Gacy Stories. Chapter 16. Easy Money

Jacob was a charismatic 23-year-old hunk with a zest for life that was contagious. With his dark, tousled hair and a perfectly toned body sculpted through his dedication to fitness, Jacob was a striking figure who drew admiration wherever he went.

His magnetic charm was matched only by his radiant smile, which lit up any room he entered. At a first glance, it is evident that Jacob was not only physically attractive but also possesses a vibrant energy that is simply irresistible.

One of the most significant aspects of Jacob’s life is his role as a father to his eight-month-old son. Despite his young age, Jacob has embraced fatherhood with unwavering love and dedication. His face beams with joy and pride whenever he talks about his little one, always showering his son with affection and care. The bond between father and son was palpable, as Jacob cherished every moment spent with his beloved child, watching him grow and discover the world.

Jacob’s journey into parenthood was unexpected, yet he embraced it as a blessing alongside his high school sweetheart. Together, they had been on a path of love and companionship for years, and the arrival of their son only strengthened their bond. Although the birth may not have been planned, the young couple saw it as a beautiful miracle, a testament to the depth of their connection. With their shared love and devotion to their child, Jacob and his partner have faced the challenges of parenthood with unity and unwavering support.

Despite the responsibilities of being a father, Jacob remained a young man who loved to live life to the fullest. He enjoyed indulging in the occasional night out, reveling in the company of his close-knit group of friends. These wild adventures served as a means of unwinding and seizing moments of freedom in the midst of the responsibilities that fatherhood brings. While his priorities may have shifted, Jacob was determined to strike a balance between his role as a father and the youthful spirit that resides within him.

The moon hung high in the night sky, casting a faint silvery glow upon the darkened streets as Jacob stumbled his way towards home. His movements were slightly unsteady, a consequence of the indulgence that had accompanied him throughout the evening. The intoxicating mix of laughter and camaraderie lingered in his memory, fueling a sense of exhilaration even as he fought to maintain his balance.

Jacob fumbled with his keys at the front door, his hand trembling slightly, but finally managed to unlock it with a sigh of relief. The door creaked open, and he slipped inside, hoping to navigate the house quietly despite the alcohol coursing through his veins. Shadows danced within the dimly lit hallway, giving a surreal quality to his unsteady progress.

As Jacob tiptoed towards the bedroom, he couldn’t help but anticipate the inevitable confrontation that awaited him. The thought of waking his girlfriend at such a late hour, when her slumber should have remained undisturbed, gnawed at his conscience. He understood the frustration that would undoubtedly flare within her, yet he knew he had to face the consequences of his actions.

With a heavy heart, Jacob pushed open the bedroom door and turned on the lamp, flooding the room with an unwelcome brightness. His girlfriend, her face creased with sleep-induced confusion, stirred from her slumber, her eyes widening at the sight of him. The mix of annoyance and concern was evident as she sat up, her voice laced with anger.

In a restrained whisper, she expressed her disdain for his late return, her words tinged with disappointment as she struggled to control the simmering frustration within her. “How could you come home like this? Do you have any idea what time it is?” she pleaded in a hushed tone, desperate not to cause a commotion.

Sensing her reluctance to cause a scene, Jacob, his own guilt and remorse evident in his eyes, tried to placate her with a mumbled apology, his voice slightly slurred. His every word carried a hint of regret, an acknowledgment of the mistake he had made. Deep down, he knew he had let her down, failing to prioritize their relationship amidst the allure of a night filled with revelry.

Aware of the need to keep their emotions in check, she sighed heavily and motioned for Jacob to join her in bed, unwilling to escalate the situation any further in the late hour. Though her anger still simmered beneath the surface, she chose to suppress it, unwilling to let it consume the love they had built over the years.

As Jacob climbed into bed, the warmth of their shared space contrasting with the icy tension in the room, he silently vowed to learn from his mistake. In the introspective solace of the night, guilt gnawed at him, a constant reminder of the need to strike a balance between his desire for youthful liberation and the commitment he made to his partner.

Both cocooned in the shared silence, wrapped in a mixture of love and resentment, they drifted back into an uneasy sleep, leaving unresolved emotions suspended in the air. Morning would bring a new day, an opportunity for heartfelt conversations and the mending of fragile bonds, as they navigated the complexities of their relationship in search of understanding and forgiveness.

