Vore Stories. Chapter 39

The Kokomokoa raiding party hunted the surrounding area for food. Standing at just over a metre tall, these squat green little humanoids seem reptilian because of their scaly skin and webbed feet. Their heads are wide and flat, their eyes large and yellow, agile on both land and in water these creatures were a menace to any human they encountered.

When they hunted the Kokomokoa would take any food they could find but are particularly enamoured of human flesh, which they consider a great delicacy, and great celebrations are held on the occasions that such meat is on the menu after a successful raid.

Carson sat by the water’s edge, his legs dangling over the side as his feet kicked the water. He was taking a moment to reflect and have some time to himself. However the handsome young hunk had no idea that a Kokomokoa raiding party had spotted him and prepared to ambush.

Carson’s attention was drawn to some rustling in the bushes behind him, he turned to investigate as a single Kokomokoa burst from the water and threw its net at Carson.

The Kokomokoa jumped from the water and held the net down as other Kokomokoa darted from the bushes to join it. Carson thrashed about and screamed for help under the net as the Kokomokoa speared his shirtless torso with their short bamboo javelins. The attack on Carson was relentless and he soon succumbed to the stab wounds the Creatures had made to his torso.

Wilds scenes of celebration erupted from the Kokomokoa who knew that their village was going to feast well tonight. Carson’s body was lifted up and carried by ten members of the raiding party who slowly moved over the land and back to their village.

Trumpets blared in celebration as the raiding party entered the village as it carried Carson’s body aloft. The handsome young hunk was laid out whilst the Kokomokoa chieftain looked down and gave the sexy studs body a blessing.

Within a matter of minutes the large cooking pot was ready as vegetables, herbs and spices were dropped into the water and the fire lit underneath. The celebrations continued as the water came to boil and Carson’s naked body was placed into the pot.

Two hours later and Carson was ready to be eaten. His body was removed from the pot and laid out on the grand table where the village’s shaman was responsible for cutting off and handing out the meat.

The whole village sat at the main table and dined on Carson’s tender and succulent meat, many Kokomokoa went up for seconds and thirds and by the end of the night they couldn’t move due to their bloated bellies.

The next morning Carson’s remains were thrown into the pit and joined the many other victims the Kokomokoa had feasted on.

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