The Elite Killing Club. Chapter 4. Ben

Mark sat in his spacious office at the Elite Killing Club, a room adorned with dark, opulent furnishings that reflected the macabre nature of the organization. The air carried a sense of anticipation and secrecy, as members from all walks of life came seeking their dark desires. Mark, the club’s trusted manager, sat behind his mahogany desk, surrounded by shelves filled with unusual artifacts and books on various killing techniques.

In the midst of the quiet, Pierre, a French billionaire known for his extravagant lifestyle and ruthless demeanor, strode into Mark’s office. Pierre possessed an air of arrogance, his tailored suit a clear demonstration of his lavish lifestyle. He had inherited his family’s vast fortune and was accustomed to having his every whim catered to. Approaching Mark with a smirk on his face, Pierre wasted no time asserting his desires.

“Mark,” he said with a hint of condescension, “I want to kill a young man. An innocent soul, if you will.”

Mark leaned back in his chair, studying Pierre with a discerning gaze. He was well aware of Pierre’s reputation and his penchant for controlling others, always getting what he desired. Pierre’s privileged upbringing had left him unaccustomed to hearing the word “no,” and he expected the same level of compliance from those around him.

Since becoming a member of the Elite Killing Club just over a year ago, Pierre had relished the newfound power it granted him. The ability to determine the fate of others, to decide who lived and who died, was a thrilling game of control and dominance. It fed his ego and satisfied his need for total authority. Pierre had quickly learned that in this dark realm, money held immense power, and he possessed an almost insatiable appetite for wielding it.

As Mark observed Pierre, he recognized the signs of the wealthy indulging in their desires without consequence. Spoiled and accustomed to solving any problem with his abundant wealth, Pierre saw the Elite Killing Club as another realm where he could exert his dominion and exercise his control. He revealed in the notion that his monetary power could eliminate any obstacle thrown his way, regardless of the moral implications.

Pierre’s presence in Mark’s office was a display of authority and privilege, a reminder that money could open doors that would forever remain locked to others. With a sly grin on his face and the audacity only the wealthy could possess, Pierre reveled in the knowledge that he held the power of life and death over those he deemed worthy.

Mark’s smile grew wider as he listened to Pierre’s request. Leaning forward, he asked, “Do you have anyone specific in mind, or would you like the club to acquire a suitable candidate for you?”

Pierre, relishing the thrill of leaving the decision in the hands of the Elite Killing Club, smirked and replied, “Surprise me, Mark. I trust your expertise in finding an intriguing target.”

With a subtle nod, Pierre reached into his tailored suit pocket and retrieved a briefcase filled with cash. Handing it over to Mark, he watched as the manager skillfully counted the stacks of bills. The weighty exchange served as a reminder of the power money held within the walls of the Elite Killing Club.

Mark’s eyes gleamed as the transaction was completed. “Rest assured, Pierre,” he assured him, “the club will have your requested young man within the next 24 hours. Then, the fun can begin.”

Curiosity piqued, Mark questioned Pierre regarding the method he desired to employ in executing his dark desire. The French billionaire leaned forward, his voice a mere whisper as he shared his sinister idea. Mark’s smile widened even further, a silent agreement forming between the two as they reveled in the shared secret.

In that moment, the Elite Killing Club became the backdrop for their twisted alliance. Mark, the orchestrator of dark desires, and Pierre, the wealthy patron seeking ultimate control, merged in a realm where morality blurred and sinister plots thrived. With their plan set in motion, they parted ways, both eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the macabre events that were destined to come.

As the wicked thoughts swirled in Mark’s mind, he reached for his phone, his fingers dialing a number with practiced ease. The number belonged to one of the elite members of the acquisition team, an individual known for their uncanny ability to secure targets at a moment’s notice.

After a few rings, a voice answered on the other end of the line. Mark’s distinctive tone cut through the air, his voice a blend of authority and secrecy. “I need your expertise, my friend,” he said, his words carrying a sense of urgency. “I require a young man for a special request. It needs to be done within 24 hours.”

