Killer POV. Chapter 7. The Hunky UPS Man

Allow me to introduce you to Chris, a 23-year-old young man whose striking appearance never failed to catch the eye. With his short, dark hair and a remarkable Adonis physique adorned with thick, muscular quads, Chris’s handsome and muscular build made heads turn wherever he went. He l worked diligently to maintain his amazing body, a testament to his love for the gym and dedication to staying in peak physical shape.

Chris’s passion for fitness was not just a solitary pursuit; he found great joy in sharing his workouts with his best friend, Lane. Together, they engaged in intense training sessions, consistently pushing each other to reach new limits within the gym. Their bond went beyond friendship – they inspired and motivated one another to achieve their shared fitness goals.

Aside from his commitment to the gym, Chris had recently embarked on a new romantic chapter in his life. He has been dating a girl for the past few months, finding joy and companionship in their blossoming relationship. This love interest has brought added excitement and a sense of happiness to Chris’s life. Chris’s affluent background was notable, as he  came from a wealthy family that could easily provide him with everything he desired. His father, recognizing the potential in Chris, stood ready to prepare for him to follow in the family footsteps of conducting business in the world of fine, luxurious cars

However, despite these opportunities, Chris acknowledged that he was not yet ready to assume the responsibilities of the family business. He yearned to carve his own path, away from the comfort and privilege afforded by his upbringing and make his own mark in the world independently.

It was precisely this desire for independence and personal growth that prompted Chris to take on a job as a UPS delivery driver. The freedom and autonomy he experienced in this line of work provided him with a sense of liberation and a chance to explore life beyond the confines of wealth and luxury. Chris embraced this newfound freedom, relishing the unique perspective it offered him.

It was within the realm of Chris’s new job as a UPS delivery driver that our paths crossed, a seemingly ordinary encounter that set off an unexpected and perilous chain of events. Little did we know that this chance meeting, which seemed insignificant at the time, would trigger a series of events that would forever alter the course of our lives.

As the hot summer sun bore down on my road, I lazily lounged indoors, waiting for the arrival of a long-awaited package. Admittedly, I wasn’t particularly excited about a delivery—I anticipated another mundane interaction with a delivery person, someone who would simply drop off the package and be on their way. Little did I know that this encounter would leave a lasting impression.

Just as I settled onto the couch, engrossed in a book, the doorbell rang. I grumbled, annoyed at the interruption, but quickly composed myself and shuffled to the front door. As soon as I swung it open, I was struck by an unexpected sight—standing before me was Chris, the UPS driver.

In that moment, time seemed to stand still. His tall, athletic frame was outlined by a tight-fitting brown uniform shirt that clung to his well-defined muscles, seductively hinting at the strength within. With each movement, his biceps flexed and strained against the fabric, accentuating their impressive size. It was impossible to ignore the undeniable air of confidence that seemed to radiate from him.

But it was his choice of shorts that truly captivated me. They hung just above his knees, revealing a pair of thick, sculpted legs that were impossible to ignore. The sight of his toned calves and sculpted thighs practically begged for appreciation. I couldn’t help but feel a magnetic attraction towards this handsome delivery driver.

As he handed me the package with a smile, his strikingly blue eyes met mine. His polite demeanor and genuine kindness only added to his allure. He seemed completely unaware of the effect he had on others—a humble beauty who had captured my attention effortlessly. In that brief moment, as our hands briefly touched, I felt an electric spark pass between us, a connection that left me longing for more.

Little did Chris know that although perfect eye candy he had just found himself as my next target. I had just found my  eighth victim and had to find a way to make sure I did the deed.

From that day forward, I found myself eagerly hunting and stalking Chris.

As I continued my surveillance of Chris, the hunky delivery driver, I made sure to remain inconspicuous, ensuring that he had no idea he was being followed. I observed him from a distance, blending into the surroundings and keeping my presence hidden.

I’d been following him for a little while as I Gradually, began to notice a pattern in Chris’s behavior. He seemed to have a regular routine, consistently attending the gym at around the same time each day. His disciplined approach intrigued me, and I became curious about his motivations for this dedicated gym routine.

One day, I became particularly interested when I noticed that Chris had arrived at the gym with a companion. They appeared to be good friends, often sharing laughs and motivating each other during their workouts. However, what struck me as odd was that after the gym sessions, they would part ways and leave in separate cars.

