Lust Killer. Chapter 17. The Skaterboy

In the bustling city lived a charismatic and magnetic young man named Mitch. With his short, dark hair and piercing eyes that seemed to hold a hint of mischief, Mitch possessed a captivating allure that drew others to him like a moth to a flame. His toned, muscular body spoke volumes about his dedication to fitness, with every curve and contour exuding an undeniable sexiness.

While some might have mistaken Mitch for a mere heartthrob, he was more than just a pretty face. In his spare time, Mitch had discovered a passion for modeling, becoming a canvas for photographers to capture and showcase his remarkable features. Each shot revealed a different side of his persona, from brooding intensity to playful charm, as he effortlessly held the attention of the lens.

However, to make ends meet and fuel his desire for exploration, Mitch had ventured into an unconventional realm. In the secret shadows of his spare time, he delved into the enticing world of adult cam work. Over the screen, he would tantalize and captivate an eager audience, amplifying his sensual presence to bring in some extra income. It was a hidden part of his life, a way to fulfill his financial needs while indulging in his unapologetic confidence and desire to be seen.

But beyond his captivating appearance and his ventures in the cam world, Mitch was also a hopeless romantic. He was deeply in love with his girlfriend, a woman who shared his zest for adventure and exploration. Together, they embarked on thrilling journeys, eager to discover the world and create memories that would transcend time. Mitch found joy in experiencing new cultures, hearing foreign languages whispering in his ears, and his girlfriend’s laughter echoing through their escapades.

Unsurprisingly, Mitch relished every opportunity to show off his finely sculpted body. From spontaneous beach trips that allowed him to strut along the shore, to occasions where he’d skillfully select outfits that accentuated his physique, he reveled in drawing both admiration and envy from those around him. Mitch possessed a confident swagger, never shying away from showcasing his physicality, well aware of the captivating effect it had on those who caught a glimpse.

In the midst of a world full of possibilities, Mitch stood as a symbol of both beauty and adventure. With his dark hair framing his handsome face and a body that exuded confidence and sensuality, he embraced every aspect of his charismatic persona. Never one to miss an opportunity to flaunt his mesmerizing physique, Mitch navigated life with a captivating grace, leaving an indelible mark on all those who had the privilege of crossing paths with him.

The day began just like any other for Mitch, with the sun peeking through his bedroom window, gently coaxing him awake. Stretching lazily, he yawned and blinked away the remnants of sleep, ready to embrace the adventures that awaited him. Little did he know that today would be a day that would leave an imprint on his memory.

Feeling the exhilaration of the day ahead, the seductive young man decided to seize the moment and embrace his free-spirited nature. He reached for his trusted skateboard, its worn exterior a testament to the many exciting journeys it had carried him on. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Mitch knew it was time to hit the streets.

With an air of unabashed confidence, Mitch left his house shirtless, basking in the warm rays of the morning sun. His well-defined torso glistened slightly in the sunlight, drawing attention from passersby in an almost magnetic manner. Clad only in a vibrant pair of orange shorts that hugged his sculpted hips, he knew that his fine physique would immediately captivate the attention of those around him.

As Mitch glided effortlessly through the streets, his toned muscles flexing with each push of the skateboard, he couldn’t help but revel in the feeling of liberation that coursed through his veins. The wind tousled his hair, and a lopsided grin played across his lips as people turned their heads, their gaze irresistibly drawn to his enticing body. He was well aware of the allure he possessed and enjoyed the power it granted him, feeling an unspoken connection between himself and those who couldn’t help but be captivated by his presence.

With each passing block, Mitch felt a sense of freedom, as if the entire world laid itself before him, inviting him to explore its depths. The rhythmic sound of the skateboard wheels against the pavement echoed in his ears, matching the beat of his heart as it pulsed with excitement. Mitch embraced the recognition and admiration his body evoked, knowing that today was a day where his magnetic charm would leave an impression on anyone lucky enough to cross paths with him.

