Red Garotte Strangler. Chapter 6. Dealing with a Stalker

Agent Hills sat at his desk, surrounded by paperwork and files that needed his attention. However, his focus was momentarily diverted by a personal situation that demanded his consideration. It involved a one-night stand that had taken a concerning turn, as his partner had become increasingly clingy and obsessive.

Agent Hills vividly recalled the events that led to their initial encounter with Josh. The handsome young man had caught his eye with his sharp dressing and confidence. They had connected instantly, giving in to their desires for a passionate night together.

However, in the days following their rendezvous, Agent Hills found his burner phone bombarded with texts and calls from Josh. What was initially seen as post-hookup communication quickly turned into an invasion of privacy.

To make matters worse, Josh started sending explicit photos and messages, ignoring Agent Hills’ polite requests to cease contact. The situation had escalated beyond what Agent Hills had anticipated, leaving him feeling uneasy and unsure of how to handle it.

As Agent Hills pondered his options, a brief but risky thought crossed his mind – involving Marcel, the notorious red Garotte strangler. Marcel was Agent Hill’s ally and someone that he knew would do the bidding if asked.

Josh was a vibrant and openly flamboyant 27-year-old gay man, who excuded an infectious energy that instantly captivated those around him. With a slim, toned physique accentuated by his long legs, he possesses an undeniable allure. His dark hair frames his handsome features, adding to his overall charm and magnetism.

Beyond his physical appearance, Josh possessed a unique and captivating personality. He was unapologetically himself, embracing his individuality without fear or hesitation. He radiated confidence as he strut down the street in his bold and expressive outfits, showcasing his fashion-forward sense of style. Despite the occasional hateful remarks or judgmental glances, Josh remained resilient, refusing to let the opinions of others define him.

With an unwavering conviction in his own authenticity, Josh understood the significance of self-acceptance. He embraced his sexuality without reservation or compromise, living life on his own terms. In a world that often seeks conformity, Josh stood out as a beacon of self-expression and liberation. His audacious sense of fashion and his refusal to conform to societal norms made him a symbol of defiance and pride.

Josh’s vibrant personality extended beyond his appearance. He took pleasure in spending time with his close-knit group of friends, who understood and appreciated his fierce spirit. They share laughter, unforgettable memories, and support for one another.

Additionally, Josh occasionally worked as a go-go dancer, reveling in the freedom of movement and artistic expression that it provides. It allows him to embrace his passion for dance, while also captivating audiences with his magnetic presence.

Agent Hills gathered his thoughts and made a decision. With a heavy heart, he reached for his phone and dialed a number. The line rang for what felt like an eternity, each passing second amplifying Agent Hills’ excitement. Finally, a  voice answered on the other end.

“Marcel,” Agent Hills began, his voice filled with a mix of uncertainty and determination, “It’s Agent Hills. We need to talk.”

Silence hung in the air for a moment before Marcel’s  responded, “I’ve been looking forward to your call, Hills. Meet me at the cafe on 5th street. 7pm.”

Agent Hills wanted to give Marcel another test, he wanted to see if Marcel would kill on any instruction.

Agent Hills sat across from Marcel at a small, inconspicuous café in the heart of the city. As they sipped their coffees, Agent Hills provided the details about Josh, painting a picture of his alarming behavior and relentless pursuit. Every word carried a weight as Agent Hills spoke, highlighting the urgency of the situation and the need for decisive action.

“He’s been texting and calling incessantly, sending explicit messages and photos,” Agent Hills explained, frustration lacing his voice. “It’s become increasingly obvious that he doesn’t understand boundaries, and his obsession is escalating. I fear for my safety and the safety of others.”

Marcel listened intently, his eyes betraying a mix of curiosity and a primal understanding of the darkness within human nature. Known for his merciless approach to justice, Marcel grasped the gravity of the situation, recognizing the need to eradicate this potential threat.

After absorbing all the information, Marcel’s lips curled into a chilling grin. It was a menacing smile that sent shivers down Agent Hills’ spine, but also reassured him that Josh would soon meet the consequences of his actions.

“Consider it done,” Marcel declared, his voice a low rumble. “I’ll take care of Josh. He won’t trouble you again.”

Agent Hills felt a mixture of relief and unease as he stood from the table. He knew that Marcel’s method of dealing with problems was not for the faint of heart. Yet, faced with the overwhelming threat posed by Josh’s escalating behavior, Agent Hills couldn’t help but feel a sense of resolute finality.