On the other end, the member of the acquisition team understood the gravity of the situation. With a calm demeanor, they assured Mark that they would begin the process immediately, tapping into their vast network of informants and connections. They were well aware that time was of the essence, and they would spare no effort in fulfilling Mark’s request.

Mark provided them with the necessary details, painting a picture of the kind of target that Pierre desired. The acquisition team member, seasoned in the dark arts of obtaining individuals for the club’s twisted purposes, nodded affirmatively, conveying their understanding of the task at hand.

With the call ended, Mark sat back in his office chair, a wicked grin stretching across his face. He knew that his trusted acquisition team member would work diligently to meet the deadline, scouring the shadows to secure a young man who would soon be at Pierre’s mercy. The walls within the Elite Killing Club held secrets that would soon be unveiled, as each step taken propelled them further into the realm of their dark desires.

Meanwhile, in a world far removed from the sinister underbelly of the Elite Killing Club, lived a young man named Ben. Distinguished by his rugged good looks and charismatic charm, Ben captivated those around him with his intellect and genuine kindness. Though his life seemed ordinary on the surface, there was a sense of adventure and ambition that burned within him.

Ben was a smart and determined individual, having pursued a career as a doctor in physical therapy. His dedication to helping others recover and lead pain-free lives was commendable, earning him respect among his peers. Beyond his professional endeavors, Ben’s passion for fitness was evident in his chiseled physique and unwavering commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He even had an online coaching presence, guiding others in their fitness journeys, and could often be found pushing himself to the limits at the gym.

It was Ben’s cleverness that added an extra layer to his character. With a quick wit and a sharp mind, he navigated social settings with ease, effortlessly captivating those around him. Politeness and respect were ingrained in his nature, ensuring that he left a positive impression on everyone he encountered. Ben’s ability to charm others came naturally, making him a magnetic presence in any room he entered.

Despite his many pursuits and interests, Ben’s heart belonged to one woman – his girlfriend. Their love was deep and unwavering, their connection rooted in trust and companionship. She served as his anchor, and he cherished their moments together, always ensuring that he made time for her in his busy schedule.

Beyond the confines of the city and the clinic, Ben’s heart yearned for the outdoors and adventure. Whether scaling mountains, hiking through lush trails, or indulging in thrilling escapades, he felt most alive when surrounded by nature’s embrace. It was in these moments that his spirit truly soared, finding solace and rejuvenation in the beauty of the world.

The sun began its ascent, casting warm rays of light through the window, as another ordinary day unfolded for Ben. Lying comfortably in bed, he wrestled with the temptation to prolong his morning respite, dreading the thought of leaving the cozy embrace of his sheets.

Yet, a surge of determination coursed through his veins, urging him to embrace the day that awaited him.

With reluctant determination, Ben finally mustered the energy to climb out of bed. He shuffled into the bathroom, his steps sluggish and heavy. The invigorating cascade of water in the shower enticed his senses, calling him to wash away the remnants of drowsiness. As the water coursed over his physique, cleansing his body and awakening his senses, he couldn’t help but notice his reflection in the mist-covered mirror. Wrapped only in a towel, he couldn’t resist the temptation of capturing the moment. A few quick snaps, capturing the raw and confident image he saw, immortalized the day’s beginning.

Refreshed and motivated, Ben donned his workout attire. With purposeful strides, he made his way to the gym, a place that had become his sanctuary. The clattering of weights and the rhythmic melody of machines greeted him as he entered, his focus immediately shifting to the task at hand. Guided by his extensive knowledge as a physical therapist, he crafted a meticulous workout regimen. Each repetition and set were executed with precision and determination, pushing his body to its limits.

The sweat streamed down his brow, the burning sensation in his muscles fueling his determination, and a sense of accomplishment washed over him as he completed his workout.

Having depleted his energy reserves, Ben craved the liberation of an outdoor run. Inhaling the fresh air, he set a brisk pace as his feet pounded against the pavement, each step propelling him forward. His mind cleared, and the rhythmic motion of his strides allowed him to find solace amidst the world’s chaos. Whether it was the whispering trees in the park or the distant sounds of the bustling city, he found tranquility in the simplicity of his daily run.