And so, with his skateboard carving a path of adventure beneath his bare feet, Mitch continued to charm the world around him. His shirtless form and vibrant orange shorts acted as his visual signature, speaking volumes about his fearless spirit and undeniable allure. As the city streets became his playground, Mitch embraced the attention that his physicality effortlessly commanded, relishing in the way his presence alone could ignite a spark in the hearts and minds of those he encountered.

Police detective Dom was on his routine patrol, driving through the busy streets of the city. His sharp eyes scanned the surroundings, always alert for any signs of trouble. As he navigated the urban landscape, his attention was suddenly captured by a young man gliding effortlessly on a skateboard.

Intrigued, Dom slowed down and observed the skateboarder, his gaze drawn to the shirtless young man with a sculpted physique and tanned skin glistening with sweat in the sun. Admiration for Mitch’s attractive features, particularly his muscular legs, stirred within Dom. It was a feeling that he couldn’t ignore, even with the responsibilities of his profession.

As Dom continued to watch Mitch perform daring tricks and maneuvers on the skateboard, he couldn’t help but feel a growing desire. The intense attraction he felt was undeniable; it caused his body to respond in a way he hadn’t expected. Dom’s “trouser snake,” as he teasingly referred to it, stirred with excitement, a clear indication that he yearned to get closer to Mitch.

However, Dom knew that his urge couldn’t be simply brushed aside. Mitch’s dangerous antics on the skateboard, risking harm to himself and others, gave Dom a legitimate reason to intervene. With adrenaline rushing through his veins, Dom activated his sirens and skillfully maneuvered his vehicle, pulling up next to the speeding skateboarder.

As the screeching sound of the sirens pierced the air, Mitch’s instincts kicked in, sensing the need to stop. With a few swift movements, he brought the skateboard to a halt, his chest heaving from the exertion. Dom, still controlled by his conflicting desires, approached Mitch cautiously, his professional demeanor masking the turmoil within.

Dom approached Mitch, his face a mask of seriousness as he informed him that he had pulled him over due to his reckless riding on the skateboard. Mitch looked somewhat sheepish, immediately apologizing and admitting that he had gotten carried away with the thrill of it all.

Feeling a pang of sympathy for Mitch’s honesty, Dom decided to proceed with caution. He asked Mitch if he had any form of identification on him. Mitch simply laughed, gesturing to his skimpy shorts, and replied in a playful tone, questioning if it looked like he had anywhere to carry an ID.

Dom’s expression turned more serious as he contemplated the predicament. He had to follow protocol, which meant issuing Mitch a ticket for reckless behavior. However, without any form of identification, the situation became complicated. After a brief pause, Dom reluctantly informed Mitch that he would have to arrest him as an alternative.

Mitch’s eyes widened with surprise and panic as he protested, insisting that he lived nearby and they could quickly retrieve his identification. Sympathetic to Mitch’s plea, Dom hesitated but emphasized that it went against protocol. Yet, after a brief internal debate, he compromised and agreed to accompany Mitch to his place to retrieve some form of identification.

Knowing the gravity of the situation, Dom explained that, for both of their safety during the journey, he would have to handcuff Mitch. Mitch nodded understandingly, acknowledging the need for caution, and assured Dom that he would cooperate.

As they embarked on their journey, Mitch felt a mix of relief and gratitude towards Dom. He mustered up the courage to express his appreciation, turning towards Dom and saying, “I can’t thank you enough for not arresting me back there. You have no idea what this means to me.”

Eventually, they arrived at Mitch’s place. Dom parked the car in front of the house and turned to face Mitch. With a serious tone, he asked, “Is there anyone at home? We need to make sure we’re not interrupted.”

Mitch nodded and replied, “No one’s home. My girlfriend’s at work. We should have the place to ourselves.”

A faint smile formed on Dom’s face as he stepped out of the car. It was as if he found pleasure in the situation, relishing the control he held over Mitch. He glanced towards the back passenger door, intently studying the helpless figure of Mitch, who was still wearing his bright orange shorts.

Without offering a helping hand, Dom opened the back door and leaned in, fixating his gaze on Mitch. The young man’s vulnerability was palpable, and Dom’s intentions became clear. Instead of extending a helping hand, Dom swiftly and unexpectedly wrapped his hands around Mitch’s throat, starting to strangle him.