Leaving the café, Agent Hills cast a final glance at Marcel, their silent understanding sealing their unspoken agreement. Shadows danced on the walls, whispering secrets of what was to come. With equal parts dread and determination, Agent Hills knew that the problem with Josh would soon be dealt with.

As he walked away, a rueful smile tugged at Agent Hills’ lips, tinged with the knowledge that the red Garotte strangler, a remorseless serial killer, would bring about an end to Josh’s reign of obsession. While a part of him grappled with the morality of this arrangement, Agent Hills pushed those thoughts aside and carried on, knowing that sometimes darkness was necessary to restore light.

Agent Hills left the cafe, his mind racing with a mix of anticipation and relief. He had entrusted Marcel, known for his unconventional methods, to handle the problem with Josh. With a weight lifted off his shoulders, Agent Hills headed back to his office to continue his work, hoping that Marcel’s approach would bring the desired resolution.

Meanwhile, Marcel, focused and resolute, made his way towards the location where Josh was known to hang out. He followed the directions provided by Agent Hills, navigating through bustling city streets, his senses heightened with a predator’s instinct.

Arriving at the designated spot, Marcel’s eyes scanned the surroundings until they settled upon a bench. There sat Josh, exuding an aura of self-assuredness and arrogance. His blue bomber jacket was partially open, teasing a glimpse of his sculpted abs. Cuffed jeans, white socks, and black trainers completed his casual yet audacious look.

It was clear that Josh was awaiting someone, leaning forward in anticipation, eyes periodically searching for a familiar face or a sign of the rendezvous he desired. Marcel took note of this, recognizing the unmistakable signs of someone ready to be picked up.

Approaching with confidence, Marcel closed in on Josh, sensing the air thick with possibilities. “Hey, are you selling?” Marcel inquired, his voice carrying a hint of intrigue and authority.

Josh shifted his gaze to meet Marcel’s eyes, a smirk playing at the corners of his lips. “Depends on what the price is,” he replied, his tone laced with a blend of audacity and cunning.

Unfazed, Marcel nonchalantly waved a wad of money in front of Josh, the bills dancing in the sunlight. “I’ve got the money right here,” Marcel declared, his voice dripping with persuasion.

Caught in the allure of immediate gain, Josh’s eyes widened with a mixture of greed and curiosity. Succumbing to temptation, he smirked and uttered the words, “What are we waiting for, then?” With a confident stride, he stood up from the bench, signaling Marcel to follow.

However, as they began moving away from the bench, Marcel’s voice emerged with a touch of uncertainty. “I have nowhere to take you,” he admitted, pausing their progress momentarily.

For a brief moment, a flicker of concern passed over Josh’s face, but it quickly dissipated. With a dismissive shrug, he replied, “Doesn’t matter. We can go back to my place.”

With those words, the two figures continued their journey, Josh leading the way to his presumed destination. Marcel followed, his mind focused on the task at hand, aware that despite the uncertainty of his next move, the problem with Josh would soon be confronted head-on.

After arriving at Josh’s place, an air of tension lingered between them. Josh, feeling emboldened, took confident strides towards Marcel, closing the distance between them. He provocatively rubbed himself against Marcel, a brazen display of his desire and dominance.

Not stopping there, Josh shamelessly stripped down to his white underwear, revealing his taut physique. With a mischievous grin, he casually walked towards the television, where he put on a movie, using it as a distraction in his game of seduction.

While Josh focused on the screen, lying on the bed, Marcel found himself contemplating his next move. The room was draped in suspense as Marcel weighed up what to do and took his weapon of choice from his pocket.

As Marcel slowly approached the bed, holding the red Garotte in his hand, a glimmer of hesitation flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, as if sensing something, Josh turned his head, perhaps catching a glimpse of Marcel’s intentions. His gaze met Marcel’s, momentarily challenging the unspoken motives beneath the surface.

Unaware of the weapon hidden within Marcel’s grasp, Josh’s attention shifted back to the movie on the screen. The red Garotte vanished from Marcel’s hand, tucked away in his pocket, the distinctive tool of his sinister trade concealed once more. A subtle smile formed upon Marcel’s lips as he joined Josh on the bed, concealing his true intentions behind a mask of calculated charm and camaraderie.

As they sat on the bed, the atmosphere between Josh and Marcel shifted from tension to a playful ease. They began joking, exchanging light-hearted banter that filled the room with laughter and a sense of camaraderie. Their shared jokes created an intimate connection, easing any nerves that may have lingered.