Graham was known within the Elite Killing Club as one of the most skilled and efficient recruiters. He had a knack for finding young men who fit the club’s criteria, and his success rate was unmatched. Currently, he was tasked with conducting a search for the next young man that Mark, the club’s leader, had requested.

As Graham drove down a quiet country road, his eyes scanned the surroundings, always alert for potential candidates. It was during this search that he spotted a shirtless, dark-haired young man running in the distance. Instantly, his attention was captivated by the youth’s athletic physique and well-toned legs. A feeling of excitement washed over Graham as he realized that he may have found his target.

Curiosity piqued, Graham continued driving, but intentionally passed the young man, testing his reaction. As Ben ran, fully immersed in his own world, he paid no attention to the vehicle that passed him by. Unbeknownst to Ben, Graham’s strategic move of passing him twice had caught his attention, marking him as the ideal candidate for the Elite Killing Club.

Driven by his determination, Graham quickly pulled up the road and parked his vehicle at a discreet spot, camouflaged by the surrounding trees and foliage. With every passing moment, his anticipation grew. He knew that this encounter, this very moment, was critical for the success of his recruitment mission.

As Ben approached, completely unaware of Graham’s presence, the seasoned recruiter burst from his hiding place, catching his target by surprise. In one swift motion, Graham held a chloroform-soaked rag to Ben’s face, stifling any cries or resistance. Ben’s struggle was futile, as the chloroform quickly worked its way into his system.

The attack took Ben by surprise, his body reacting instinctively, but ultimately, he succumbed to the overwhelming effects of the chloroform. Soon, he dropped to the ground, unconscious and completely at Graham’s mercy.

Without wasting any time, Graham swiftly and efficiently dragged Ben’s now limp body into his vehicle. Aware of the risks and the importance of maintaining secrecy, Graham ensured that no evidence was left behind. He closed the car door, leaving no trace of the encounter, and with a sense of accomplishment, Graham drove back to the Elite Killing Club—yet another successful acquisition to further their sinister agenda.

Graham’s sleek black car smoothly maneuvered into the car park of the elite killing club, the dimly lit area casting an eerie glow over the surroundings. As he arrived, he carefully pulled up to the loading doors, positioning his vehicle discreetly.

Moments later, the large metallic doors creaked open, revealing Mark, a formidable figure dressed in an immaculate suit. Mark approached Graham, a hint of curiosity in his intense eyes, as he came out to greet him.

Mark’s gaze shifted towards the rear of Graham’s car, where the merchandise awaited inspection. He approached with a measured stride, his eyes scanning over every detail. As he examined the figure lying there, the realization dawned on Mark that Ben was perfect for what Pierre, the French Millionaire, had planned.

Mark’s lips curled into a sinister smile as he envisioned the potential. Ben possessed the distinct features and skills that Pierre had been seeking, making him a prime candidate for their twisted endeavors. Mark’s gaze lingered on Ben, appreciating the potential that lay within.

With a nod of assurance, Mark and Graham worked together seamlessly. They carefully carried the unconscious Ben into a meticulously prepared room, designed to cater to Pierre’s dark desires. As they laid him on the bed, they began to undress him, removing his clothing and leaving him only in his underwear.

In the dimly lit room, with shadows dancing on the walls, an unconscious Ben was now vulnerable and exposed. Mark and Graham shared a cold and detached demeanor as they meticulously tied his wrists to the bed, ensuring he wouldn’t awaken or escape the twisted fate that awaited him. The sounds of the bindings were swallowed by the eerie silence, setting the stage for the sinister events to unfold.

Mark anxiously dialed Pierre’s number, his hand trembling slightly as he brought the phone to his ear. After a few tense rings, Pierre answered, and Mark wasted no time in conveying the news. He told Pierre that everything was set up for his twisted pleasure, each word laced with a mix of anticipation and apprehension.

Pierre, intrigued by Mark’s call, wasted no time in making his way back to the elite killing club. Within the hour, his sleek black car pulled into the car park, casting long shadows as it came to a stop. The club’s eerie atmosphere greeted him, heightening his sense of anticipation as he entered the building.