As I continued to follow Chris’s movements, I realized that their gym sessions acted as more than just a means to maintain physical fitness. It served as their sanctuary, the one place where they could be themselves and freely collaborate without worrying about their hidden lives being exposed.

With each passing day, my longing for Chris increased and I knew that my best chance of getting my hands on him was at the gym.

As I continued my surveillance of Chris, my attention shifted as I noticed him heading downtown. I kept my distance, discreetly observing his movements and trying to uncover more about his life outside of the gym.

Once downtown, I discreetly positioned myself within view as Chris found a spot near a railing. He leaned against it, sporting a black shirt that accentuated his well-toned arms. His choice of attire, combined with the grey shorts that showcased his smooth legs, painted a picture of strength and athleticism.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but be captivated by Chris’s appearance and physical presence. His powerful physique seemed to command attention, drawing curious glances from passersby.

My focus, however, shifted when a smile graced Chris’s face. I followed his gaze to see a young woman approaching him – his girlfriend, as it turned out. She was a beautiful and vibrant woman who radiated a warm energy, enhancing the scene before me.

In that moment, it became clear that Chris’s smile was a reflection of the happiness he felt in her presence. They embraced each other, sharing a tender moment that spoke volumes about the depth of their connection. It was evident that their bond was strong and affectionate.

As they spent time together, I discreetly observed them, watching as they engaged in light-hearted conversations and shared affectionate gestures. They laughed, their joy filling the air around them. It was a scene of pure bliss and comfort.

Sadly, their time together was cut short as I watched the girlfriend bid Chris a reluctant farewell. I could sense a slight tinge of sadness in their eyes as she headed back to work, leaving Chris behind.

With a mix of admiration and intrigue, I continued my surveillance of Chris.

Little did Chris or his girlfriend know but that shared moment down town was the last time they would be seeing each other.

As I continued my surveillance of Chris, I quietly followed him as he made his way to the gym. I maintained a safe distance, ensuring that I remained unnoticed and discreet in my pursuit.

Upon arriving at the gym, I carefully pulled up outside, parking my vehicle nearby. However, to my surprise, as I glanced towards the entrance, I saw Chris’s best friend, Lane, exiting the building. The unexpected sight momentarily caught me off guard, but I quickly composed myself.

A smile crept across my face as I realized the significance of Lane’s departure. It meant that Chris would be working out alone for the time being, presenting the perfect opportunity for me to make my move. The timing seemed impeccable, aligning with my clandestine plan to gather more information about Chris and his secret dealings.

With a sense of confidence, I remained patient, observing from a distance as Chris entered the gym alone. As he disappeared through its doors, I knew that my moment to strike would be at the end of the workout so I parked my vehicle next to Chris’s. .

My pulse quickened with anticipation as I prepared to enter the gym myself. This was a critical juncture in my plan, and the start of taking the young man’s life.

After entering the gym, my attention immediately gravitated towards Chris, who had now changed into his gym attire. I spotted him seated on a bench, dressed in a form-fitting vest that accentuated his muscular physique, paired with sleek track bottoms that showcased his well-defined legs. His arms, chiseled and powerful, were on full display, emphasizing the dedication he had put into cultivating his physique.

With curious intent, I watched as Chris embarked on his workout routine. His movements were deliberate and calculated, demonstrating a focused determination and expertise. It was evident that he was no stranger to the gym, as his form and technique exuded confidence and precision.

From weightlifting to intense cardio, Chris seamlessly transitioned between exercises, pushing his limits and challenging his body. His determination was palpable, radiating an unwavering commitment that was both awe-inspiring and captivating to witness.

As his workout drew to a close, Chris removed his vest, granting a brief glimpse of his sculpted torso. Beads of sweat glistened on his skin, a testament to the intense effort he had exerted. With a self-assured air, he proceeded to strike a series of poses, showcasing his ripped physique that rivaled those of professional bodybuilders. The room seemed to be drawn towards his magnetic presence, captivated by his confidence and physical prowess.

In a twist of fate, Chris began to make his way towards the exit, unknowingly passing by me. Oblivious to the impending consequences that awaited him, he continued on his path, unaware of the intricate web I had begun to weave around him.

With secrets yet to be unveiled, I shadowed Chris, anticipation coursing through my veins. The encounter at the gym had only scratched the surface of his hidden life, and it was only a matter of time before the truth would emerge, revealing a world where danger and intrigue awaited us both.