The morning sun filtered through the curtains, casting a warm glow upon the room as Jacob stirred from his uneasy slumber. As consciousness gradually took hold, he became acutely aware of the annoyance that lingered in the air. He could sense his girlfriend’s frustration, simmering just beneath the surface, as she bid her time, waiting for the right moment to express her discontent.

Reeling from the effects of a hangover, Jacob sought solace outside, perched upon a weathered wooden chair. The sun-warmed breeze caressed his face, providing a small comfort amidst the growing tension. The moments passed in quiet introspection as he nursed his throbbing head, hoping for the clarity that the morning sun often brought.

Eventually, the time arrived when his girlfriend, her countenance etched with a mix of concern and disappointment, approached him with determined steps. Her voice, measured and tinged with subtle frustration, cut through the silence. In a gentle yet assertive tone, she expressed her belief that he needed to buck his ideas up, putting the responsibility of fatherhood and their relationship at the forefront.

Jacob’s brow furrowed as he tried to comprehend the gravity of her words. The magnitude of the situation sunk in, gradually breaking through the haze of his hangover. However, feeling defensive and overwhelmed, he retaliated, unable to fully grasp the weight of the new chapter they found themselves in.

The couple engaged in a heated argument as emotions swirled and intertwined. His girlfriend’s voice, filled with a mix of raw anger and concern, pierced through the air, urging him to abandon his reckless partying ways. She emphasized the newfound responsibility they bore as parents, highlighting the need for stability and maturity.

Channels of communication seemingly strained to their limits; Jacob retorted with defiance. His voice laced with bitterness, he suggested absurd options, like selling his body for money fueling the fire of their disagreement. Words were exchanged in a heated volley, both parties struggling to understand the other’s perspective amidst the pain of the argument.

In a heated moment of frustration, Jacob’s girlfriend, her voice trembling with exasperation, shouted an emphatic “yes” in response to his provocative question. She stormed off, seeking solace in the space that separation brought, feeling an overwhelming mix of hopelessness and anger.

In the wake of the argument, a heavy silence enveloped the scene. Jacob, feeling a pang of regret, replayed the argument in his mind, questioning his choices and the repercussions they held. As the sun continued its ascent, shadows danced around him, mirroring the uncertainty and turmoil that had found its way into their once harmonious relationship.

The afternoon sun bathed Jacob in its warm embrace as he sat alone outside, contemplating his next move. His mind weighed heavy with the financial responsibilities that life had thrust upon him, and in that moment of vulnerability, he picked up his phone, searching for possible solutions.

In his contacts, he found the number of a friend who was involved in the world of escorting. Curiosity tinged with a touch of apprehension coursed through Jacob’s veins as he dialed the number, feeling the weight of uncertainty with every ring.

His friend answered the call, his voice filled with a mix of nonchalance and intrigue. As they engaged in conversation, Jacob’s inquiries shifted towards the financial side of escorting. With each passing word, he listened attentively, astounded by the amount of money that could potentially be made in just a single night’s work. The idea of this unconventional path started to captivate his thoughts.

His friend then shared a particular aspect of escorting that seemed alluring – the potential to make the most money while escorting older male individuals. His friend downplayed any potential sexual involvement, reassuring Jacob that all that was typically required was undressing down to his underwear. This proposition gave Jacob pause, a tempting offer that seemed to align with his yearning for financial stability without crossing certain personal boundaries.

After careful consideration, Jacob made up his mind – he decided to take the plunge and sign up as an escort. As he submitted his application, a mixture of nerves and excitement coursed through his veins. Little did he know that his decision would immediately attract attention, as his phone began to buzz and vibrate incessantly, flooded with offers for that very night.

A whirlwind of emotions churned within Jacob’s mind as he scrolled through the multitude of messages and requests. Each proposition seemed to carry with it the potential for financial security, but at what cost? Doubt and apprehension mingled with the allure of monetary gain, leaving Jacob at a crossroads, uncertain of the path ahead.

Sitting alone outside, Jacob took his time to sift through the flood of offers that had inundated his phone. Each message presented a different scenario, a different set of expectations, and varying sums of money. With each message he read, a complex mix of emotions filled his mind.