As Pierre stepped through the doors, excitement coursed through his veins. He knew this encounter held the promise of a thrilling experience. With each step, his eagerness grew, eager to lay eyes upon the young man Mark had prepared for him.

Mark, having awaited Pierre’s arrival, greeted him with a respectful nod. With a voice tinged with subdued enthusiasm, he shared the crucial details with Pierre. Mark revealed that the young man in question was named Ben, his voice holding a trace of detachment as he uttered the name. Together, they walked down the dimly lit hallway, Mark leading the way to the specially prepared room.

Upon entering, Pierre’s eyes fell upon the sight before him. His gaze locked onto an unconscious Ben lying on the bed, his features bathed in the subdued lighting of the room. Pierre’s dark instincts stirred within him as he took in the sight of the young man with his striking dark hair and an athletic body that exuded sensuality.

A wicked smile formed on Pierre’s face as he turned his attention to Mark. In that moment, his words dripped with approval as he declared that Ben was perfect. The anticipation in Pierre’s gaze intensified, his desires aligning with the dangerous game that awaited him.

Understanding the unspoken request, Mark quietly left the room, closing the door behind him. He knew that it was Pierre’s turn to take control, to indulge in the twisted pleasure that awaited him. As the door closed, the room fell into an eerie silence, leaving Pierre alone with his desires and an unconscious Ben on the bed.

Pierre looked down at Ben with a mixture of joy and determination etched across his face. His eyes held a glimmer of hope as he observed his prey lying motionless on the bed.

Without wasting a second, Pierre swiftly reached into his pocket and produced a small vial of smelling salts. Carefully removing the stopper, he secured the vial under Ben’s nose, ensuring that the potent scent would reach his senses.

As the strong aroma filled the air, Ben’s body stirred on the bed. His eyes fluttered open, and a look of confusion and disorientation washed over his face. He struggled to make sense of his surroundings, trying to comprehend what was happening to him.

Seconds later, Pierre’s expression shifted from concern to something far more sinister. In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, Pierre’s hands clenched tightly around Ben’s throat. The shock of Pierre’s actions sent waves of disbelief and fear coursing through Ben’s mind.

Fear and disbelief reflected in Ben’s eyes as they widened in shock. The sudden realization of the danger now posed by Pierre left him paralyzed with disbelief. He fought to process the situation unfolding before him, desperately attempting to comprehend why he was being killed in such a violent manner.

In a frantic attempt to free himself, Ben thrashed and kicked on the bed, his body convulsing against the force of Pierre’s hold. However, Ben’s hands were tied up, rendering him unable to defend himself or break free from Pierre’s merciless grip.

As Ben struggled for breath, his attempts to scream or call for help were stifled by Pierre’s unrelenting grip. Drowning in a mixture of panic and the constriction of his windpipe, Ben emitted muffled gasps and choking sounds, each one a desperate plea for survival.

The relentless nature of Pierre’s assault took its toll on Ben. Gradually, he grew weaker, his face reflecting the grim reality of his deteriorating condition. His features turned pale and contorted, marked by veins bulging under the pressure of Pierre’s grip.

Minutes of intense struggle felt like an eternity as Ben’s strength gradually waned. With a final, haunting groan, he succumbed to the suffocating hold, his body going limp on the bed. The room fell eerily silent, marked only by the weight of Pierre’s horrific act hanging in the air.

As Pierre looked down at Ben, a disturbing smile stretched across his face. It was a grin that held a sense of twisted satisfaction and perverse delight in the control he held over another person’s life.

The feeling of power surged through Pierre, causing a sick sense of enjoyment to course through his veins. Holding the power of life and death in his hands filled him with an intoxicating rush, fueling a dark desire that he struggled to contain.

Just as Pierre relished the newfound power, Mark entered the room, his expression a mix of surprise and curiosity. He approached Pierre cautiously, barely able to conceal his astonishment.

“I… I didn’t expect it to be that quick,” Mark stammered, his voice trembling with both shock and a tinge of admiration.

Pierre’s smile widened, his eyes glinting with a disturbing mix of eagerness and anticipation. He replied with a chilling fervor, “The excitement got the best of me, Mark. I couldn’t wait any longer. There’s something invigorating about taking control and watching the life drain away.”