As Chris left the gym, he caught the attention of someone nearby. He paused and engaged in a friendly conversation with the person, exchanging a few words and casual pleasantries. Meanwhile, I discreetly unlocked the side door of my panel van, anticipating Chris’s departure.

With the door unlocked, I carefully slid it open, making sure not to draw any attention to myself. The van stood just a few yards away from where Chris was talking, providing a convenient hideout.

As Chris finished his conversation, the conversation partner bid him farewell. Oblivious to the open van door, Chris casually moved towards his vehicle, likely distracted by his thoughts or his next destination.

Within mere meters of my van, Chris’s muscular physique became more apparent. His powerful build, enhanced by hours of hard work at the gym, was a sight to behold. Taking a quick moment to appreciate his sexy profile and well-defined pecs, I couldn’t help but admire his dedication and physical prowess.

However, my admiration abruptly shifted into a darker motive. Without warning or hesitation, I lunged forward and swiftly flung a ligature around Chris’s neck. In one swift movement, I jerked him backward and forcibly dragged him into the van, taking advantage of the element of surprise.

As the shocking reality of the situation set in, Chris fought back with all his might. His instinct for survival kicked in, and he struggled relentlessly against the grip around his neck. Desperate to save his own life, he begged for mercy, pleading for a chance to escape the imminent danger.

In the midst of the struggle, Chris’s body contorted and convulsed. Each kick and thrash showcased his strength and determination to break free. Yet, regardless of his valiant efforts, the grip tightened, depriving him of precious oxygen.

The sounds that escaped Chris’s lips were a blend of gasps, gurgles, and desperate pleas. His face, once full of vitality, gradually transformed under the strain of asphyxiation. It grew redder as the oxygen supply diminished, and veins bulged in his temples and neck.

To ensure that Chris couldn’t escape, I maintained a firm hold on the ligature, progressively pulling it tighter. His body arched in a final attempt to loosen the grip around his throat, and a guttural groan escaped his mouth as the life force left him. The struggle ceased, and just like that his once robust frame lay motionless.

In the aftermath of his demise, I held the ligature, still wrapped around his lifeless neck, and gently rocked his head from side to side. It was a haunting reminder of life extinguished, prolonging the unsettling moment by a few more fleeting motions.

The air in the van grew heavy with an eerie silence, as if all sound had been swallowed up by the darkness. The absence of any noise created a palpable tension, making each moment feel infinitely longer than it was.

Feeling the weight of what had just transpired, I took a moment to collect myself and steady my racing heart. It was a brief pause, a necessary respite, as I needed to gather my composure before proceeding.

With trembling hands, I reached for the ligature that was still tightly wrapped around Chris’s throat. The very act of releasing it required careful precision and control. As I removed the binding, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of relief and trepidation. The release marked the culmination of a tense struggle, a tumultuous battle of wills that had taken its toll on both of us.

As I let go of the ligature, I raised my gaze and locked eyes with the lifeless figure before me. My heart skipped a beat as I looked down and saw the vacant, unblinking eyes of the hunky delivery driver. It was a chilling sight, an unspoken reminder of the irreversible consequences of my actions.

The lifelessness in his Chris’s seemed to mirror the weight of the silence that filled the van, creating an unsettling atmosphere. The intensity of the moment sent shivers down my spine, and I couldn’t tear your gaze away. It was a surreal and haunting image, etched deeply into my memory.

In the midst of the stillness, I noticed a slight parting of Chris’s lips, revealing a hint of saliva that escaped from the corner of his mouth. The droplet hung suspended in mid-air for a moment before gravity took hold, falling silently to the floor. It served as a stark reminder of the finality of the situation, a silent testament to the end of life’s vigor.

With conflicting emotions swirling within, I knew there were tasks to be done. Gathering my resolve, I began to remove Chris’s clothing, stripping him down to nothing but his underwear. It was a task performed with a mix of detachment and a strange fascination. As I exposed his muscular body, it was impossible not to admire the physicality that was now under my control and my hands were soon exploring every inch and craves of the fine frame before me.

I gently kissed Chris on his forehead as I ran my hands down his cheeks. Before clutching his shoulders and slowly gliding my hands over his firm muscular torso, his skin was smooth to touch and I lingered over his meaty pecs as I playfully squeezed the sexy muscle before lowering my head and gently biting it, the taste of his skin sent a shiver down my spine as I continued to explore and let my fingers trace the deep ridges of his abs.

For a moment I felt that I had drifted away as I continued to explore the dead hunk, watching the heads of people blissfully walk by the van unaware of the depravity taking place inside.