Some of the offers made him feel uneasy, as they appeared to hint at expectations beyond the agreed-upon boundaries he initially considered. The discomfort swirled within him, reminding him of the delicate balance he was treading. The desire for financial stability fought against his inner moral compass, causing him to question the path he had chosen.

Amidst the sea of messages, one offer stood out – a man seeking nothing more than some company. The simplicity and genuine nature of this request intrigued Jacob. The desire for a human connection, devoid of any ulterior motives, seemed to resonate with him. The agreed-upon sum was 500 bucks, a significant amount that further enticed him to consider taking up the offer.

After careful consideration, Jacob replied to the offer, accepting the proposition to provide company for the man. He was aware that it was essential to clarify his boundaries and ensure that no expectations of any kind of sexual encounter were present. He emphasized that he would only undress down to his underwear, as had been previously agreed upon.

With apprehension mingling with curiosity, Jacob set the meeting in motion. Nervousness tingled through his veins, threatening to overpower him as he prepared for his temporary role as a companion. The weight of his decision hung heavy, as he stepped into the realm of this unconventional way to earn money, hoping that his conscience would remain intact.

As he embarked on this unexpected journey, Jacob’s emotions oscillated between eagerness and trepidation, knowing that each step he took had the potential to shape his future trajectory. Striving to reconcile his desires for financial stability with his personal values, he ventured forth into the unknown, caution guiding his every move.

With a mix of anticipation and nervousness, Jacob prepared himself for the meeting. He meticulously dressed in his chosen outfit – a crisp white vest that accentuated his figure, paired with dark jeans that exuded a casual yet stylish aura. A small sense of confidence welled up within him as he checked his appearance in the mirror one last time before heading out.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jacob, Gacy had stumbled upon his online advert and felt intrigued by his appearance. Jacob’s unique combination of vulnerability and strength caught Gacy’s attention, leading him to arrange the meeting. The allure of this new connection heightened Gacy’s curiosity and he eagerly set off to the predetermined meeting location.

Upon arriving at the location, Gacy anxiously scanned the area, searching for a glimpse of Jacob. Spotting him standing there, dressed in the white vest and dark jeans that Gacy had admired from the online advert, a surge of excitement coursed through his veins.

 With a sense of determination, Gacy prepared himself to approach Jacob, ready to embark on this unexpected encounter, hoping to find the connection he had been seeking.

As Gacy caught sight of Jacob, a sense of delight washed over him. Jacob’s appearance, matching the expectations set by the online advert, attracted him even more. Gacy couldn’t help but feel a genuine excitement for the evening they had planned, foreseeing a connection and enjoyment in their future interactions.

On the other side, Jacob’s heart raced as he spotted the approaching car. His nerves tightened their grip on him, amplifying the weight of his decision. He took a deep breath, steadying himself as he prepared for what awaited him.

As the car pulled up next to him, Gacy rolled down the window and extended a friendly gesture towards Jacob. Introducing himself with warmth and charm, Gacy acknowledged the nerves that were evident on Jacob’s face. He reassured Jacob, easing him into this unconventional experience, emphasizing that there was nothing illegal or immoral about what they were about to engage in.

Jacob’s anxiety began to ease a little as Gacy’s laughter filled the air. He carefully scanned the surroundings, making sure they were not drawing any unwanted attention.

Though reassured by Gacy’s words, Jacob couldn’t shake off the remnants of unease, as this marked his first time venturing into the world of escorting.

His eyes darted around nervously, searching for any signs of potential judgments or criticisms from onlookers. Gacy, sensing Jacob’s apprehension, attempted to lighten the mood and dispel the tension by assuring him that there was nothing to fear. In Gacy’s laughter, Jacob found a glimmer of comfort, reassuring himself that they were embarking on a legitimate endeavor, even if unconventional.

With a deep breath, Jacob took the first step into this uncharted territory, nerves still fluttering inside him as he climbed into the car beside Gacy, ready to face the uncertainties that lay ahead.

During the drive back to Gacy’s place, the tense atmosphere slowly gave way to conversation. Gacy made a concerted effort to assure Jacob that everything was going to be alright, emphasizing the understanding they had established prior to meeting. He reaffirmed their agreed-upon boundaries, seeking to alleviate any lingering doubts or uncertainties that Jacob may have had.