Caught off guard, Mitch struggled to breathe as he fell back across the backseat. The grip on his throat tightened, cutting off his air supply. He gasped for air, his eyes widening with fear and disbelief.

“What the,” he managed to utter in a strained voice. “You’re supposed to be a cop, not a killer.”

Despite being handcuffed, Mitch fought back with all his might. He kicked and bucked his strong legs, trying to free himself from Dom’s grasp. Desperation fueled his resistance as he let out grunts and strained noises.

The struggle played out in the confined space of the car, both men locked in a battle for survival. Mitch’s face turned red, a combination of blood rushing to his head and the lack of oxygen. Veins bulged on his temples and sweat formed on his forehead.

As the seconds ticked by, Mitch’s resistance began to weaken. Exhaustion and lack of air took their toll on his body. His face contorted with pain, fear, and a silent plea for help. With one last groan, Mitch succumbed to the darkness that enveloped him, his body going limp in Dom’s grasp.

In that chilling moment, Mitch tragically lost his life, becoming another victim of unforeseen circumstances and the sinister actions of someone he once trusted.

Dom looked down at Mitch as he lay dead on the across the back seats of the car, his beautiful blue eyes now vacant and staring into the abyss.

What Dom really wanted was to have some fun with the dead hunk and wasted little time in driving to a more secluded spot and climbing in the back seat with Mitch’s lifeless body.

His hands caressed Mitch’s fine body and strong legs before he began to fuck the handsome young man. Mitch’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that Dom made his beautiful blue eyes peacefully looking up at his killer.

 Once Dom had finished, he jumped in the driver’s seat.

Dom knew that he had to dispose of Mitch’s body to cover up the heinous act he had committed. The realization weighed heavily on him, prompting a chilling sense of urgency and a need to remove any evidence that could potentially be traced back to him.

With a calculated plan in mind, Dom got back into the car and began driving. He knew he had to put as much distance as possible between himself and the city, making it harder for anyone to find Mitch’s body. Hours passed as he steadily made his way out of the urban landscape and into the solitude of the unforgiving desert.

Eventually, Dom reached a remote location, far from the prying eyes of civilization. The vast expanse of the desert stretched out before him, seeming almost endless in its isolation. It was the perfect place to hide Mitch’s remains, erasing any chance of discovery.

Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, Dom opened the car door and stepped out onto the arid desert ground. He approached the backseat, where Mitch’s lifeless body lay. The weight of his actions bore down on him as he steeled himself for the gruesome task ahead.

Dom’s heart pounded in his chest as he reached out, gripping Mitch’s lifeless form. With grim determination, he dragged the young man out of the car and onto the gritty desert terrain. Each movement felt heavy, the guilt and gravity of his choice pressing upon him.

In the desolate landscape, Dom found a spot he deemed suitable for disposing of the body. With a mix of reluctance and haste, he left Mitch’s lifeless form behind, likely to be forever lost in the vastness of the desert.

As he walked back towards the car, the weight of his actions settled upon him, knowing that he had erased any evidence of his heinous deed, and that Mitch’s final resting place would forever remain a secret buried within the harsh sands.

Back at the police station, a sinister smile crept across Dom’s face as he settled into his chair. The darkness in his eyes briefly flickered with a twisted satisfaction. The weight of the act he had committed lingered in the back of his mind, but for now, he reveled in the knowledge that his secret remained hidden.

A few days later, a folder landed on Dom’s desk, interrupting his usual routine. Opening it, he found a missing person report – his heart raced with anticipation. As he glanced down, he saw a picture of none other than Mitch staring back at him. The young man’s face frozen in time, oblivious to the fate that had befallen him.

A chilling grin spread across Dom’s face as he relished in the irony. He knew this missing person report would remain unresolved. He held all the answers, locked away in the recesses of his mind. The missing person case of Mitch would forever taunt the department, leaving them perplexed, while Dom stood there, the orchestrator of his disappearance.

As Dom’s gaze fell upon the photograph, his mind cast back to that haunting day in the desert. He could almost feel the dry wind and hear the desolate silence. Images of Mitch helpless in his orange shorts flashed before his eyes, mingling with the cold remorseless actions he had taken.