I lifted Chris’s arm and observed the thick muscle before letting it drop lifelessly to the floor, these muscles that only moments ago were lifting heavy weights were now simply nothing but flesh waiting to slowly decompose.

My hands now explored Chris’s amazing legs. The muscles were thick and smooth, clear signs that Chris liked to shave them. I tried to put my hands around his thick quads but the circumference was too thick, for the next five minutes or so I did nothing but play with the limbs.

My attention now turned to having some more intimate fun with the sexy delivery driver and I soon turned my attention to his red briefs which I pulled down to reveal a cut cock nestled below a well-trimmed public area.

I lifted Chris’s penis and let it flop back down to his body before clasping his legs and bending them backwards before shoving my erect cock into his straight tight hole. The dead muscular hunk gave me some resistance as first but my cock soon firmly nestled into place after a little popping sound and I began the fun and started to fuck Chris’s body.

As his body jolted back and forth on the bed I wondered if this was how Chris liked to fuck his girlfriend and laughed to myself wondering what the young man would be feeling if he was alive to feel himself being screwed. Chris was an amazing fuck and soon enough I found myself kissing him on the lips as I reached my orgasmic moment my tongue pushing its way past his slightly swollen tongue. Seconds later I let out a groan and fired my load deep inside the dead stud.

I retreated from the body and pulled my trousers up knowing I had to dispose of my latest conquest.

As I opened the door of my van, the familiar scent of worn leather filled my senses. The soft click of the door closing behind me reassured me that I was alone, just me and the open road. Sliding into the well-worn driver’s seat, I adjusted the rearview mirror and took a moment to compose myself. My hands grasped the cold steering wheel, anticipation coursing through my veins.

The engine roared to life, its rhythmic hum echoing through the quiet streets. The tires gripped the asphalt as I pulled away, the van gradually gaining momentum. The wind whispered against the windows, sharing secrets with the passing landscape. It was in those ten minutes of solitude that a chilling thought crept into my mind.

It was at that moment that I knew I had to dispose of Chris’s body, to remove any evidence of our dark secret. The consequences were unavoidable, but the method and location had to be precise.

In the depths of my mind, a plan began to form like an intricate puzzle. Thoughts interlocked, forming a map leading to the perfect place for disposal. The Everglades. Its vast expanse and untamed nature offered the anonymity I needed. It was the ideal setting to hide the evidence, ensuring that Chris’s body would never be found.

With the decision made, the van pressed on, the minutes merging into an hour of contemplation. Finally, an opportune moment presented itself as the Everglades emerged on the horizon. Hidden pockets of seclusion beckoned, promising temporary sanctuary for my sinister mission. A secluded area revealed itself, concealed from prying eyes and the prying questions of justice.

Parking the van with a gentle thud, I peered out into the desolate surroundings. The stillness of the Everglades echoed the stillness within my own soul. Doors creaking as I opened them, I stood before the daunting task that lay ahead. As I bravely reached into the depths of the van, I pulled Chris’s lifeless body from its confines, his heavy weight reminding me of the gravity of my actions.

Laying him gently on the floor, I took a deep breath, steeling myself for the macabre scene that was about to unfold. As I hovered over his lifeless form, the light of the van interior cast eerie shadows, intensifying the gravity of the moment. My trembling hands reached for the cold, glinting knife that lay nearby, its blade a reflection of the darkness within.

My gaze fixed upon Chris’s body, the weight of the situation pressing upon me.

Each cut, each incision would sever the ties that bound us, both literally and figuratively. With a mixture of dread and detached determination, I let the knife descend, its blade biting into flesh, creating the symphony of destruction. Methodically, I dissected Chris’s body, slicing it into twenty-six grotesque pieces, each cut reaffirming the necessity of my actions.

Once the task was completed, a grisly jigsaw puzzle lay before me, the remnants of a life shattered beyond repair.

Carefully, I gathered the dismembered parts as the van became a temporary vessel, carrying the weight of my sins as I embarked on a grim pilgrimage into the heart of the Everglades.

Navigating through the thicket of trees and dense undergrowth, I ventured further into the unforgiving wilderness. Each step led me deeper, the sounds of nature engulfing me, masking the morbid secret I carried. It was in a distant, secluded spot that I found solace, far away from the prying eyes of society.

