Vore Stories. Chapter 41

Spencer admired his sexy attractive body after finishing a gym workout. The young hunk looked into a mirror as he said to himself “Spencer you look fine, that was a good workout. It’s really coming along.”
The hot young guy had come a long way since he started on his journey at the gym. With a lean and well-toned with a great set of solid pecs and firm washboard abs He now had a body that many guys would die for.

The young hunk was still full of energy as he walked home. Like many young guys Spencer thought he was indestructible and never cared for the risks or thought about the dangers. The big bad world was full of dangerous creatures many that would waste no time in making a meal out of a fine young man like himself.

He chatted away on mobile phone on a face time conversation with a friend and paused halfway through to brag and throw a quick pose to show off. He placed the phone so it rested up against a tree but ensured the camera still picked him up. Spencer then threw one arm in the air and placed the other into a bicep pose.

he took a couple of steps back and accidently stepped on a fine hair that a giant trap door spider had placed out to let it know when a suitable meal passed by.

The young hunk had no idea what had hit him as the Giant Spider burst from its hiding place and pounced on Spencer sending him flying to the floor before it used its front two legs and fangs to drag the screaming stud into its lair.
Spencer screamed for help as he frantically clawed at the dirt as he was being dragged backwards, but he soon found himself into the spider’s home which was littered with remains and items that belonged to its previous victims.

The whole ordeal was caught on Spencer’s phone and watched by his friend who was still on the line, they now stood in shock trying to believe what they had just seen was real.

Spencer turned around to try and flee but quickly found himself being pierced through the shoulder by the arachnid’s fangs. The bite released a neuro toxin that paralysed Spencer as the Spider began the process of eating him. Using its thick mandibles the creature slowly cut off piece after piece of the sexy hunk and eat Spencer as he watched, still helpless and unable to move.
Spencer was being eaten alive and there was nothing he could do about it and soon enough he succumbed to his injuries. When the spider had finished not much remained of the hot hunk with the sexy lean body.

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