In the depths of the desert, Mitch’s body would have undergone a gruesome decomposition process. Exposed to the extremities of the environment, the body’s natural decay would have been hastened. The relentless sun would have caused rapid dehydration, causing the skin to dry and crack. The desert’s arid conditions would have accelerated mummification, preserving the body but leaving it eerily desiccated.

Small desert scavengers would have taken advantage of the isolated location, feasting upon the decaying flesh. Insects and carrion birds would have made quick work of the remains, ensuring that little trace of Mitch’s existence would be left behind. Over time, the harsh desert environment and the relentless cycle of nature would have slowly erased any remnants of his presence.

Dom’s mind, tainted by the recollection of his actions, digested these disturbing details with an unsettling sense of satisfaction. He knew that Mitch’s body, left to decompose in the vastness of the desert, would forever remain concealed from the prying eyes of justice.

Twenty days after his death, Mitch’s remains were discovered in the unforgiving desert landscape. The relentless heat and arid conditions had taken a toll on his body, leaving a scene of haunting deterioration.

The once vibrant and lively young man was now transformed into a macabre visage of decay. The limited moisture in the desert air had accelerated the decomposition process, causing his skin to shrivel and mummify. His flesh, desiccated by the scorching sun, clung tightly to his skeletal frame.

The ravages of nature had also left their mark on Mitch’s remains. Insects and scavengers had feasted upon the exposed flesh, leaving behind gnarled and gnawed remnants. The skeletal structure was partially exposed, scattered with signs of animal predation.

As time passed, the decomposition intensified. The strong desert winds had dispersed remnants of hair and his underwear, now mingling with the desert sand. What remained of Mitch’s body was a stark reminder of the fragility and transience of life.

A few days later, one of Dom’s colleagues approached him at the police station with grave news. The colleague informed Dom that the remains found in the desert belonged to none other than Mitch, the person they had been searching for. Dom’s pulse quickened, a mix of fear and curiosity coursing through his veins.

Eager to uncover any trace of evidence that could potentially link him to the crime, Dom anxiously looked at the report presented by his colleague. He scanned the document, his eyes absorbing every word, searching for any sign that his secret had been unraveled.

To his relief, the report stated that the body was too far decomposed to gather significant evidence. However, it noted a probable cause of death – strangulation. Dom’s heart skipped a beat as he read that the hyoid bone had been broken, an indication of the method employed to end Mitch’s life. Nevertheless, no other tangible evidence was discovered within the remains.

A mix of relief and anxiety swelled within Dom, knowing that the incomplete investigation would unlikely lead back to him. The lack of concrete evidence provided him with a reprieve from immediate suspicion.

The local press wasted no time in capturing the attention of the community with a headline that reverberated through the region, “Remains Found in the Hovae Desert Confirmed as Those of Missing Skater.” The news spread like wildfire, gripping the collective consciousness of the community and beyond.

Accompanying the articles were pictures of Mitch, frozen in time, forever etched in the memories of those who had known him. The images, now plastered across newspapers and online platforms, portrayed a youthful individual brimming with life, his vibrant spirit encapsulated within the captured moments.

The juxtaposition of these images next to the tragic news sent shockwaves throughout the city. Friends, family, and acquaintances of Mitch were struck with grief, their hearts heavy with the realization of his untimely demise. The pictures painted a poignant reminder of the vibrant soul that had been extinguished too soon.

As the press delved further into the details surrounding Mitch’s case, theories and speculations emerged. The picture served as a haunting reminder of the life now lost, fueling public curiosity and eagerness for answers. The heart-wrenching image of a smiling Mitch, forever ingrained in the minds of those who saw it, added an emotional weight to the grim reality that had unfolded within the Hovae Desert.

Yet, amidst the collective mourning and unanswered questions, the image of Mitch encapsulated a legacy that stood in stark contrast to the tragedy that had befallen him. A reminder of a life lived fully, even if cut short, the picture served as a tribute to the memories and impact Mitch had left behind before his fateful encounter with darkness in the desert.

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