Vore Stories. Chapter 40

Igor was a handsome young model that loved nothing more than chilling and relaxing under the sun. When not at home or on a photo shoot he could always be found exploring the great outdoors and this is exactly what he was doing now.

Perched on a wooden fence the shirtless hunk pondered about many things. Today he was thinking about the moment he cheated on his girlfriend the previous night. Should he come clean or hope he gets away with it. Igor knew it was difficult to ignore the ladies who were drawn to his sexy athletic body that was decorated with many tattoos, add this to a perfect pair of legs and handsome looks. Igor sat wearing a red snapback cap, a pair of denim shorts and white socks that were pulled up and covered half his shins.

Having not made a decision Igor continued to wander through the woodland taking in deep breaths of fresh air as he went along.

Unknown to Igor was the fact that a large ugly creature was leaving a trail of foul smelling slime behind itself as it moved slowly through the woodland. Pale grey in colour and around 8 metres long the Giant Slug searched its habitat for suitable food to feed its bloating body. The creatures eat anything it can get hold of from vegetation and any type of meat be it living or carrion. However its favourite food was live meat and it had developed numerous ways to capture its food.

Igor walked over a wooden bridge as he looked down at the floor. He noticed the smell of the air had turned from a fresh smell to one of a foul smelling odour. He had no idea the smell was coming from a creature that would soon be attempting to make him a meal.

The hot model turned off the path and ventured deep into the undergrowth as the dreadful smell seemed to grow stronger. Igor pushed away some bushes to enter another clearing and come face to face with the slimey giant Slug.

“What the fuck!! Owww.” Igor exclaimed as he held his pinched his nose to stop breathing in the horrendous smell emanating from the slugs slime. He contemplated whether to run or not which would turn out to be a fatal mistake.

The Giant Slugs optical tentacles surveyed the fresh food that stood in front of it. The beast knew it didn’t have the agility to take on the fine young specimen in front of it so it relied on one of its more offensive weapons and shot spittle of poisonous saliva in Igor’s face. The liquid burnt and irritated the young hunk who frantically tried to rub and remove it from his face.

With its prey now preoccupied with the saliva in its face the slug wasted no time in bending over and lifting Igor up in its mouth. The hot models legs thrashed around wildly as his lower body from the waist down protruded from the giant slug’s mouth. His frantic cries for help now nothing more than muffled sound from the inside of the beast.

No chewing or crunching was needed from the Giant Slug as it simply lifted its head back to allow Igor to slide down its throat. His white socks still kicked back and forth as they disappeared into the deep dark hole.
The Giant Slug’s stomach acids immediately got to work digesting the hunks fine body as it moved off in such of more food.

A few days passed and nothing remained of Igor apart from the stud ear rings he wore in his ears, his metal belt buckle and part of his partially digested cap. All items the Giant Slug had regurgitated from its last meal.

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