Mark approached Pierre with a mixture of admiration and congratulations in his eyes. “Well done, Pierre,” he exclaimed, his voice filled with genuine praise. “You executed the plan flawlessly. The satisfaction of a job well done is truly remarkable.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Mark asked Pierre if he wanted the body to be taken care of by the elite killing club or if he had any specific requests. “Pierre, do you want the club to dispose of the body discreetly, or is there something else you have in mind?” Mark inquired, his tone laced with a hint of curiosity.

Pierre considered the question for a moment, his mind filled with grim thoughts. “Let the club take care of it,” he replied calmly. “However, I want to keep the head as a memento. It will serve as a reminder of our power and what we are capable of.”

Accepting Pierre’s request, Mark handed him a small electronic device containing a recording of the entire event. “Here,” he said, holding it out to Pierre. “This recording captures every moment. Wait outside, and they will bring you the head. Everything is going according to plan.”

As Pierre left the room, Mark’s demeanor shifted slightly. Seizing the opportunity, he reached for his phone and dialed one of his trusted friends, Francis. The call was brief but filled with ominous intent.

When Francis picked up the phone, Mark got straight to the point. “Hey, Francis, I need to ask something. Are you all right for meat?” he inquired, his tone indicating something far more sinister.

Francis laughed, an unsettling sound reverberating through the line. “Oh, Mark, you know me. I’m always up for some fresh meat for my butchers,” he replied with a chilling grin, revealing the dark nature of their intertwined world.

The door swung open, and the body disposal team entered the room, pushing a gurney. With precision and efficiency, they carefully positioned Ben’s lifeless body onto the cold steel surface.

Igor, a rugged and experienced member of the team, glanced at Mark and approached him. In his gruff voice, he inquired, “Boss, what do you want us to do with this one?”

Mark’s eyes gleamed with a mix of authority and detachment as he gave his gruesome command. “Igor, dismember the body. Harvest all of the edible flesh, leaving nothing wasted.”

Igor nodded, his expression revealing both familiarity and a certain detachment necessary for his line of work. Without question, he turned to his team, relaying Mark’s instructions with an eerie calmness.

However, Mark’s request did not end there. He approached Igor and spoke in hushed tones, emphasizing the significance of a particular body part. “And Igor, make sure to keep the head intact. We need it back.”

Igor’s expression remained stoic, acknowledging the importance of the task. He signaled to the rest of the team, directing them to secure the body and begin the gruesome process of dismemberment, all while ensuring the head remained untouched.

Silently, the team prepared themselves for the morbid work ahead, equipped with tools that would strip Ben’s body of its flesh. Mark, satisfied with his instructions given, watched as they got to work, the room filled with an unsettling aura, accompanied by the steady hum of machinery.

The body preparation team swiftly dispatched with their preparations, meticulous in their approach. They gathered an array of tools and supplies, including sharp knives, bone saws, and protective gloves. The room was transformed into a makeshift butchery, with a sterile table and various containers ready for the gruesome task ahead.

With clinical precision and eerie calmness, the team set about dismembering Ben’s body.

 Igor, taking the lead, meticulously navigated through joints and limbs, expertly separating them using well-placed incisions and calculated force. Each cut was executed with a cold detachment, a reminder of the team’s familiarity with such macabre tasks.

As they worked, the room filled with the sounds of slicing, cutting, and the occasional snap of bone. They meticulously divided Ben’s body, ensuring each slice was made with consummate skill, minimizing damage and wastage.

Once the dismemberment was complete, the team moved on to the next phase: delicately and carefully removing all the edible flesh from Ben’s remains. Using their knives with remarkable precision, they deftly cut away the tender meat, isolating it from bone, sinew, and unwanted tissue.

Each piece of flesh was conscientiously checked for any imperfections or contaminants, ensuring only the choicest parts remained. With a practiced efficiency, the team boxed up the harvested flesh, meticulously arranging each compartment with care to preserve its freshness and integrity.

Every element of this grisly process was executed with meticulous attention to detail, aligning with the team’s grim expertise and their eerie ability to carry out their work methodically and seamlessly.