Feeling a surge of desire, Josh leaned over to Marcel, his hands grazing Marcel’s body as he slowly started to undress him. With each garment Josh removed, a sense of anticipation built between them, heightening the intensity of their connection.

Marcel’s smile grew broader, his eyes glimmering with a mix of excitement and affection. He willingly allowed Josh to undress him, fully trusting in the evolving intimacy between them. Their bodies intertwined as they explored one another, taking their time to savor each touch, each caress that conveyed a deepening desire and a blossoming emotional connection. In this shared exploration, boundaries blurred, and inhibitions dissolved, further deepening their bond.

As the room brimmed with charged energy, Josh could sense Marcel’s yearning grow stronger. With a seductive smirk, he knelt on the bed, confidently positioning himself with his legs provocatively open, clad only in a tight pair of briefs. The fabric hugged his form, accentuating his physique and leaving little to the imagination.

In a deliberate act of enticing, Josh reached for a lollipop nearby, sensually placing it between his lips. As he slowly sucked on the candy, his gaze locked with Marcel’s, his eyes filled with unabashed desire. The combination of his suggestive pose and the tantalizing display of pleasure on his tongue sent an irresistible invitation to Marcel.

Unable to resist the allure, Marcel’s own desires flooded his being, overpowering any lingering inhibitions. The magnetic pull intensified as he moved closer to Josh, feeling an almost gravitational force guiding him towards the source of temptation. With each step, anticipation mounted, fueling the fire of their mutual attraction.

Josh lay back on the bed, the soft sheets cradling his body. He was positioned comfortably, his limbs relaxed and his breathing steady.

As Josh settled into the bed, he put his finger out and motioned for Marcel to join him. With a flirtatious smile, he gestured for Marcel to climb onto the bed next to him.

Sensing the invitation, Marcel eagerly climbed onto the bed, positioning himself close to Josh. Their bodies were now in close proximity, their desire palpable in the air.

Marcel’s hands began to explore Josh’s body, tracing along his muscles and eliciting pleasurable sensations. Josh let out seductive moans and gasps, his reaction encouraging Marcel to continue his touch.

As Josh’s eyes closed in pleasure, Marcel could sense an opportunity. His desires taking a darker turn, he reached into his pocket and retrieved a red Garotte.

With a sudden shift in his demeanor, Marcel swiftly wrapped the Garotte around Josh’s neck and pulled tight. Josh’s eyes shot open in shock, realizing he was being strangled.

In a panicked response, Josh brought his hands up as he struggled and kicked out, desperately fighting for his life. His mind raced with fear as he tried to free himself from Marcel’s grasp.

Marcel, consumed by a twisted sense of control, pulled the Garotte tighter around Josh’s slim neck. The young man’s eyes bulged in terror as the Garotte bit into his skin, cutting off his air supply as his frantic gasps filled the air.

Seconds later, a chilling crunching sound was heard as Josh’s hyoid bone snapped under the pressure. His body soon fell limp, life fading away in a tragic instant.

In a final act of cruelty, Marcel pulled the Garotte even tighter, ensuring Josh’s demise. With calculated precision, he tied the two ends of the Garotte together, solidifying his dark deed.

Marcel’s lips curled into a sinister grin, his mouth stretching wide to reveal a disturbing blend of satisfaction and wickedness. The corners of his eyes crinkled, amplifying the intensity of his twisted smile.

As Marcel’s gaze descended upon Josh’s lifeless body, a cold and calculating expression settled over his face. His eyes, filled with a predatory gleam, roamed over Josh’s motionless form. The weight of his power and dominance over another’s life sent a shiver of satisfaction down Marcel’s spine.

With a calculated motion, Marcel retrieved his phone from his pocket. It was a tool of both connection and manipulation. Holding it steady in his hand, he captured a series of chilling photographs, each one capturing the lifeless visage of Josh, frozen in eternal stillness. Marcel reveled in immortalizing his triumph, celebrating the dark victory that had come at such a high price.

Choosing the most haunting image, Marcel sent a text and attached the picture to Agent Hills, a fellow conspirator in their clandestine affairs. The image depicted Josh’s lifeless body sprawled on the bed, the red garotte tightly wrapped around his neck, leaving no room for doubt about his demise. The message was simple yet chillingly effective – “Problem dealt with.”