As they approached the imposing gate of Gacy’s large estate, a mix of awe and uncertainty washed over Jacob. The sight of the grand entrance hinted at the wealth and privilege Gacy possessed, adding to Jacob’s realization that he had entered into a realm far different from his own. The stark contrast between their lifestyles further fueled Jacob’s desire to make the encounter worthwhile, driven by the realization that Gacy had significant financial resources at his disposal.

Motivated by the allure of financial gain, Jacob’s determination to earn more than the initially agreed-upon sum of 500 bucks sparked within him. The realization of Gacy’s wealth intensified his resolve to make the most of the situation and secure a higher payment, as he recognized the potential opportunities that lay before him.

With a mix of curiosity and a yearning for financial stability, Jacob prepared himself mentally, knowing that he had entered a world where greater rewards awaited him. He steeled himself for what lay ahead, determined to leave Gacy’s estate with more than just predetermined compensation, driven by a desire to improve his own circumstances.

As Jacob stepped into Gacy’s house, a polite smile graced his face, reminding Gacy of the agreed-upon boundaries they had set. Jacob wanted to ensure that their encounter remained within the confines of their initial understanding, emphasizing the importance of consent and mutual respect.

Inside the house, Gacy swiftly grabbed a crate of beer, in an attempt to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They settled onto the sofa, each taking a seat, ready to engage in conversation and get to know one another on a deeper level.

Over the passing minutes, the two began to share fragments of their personal histories. Conversations flowed, providing glimpses into their backgrounds. They revealed snippets of their triumphs and struggles, gradually building a connection rooted in shared experiences.

During the exchange, Jacob mentioned with fondness that he had recently become a father and expressed his deep love for his son. This revelation shed light on a tender side to Jacob, demonstrating his capacity for nurturing and caring.

Gacy, on the other hand, confided in Jacob about his need for companionship after experiencing a recent loss. He shared his vulnerabilities, conveying his longing for understanding and connection in the aftermath of his hardships.

As their conversations deepened, they found common ground and uncovered layers of empathy for one another. The dialogue exposed the intricacies of their lives, fostering a sense of understanding and creating a bond that ventured beyond the initial transactional nature of their interaction.

As the conversation continued, Jacob felt a growing desire to showcase more of his physique, aiming to captivate Gacy further. With a slight smile playing on his lips, he stood up and confidently removed his vest, exposing more of his toned body, hoping to elicit a positive reaction from Gacy.

However, as Jacob turned his gaze towards the yard while removing his vest, his eyes caught sight of a scene that immediately caught his attention. A coyote was fervently digging up a patch of earth, potentially damaging Gacy’s garden. With a mix of alarm and concern, Jacob quickly turned to Gacy, informing him about the intruding animal’s presence and its destructive actions.

Gacy sprang to his feet upon hearing Jacob’s words, a mixture of frustration and urgency coloring his expression. Blaming the animals for the destruction of his precious flowers and vegetables, he rushed towards the door, determined to protect his meticulously maintained garden from further harm.

Unbeknownst to Gacy, Jacob’s eyes remained fixated on the scene playing out before him. As Gacy chased away the coyote, little did he know that what he perceived as an intrusion on his garden was actually the unsettling discovery of the grave belonging to Gacy’s last victim, Ryan. Jacob’s heart pounded in his chest, a mix of shock and disbelief coursing through his veins, realizing the dark secret that Gacy had unknowingly exposed in his pursuit of protecting his flora and fauna.

Jacob watched in silence as Gacy forcefully expelled the coyote, unaware of the sinister truth that lay beneath the soil.

Gacy couldn’t help but admire the young man sat before him. His eyes lingered appreciatively on Jacob’s physique, recognizing the appeal of his well-toned body. Gacy found himself drawn to Jacob’s physical attractiveness, imagining the possibilities that lay ahead.

However, as Gacy conversed with Jacob and discovered that he was a father to a young son, a wave of conflicting emotions crashed over him. Memories of his own troubled upbringing and the abuse he endured at the hands of his father resurfaced. Seeing the connection between a father and his child triggered a sense of empathy in Gacy, leading him to reconsider his initial sinister plan. The knowledge of fatherhood stirred a dormant part of Gacy’s conscience, causing him to abandon the idea of harming Jacob.