After dismemberment and careful packing of Ben’s flesh, Igor returned to Mark, bearing four boxes. With a sturdy grasp, he presented three of them to Mark, each containing a veritable harvest of meat. The weight of the boxes hinted at the volume of the grim cargo they held.

Igor’s gaze remained neutral as he handed Mark the carefully arranged boxes, ensuring that all the contents were secured within. The boxes contained the grisly remains of Ben’s edible flesh, expertly preserved and packaged, awaiting their designated fate.

In a final gesture, Igor handed Mark the fourth box, the most significant of all. This box contained what remained of Ben’s head – a chilling reminder of the gruesome events that had led to this macabre moment.

Without hesitation, Mark accepted the boxes from Igor’s outstretched hands. His eyes flickered briefly with a mix of detachment and satisfaction, testament to his descent into darkness and the fulfillment of his unnerving desires.

The weight of the boxes pressed against Mark’s palms, a tangible reminder of the power he held over life and death. He held them tightly, a silent acknowledgment of the darkness that lurked beneath the surface – a darkness that had become an integral part of him.

With the boxes firmly in his possession, Mark turned, ready to embark on the next phase of his unsettling plans. The echoes of the room seemed to resonate with an eerie emptiness, as if the walls too carried the weight of the horrors that had unfolded within their confines.

Mark entered the room with a purpose, holding the box containing Ben’s severed head. Pierre, an accomplice, awaited his arrival, anticipation glittering in his eyes. Without a word, Mark approached Pierre and handed him the box, their hands briefly touching in a chilling exchange.

Pierre eagerly accepted the box and peered inside, a fiendish smile spreading across his face. The grotesque sight within elicited an unsettling satisfaction, confirming the twisted nature that bonded these two collaborators.

Curiosity got the better of Pierre, and he queried Mark about the contents of the remaining boxes, unaware of the unsettling truth. “What have we got in the other boxes?”

Mark’s grin widened, reveling in his own game. “I’ve sold Ben’s meat to a butcher’s shop,” he explained with a detached glee. His voice was casual, as if discussing a mundane transaction.

Pierre’s smile deepened, reflecting an eerie sense of approval. “That’s cool,” he replied, secretly delighted by the cruel twist to their endeavor. His excitement continued to build as he imagined the unsuspecting customers unknowingly indulging in the grisly feast.

Recognizing Pierre’s appreciation, Mark offered him a prime cut of Ben’s harvested meat. The gesture was met with genuine gratitude as Pierre eagerly accepted, a willing participant in their unsettling arrangement. The shared darkness enveloped them, forging a bond between two minds reveling in the macabre.

Mark hopped into his car, his hands gripping the steering wheel with an odd mix of anticipation and satisfaction. He navigated the streets with purpose, his destination set – Francis’s butcher’s shop.

Upon arrival, Mark entered the shop, catching Francis’s eye with a sly grin. Retrieving his phone, he showed Francis a picture of Ben, the athletic hunk they had chosen for their unsettling purpose.

 The two shared a twisted laugh, their amusement fueled by the knowledge that Ben’s physical attributes made him an ideal candidate for their grotesque plan.

Francis, an unwitting accomplice, nodded with a mix of morbid fascination and compliance. He handed Mark the agreed-upon sum of money, acknowledging the completion of their transaction. Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting customers, the boxes filled with Ben’s flesh had found their way into the hands of the butcher, ready to be sold as ordinary cuts.

With the money securely in his possession, Mark watched as Francis meticulously arranged the boxes, blending them inconspicuously with the other cuts of meat. The unsuspecting customers would go about their shopping, unaware of the dark secret hidden amongst the seemingly innocuous offerings of the shop.

Francis’s actions seamlessly transitioned into those of a salesman, his charm and expertise masking the eerie truth. The meat harvested from Ben became part of the butcher’s daily operations, unknowingly reaching the plates of unsuspecting individuals seeking a delectable meal.

As Mark observed this unsettling charade, a dark satisfaction welled within him. The inexplicable power he held over the lives of others, the covert deviance that fueled this sinister game, played out quietly in the butcher’s shop, shrouded beneath the façade of a seemingly ordinary day.

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