With meticulous precision, I began to dispose of the body parts, scattering them throughout the Everglades. The land embraced them, swallowing my guilt and Chris’s remains, concealing them beneath layers of Mother Nature’s own design. The water whispered its secrets as I watched the evidence disappear, consumed by nature’s voracious appetite.

And as I stood there, enveloped by the solemn silence of the Everglades, I knew that my secret would be buried deep within its unyielding heart. The van, now empty of its ominous cargo, would forever bear the weight of my transgressions, a haunting reminder of the desperate acts committed in the name of self-preservation.

As the engine roared to life. Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I drove away, leaving the Everglades behind. The dense vegetation and swampy terrain seemed fitting for the dark secret I carried; a secret I was determined to keep hidden.

A few days later, the news spread like wildfire. The police launched an urgent appeal for the whereabouts of Chris, the hunky delivery driver who had mysteriously vanished. His photo was plastered across news channels, social media, and missing persons posters. It was a haunting image, capturing the innocence and hope that had abruptly disappeared from his life.

The investigation into Chris’s disappearance initially sparked a glimmer of hope. The police followed up on leads, interviewed witnesses, and combed through evidence. Yet despite their best efforts, the case soon hit a dead end. The trail grew cold, and with each passing day, the chances of finding Chris alive seemed to diminish.

In the midst of frustration and despair, Chris’s wealthy father stepped forward. Desperate for any information about his son’s whereabouts, he offered a staggering reward of $50,000. The sum was enough to capture the attention of the public, sparking a renewed interest in the case. A flurry of tips and leads flooded in from all corners as people desperately sought the substantial reward.

But little did they know, Chris’s body lay hidden scattered in the depths of the Everglades, its secret resting beneath the surface of murky waters. The passage of time had taken its toll on his once vibrant form. As days turned into weeks, his dismembered body decomposed slowly in the unforgiving swamp. Nature took its course, devouring any remaining evidence that could reveal the truth behind his disappearance.

While the search efforts continued with fervor, unaware of the grim reality, the Everglades guarded its dark secret. The once pristine wilderness concealed the remnants of a life tragically lost, leaving unanswered questions to haunt the hearts of Chris’s loved ones and fueling relentless speculation.

Five months had passed since Chris had been killed and his dismembered body discarded in the depths of the Everglades. It was a swamp fisherman, his weathered hands expertly navigating the treacherous waters, who stumbled upon a macabre sight. As he pulled in his net, a skull emerged, the jawbone suspiciously absent. The discovery sent a shiver down his spine, knowing that something sinister lurked beneath the murky waters.

The skull was swiftly taken to the authorities, who conducted a painstaking examination. Dental records were compared and, to their grim confirmation, identified the remains as belonging to Chris, the missing hunk who had captured the attention of the public during their desperate search efforts. His once captivating smile now reduced to a hollow image of tragic loss.

With the knowledge that Chris’s skull had been found, the police launched an extensive search of the swamp. Armed with forensic expertise and a relentless determination, they combed through the tangled wilderness. Days turned into weeks as they meticulously scoured every inch, desperate to find any remaining trace of Chris’s remains.

Their efforts, however, proved increasingly futile. The Everglades guarded its secrets fiercely. The harsh environment had taken its toll on Chris’s dismembered body, scattering his remains like a macabre jigsaw puzzle across the swamp. Despite painstaking efforts, only 42 of the 206 bones that constituted his body were recovered.

Examining the incomplete remains, the pieces of Chris’s once vibrant existence lay on a morgue slab. The fragments told a tragic story, each bone a silent witness to the horrors he had endured. The toll of exposure, decay, and the carnivorous inhabitants of the swamp had left little behind to offer closure or answers.

Over the course of five months in the unforgiving swamp, Chris’s dismembered body had undergone various stages of decomposition. The warm and humid environment would have facilitated the breakdown of tissues, attracting scavengers accelerating decay, some feasted on body parts and carried some away. Microorganisms, insects, and aquatic creatures would have played their part, relentlessly feeding on the decaying flesh.

Gradually, the soft tissues would have been consumed, leaving behind a skeletal framework. Predation and water currents could have scattered the bones, dispersing them throughout the swamp’s ecosystem. The process of decomposition would have released gases, causing bloating within the torso, followed by eventual deflation as decomposition progressed.

The remains that were recovered, though incomplete, provided a grim reminder of the horrors of Chris’s fate. Each bone told a painful story of dismemberment and the unforgiving forces of nature, leaving investigators and loved ones with an incomplete picture of what truly happened to their loved one.

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