Agent Hills’ phone buzzed, breaking the silence of the room. Curiosity sparked within him; gaze fixated on the screen. As he opened the message and saw the image of Josh’s lifeless form, a mixture of relief and satisfaction washed over him. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, knowing that he would no longer have to face the difficulties that Josh had posed. The chilling certainty of his victory filled Agent Hills, a sinister satisfaction settling deep into his being.

The following day, a concerned friend of Josh approached his residence, worry etching lines of concern on their face. They raised a hand and knocked on the door, hoping for a response that would dispel any growing dread. However, silence greeted their call, leaving them with a sinking feeling.

Unable to contain their concern any longer, the friend reached into their pocket and retrieved a spare key. It was a symbol of trust between them, a gesture made in case of emergencies or unplanned absences. With a trembling hand, they inserted the key into the lock and turned it, cautiously pushing the door open.

The friend’s heart clenched at the uneasy atmosphere that enveloped the room. Anxiety dripped from their trembling fingertips as they cautiously moved further into the space, calling out Josh’s name without receiving any reply. The air tensed with a sense of foreboding.

And then, as their eyes fell upon the bed, the friend’s worst fears were confirmed. A strangled gasp escaped their lips, their body froze in a mixture of shock and horror. Their eyes fixated on Josh’s lifeless form, sprawled out on the bed, as if trapped in an eternal slumber. The red garotte, tightly wound around his neck, stood as a stark visual reminder of the brutality that had befallen their dear friend. A chilling wave of sorrow and disbelief washed over the friend’s shattered psyche, forever etching the horrific scene into their memory.

Overwhelmed with shock and an urgent need for help, the friend quickly reached for their phone and dialed the emergency hotline. Their trembling voice conveyed a desperate plea for assistance, explaining the grim discovery they had made at Josh’s apartment. The operator assured them that help was on the way and urged them to wait in a safe location.

Approximately an hour later, Agent Hills and his partner, Agent Towers, stood inside the now solemn and crime-ridden apartment. The air clung heavy with a mix of anticipation and unease. The agents scanned the eerie scene, taking in the morbid details surrounding Josh’s lifeless body. The room seemed to hold its breath, awaiting their professional analysis.

As their eyes met the sight of their fallen victim, Agent Towers broke the silence. His voice held a note of grave concern as he observed, “This is a different victim M.O. The previous cases didn’t involve victims of the same profile.”

Agent Hills, unable to conceal a warped smile, nodded in agreement with his partner’s assessment. He carried the knowledge of his own sinister involvement in Josh’s demise. His voice dripped with a toxic mix of satisfaction and intrigue as he replied, “Yes, all his previous victims were jock athletic types. This being a gay victim indicates a shift in our killer’s mission. It means nobody is safe, as the predator hunts with a new purpose.”

Their conversation lingered heavy in the air, a chilling reminder that a dangerous, calculated killer was at large, their motives and targets evolving. As they continued their investigation, Agent Hills’ secretive satisfaction pushed him further into the shadowy depths of his own twisted game.

Agent Hills, with a twisted mind and a cold demeanor, found himself back at the morgue where Josh’s lifeless body awaited examination. The sterile scent of antiseptic hung in the air as he approached the steel table where the body lay.

With methodical precision, Agent Hills prepared himself to conduct the examination. He put on a pair of latex gloves, snapping them against his wrists with an unsettling finality. His eyes gleamed with a sinister anticipation as he reached for the various instruments required for the task at hand.

Determined to ensure privacy and uninterrupted solitude, Agent Hills moved swiftly to lock the heavy morgue doors. The deafening silence that enveloped the room only amplified the darkness lurking within his intentions.

As he drew closer to Josh’s lifeless form, an eerie calm washed over Agent Hills. His voice, barely audible, fell in a chilling whisper as he addressed the deceased. “You brought this on yourself,” he murmured, a perverse sense of satisfaction accompanying his words. In his distorted mind, he believed he had justified his malevolent intentions, blaming Josh for his own demise.

Agent Hills’ gaze lingered on Josh’s motionless body, his eyes glinting with a disturbing mix of familiarity and twisted nostalgia. In a chilling display of his warped desires, he allowed himself a cruel indulgence. His fingers traced over lifeless skin, his touch invoking a grim dance with the boundaries of life and death. For old times’ sake he then took a moment and fucked Josh’s dead body.

Finding sinister delight in his actions, Agent Hills reveled in his power over the lifeless vessel before him. With a semblance of macabre amusement, he allowed himself to have “fun” with Josh’s body, succumbing to a dark impulse that hinted at a sinister past.

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