As the evening progressed, the duo indulged in more drinks, the alcohol flowing freely. With each passing glass, inhibitions were lowered, and a haze of intoxication overtook them both. Laughter and slurred words filled the room as the effects of the alcohol intensified. The combination of inebriation and exhaustion eventually overwhelmed them, causing them to succumb to sleep on the sofa.

In their drunken stupor, the lines between predator and prey, host and visitor blurred momentarily, as Gacy and Jacob drifted into an unconscious state, the weight of their respective pasts and their uncertain futures fading into the background, at least for the time being.

As the morning light softly filtered into the room, Jacob slowly stirred from his sleep, unaware that he had slept through the entire night. Disoriented, he blinked his eyes and looked around, his mind trying to piece together the events of the previous evening.

His gaze landed on Gacy, who was still peacefully slumbering on the neighboring sofa. Realizing the need to check his phone for messages and perhaps charge it, Jacob reached over to the nearby table. However, his heart sank when he discovered that his phone’s battery had completely drained during the night.

Unbeknownst to Jacob, his girlfriend had grown increasingly concerned as the night unfolded. She had left him several messages in frustration, assuming that he had gone out partying without any regard for his responsibilities. However, Jacob remained blissfully ignorant of her attempts to contact him, preoccupied in the company of Gacy.

Shaking off this nagging feeling of disconnection, Jacob decided to quell his rumbling stomach by heading towards the kitchen. Breakfast seemed like a much-needed respite after a night filled with unexpected twists and a hazy stupor, and he hoped to find some sustenance to start the day off right.

As Gacy slowly opened his eyes, he realized Jacob was nowhere to be seen. His initial thought was that Jacob had left, perhaps without saying goodbye. However, just as Gacy began to wonder about Jacob’s sudden disappearance, he heard a peculiar noise emanating from the kitchen, piquing his curiosity.

Slightly disoriented from his own disheveled state, Gacy made his way towards the source of the sound. As he entered the kitchen, his eyes widened at the sight of Jacob standing there, shirtless and holding a knife. Gacy’s senses sharpened, his mind registering the potential danger in the room.

In an instinctive response, Gacy’s hand darted towards a nearby counter, grabbing a knife of his own. His heart raced as he readied himself for whatever unpredictable situation lay ahead.

In that tense moment, Jacob turned to face Gacy, the knife still in his grasp. His voice trembled as he attempted to explain, “I was just preparing us some…” Before he could finish his sentence, Gacy’s fear and paranoia took over, driving him to plunge his knife into Jacob’s stomach without hesitation.

Jacob’s face contorted in a mixture of shock and pain as the force of Gacy’s attack struck him. His attempt to speak was abruptly halted, his words forever lost as Gacy continued his assault, stabbing Jacob four more times. Each puncture of the knife elicited further pain and disbelief from Jacob, causing him to collapse to the floor, his life rapidly slipping away.

Lying on the cold tiled floor in a pool of blood, his body weak and battered, Jacob looked up at Gacy with a combination of shock, fear, and betrayal etched onto his face. The realization of his impending demise clung to him, haunting his gaze, as the final moments of his life unfolded before his eyes.

Gacy stood over Jacob, his grip tight on the bloodied knife, his heart pounding in his chest. The room was filled with an eerie silence, broken only by Jacob’s gasping, wheezing breaths. Jacob’s eyes locked with Gacy’s, pleading for help, silently begging for mercy.

Reality crashed down on Gacy as he snapped out of his dazed state, the weight of his actions sinking deep into his conscience. His once detached demeanor shattered, replaced by a rush of remorse and guilt. He knelt down by Jacob’s side, tears welling in his eyes, and became apologetic for his heinous actions. Words of regret and apology tumbled out of his mouth, his voice trembling as he tried to console Jacob.

However, as the badly injured Jacob begged for help, Gacy’s demeanor shifted once again. Panic washed over him as he realized the consequences of seeking medical attention. The presence of the police would inevitably expose the dark secrets buried within his house and grounds. The thought of having his horrific crimes discovered halted Gacy’s initial impulse to help.

