the giggling girl touch his thick muscle.

With his little encounter nearly over Levin continued onto work. He worked at a reptile centre that dealt with anything from snakes, lizards to Crocodiles and Alligators. He didn’t really like the job but one part of it always fascinated him which was the part where he had to feed the snakes, and having to feed them live food saw him enjoy watching in amazement as the reptiles coiled around their food to squeeze the life out of it before finally devouring them.

However once the feeding time was over Levon had a lot of time to himself and always headed down to the basement where he had developed a homemade gym that allowed him to work out whilst he was at work. Quickly removing his shirt and trousers the young hunk soon began his work out unaware of the dangers that lurked in the basement.

Although Levon worked at the centre he wasn’t aware of the full work that went on at the location. In the laboratory the scientists had been working on snake DNA to try to see if they could create the large powerful snakes that lived in the time of the dinosaurs, and their work had some success as large cross between a Python and Boa Constrictor had been developed. The bad news for Levon was that this beast had escaped its containment and now slithered around the building.

The shirtless beefcake had just finished a work out when the giant snake spotted him. Oblivious to the fact he was being stalked Levon wasted little time in pulling off a couple of poses in front of a mirror and then looking down at his body to observe the gains he had put on.

Whilst looking down Levon had failed to spot that the snake had coiled up behind him, waiting for the moment to seize its prey.
Levon raised his arms to pull off a double bicep pose and check his guns, the snakes head darted forward its jaws open wide, it moved with incredible velocity as it clasped onto Levon’s left shoulder pulling him back as it quickly coiled itself around him.
Now on the floor Levon called for help as he tried to get up to run, but the snake had wrapped its large body around him twice. Levin screamed and begged for help as the snake tightened its grip and squeezed its body tighter around him.

The snake had wrapped itself around the middle of his torso just below Levon’s abs and the second coil began just below his waist.
Levon’s legs thrashed about as he tried desperately to get loose, his face was going bright red, as he was unable to breathe as the snake was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked helplessly out in the hope someone would save him. Levon gasped his last breaths as his legs fell limply to the floor as the snake squeezed the last drops of life from its meal.
Levon’s right arm was out straight as his left arm had fallen onto the snake’s scaly body.

The large reptile loosened its grip and slithered away releasing Levon’s hot corpse before opening its mouth wide and disconnecting its jaw as it moved towards Levon’s head.

Levon’s blue eyes stared into the abyss as the snake began to slowly swallow his body. It was amazing to watch as the snake swallowed him head first, after swallowing Levon’s head, its jaws opened wider as it began to swallow his broad shoulders.
The snake’s fangs help it to ease Levon’s corpse into its mouth, as it moved its head forwards its fangs would drag Levon further into the wide mouth. Levon’s solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, in no time every inch of Levon’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which now lay halfway between his thighs.

After just half an hour of swallowing Levon all that remained where his shins and bare feet. But these too slowly disappeared into the snake’s mouth. Finally Levon’s bare feet vanished down the snake’s throat as the large bulge slowly moved down its body. Levon’s corpse was slowly pushed along the snake’s body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it Levon had finally reached its stomach.

The snake slithered away to digest its large meal. It would take away seven to ten days for the snake to digest Levon although it might end up regurgatating parts of the meal it couldn’t digest.

The large snake was now free and escaped into the big wide world. It had had its first taste of human flesh and liked it.

As for Levon it was ironic that what he liked to sit and observe doing when he fed the snakes had actually happened to him. He’d had the life squeezed out of him before being slowly swallowed. Karma did exist as Levon now knew only too well.

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