Gacy closed his eyes, his mind racing as he grappled with an agonizing decision. He knew he couldn’t risk the exposure, couldn’t risk having the police uncover the gruesome truth. With a heavy heart, he made his choice. Leaving behind a badly wounded Jacob, he headed outside, his mind set on digging another grave to conceal yet another life that would soon be lost to his sinister desires.

As Gacy walked back into the kitchen, his eyes fell upon Jacob who had not moved an inch. Jacob’s breaths still came out in wheezes, a painful reminder of the severe injuries he had endured. The sight of Jacob’s suffering struck Gacy with a mixture of dread and a twisted sense of duty.

With a heavy heart, Gacy approached Jacob’s wretched form and mustered the strength to drag him outside. Sweat poured down his face as he exerted himself, every movement fueled by a morbid sense of purpose.

Once outside, Gacy’s actions turned more sinister. He stripped Jacob naked, the cold air biting at the exposed flesh. The vulnerability and humiliation added to Jacob’s already agonizing ordeal. Gacy’s detachment from reality manifested in these despicable acts.

With Jacob’s naked body in tow, Gacy dragged him towards the awaiting grave. Each inch felt like an eternity, filled with the weight of Gacy’s guilt and Jacob’s unimaginable pain.

Gacy’s resolve wavered, his initial intention to end Jacob’s suffering crumbling under the overwhelming weight of his deeds. He couldn’t bring himself to finish Jacob off, instead deciding to leave it to the natural process of fate. The twisted sense of mercy mingled with his cowardice.

Gently, yet remorsefully, Gacy laid Jacob in the grave, his eyes meeting the gaze of the wounded man. The words “I’m sorry” escaped Gacy’s lips, a hollow concession in the face of all the horrors he had inflicted.

Jacob, still badly wounded, lay in the grave as Gacy began to fill it up. With each shovelful of soil, Jacob’s thoughts raced, consumed by the painful reality that he would never see his loved ones, especially his son again. The weight of the earth above symbolized the loss of his future, a future cruelly stolen away, buried along with his broken body.

Gacy stood near the open grave, his head bowed in a solemn posture. With his eyes closed, he composed himself, gathering his thoughts before uttering a prayer. His voice, filled with a sense of twisted reverence, was barely above a whisper as he spoke his prayer to the heavens. The words drifted through the air, tinged with an unsettling tone that reflected the darkness within his soul.

After concluding his twisted prayer, Gacy set the shovel down gently on the ground next to the open grave. With a deliberate and deliberate movement, he released his grip on the handle, allowing it to slowly slide from his hands. The heavy shovel created a dull thud as it made contact with the earth, serving as a macabre reminder of the gruesome task at hand.

Gacy started shoveling the loose soil back into the grave. Each shovel full of dirt cascaded over the helpless victim, covering him inch by inch, until only a mound of earth remained, concealing Jacob’s fate.

Descending into the depths of darkness, Gacy turned away from the now-covered grave and headed indoors. Walking steadily, he passed through rooms tainted by the remnants of his heinous acts. As he moved, he methodically gathered the tools of his gruesome trade, erasing any trace of the horror he had brought into the world.

A night filled with the weight of his actions passed, and Gacy awoke to a new day’s light. In the stillness of the morning, he stood at the window overlooking the freshly disturbed soil. His eyes widened in dark fascination and perverse pleasure as he saw one of Jacob’s arms protruding from the ground, the flesh pale and lifeless.

It was at that moment that Gacy’s twisted mind discerned the true nature of the disturbance. He knew that the coyotes, those scavengers of the night, had discovered his latest victim. With a sickening mix of satisfaction and morbid curiosity, he observed the signs of their hunger. The flesh on Jacob’s forearm and hand had been gnawed and devoured, leaving a macabre display of their savage consumption.

Dispassionately, Gacy resolved to rectify the intrusion upon his victim’s resting place. He retrieved a shovel, carefully removed the exposed arm from the dirt, and reburied it with the utmost attention to detail. With perverse satisfaction, he ensured that the evidence of the coyotes’ feast was hidden from prying eyes.

Having completed his task, Gacy coldly wiped the dirt from his hands and resumed his daily routine, as if the horrifying events of the night were mere inconveniences. With a twisted sense of normality, he emerged back into the world, ready to continue his facade while nurturing the darkness that lay within him.

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